Friday Baseball: Lefty Kenny Mathews outduels Adam Plutko to help Diamond Bar to a 1-0 win over previously unbeaten Glendora

Above: Diamond Bar’s dugout reacts to Jeff Crowe’s home run against Glendora.

Diamond Bar’s Jeff Crowe hit a home run in the third inning and Kenny Mathews pitched a shutout, allowing just four hits with four strikeouts. Glendora’s Adam Plutko was almost just as good, striking out nine while giving up four hits — of course the homer deciding it. Sources are saying that Damien won, 14-12 over Chino Hills. Man, the Sierra is going to be nuts all season.

Friday’s Baseball
Sierra League

Diamond Bar 1, Glendora 0
Damien 14, Chino Hills 12
Valle Vista League
Baldwin Park at San Dimas, 3:15 p.m.
Covina at Pomona, 3:15 p.m.
Ganesha at Northview, 3:15 p.m.
Mission Valley League
Arroyo at Rosemead, 3:15 p.m.
Gabrielino at South El Monte, 3:15 p.m.
El Monte at Mountain View, 3:15 p.m.

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  • DBFan

    Yeah, It’s going to be an awsome game. Kenny Mathew is the best player over there, He is going to shut them down. With our hot bat, we will give tons of support to KMat. I predict Diamnod Bar 4: Glendora 0. Go Brahmas!

  • featherhead

    you are right about Mathew(s), but mix in a few s(s) 0:)

  • sherlock

    Is Glendora starting Plutko for sure??

    These are the kinda of games that make high school baseball great.

    My prediction, Glendora 2 Diamond Bar 4,
    Dbars lefty batters will give Glendora fits with one of them going deep off 90+.

  • DBFan

    Oh, yeah? Does KMat have siblings in the team?
    How many Mathews are in the DBar team? We sure need more kids play like Kenny.


    Just kidding, I know his last name is Mathews. I mean we can win the game with Mathew alone, without the ‘SSSSSSSS….’ Go, Brahma….

  • Long day

    Diamond Bar will loose. Mathews is good, but Glendora will hit him no doubt. Diamond Bar’s defense will make at least 3 errors and their bats will struggle.

  • Glendora Who?

    Pluko will get blasted at the next level. Glendora #2, in who’s book? There a joke!

    This guys ball has been straight for years. NO MOVEMENT AT ALL!!!!!!!

  • DBFan

    Wow, Kenny is great! 1:0 Diamond Bar. I thought Kenny can beat Glendora by himself, it proves 1 run is good enough for KMat. Thanks Jeff for the Homer…

    Much respect to Plutko too, he’s just been out pitched by Kenny. Go Brahmas!!

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    Brahmas win 1-0. Plutko and Mathews battle it out. Plutko gives up a solo home run to Jeff Crowe and that eventually decides the game. Great pitching duel out there.

  • Spartan Fan

    Damien comes back to win 14-12.(:

  • patrick

    Where is longday at? GlendoraWho, i dunno about their #2 but what about ours?? Our bats will def have to show up when Henry gets on the mound. He will need atleast 5 runs support! He can beat Glendora though!

  • playhardr

    So, dbar wins 1-0. Took em deep nice home run, by jeff crowe, only run of the game. And what a pitched gem by 2 stud pitchers with mathews turning up the heat when faced with baserunners and just stopping Glendora cold. Plutko was awesome as well. I give Mathews the nod though as that pick off move just puts him way over the top compared to the others in the valley (what a weapon), let alone the command he has on all pitches.

    How anyone could come on here and dog the Glendora pitcher is just foolish. This young man will probably be making a lot more money than the poster come June 30th when he is drafted by MLB.

    Dbar is tough with Mathews on the bump. What a pitcher he is, wow. Congrats to Dbar beatin a top team.


    Getting drafted, then performing in the MLB is to different animals. I laugh at bums who haven’t step into the box and faced guys who all throw 90+ in the minors.

    Pluko is an average guy at any next level..

    Case closed! DB wins!

  • BigDog

    Good job By DB beating Glendora and Jeff Crowe as well.Crowe should be playing at Diamond Ranch as he lives in DR boundaries. Oh well

  • Envy Kills

    Let’s enjoy the peace and quiet that Mr. Mathews has ensure us until the next DB game. So know that we know a great was called are we to conclude the Coach tool some illegal smart pills or is he just a guy doing the job best he can. The kids played awesome today. Glendora is very good. Still have to wonder how the crystal ball man doesn’t pick lotto numbers instead of predicting young players future. With so many variable out there isn’t it true there are fire throwing mega million dollar picks who tanked? So why is anyone feeling good about themselves by saying so and so can’t cut it at the next level. Seems like pure envy considering whoever feels that confident a baseball expert to make that statement….never did either. šŸ™

  • DamienScore

    Damien loses 7-6 to Chino Hills. Sr. rhp Guillen starts goes 2.1 gives up 5 runs. Relieved by Jr. lhp Gonzales, goes 2.2 gives up 1 run. Jr. rhp finishes goes 1, gives up 1 run. Many fielding errors. George Ortega goes yard twice for 5 RBI’s.

  • good job kenny, you look alot like your dad, now that your all grown up. good job mr. matthews raising a good boy and a great ball player, must have been that socal blast training

  • blast guy

    good job kenny, must be all that so cal blast training. btw, you look alot like your dad, who is one of the best youth coachs that has been around the sgv

  • patrick

    @ Big Dog,

    Diamond Bar has a lottery system, not to mention kids at DRanch have their choice as to where they want to attend. THere is nothing foul about why Jeff is at Diamond Bar.Kids go back n forth every yr.

  • DB


    Just because some blogger doesn’t agreed, doesn’t mean he’s wrong! Just check the percentages! Maybe the crystal ball is right?

    We won , so SU and quit worrying about the smart pills you moron.

  • socal baseball fan

    DBHS fans what happened to Chester Pak. I did not see his name in the lineup in max preps. Good win for the brahmas who need to beat Ayala and Chino on the road next week.

  • sleeper

    Damien needs to be careful or the Starr OK league could get from them. The trib reports a wrong final then leaves it up…comical. chino hills has tougher kids and is the sleeper to win the league

  • Spartan Senior

    ya not sure who spartan fan is but i heard we lost. 7-6. our jv team won 14-12. thats probably what he heard and thought it was the varsity.

  • DBFan

    Chester got injuried. He slid in the outfield to get a ball but crashed into the fence. His knee was messed up. I heard that so much skin was off that the doctor could see the bone. He can walk but sometimes uses cruches. He’ll probably be out for a few weeks. Otherwise we would not lose to Walnut and we should have a lot more run supports for Kenny. This is sad.

  • Bullpen

    Yes, the Sierra will be crazy. The SL is without a doubt the best league in the SGV. Every game will be a dog fight. This Wednesday you will have two big timers slugging it out, Damien vs Glendora, classic match-up.

  • socal baseball fan

    I agree the sierra league will be very tough from top to bottom. No weak teams in this league. All 3 games last friday were decided by one run with Chino Hills,Chino,and Diamond Bar winning close games.
    Yucaipa lost in the championship game in Tucson to Canyon del Oro 11-3. Taijuan Walker gave up 7 runs and now is 1-2 for the year. Walker is a better position player than pitcher. Canyon del Oro was the 4A Arizona state champs last year and is now 15-0.
    Upland after playing an easy schedule now has lost 2 baseline game losing friday to Los Osos. So much for outscoring your weak opponents 69-4.

  • socal baseball fan

    Former brahma p-of-in Gary Brown had a great weekend for CSF going 11/16 with 5 rbi’s. The titans swept U of Washington.
    Another former brahma jr Richie Jimenez is the starting ss for UNLV. Today UNLV beat CSLB with the WP being fr Brady Zuniga of Bishop Amat. Zuniga is 3-0 for the season and is primarily a relief pitcher.

  • Whats Crackin???

    Gary Brown is now hitting .466 in 88 at bat as of today. I guess DB still produces once in awhile.