Amat leads a great day for local basketball: Lancers, La Verne Lutheran and both Azusa Pacific teams all win on Super Saturday

Saturday’s State Finals
At Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield

Boys’ Division V: La Verne Lutheran (27-8) vs. Ross Branson (25-6), 11:30 a.m.
Girls’ Division III: Bishop Amat (27-7) vs. Stockton St. Mary’s (33-1), 1:30 p.m.

Above: Amat’s win in SoCal Division III finals part of a big day for local basketball

Saturday proved to be a great day for basketball in the San Gabriel Valley.
It started with the Bishop Amat girls basketball team continuing it’s string of upsets by beating Inglewood, 56-54, in morning at the Galen Center for the CIF State Southern California Regional Division III championship. La Verne Lutheran then followed with a 52-50 victory over Windward to earn the SoCal Division V title. And then both the Azusa Pacific men’s and women’s team advanced to their respective NAIA final fours. The men beat Lee of Cleveland, Tenn, 75-70, in Kansas City, while the women took down St. Xavier of Chicago, 73-69.
Amat and Lutheran go for state titles next Saturday at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, while the two APU teams play semifinal games on Monday.

Here’s an advance look at Sunday’s stories

Bishop Amat States its case with SoCal victory

Repeat sends La Verne Lutheran north

APU doubles its pleasure

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  • Lancer Land

    Congratulations to our Lady Lancers!!! St. Marys a top team? I like a comparison to David and Goliath. GO LANCERS!!!!!!!!

  • Stunned and Awed

    Once again Bishop Amat cements it’s SGV dominance and leaves the SGV in quiet awe!

    Wiard is an amazing basketball mind as his influence was felt on both Amat teams this.

    I’ll be up there for the Championship Games cheering on the SGV’s No.1 Sports school.

  • Who’s doing the hating now !!!!!!!!!!

    Comments like yours is why there is so much hating when it comes to Bishop Amat. You could have made a positive comment but you had to put a hate spin on it.

  • Leaders on and off the playing field

    Bishop Amat is not scared of anyone. Baseball we’ll play anyone. Football obviously we’ll play anyone. And the same goes for any of our sports including basketball. If we are defeated we congratulate. When we win we know it’s because we’ve worked hard to prepare. Amat produces ladies and gentlemen both on and off the field. Congratulations ladies. I’ve seen Amat Football upset St. Bonnies.. We can do the same in basketball.

  • Lancer Land

    Who’s doing,

    What hate comments are you talking about? No one was put down. Get over it, you sound like a little crybaby to me.

    I bet anything that if we had lost you would have been on here calling us a bunch of losers, couldn’t handle the pressure, etc… I’m right aren’t I?

    Do us all a favor, if you don’t like the thread subject, DON’T READ IT and save yourself the heartache, HATER!!!

  • #1

    St. Mary’s is only USA Today’s number one girls basketball team in the nation. No biggie for Amat. As a team, school, and community we’ve been there before.

  • NO WAY

    Doubt you are an Amat fan .You should know by now that Amat always has the upmost respect for it’s opponets. You are some type of imposter as an Amat fan and just trying to give these haters ammo. No one from Amat would come on and post like that .

  • Know what “you’re” about and don’t be so insecure and insincere…great job to all the winners

    Who’s doing the hating now?????

    Sorry but I am not an Amat Alumni or an Amat Parent. Although I do have nieces that have gone thru the soccer program and a cousin who played Football back in the day.

    My point? It’s pretty remarkable the year Bishop Amat is having wouldn’t you agree? Football was without question “the” story that put eyes back on the SGV. CO didn’t do that as well as they did with back to back CIF Championships. San Dimas had a great year in sports as well but it’s still something special that Bishop Amat, under Wiard’s direction, continues winning so rapidly after his short break. That was my point. Same goes for their Boys playoff performances. Given their last game maybe the boys are turning the corner, who knows.

    Sorry if writing the obvious is making you “hate” any one, some of us non Amat Fans are in “quiet awe”, sorry. How that upsets you seems silly doesn’t it? Know what you’re about, that way when some one congratulates someone else it’s not putting “you” down and you don’t have to put on the war paint and summon some juvenile battle cry.

  • Amat Alum

    Congratulations go to the young ladies on team who played their hearts out. In the Beginning, SGV reported that there wasn’t enough talent on this team like the past to get to this point (state finals). Even Wiard made some comments in the paper about not winning to many games in the playoffs. So lets give some love to these young ladies who had to work hard and prove themselves in the basketball world. The Alums will be their in Bakersfield with you ladies. Go Lancers

  • What was it like ?

    During these Championship Games at the Galen Center and Colony High School did any school turn their back during player introductions or yell “Sit Down Shut Up” ? Anyone have a report on who had the best fans and which school’s student section cheered the loudest? Who had the bet fan support at these games? These games were clearly pitting the best against the best so it’s of interest how their fans behaved given the so called drama from last week. This should be interesting.


    Hey NO WAY… We live in a free world right? I was just giving St. Mary’s their due respect as well as Amat’s. As a matter of fact I am an Amat alum.. My parents worked hard to send my sister and I to Amat. We’re not rich by any means.. to be quite honest we’re a simple middle class family. Like many Lancers, my sister and I are now very successful within our career paths. Playing Amat football showed me first hand how to deal with adversity and how not to buckle under pressure on the biggest stage of CIF. Which helped me through college and on to my career. When Amat wins in all sports popular or not, I embrace my school.. when they lose.. I have the “we’ll get next time attitude.” I think you’re the imposter. Maybe you should’ve went to Amat…