This is what you waited for, the Divisional Realignment Proposals for all sports 2010-12

Laugh, cry, complain, pump your first, kick or scream, but here it is, the Divisional Realignments for all sports starting in the fall.

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  • Norco

    Fred…so why are you doing all the crying and complaining then? Just let it be and let these teams from the Sierra get slapped around for a few years…

  • FredJ

    ummm, we agreed to disagree

  • BigDog

    Competing with the baseline and Citrus Belt is some serious sh………t.They take there football seriously out in those parts.Nothing else to do out there.Good luck to the Sierra kids and get in the weight room quick. Co i think will be able to handle this football but I’m not to sure if SH can keep pace with some of these football powers in the Citrus Belt.

  • Norco

    BigDog…its not the CBL that the Sierra has to worry about…NOBODY FROM THE CBL has won a CIF Title as of yet…The BigVIII CC & Norco & the SWL Chaparral & VM are the big dogs on the block…year in and year out…And yes CO better hit the weights when they see the size of the Norco kids…watch out…Here is a clip of our RB for this year who just committed to Stanford last week…Watch out OL play…you will be amazed

  • Big Bear

    BigDog – you got that right, HIT THE WEIGHTROOMS! The schools in the I.E. still have weightlifting competitions among their lineman from the different schools. Did you happen to see the Los Osos O-Line last year? Monsters, Huge. Step it up SGV and rep well or the blogs will be on fire!

  • blng_blng

    I don’t think the Inland got any better or any worse… Los Osos loss to a non-playoff team from the little8 last year. I don’t think the Sierra should be railroaded into the Inland Division… I think there should some sort of effort made to add the little8 and the SWL to the PAC5…

  • just askin’

    which of the FIVE leagues would you take out of the Pac5 to put in the Big8 or Southwestern. Are either of those two leagues better from top to bottom than any league in the Pac5?

  • Don

    Where was all of this moral outrage when Nogales was getting waxed by the Huskies by a half dozen tds or C O was rolling up the Miramonte year after year after year?

    All you ever did was moon over Bogan and Ole Lou. As for the point about the CIF having it in for these Coaches, you better bring a little more evidence than this single change. If the section had it in for these guys there would have been a lot more bracket manipulation in past years playoffs, scrutiny of transfers, etc.

    I agree that moving the re-aligned Sierra up to the Inland D was poorly reasoned but moving up was inevitable. I applaud COBros take; let the chips fall where they may. The section can adjust this in a couple of years, its not like they are leaving a single team to dominate a league/conference for a decade or anything.

  • CO

    South Hills and Charter Oak fans say year after year they could play with any top team in SoCal and say Amat will not play you. Well, you got your wish by playing top team after top team in playoff. Stop whining about it and figure out how to win. Upgrade your preseason schedule to prepare for the playoff….if you make the playoff.

  • JFR

    Horsetown USA, when was your last CIF championship.

  • Norco

    2009: Semis
    2008: Semis
    2007: Quarters
    2006: Champions
    2005: Champions
    2004: Championship game
    2003: Championship game

    The team has a 23 year playoff streak, 5 championships in 18 years (which means if you’re betting, there’s better than a 1 in 4 chance that they’ll win the division in any given year), and 8 championship game appearances in the same span (one game under a 50/50 chance of being in the finals for any given season). The fact that “just” going to the quarters once, and semis twice is a “down” period tells you exactly what kind of team it is.

    And for any of you who think Norco is not a top team in the Southern Section, you’re functionally retarded.

  • FunkyTard

    2003-2009 and only 2 ships in that span. Making the playoffs in the early days while playing against the other agricultural high school in the area doesn’t really speak for your claims og accomplishment. Only recently with the new migration of inner-city talent to the east and with the new housing developments popping up all over the place has the comp. in the area (and the football for that matter) raised to a significant level Mr. Norco. You try and spin it anyway you want but until you start taking on (and beating) the Big Boys from the O.C., Pac-5 and D-I, you can pull back on the claims of superiority. “You got a nice little ballclub out there Norco”. Call the O.C. when you arrive at the dance.

  • Norco


    CC & Norco has OWNED any division they play in….Big boys from the OC? You mean the private schools? Like MD, Servite and OL? I wouldn`t call them OC teams, more like freelance teams since they can recruit…But FYI just so you know Norco has called all the so called big dogs in OC for games and has been told that their style of play is not condusive to what they will see in League. Hell I`m from Orange County born and raised and know plenty of coaches in/ around OC and they have nothing but respect for Norco…And as far as the Pac5 is concerned how many State Championship do they have compared to the Inland ? And just because teams are PAC 5 Participants doesn`t make them superior…lol

    Here is a list of your so called big boys from the Pac5…not very impressive

    Dana Hills
    Newport Harbor

    Now the teams that compete every year…

    Poly-5000 plus enrollment & LBUSD has OPEN ENROLLMENT
    Mater Dei-Private-Can recruit and pull kids out of any County
    OL–Private-Can recruit and pull kids out of any County
    Servite- Can recruit and pull kids out of any County
    Mission Viejo-transfer central…

    Same animals every year…Please try again

  • The OC ambassador aka Friars

    Norco aka honky tonk,

    I’m reading a whole lot of smack talk coming out of your mouth and I wanted to address your omission to down playing some of the participants in our league the Pac 5.
    Lets take a look down memory lane and focus in on this last decade and your owning of the Pac 5, shall we.
    2001- Only OC team on your schedule Santa Margarita guess what happened 41-22 loss.
    2002- No OC teams but but you still lost to Upland, Ayala and Alta Loma!
    2003- No OC teams again but still lost to upland and got beat 50-7 in the finals, now thats embarassing.
    2004- Only OC team on the schedule was Tustin and you beat them 22-15, who’s Tustin? Oh yeah D6.
    2005- Only OC team on the schedule was Tustin and you beat them 49-21, who’s Tustin? Oh yeah D6.
    2006- No OC teams again!
    2007- No OC teams again but lost to a 6-5 Leuzinger team.
    2008- No OC teams again but lost to a 5-5 Canyon team.
    2009- No OC teams again!

    Norco its time for you to get out of your farmville and head west to play with the big boys. Are you not tired of living in the shadow of big brother Corona Centennial, because in the OC when we think IE football Coach Logan and Corona Centennial comes to minds and no one else.

    P.S this is coming from a coaching perspective in the OC. Keep trying to deny it but we all know the toughest football is played in the OC. No disrespect to any other counties out there besides the IE.

  • Norco

    The OC ambassador aka “chorizo loving Friar”

    I will address your comments….

    2001, 2002….real simple those were down years for Norco & RSM had some real good teams

    2003…Upland as was a pre-season game & yes we lost to JW North in the finals who I might add finished ranked as on of the top ten teams in the Country. So please now what the phuck you are talking about.

    2004… Tustin was the only team from OC to step up to the plate

    2005… Tustin was the team that knocked Orange Lutheran out of the playoffs in the 2nd round that year…And FYI you know Tustin has sent more players to the NFL then any other HS in OC…not bad for a D6 team huh?

    2006 …NOW TOO SHUT YOU THE PHUCK UP…Norco had a game set with Servite and Servite backed out to play Corona Santiago who spanked that @ss 23-9 REMEMBER?…I was at the game Servite came in #1 OC and was manhandled by a team who Norco beat….l0l

    2007 …yes we lost 10-7 to Leuzinger in the pre Season on the last play of the game…big deal

    2008….yes we lost to Canyon in the pre season, matter of fact we out gained them by almost 250yds

    2009 Crenshaw was better then any OC team….

    Now if you are a coach…which I doubt….You would know Norco has score board on CC and is the BIG VII EAGUE CHAMPION….not CC..You would also know Coach Logan is a Norco alumni who has nothing but respect for Norco and has gone on record saying Norco every year is the most physical team on their schedule…so in hindsight your comments are really irrelevant….so please STFU…

    Also funny thing is not to long along Servite was playing D6 remember? Don`t act like you have been playing with the big boys all along…You guys have one break out year and you act like your Gods gift to HS football…lol

  • Norco

    The OC ambassador aka “chorizo loving Friar”

    How about we post a list of all the kids from Big VII who received scholarships the last four years compared to the Trinity League? Hell we can even compare the last two years? Hell we can even compare Norco to Servite….I think you will find a that the Trinity League does not even come close to matching the BIG VII schools when it comes to sending kids on to the next level. So to say that toughest football is played in OC is a damn joke

  • OC’s Best

    Norho, I see you call the friars dude out when the only chorizo we see is the one your sitting on.