Back from four straight days off, need athlete of the week nominations, and coaches, can you at least update standings on MaxPreps?

This is how we live tweet, and can anyone believe the Bishop Amat girls basketballl team is playing for another state title? I’m not sure what chance they have against the No. 1 team in the country, but we’ve seen stranger things during March Madness already. Also, did you know that the Gladstone baseball team (6-0) is the only undefeated team in the Valley, woot, woot!.
MAXPREPS: Not only are several schools not posting stats, they’re not even updating the standings. Please coaches, it’s not that difficult to update your records and post final scores. This isn’t about being scouted, this is about basic responsibilities.

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  • Don

    Sorry, no athlete picks. I just thought Id take a quick shot at what I think will be Freds Top Ten (+1) for 3/23/2010 a couple of days early.

    Now before anyone lights me up, remember, Im trying to pick FREDS Top Ten (+1), not mine. Ive only seen a handful of these teams play and frankly, until theyve played everyone in their own league at least once, its impossible to frame anything beyond the top two or three teams.

    Amat, Glendora, and South Hills are all a couple of notches above the rest, all of whom have a least one big deficiency like pitching, experience, or depth.

    1. Amat
    2. Glendora
    3. South Hills
    4. Damien
    5. Los Altos
    6. Diamond Bar
    7. Walnut
    8. Bonita
    9. Northview
    10. Charter Oak
    11. Gladstone

  • kh

    bonita 2b continues to keep the lead off spot hot.sparks bearcats with two back to back games.hitting around 480 or so.and let team with two wins last week.robert miers should be in the running fred,
    now back to business great job amat girls.
    for winning the bb over the weekend.
    fred thats what we like to here from amat ,when they earn it,
    not every single day we have to see amat front page.
    were are the stories from spring training from s.d. and bonita players last is baseball season.
    big game tomorrow.
    l.a.-6-1 1-0 league
    bonita 3-2-1- 1-0 league
    its at l.a. 3:15

  • FredJ

    I like the inclusion of Gladstone, they’re 6-0, the only undefeated team in the Valley

  • Amused Reader

    What’s with the coaches who aren’t putting in their stats or records? I say those who aren’t giving the necessary information shouldn’t be covered until they do. Otherwise it’s the paper that stands to be blamed if the info isn’t there. Name a college that isn’t giving stats because they don’t want to be scouted? The petty antics could be why these coaches will never reach the next level. And their kids don’t get recognized in the process.

  • kh

    heres kh picks for the top 10
    #1 sh
    #2 amat
    #3 db
    #4 glendora
    #6 bonita
    #7 damien
    #8 los altos
    #9 walnut
    #10 n.v

    went on max prep, just cant give amat #1 with the teams they will match up agaisnt,in the next four games.
    cantwell heart there 2-6 and loss to blair 0-9.
    there next game will tell just how good they are,they play royal which is 8-0,after that
    the next two for amat are sure wins.
    the next four games for amat. are agaisnt teams with combined total record of 16-14. dont forget royal is 8-0. they play nobody at all.tired of hereing all the great teams and how hard it is for them.looks like a walk in the park too me.
    royal has a very good solid program ,beat them boys and am convinced your the bomb.good luck.

  • Easy

    The athlete of the week should be Paul “The Animal” Paez. He struck out 14 against Chatsworth.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Max Prep’s Division rankings as of this morning.

    DIV II


    # 11 GLENDORA

    # 13 DIAMOND BAR

    # 20 DAMIEN

    ALOT of good teams in this division with CRESPI, EL TORO, CYPRESS, REDLANDS E.V, AND YUCAIPA. BUT ALL of our local guys can make a DEEP run, and POSSIBLY WIN IT!


    # 1 LOS ALTOS


    # 5 WALNUT

    # 9 CAL

    # 13 ALHAMBRA

    # 20 BONITA

    ONLY chance of a OUTSIDE teams with a good shot of taking CIF away from these teams ARE BECKMAN, COLTON, OR possibly PARAMOUNT! CIF STAYS LOCAL HERE!

    DIV IV


    # 8 MONROVIA

    # 14 NORTHVIEW

    This HAS to be AMAT’s to lose. This by far is the weakest of the TOP 4 divisions, ( this is coming from a AMAT grad) ONLY the Desert teams, INDIO, BARSTOW, OR PALM DESERT has a shot. Maybe TROY from Fullerton, but not likely. I know they must play the games, and injuries, and grades can change things, but IF AMAT does NOT win, NOT only is it a major upset, its a major disapointment!


  • BAHS

    kh, dude your starting to sound like a bit of a whinner? Can you tell me “who” of the currently “Ranked” teams bonita has beaten? Then why do you think they deserve ink? To get ink it has to be NEWSWORTHY! bonita hasn’t knocked off any big teams or won any significant games this season that I am aware of? Don’t get me wrong, if they do knock off an O LU, Mater Dei, Corona Santiago or hell even a Bishop Amat, I’d like to read about it. BUT, they haven’t. So please, stop whinning!

  • Baseball NUT!

    I see a few BIG games this week. Going to be fun!

    BONITA @ LOS ALTOS ( Will the CATS hitting keep on rollin, OR will the youngsters from L.A take em down?)

    GLENDORA @ DAMIEN ( BIG local rival, gets better as BOTH are V.G teams)

    SOUTH HILL @ NOGALES ( Huskeis want back that league title, BUT NOGALES, and Romano, keep saying remember US!)


    AMAT @ ROYAL( AMAT, keeps playing TOP talent and this weekend gets undefeated and # 5 in DIV I)

  • sgv scouting

    How can anyone not take not of the picture of our man FJ at work. NICE!!!!!!!!!!

  • patrick


    My athlete of week…..

    Kenny Matthews (Diamond Bar).. (4 hit shutout of Glendora)

  • BAHS

    Player of the week – Paul Paez – Amat, Like a machine mowing down Chatsworth batters OR K. Matthews – Diamond Bar, great effort against a very good Glendora team.

  • LA Insider


    When will we see ALL-AREA announcements!

  • kh

    its pretty hard to knock somebody off when you havnt played them.
    tomorrow we play los altos which someone posted #1 in div.3
    so if we beat them we move into the # 1
    slot in div.3
    wait tell tomorrow,
    the game will be played,there will be a winner and a loser.
    so chill out
    like i said before
    bad mngt on glendora tnry off. for letting n.v back out of the third place game agaisnt bonita.
    putting the slot,we got beat but the motivation just wasnt there for the game at all.
    we lost 2-1 agaisnt c.v.
    and glendora beat c.v 2-0
    they d.b beat glendora
    and bonita beat s.d. and c.o.
    so were right where we want to be .
    playing los altos tomorrow and there ranked ahead of us.
    i dont drink wine,so am not wineing my friend.
    just having alittle bite of fun with stats.
    just like last year, went to see d.b get there lunch handed to them at damein game you guys looked like the jv squad.
    we will meet you guys in the n.v trny ,
    and i hope your ranked ahead of us,just another leep frog for us little pussycats.

  • BAHS

    Well that’s kinda my point now isn’t it kh? “Kinda hard to knock’em off if you haven’t played’em”. PLAY THEM! Schedule them. Get in the tourneys where the Big Boys Roam, don’t just sit get in the little tourneys and then complain because peolple won’t give you the props you feel you deserve for losing 2-1 to c.v. who then lost to glendora 2-0 who then beat….get real man! You’re complaining (is that a better word) but your coach is to blame for not stepping forward and scheduling up. Anyway, no ill will kh, when the rubber meets the road, I’m always gonna pull for the SGV and especially for my Lancers.

  • Basrball NUT!

    Your NOT serious about having Bonita # 1 in DIV III , if your cats beat Los Altos are you?

    I guess Northern Iowa, today is the NEW # 1 college hoop team after beating # 1 Kansas Saturday. I bet Kentucky, Syracuse, K-ST, Duke, among others would like a say so. REMEMBER ITS EARLY!!!!!!!

    Also its getting closer, and here are the teams in the NATIONAL CLASSIC April 5-8.

    CRESPI ( # 14 IN CAL )
    ORANGE LU ( # 5 IN CAL )

    LOTS of title winners, here!

  • kh

    what are thinking,
    los altos where did this come from.what did they change the whole team from last year.i heard there real young,younger then when the dust clears tomorrow,and we troot back to l.v with the win.whats a man suppose to think,if there on top, and we smoke them, we go on do you compare them to college bb.were talking l.a. not the almighty amat.dont know how s.h. is below them.and your right if you want respect play for it agaisnt the best,amen.but like in football all year some of these little schools were ranked high like b.p. played nobody.bonita broke there little win streak ,thats a baseball you beat them, you go ahead of them,theres still two more games to even the srore,but for now they beat wiht it,just like tomorrow if we get beat them so be it ,the l.a.times guy looks great.but when we smoke them, hes just another bird in the wind.

  • Green & Gold

    Baseball Nut:
    On Wed Damien is at Glendora (unless you are planning on watching our very good JV or Freshman teams…they’ll be playing at Damien). Better drive to the right school… but yes, it will be a great game – no matter which level you’re talking about! Good luck Spartans!

  • Green & Gold

    Baseball Nut:
    On Wed Damien is at Glendora (unless you are planning on watching our very good JV or Freshman teams…they’ll be playing at Damien). Better drive to the right school… but yes, it will be a great game – no matter which level you’re talking about! Good luck Spartans!

  • Green & Gold

    Baseball Nut:
    On Wed Damien is at Glendora (unless you are planning on watching our very good JV or Freshman teams…they’ll be playing at Damien). Better drive to the right school… but yes, it will be a great game – no matter which level you’re talking about! Good luck Spartans!

  • On Looker

    Saw Amat play against Chatsworth. In my opinion Paul “Animal” Paez should player of the week. Just in what he did. Never seen that happen when a pitcher absolute dominates. Paez struck out 12 in row. It was a great pitching. Just my opinion.

  • socal baseball fan

    REV 5 Etiwanda 0 Soph lph Justin Jacome pitched a complete game shut out for REV. This was the opening game in the Redlands Baseball Invitational.
    I did go see the Kaiser Cats vs Redlands Terriers and Redlands won the game 4-3 in the bottom of the 7th with a hit to right field with the bases loaded. Redlands started frosh rhp Angel Landazuri who went 6 innings with no decision. He pitched well and will be a good one as he throws strikes. Redlands starts a freshmen CF Sean Smith and used a frosh ph Jimmy Walker. The 3b Jordan Arrowood is a soph along with 2B Brian Ruhm and DH Kevin Gavigan who won the game with a solid hit to the corner that would have cleared the bases.
    For Kaiser jr lhp Chance Fuglistahler pitched well until the 7th inning. He is one of the best fielding pitchers I have seen in high school baseball. Tomorrow Redlands plays Rogers Heritage from Arkansas.

  • Baseball NUT!

    AS of 6:00 pm 3/22/10


    DIV 2

    # 3 GLENDORA

    DIV 3


    # 3 ALHAMBRA

    # 6 EL RANCHO

    # 10 WALNUT

    Max Preps has Los Altos # 1, and NOT even mentioned in CIF, NO BONITA, sorry, KH!

    DIV 4

    # 1 AMAT


    # 10 MONROVIA

    DIV 5


    Good luck to ALL this week!

  • Baseball NUT


    I think you were referring to me as I referred to college hoops!

    I am sorry but EVEN if Bonita wins tomorrow @ Los Altos, the CATS do NOT deserve to be # 1 in Max Preps DIV III. However I also think LA shouldn’t be # 1 either. That actually should go to South Hills. Their the DEFENDING CIF champs, beat your cats when Bonita had probably the best player in the valley in J. Mier. This Huskie team has only 5 seniors, while Bonita has 8. They could be a thorn in Coach Knott’s side come CIF yet again. However during CIF ANYTHING can happen!

    I will say this: Justin Garza @ S.S is THE REAL DEAL!!!!

    Los Altos is a VERY YOUNG team, as is Bonita. You should remember them as they did beat you once last, and WON three games in CIF

  • playhardr

    My vote is for ken mathews as this game was a feature game pitting 2 D1 guys throwing 88 plus in front of scouts and facing a line up loaded with seniors. What a classic baseball gem at 1-0. Any mistake or a few walks and the whole game changes. Also, its not easy to pitch when you know you have to go the full 7 to get a win , unlike Amat or Glendora where they can turn it over and still get the win. Paez should get honorable mention though.

  • facts

    Well its not about who went 7 or not like Kenny so did Paez. It’s about the performance Kenny did well. But, Paez dominated I mean come on struck out 12 in a row finish a complete Cg. Though it was not easy to stay that focus the kid got stronger as the innings went on. Just saying that is special it self. Good luck for any player chosen for the player of the week.

  • FRED!

    Fred before you leave northview out of the sgv, go cover the game they play san dimas and watch what they do to them. i Northview didnt get any respect out of the Glendora geame….been around for a long time and when a young team goes bewtween the lines and bangs with one of the top pitching staffs in the sgv, thats giving respect when respect is do.

  • DBFan

    Definitely Kenny Mathews, this kid is amazing,he is only a Junior, still a skinny tall build, but his fastball already touch 90s and he is a lefty. Wait untill next year to see how dominate he could be. CSF better look out, Kenny could be a high draft pick by 2011. Mark my word here.
    Sorry my Scouting friends, I just let the news out.

  • kh

    fred you saw a game outside l.p. land,
    so now your on the n.v wagon.
    no more respect for n.v blowing us out for third place in the glendora tnry,
    total let down. maybe bonita played another s.d team last week then the one you watched.i thaught there pitching is there weak point myself.pretty good hitting team.they need some arms to finish the race far as power pitching from s.d. ,your losing it.wrong school big guy.theres no power pitcher at .s.d.we saw.
    theres no one real way to get respect in baseball.thats beat the crap out of who ever you play that game at a time.ranking are like h.s. girl friends,they come and go.theres only one big date that counts.cif saying that am going to shut up and everybody have a great ball

  • KH SuckIT

    No more respect for N.V? I really hope you not talking about Northview. Blowing you out for 3rd place at Glendora Tournament? Teams don’t play a second time in tournament unless for the championship dimwit. If you are Bonita fan as you say, you should have a ton of respect for N.V since they’ve given you the smackdown everytime for years now. That game this year should not have been a tie and you know that. The NV kid was safe at home and they had bases loaded also. You got the feeling that Bonita was happy to get out of there with a tie (at least it’s not another loss to NV right?) Just be quiet and be a dad. These two programs are both good. You making it personal by blowing things out of your KH, I mean a**.

  • kh

    nv jerk
    i fill really good knowing that my body had something to do with stopping n.v streak agaisnt bonita fool.that was my blood who smoked your slow runner ,dare him run on the cannonman sons arm.hahahahahaha to the bank sound like me blaming it on the umpire dude,we lite your starter and your rallied off a very young soph.witha good future.its over .go to sleep,you guys hate it that bonita reloads every year,while you other school rebiuld.dont forget every year the fressmen team gose 17-1 3 st years.

  • KH is a joke.

    Your blood was a joke kh his throw was weak, you dont have to have much of an arm when your practically plays on the dirt of the infield. That kid runs a 3.5 90ft ? he practically beat out the groundball he hit to the great GARZA? you guys were praying that he was safe! NORTHVIEW STILL OWNS BONITA! you came CLOSE to beating them, close only counts in horeshoes and hand grenades. I would love to see what wouldv’ve happened if that play took place on a normal size field. your kid probably wouldve cried the whole way home with that noodle of his. Your kids a nobody? and if he is a good player which im sure he has the capability of becoming like every kid, you’ll ruin it for him. BONITA IS STILL UNDER NORTHVIEW’S SACK! when was the last time they beat northview…..dont worry i can wait five years for you to tell me when you guys are “reloaded”… take that to the bank!