Ice Hockey in the SGV? Damien is hoping to have a boys hockey team next season.

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  • Thats Awesome!

    SGV(weco) has one of the top roller hockey teams in the world with the Cyclones club out of West Covina, think they have won a few National Championships, they also have a female Pro team thats pretty good. Will Damien have a girls squad?
    Great News!

  • anonymously


  • Don

    I remember Hockey; isnt that the pro sport that closes down for a long weekend every year around the Fourth of July? Roller hockey used to be big too, all the kids played in the street. Kiddy Leagues too: Covina Park had a rink and another up in Glendora, maybe even Wingate Park but I think they are all gone now.

    Too bad, I recall rabid soccer Moms who loathed the no-checking rules and Dads like me who didnt know a puck from a curling stone being pressed into service as coaches. Ducks season tickets, upper deck with a parking pass was about $100 per game for three seats. The Great One playing for the Kings; Ahhh those were the days. Whatever happened, global warming?

  • Just Wondering

    Wonder if the Damien fans will turn their back on the other team when they skate on the ice. Just wondering.


    Got to be one of the two (with football) most expensive team sports to field that there is. Has Damien uncovered an oil well or sugar daddy? Ice Hockey? That’s crazy. If you are going to top off your insurance costs to that degree why not add gymnastics?

  • whitey

    attention that’s awesome, Damien will field a womens hockey team to go along with their always strong mens team next year in their new outdoor rink!

  • sgvFan

    Its going to be hard to make hockey work in the SGV.Its just to expensive for the average person. A pair of skates alone on the average are $300.00 not to mention you need at least 3 sticks,helmet and the rest of the gear.$800.00 to $1000.00 to get started.


    The sport Damien should invest money in is a Volleyball team, especially having two gyms on campus. Tons of kids that want to play basketball but can’t get thru to Varsity. Tons of height at Damien. Last year Damien had a 6’7″ soph who sat the bench on JV and a 65″ So. who sat up on Varsity last year. he JV player is now in band and out of basketball. Add Big Mike at 6’10” and a couple of Latham brothers at 6’3″ and you have the makings of a CIF team. More lickely to win Volleyball scholarships than Basketball any day of the week here in So. Cal.

    This year Damien is still stacked with tall kids who sour on sports or aren’t into the ones we currently have.

    Loyola always fields an awesome team and as you all know Salesian was CIF Champs last year as well. With so many Colleges in the area finding qualified Volleyball coaches should be a breeze. Th insurance is no way as high as other contact sports and if travel is a concern, always a cop out at Damien…how is it that the Ice Hockey team will travel so much?

  • just sayin’

    Volleyball – good call. With ClubWest around the corner it would be a match made in heaven. BUT – with Tom Carroll being a baseball guy he probably doesn’t want to lose a potential athlete on the diamond

  • Aaron

    Bonita has a current senior that won the national championship in his division as a freshman…don’t know anything about it after I interviewed him when I was a senior…yes I know. Ice hockey is expensive and the only rink that is close is across from Vince’s Spaghetti.

    La Verne had roller for awhile but that was a fad and the facility becamse Club West for Volleyball.

  • lvbballfan

    Damien already has a lot of kids who play hockey. They have a club team that plays roller hockey and other players who only play ice. They would just be giving kids who already play a better high school experience

  • Why not both?

    Volleyball costs are far and away far less than Roller Hockey or Ice Hockey, and few would argue the point. Ice time is very expensive as is is Hockey Insurance. Not saying it shouldn’t happen but saying at least in Boys Volleyball it’s already a time tested sport with loads of tournaments, year round play and scholarships.

    Cal State Long Beach, USC, Pepperdine and UCLA are all major players in our own back yard….plus we have two gyms!!! Why not start a sport than anyone can play rather than invest money in a sport very few can at the next level without breaking the bank when Club teams already fill that local void?

    Just saying.

  • Spartan

    Damien is going to start both an ice hockey and a volleyball team next year!

  • Kevin Alfaro

    I go to Damien and am actually the one that got the volleyball team going over there. we’ve been practicing and our starting to get better. thank you for the publicity. we need to get the word out because not very many schools around here have boys volleyball and we are hoping to get some transfers that can play. thank you again for the publicity.

  • Wow whered you go to college Harvard, lol, newayz your a great writer, any tips?