Del Rey Opener: Bishop Amat Green Monsters beat La Salle, 8-3

With all the big names Amat had coming back, must be nice to have a Sebi Zavala batting in the eighth spot. The same kid who hit three homers in a game last week, was a home run away from a cycle, tripling in the fourth to drive in two runs in the Lancers’ 8-2 victory over La Salle.

Below: Amat sporting St. Patty’s day uniforms

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  • shshshshshhshshhs

    Fred seriously who cares? huh——- no body but you, come on get a clue do you want to sell news papers come on buddy get with the program Amat is way overrated you will soon see!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • REV

    Lets get real, this is a cupcake league!

  • Seby!Seby!Seby

    Why is this kid still in the #8 slot? Nevermind, apparently he is providing enough run production just where he’s at! s.h. puppy, wait for your own thread or go back to your previous thread with 10 hits. Talk about no one cares? Your right, it’s justthat no one really cares about s.h. Go to bed pup!

  • uchikawa

    are serious underrated??

  • Fred, Are you serious. No Comment on AMAT’s DEFENSE AND starting pitcher Brandon Mcnitt. A PERFECT GAME GOING INTO THE 5th
    INNING. WOW…. Defense wins games. I Know you were not at the O’LU game to watch 8 errors by AMAT. But lets give the boys some credit on the DEFENSE… GREAT PITCHING>> AGAIN GREAT GREAT PITCHING. AND GREAT PLAYS IN THE FIELD. THE HITTING IS EXPECTED WITH ALL THE D-1 SUPER STARS………………SUPER STARS. THE OLD MANN

  • Please Stop

    Mr. Mcnut,
    Stop already. Your son is a good high school pitcher. That’s it period. His career will end in a few months. Just enjoy the ride and stop making him something bigger than he is.

  • FredJ

    He pitched a good game, it was in the article, but he didn’t have a perfect game going, a guy reached on an error in the fourth.

  • Blue Monster

    Speaking of Amat’s defense, what’s the story there? I heard defense is what they lacked vs. OLu? How are the Lancers defensively? It appears that they are committing more errors in the infield. Early season mistakes or just tough plays? I know, one mans error is a mom’s base hit and visa-versa? I think that our pitching will keep us in most games though. Going to be switching to nights here real soon guys, so keep me posted blogger nation! Go Amat!

  • jsut askin’

    Anybody besides Amat have special green “St Patrick’s Day” uniforms? Schools with green as school colors need not reply.

  • BAHS

    Amat busts out the Green on St. Paddy’s ever since Coach Nieto arrived. I don’t remember Coach K ever doing it but I could be wrong on that. Kind of a neat twist. The kids sell Ad’s in the baseball media guide to help pay for these perks.Some will disagree but I think it’s pretty cool because as you asked, Does anybody else have green uniforms for St. Patricks Day?????

  • Amatbacker

    Went over to SH to check out the boys in green vs WC. Here is my take:
    1. WC is bad.
    2. SH has a nice club with a few holes
    3. Catcher for SH can hit, but very slow – good opponents will RUN, would be a better 1st baseman.
    4. Pitcher was ok, but why is he hitting? He is not a hitter. (I know this cause I coached him when he was younger)
    5. Outfield is below average at the corners, especially in left, he cant hit.
    6. Made a few baserunning mistakes, 3rd base coach will cost them many games.
    7. Infield may be the best Ive seen this year.
    8. Smith yells to much.

    Will not stand a chance against the mighty Lancers. They will win there league but will need to make changes in order to repeat.
    Looking forward to the match-up.
    Amat #1

  • Old Guy 1

    Good to see that they have the extra money to waste on a one-day uniform. Many other schools scramble for equipment money, like Bolsa Grande who had their equipment stolen two weeks ago.


    Dont be a hater Old Fart!!

  • Old Guy 1

    Good to see that they have the extra money to waste on a one-day uniform. Many other schools scramble for equipment money, like Bolsa Grande who had their equipment stolen two weeks ago.

  • BAHS

    Old dude – Someone getting robbed is somehow related to Bishop Amat’s uniforms? Give me a braek! While it is sad and disheartening to hear about a team being victimized by crime, I hardly doubt that it can be attributed to Amat’s choice of uniform OR that Amat’s uniforms are a bad idea with all the crime going on? As previously stated, the Boys in the program use fund raisers to pay for stuff like this. Besides, to buy 150 “Green” T-shirts and Hats probably doesn’t cost as much as you think (buying in bulk, art work already set up, etc, etc) especially when you’ve been a return customer for several years. As previously stated, don’t be a hater!

  • just sayin’

    that money “wasted” just got a bunch of publicity a full-color photo, exposure to parents and players that think it’s pretty cool that a high school can do what many pro teams do during spring training (se the Red Sox with green unis). That translates into increased enrollment more tuition – well, you do the math. All those horror stories about private schools struggle in this economy. Many are thriving while your local public school can’t water their grass for the kids to play on.

  • AMAT 73

    Old Guy 1,
    The green on St Paddy’s Day has recently become a tradition at AMAT . That is sad to hear the misfortunes of Bolsa Grande but don’t cast a shadow on AMAT’s parade because of that incident . It is not a waste of money in our eyes as things of this sort are what make us different in the aspect of pride and traditions that make AMAT one great place to be a part of and enjoy.

  • Lancerville

    To be honest most of the players, including my son, was wearing his green uniform from last year. This was of no expense to the school. The baseball team has numerous fundraisers throughout the year for events like this. Also, like Amat 73 stated “it’s a tradition”.

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is pretty much a Catholic Holiday. Bishop Amat is (are you ready for this?) a Catholic School. It is common to celebrate this saint’s day by wearing green. Oh yeah by the way Amat is a private school so let the parent’s who send their kids there worry about what is a waste of money. Good luck Bolsa Grand getting new uniforms. I hope they catch the moron that did it. it is wrong what happened to that team. That being said it is not some kind of great tragedy either. This can bring a team together. have a fundraiser and go earn those new uniforms. Do it as a team!

  • Amatguy


    The uniforms was bought last year…..and they were done so with a donation for those specific uniforms. They will be worn once a year so will last for a long time. They did not cost the school or the players anything. Tell where the problems is in that.

  • socal baseball fan

    The Bolsa Grande baseball team’s season now continues as the staff at BG made an appeal for donations in the OC Register. Diamond Sporting goods and others stepped up and donated money. Someone even returned some of the players gloves and equipment that had their names on the items. One thing about the good old USA people will help others in need.

  • Baseball Wire


    Nice assessment of SHHS – fairly accurate! Great infield indeed, matched up to Amat SHHS wins at every position except catcher.

    SHHS has greater pitching depth, have won 6 games with 5 different starters. Consider the entire staff again SHHS stronger. Best pitcher Paez hands down.

    Outfield overall strength goes to SHHS, left field for SHHS is a weak spot. Center tracks everything, right field has not seen a fly ball in 5 games their pitching has simply dominated. Right fielder has the best arm in the valley throws 90++ from the outfield. Real position is catcher already committed to SDSU. Amat right and left field have difficulty reading the ball off the bat.

    Hitting – both teams show the long ball threat 1-9, Seby hitting 8th for Amat is a hidden threat SHHS need to be aware of. Hitting is fairly even, the nod goes to Amat as Nieto never allows his pitchers to hit.

    The April 28th match up is highly anticipated but don’t forget the the potential match up at the National Classic over spring break.

    Both great squads riddled with talent at all positions, Amat chases better baseball outside league but both leagues are weak and both will will win respectively. April 28th is more than a month away lets hope the Classic keeps them both tuned for a great match up and not allow league to dull their skills.