Baseball: South Hills and Bishop Amat win again

Bishop Amat pitcher Paul Paez struck out 14, including the final 12 in a row in a 7-1 victory over Chatsworth. Adrian Franco had a homer, double and two RBIs in the win.

South Hills beat West Covina 7-0, Andrew Morales had 13 strikeouts, Ty France had a double and three RBIs for the Huskies.

Other Scores
Miramone League
Bonita 7, Charter Oak 1
San Antonio League
Walnut 4, Rowland 1

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  • kh

    bonita won.7 to 1. vs c.o.thursday
    tuesday 7to 3 s.d.
    just letting others know.theres more then amat and s.h. fred

  • kh

    fred took care of your# 10 spot tuesday s.d.
    and smoked your #6 today c.o.
    some how will end up 8th spot.its the amat math.we are the best team in the sgv hands down.

  • correct amat score

    Amat 8 Chatsworth 1

  • on looker

    Wow is the word of the day. First we start with our offense. J Mac and the masher do it again. With doubles, triples, and home run. All I can say is how impressive the offensive is clicking. defensive was all so as impressive with Paez on the mound. Now we have Paez. I heard a lot about him. Well everything I have heard is true to see him strike out 12 in a row. The youg man never lost his focus. Go Amat…………..

  • Frank

    Went to the Amat-Chatsworth game, Paez was no joke! He got better as the game went on. Whole team looks solid. Anyone in the SGV doubting Amats rankings isn’t realistic.

  • Warning!!

    Found out why W.Covina can’t win,they can’t figure out who and were to play there guy’s . catcher playing SS with a bad arm,a 2nd baseman playing @ 3rd ,a waterboy playing 2nd,a ss set to the side for pitching only,a right fielder playing @ center and the list goes on.Its no wonder that they lose so many ball players.Boy was I fooled to think this year would be better.shame on me,wesco’s coach needs a clue.
    and a 1st basemen.

    warning don’t send your young ball players to wesco!!

  • kh

    go watch other teams like glendora bonita theres alot more to see them amat,use your gas card. i think you have see what there is to see at amat

  • socal baseball fan

    Bishop Amat is ranked #5 in the CalHiSports/ESPN rise poll.
    1. Crespi who lost this week and will move down
    2. Arbishop Mitty
    3. J Serra
    4. Orange Lutheran
    5. Bishop Amat
    Look for Lakewood to move up and possibly Yucaipa if they beat Del Oro of Tucson in the finals of the Salpoint Classic. Yucaipa has 3 strong pitchers including jr Kevin Davidson younger brother of supplemental 1st round pick Matt Davidson. In addition they have TayJuan Walker and Jose Cota both outstanding pitchers. Hitting wise they are led by Wyatt Pagett,Walker,Davidson,and Brian Derryberry.
    REV has had touble in this tournament going thus far 1-2. Pitching wise they are not deep due to the loss of Tyler Shreve.
    Yucaipa tried to get into the Anderson Bat Classic this year and was turned down even though they played 2 years ago.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Nice job by the Big Boys! Man April 28 is going to be fun to watch!

    I think everyone knows their is more to SGV baseball than just AMAT & S.H. Their are really solid teams in the valley this season, including Glendora, Damien and yes Bonita, among others.
    I will say this. When the first two mentioned win CIF titles, open the seasnon ranked by the state, open # 1 in their respected divisions, and return a ton of underclassmen with alot of talent, they SHOULD get the local press to start the year. I think Bonita can have a VERY GOOD season, and yes things happen like errors, injuries, and stuff, but its hard to start following other than the box score when the “Cats” are barley above .500 with a 3-2-1 record, and have lost bad to a probably average Claremont team. Come late in the year Bonita I beleive will begin to roll, and WILL get their due in the press. Remember they had tons last year, with Mier.
    Bottom line is we all have our favorites ( my son played at SH) so I follow more closely, but trust me I think 98% of people in here want nothing but the best for ALL local teams, Bonita included.

    Good luck to the CATS!

  • Scorekeeper

    Last night I witnessed one of the best pitching performances ever. Paul Paez totally dominated the Chatsworth lineup. Paez has now defeated Palm Desert, Capo Valley and Chatsworth.

    Jerry McClanahan was clutch for the Lancers and Adrian Franco hit an absolute bomb. This team has a chance to be very special.

    Oh and by the way 7-1 was the correct score. The Lancers scored 3 in the first not 4.


    Come on guy. There much more to SGV baseball than Bonita. I am not saying they are not a good team by any means but the best team in the SGV . Take off the hater glasses and get out and watch Glendora , Amat , and SH play. Have you even seen Amat play before you pass judgement . Just let your team work it’s way up and let the chips fall where they land. If they are great as you profess they will surely wind up number 4 behind the teams mentioned above. If you want some glory have your team schedule some big boys and knock them off first before you talk your nonsense.

  • Coach Knott

    KH is just bitter because there is a sophomore ahead of his son on the depth chart. It makes him said when he’s trying to live through his kid, and his kid isnt even getting the playing time. I know, it hurts KH.

  • kh

    amat beats la salle.thats a little ptivate school in serria madreawith a 220 foot hr fence to rt field and maybe 322 in the gaps.they should keep the friday night game of the week for challage games for the rankings.amat verse glendora one week.damien vs bonita,s.h vs.db. what ever it takes to put the real rankings up,this is freds and only freds dream.lets get real.the game we got blowin out was a scimmage for us guys.we were going to play n.v. for third place after losing a good 2 to 1 game agaisnt c.v the night before ,then we fine out we playing clmt for nothing,it was a let down it was like in the nfl when a team locks up a play off spot,if they lose ,oh well ,same sence there,acouple 240 hr and the rest was a night mare ,big deal.wasnt like losing i mean getting smoked in the finales amat by come we dont leave a mid season tnry with the top 8 teams in that would be kool..not saying bonita is number 1 yet.but guys we beat this year
    n.v tied
    c.v loss 2to 1
    clmt got smoked yes we did
    not a bad resume for a team not in the freds top 10 last week.your right we will be seating in the top 5 next week if we take care of next week have a nice week
    love the game.

  • KH listen up


    Stop talking about winter ball! The winter season means nothing. You keep bringing up who you beat in the winter when nobody cares. It there a ring for all the winters games you won? Just talk about the regular season.

    Since you made the comparison…You lost to Claremont and Amat lost to OLU which is big difference. Then you talk about Bishop Amat beating La Salle but you did not bring up their wins over Palm Desert, Santiago, Capo Valley, Mater Dei and Chatsworth.

    The schedules for the season are already done in advance and schools have different Springs break so there is no way to have tournament as you suggest. Figure it out? Who were all your pro employers again?

    I am sure you will find a way spin it how it works for you and insult me or say something about a kid I might have not playing. Well, I don’t have a kid playing so just give a legit response without the ranting and raving.

  • Don

    You Huth haters need to check your MaxPreps; looks like KC has started every game and is doing just fine.

    Ill bet kh isnt even said.

    As far as the tribs rankings go, theyre worth about as much as a million dollar check signed by Ramirez. 1, 2, and 3 are easy to see but after that, it is obviously just guess work. The quality of opponents these teams have played is just too diverse to really tell who is better yet.

    Come back after the Easter Tourneys and make some more thoughtful choices.

  • AE 1178


    Atta a way. Be a cancer. That’ll solve it. Always does. Maybe you should take your son Back to Covina, or back to Western Christian, or maybe back to West Covina again. Hmmmmm. I know where the problem lies. You know what, your son is a good kid. Let him be one. Maybe, just maybe, the 2nd basemen is a better fielder than your son. Maybe, just maybe, that ss is a true ss who did what he had to last year to help the team and catch. Shoot, I am wasting my time. Go coach your travel team and someone can post how you can’t find water on the ocean. I’m sure there’s a blog somewhere for lower tier travel teams that’s as highly followed as this blog. Teach your son how to deal with a little adversity, he’ll be a lot better person for it. Not in dealing with it the way you have.

  • Warning!


    Ouch!! hit a nerve. atta boy hope you feel better now.Feel bad for the people your talking about I don’t have a kid at wesco,or @ any school for years now.Good Luck see you@ next SH game.

  • bulldog


    I agree with you that lorenger needs to go but don’t bash the team. Your son can not hit and has already made three errors in 3 games, so don’t take it out on the team because your son won’t get playing time. There is always next year. If these boys had a half decent coach they would at least compete.

  • Henry

    I have no rooting interest for a San Gabriel Valley team. That being said, I went to see the San Marino and Gladstone baseball game. I’m not really sure how strong either team is?? But, Gladstone just crushed San Marino. I heard they had a rather small enrollment for a 9-12 school in this area. Anyways, for a small school, they looked pretty good. I think they will do well in their league.

  • Who?


    .312 are y kidding us! LOL

  • mario martinez

    looking ahead to the nogales – south hills game
    what will nogales do without there number three hitter and left fielder in Carlos Martinez who is out for the year,
    Coach Romano better think of something quick because that was a terrable lost to the team


    DOES ANY ONE remember who actually won league last year, i believe it was Nogales
    does one want to tell me how come the nobles dont get any exposer. they started slow, but are picking it up, they have a very good player in Rene Felix. Come on guys show the love to the other schools, see you on tuesday

  • kh

    was going tto give it some time ,but just cant let amat think they belong on top.l
    your hitting 311 amat
    bonita went up 311 to 325
    this is what makes me sick,you guys have zero doubles
    bonita 10 double
    hr amat 5
    bonita 10
    you guys cant hit and your pitching 14 walks and 17 ks thats #1 era.420

    ave .311-0 2b 1 3b 5 hr 15 rbi 424 ob 421 slg.
    ave .325 10 2b 1 3b 11 hr 40 rbi 421 596 slgyou guys arent even close to us in any stats.on off.
    look at the double hr rbi. and ba.
    now that glendoras dream season of being undefetted,is long gone.i think we play d.b. in the n.v trny.
    the only one we will never see is amat.
    we will play s.h if we both get to cif together. cant wait
    kh top ten
    1# amat no off.14 w 17 k killing every body fred told us.
    2#s.h. cif champs
    3#damien will have to go see the boys
    4#d.b took care of business
    5#glendora dream team will rebound
    6#bonita hitting 325 10 2b 1 3b 11hr 40 rbi leads league 1-0
    7#n.v. lhp can beat any team givin night
    8#s.d teams little but can hit hard line drives
    9#wilson good old mr.wilson
    10# clmt.big boys vics good for some bombs
    the rest co la g.s. az who cares

  • K.H. Jr.

    Ok now lets just stop with the stats. K.H.. Again Amat stats are not correct. Missing alot of numbers like hitting, pitching etc.. for the moment K.h. cannot compare Amat stats. Maybe try to compare oppents they face and wins. How about who they play rankings etc. I am sure Amat as of today they have faced tougher oppents. So please stop writing your team or the team you pump up are better than Amat. Just accept it for now Amat is facing better teams those are just the facts.

  • Frank

    First to kh said
    It is hard to read your comments they are not very clear.Also I dont know about the stats you gave, correct or not it’s not worth debating.
    However when you want to put Amat down you must realze that they are playing some of the best teams in S. Cali. So to compare stats would really be unfair. Its like comparing a major leage team witha triple A team, the hitters in triple A should have a higher average, because they are facing weaker pitching and even defense for that matter.
    I have nothing against Bonita and I hope they do well, but keep in mind when you want to compare or put teams down, you must recognize the level of competition they are playing.

    To Fred
    How come the majority of this blog focuses on the schools between the 605-57 and 210-60 freeways. Are all the other school not that competitive? Very little about Pasadena schools, Arcadia, monrovia, Duarte and all the other school around the SGV.

  • just sayin’

    Frank – the Pasadena are teams are discussed on the blog at this link

  • Baseball NUT!

    I think the reason of the coverage is because other papers follow their teams as well. Take Whittier Daily News. They will talk about CAL, or Sante Fe, Pioneer, and others in THAT area. Same goes for the Star news in Pasadena. They cover, La Salle, Muir, San Marino etc… The Whittier, Pasadena, and Trib, are basically the same, YET cover the “prep” teams closest to their home base. Look for a story on the LAKERS, Dodgers, or March Madness, and ALL three have the same story. Thats my guess to your answer.

    I have pesonally backed Bonita, as a good team, and think they will get better at years end.
    HOWEVER your starting to make no sense about Bonita being # 1 OR 2.

    CIF Rankings for preseason had them @ # 5 in DIV III. That is about right. They are behind Beckman who lost to SH in the Finals, behind Paramount, who was # 1 last year, until injuries cost them, Gahr, who returns alot of players, AND South Hills who WON CIF, and out of 20 kids on their roster, have 15 underclassman.

    In Max Preps DIV III STATE rankings as of Wednesday, BONITA was # 15 in THE STATE in DIV III. SOUTH HILLS was # 1 in the state in DIV III. Bonita can make a HUGE jump as they get Los ALtos, and Walnut in the next week and a half, as BOTH those schools are ahead of # 15. They even have Charter Oak who you have beaten, # 5! So they MUST know a little more than all of us!

    You shouldn’t worry about petty stuff. Maybe the CATS can run the table and make the CIF Finals. I bet the WHOLE team wants a crack at South Hills again. Remember South Hills ended the season as ranked # 8 in the CIF final poll, and look what happened. Your getting worked up over nothing.
    You follow a good team in Bonita, but in all honesty, as of TODAY Saturday morning, BONITA COULD NOT BEAT AMAT, OR SOUTH HILLS at a Nuetral field. Right now BOTH are better, BUT Like I said who knows come seasons end.

    Good luck to yur cats!

  • Baseball NUT!


    I just went and did a little quick checking!

    I think I will attend Tuesday’s game with Bonita @ Los Altos.

    Guess you think their NOT much of a team as they are NOT in YOUR top 10! Maybe you think they are too young. So I went and looked and see they are 4-1.
    I also noticed that they have THREE of the TOP 4 SOPH’s in batting average in the entire DIV III. Can your pitching handle those young kids?
    If Los ALtos wins will they go into your TOP 10 and knock Claremont out who beat your cats?
    This is how SOME teams GET OVERLOOKED! Los ALTOS is VERY YOUNG! If they make a run in CIF, I GUARANTEE that LA can easily be in the TOP 2 or 3 in DIV III NEXT year too.
    IF your teams build a BASE, they will grow, and be good for years to come. This is why AMAT has been so good for so long in football, and South Hills so good in baseball. They get a base of young talent. Heck I can remember the “BAND” at Diamond Bar being the best for years and years, and Walnut girls soccer.

    You said that the winter ball travel team was very good. Did OR WILL they ALL attend Bonita? This is where that strong base comes in. If they stcik together, then they can be good for a long time. I can remember South Hills being a baseball power in the 80’s, and Los Altos in football back in the 70’s. Los Altos stayed on top of football for 30+ years.

    I HOPE BONITA has a good year and makes a STRONG CIF run. Also Los Altos IS in the Northview tourney too, so you may see them more than just league.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Well it goes to show, that its a LONG baseball season.

    OC Power Mater Dei, looses its TOP pitcher for the year BEFORE the season, gets blasted by Santaigo by giving up 17 runs, loses to AMAT, who in turn lost big to Orange LU in the Elks final.
    Then we see Mater Dei asks their CF who has signed to ASU, to give it a shot at pitching. What does the kid do? SHUTS OUT Orange Luthern 6-0.

    Shows its a long season, and ON ANY GIVEN DAY!

  • kh

    baseball nut
    sorry but i dont know much about l.a. like fred know zero about us.with trhe win over wilson i will jump you guys into the 8th spot,thanks for the heads up.too bad my standing mean zero ,just like having a little fun

  • AE 1178


    Dude, you’re kidding, right? Anyways, yeah, you did hit a nerve. It’s the nerve people get on this blog throwing kids under the bus. They don’t deserve that. Coaches put themselves out there, it’s one thing to be critical of them as a coach, but the kids don’t deserve to be called a waterboy. Say what you will about the coaching, but leave the kids out of it.