If the playoffs started today and you had to ride your best lefty to the CIF title, would you want Pedroza, Paez or Mathews?

I generally don’t like to compare players this way knowing how crazy some of our bloggers get, but I’m asking because there is no wrong answer, and these guys are so darn good you can’t really say anything negative about them. Northview’s Eddie Pedroza and Bishop Amat’s Paul Paez already own CIF titles, and Diamond Bar junior Kenny Mathews won a Gold Medal with team USA’s U-16 team. Great left-handers are rare, to have three in the Valley this outstanding at the same time … we might never ever see that again, so enjoy it!

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  • Zookeeper

    The Animal is the best of them all. He has won 10 or more games every year.

  • The Animal

    Paez! The animal faces much better batters than the other two great pitchers.

  • SGV

    Matthews is a BEAST and I would take him over anyone in the valley. Sierra league competition doesn;t get much better than that. quality teams from top to bottom. youn can;t go wrong with either of the 3.

  • patrick

    I would go with Kenny Matthews

  • Dbar

    Kenny Mathews all the way baby!

  • The Animal

    Whaaaaat? Come on sgv. Comp is great here in our valley, but it does get better. Ever heard of Olu, mater dei, santiago, palm desert, chatsworth etc… mattews is awesome, but let’s face him against better comp like Paez has alread faced and we will truly see how wonderful he is.

  • SGV

    All those teams you just mentioned are .500 or below come on, you are just going on what these teams did in the past. Crasenta V. is 3-5 Mater dei is 4-3, Chatsworth is 4-4 when was the last time they were 4-4? only good team they faced was O Lu and what happen? Palm Desert is overrated every year!

  • just sayin’

    SGV – records don’t matter unless you look at who the wins AND losses came against. Even if they’re sub.500 – who did they lose to?

  • The Animal

    These teams are .500 because they are playing good teams. Who wants to beat up on a 10-0 jv team? Who has the Sierra league faced? The top of the bottom? Good luck!

  • wormseyeview

    patrick said:
    I would go with Kenny Matthews

    What a surprise!
    Good to see you back here Patrick.

  • Facts

    Well I read what Fred wrote. Then it is no brainer. Paez is your guy. He has proven over the past two years has dominated. He has pitched in 5 cif games including the cg for championship. He is off to a great start with 3 wins and his stats are off the charts. I do think any of three pitchers can get it done. But experience you can not get. Paez is proven. His past and present stats speak for themselves. Good luck on a great season for the three pitchers.

  • scoutman

    Paez works like a young professional. There is no question that Bishop has faced the better teams and much better hitters. To have a game where someone strikes out the side 4 straight innings and a former City Championship team to boot is just tremendous…Matthews is a good pitcher, good enough to make the USA team, but he got hammered by Cuba and was relieved in the 2nd inning trailing 6-1…USA cameback and won that game 7-6…also Glendora has pitching but very little hitting…Pedrosa is definately a notch below both…but quality none the less…Good kids but the money game is Bishop can compete with anyone in the nation with Paez on the bump…

  • socal baseball fan

    I checked the USA baseball website and Kenny Mathews gave up 5 runs 3 earned as team USA made multiple errors. He pitched 2.1 innings in this championship game won by team USA 6-5. For the tournament Mathews was 1-0. Thus far he has won 2 1-0 games vs Kennedy and Glendora. His other win was vs Downey. I can’t compare the 3 as I have not seen Paez or Pedroza pitch.

  • DBfan

    Hi, scoutman, you are definitely not a scout. KMAT got two complete game 1:0 wins, that’s not an accident. You can’t use the Cuba game as an example, because Kenney’s speed has increased from 86 mph to 92 mph since last summer. Better hitting or not, DBar can win every game with Mathews as the starting pitcher, that’s how confident I am. This is because Kenny is pitching at a much higher level than most HS hitters can handle. He will be drafted in the first round in 2011. Mark my word here.

  • ?

    So Cal Baseball,

    Who won the Db Ayala game?

  • kh

    you guys need to be schooled again fred.
    the only lefty missing is the real big guy on the bearcats,
    6’7″ pitcher who if not for a bad hop would of shut los altos down.
    am not going to do your home work,thats cheating fred.somebody said he was throwing 80to81.not true ,hes been clocked at 87 to 88 mph.the kid has a great college and pro future in the making,the same scouts that followed gio last year will be following this kid next year,now all the non baseball people,lets here your stupit remarks.
    we like that you mensioned that you almost counted us out,your showing your true baseball colors dude,
    come watch a game and see what we got.
    hitting 337 with 12 hr loads of rbi and 11for 15 sb .you want me to keep going.
    n.v housewifes or what ever you called your self.
    you wont beat los altoes.
    we will play and beat the crap out of you next time,mark my words,we have pitching to spare,the hitters are crusing the ball,.
    done talking we got some busy to take care of tomorrow,one game at a time.and i hate odouls
    dont drink at all and forsure i wont teese myself with fake sunk beer.i quite drinking to show myself ,that i want control back into my son and our lifes,so far 6 months easter sunday,thank you god.now its bonita players turn to show us ,some self control and bring home the ring.sorry if i rub any body the wrong way,i love you all.play ball

  • patrick

    Diamond Bar won! 7-2…Tanner Johnson/Henry Omana combined on a 6 hitter!

  • dbarbb

    DBHS – 7
    Ayala – 2

  • joejock

    dude paez all the way

  • r u serious???

    kh r u serious????

    that lefty is nowhere near the same level as Pedroza, Paez or Mathews!!!! not even close! he was nowhere close to hitting 87-88. i was at that la game and he maybe topped out at 83-84…and those where fastballs that were way outta the zone!

  • Stalker Pro


    Don’t know what clock youre talking about but BHS is lucky to get 82-86 consistently! Is the drapers been taken off this kid yet? Is he done acting injured all the time?

    At this point, there only one thing about BHS right now, with all the so called studs of last year, BHS is playing better baseball than last year! Wonder why its called a team game?

    Time is still early!

  • ?

    That was funny! hitting 87-88 on gun. Your kidding right? I did watch a couple games and was not impressed at all. this is an average team at best and should not even be considered for a top 5 spot in the SGV. Several errors and pitching was very weak.

  • kh

    i didnt say last tuesday i had the gun,hes been clocked at 86 to 88 mph. thats what i said.he came off a case of sinus.air cavities in the skull opening into the nasal cavities,hey when your 6-7 the airs different up the alot of things happen to tall guys we nornal size people have know idea about.will not or ever said anything negative about any of the other pitchers or players,just was telling fred to keep alook out for bonita 6-7 lt handed pitcher boys.am am standing behind my judgement ill take him in pro ball over the other ones,thats me and only me,know in saying that.ihavent seen amats or d.b. guy pitch.so take it easy.i will seen d.b in the n.v trny.and will make a point to see amat play maybe royal this week.i really like amats coach good baseball man and friend ,for along time,if amat wasnt so far away that would of been a great school to done 4 years at,the the pride.plus with the obama down slide my work is hanging by a thread,pubia schools are fine for us little class people.what time and where is the amat vs royal game this week.thanks

  • Dbar

    patrick said:

    Diamond Bar won! 7-2…Tanner Johnson/Henry Omana combined on a 6 hitter!

    **Not that impressive Ayala is horrible this year! They look like a freshman team.

  • r u serious??

    ahahahhaha wow your funny kh!

    you get on these blogs and talk like bonita is the best team in the sgv, and arent even close to being #1, and more than half of your words are misspelled and dont even make sense! im not trying to talk down on these kids cuz im a former player, but what ur saying is just ridiculous!!!

  • Frank

    I would have to say Paez, he’s the only one who I have seen pitch. But, when you look at his experience and the competition Amat plays I have to go with him. Nothng against the other pitchers I know they are good and I wish them the best.
    to Kh
    not to diss Bonita, but i don’t think they could beat Amats freshman teams. You need to let bonita play ball, and be happy.

  • ssssssss

    r u serious??

    or just plain stupid? I bet stupid lol

  • patrick


    You might be right! But i would damn sure take the win anytime in this dogfight of a league. It seems anytime folks expect somebody to cakewalk thru league..it ends up a battle1..lol, but thats always been the Sierra League for as long as i remembered…and im headin in my late thirties now.

  • playhardr

    If you are going to blog and mention who does what can you at least give the facts, who started according to the box score… henry omana right and how many innings did he pitch? 4 or 5, and how many for tanner johnson 2 or 3?

    Dbar said:
    patrick said:

    Diamond Bar won! 7-2…Tanner Johnson/Henry Omana combined on a 6 hitter!

    **Not that impressive Ayala is horrible this year! They look like a freshman team

  • kh

    first of all.your league is weak,stop putting that sorry money paid league up on stilts,
    if all of are players went to amat,you would be saying the same thing about these kids.you guys from la puente, wipe of ass the same as we do.think about it you have one of the better player from la verne,one from clairmount. one from temple city,w.c ,covia azusa l.p. b.p. r.c. h.h.and your still just a team who cant get by s.d. last year.
    like bonta the only thing we won cif in last year was the womans water polo.so like amat this year its youe ladys b.b. stop putting your cart in front of the horse,sit your sorry as back and shut your pipes,after the season then run it all u want.
    good luck agaisnt royal i will be there to see the great boys of amat,take on a real power house school.beat them and your the bomb,if not go crawl back in that little town called amatville,one more thing we still will kivk amats ass on the field,the last two fresmen season bonta is 35 and 2 ,maybe you said it wrong .i was at the field yesterday when rawling give the miers,thats gio dad and mom the golden glove award for being the best s.s. in the nation.what the hell did any of your athletes win last season to be honored #1 in the usa.,sorry forgot your award was best front running news man,

  • sgvbaseball


    Where have you seen Paez pitch? I have seen him since he was a freshman and was able to see he progression. From the the words of many of he college coaches I have talked to he is one of the better left handed pitchers in the country. Last June he threw in the PG national showcase in the Metrodome. He was sitting at 88-89 for his three innings. He topped out at 91. He worked his 3 innings of work with ease against some of the best players in the country. I believe he K’s 7 of the 9 batters. He has been dominate for us at every level. To say he has not face anyone makes no sense.

    Will you give any credit to any school and it players?

    Kenny Mathews is a legit prospect. I have seem him throw since he was 13 years old and he has progressed in a dominate force. He is a good kid too. Eddie Pedroza is a lefty who competes who can run it up to the plate at times. His game is controlling the tempo and mixing the game up. They are all different types of pitchers and to say which is best would change from game to game. You can ‘t go wrong with any of these guys.

    A side question to KH…So the scholarships each player will be recieving from Bishop Amat means nothing? Who would you consider a real powerhouse school?

  • kh

    hold tight.sgv guy
    i have never seen peaz pitch,
    why would i say any thing negitive ever about the kid,
    dont just write stuff to see your nme in ink,good article on the kid,like your peace about him,thanks, so why open up on me. .
    dont be a band wagon master,dude i havnt seen mathews pitch either,so the only two ive seen is our 6-7 lhp and n.v. with the size and angles i like are guy big deal.is there a law i have to like your #1 prospect,signed a 6-2 lhp when i was in india two years ago no body liked him in was a javelin thrower,but i liked the wipe on the arm.so we signed him and hes in the pittsburg org.alone with the rhp we signed too.the talent is in the eyes of the beholder my friend.i guess n.v d.b bonita and the rest of us free schools all suck,the other three pitcher dont go to l.p high

  • sgvbaseball

    I made my statement in calm fashion. I never opened up on you. Just getting your opinion. You stated that you would take your guy over the others but yet not seen them pitch. Don’t you think it hard to form an opinion when you have yet to all the pitchers. Matthews is a legit prospect at 6-2 he is just fine. Question…Who do you think would be drafted the highest of the 4 guys?

    I just asked if you had seen Paez pitch because you made a statement about Amat. I also just gave my take on Pedroza who along with Paez has played with us. I also provided you with some info on Paez. If you read my statement I never said any negative about anyone. Let me know if I did. I actually was positive about the pitchers named since this thread was about those three. I have seen the tall lefty from Bonita as he threw against us when we played at San Diego State. He has some projectability.

    I do know that a prospect is in the eye of the beholder. I have been fortunate enough to see quite a few in working in national events and within our own program. The same year you signed the pitcher from India, we were lucky enough to have 2 first rounders, a supplemental pick,a 2nd round and 10 overall. This year we have a guy who will most likely go top 10 pick and another who might get taken in the first/second round with about 4/5 others that will get drafted. Since going through the cycle of seeing a player from freshman to senior year as a top pick I have gained some knowledge of how the process works. Where did I say Northview (friends with the coach and had their players) Bonita (did business with their coach and had players from there) and Diamond Bar(have a player from there) anything negative? If you glance over what I wrote I gave them their props. Why would I rip Pedroza who had pitched and traveled with us?

    No harm meant at all. Just love talking the game of baseball with you.

  • Frank

    Obviously you dont understand baseball, like I dont understand your english. Yes everyone knows Amat lost last year to SD, but when you analyize it, that was one loss. If you know baseball you would know that your best teams always loose, in fact they loose 40 to 30% of the time. Baseball has many factors that go in to winning. A team that can win from over 60% percent is pretty good team. To really determine the better teams in basseball you need to play in a series, not a one game elimination, and thats not to take anything from SD, they deserved their win and CIF championship.
    in the High school format there isnt time for a series so you have to hope you win every game once your in playoffs. Thats the way it is, I hope you learn something about baseball, and typing.

  • Amat

    K.H. now is Amat the bomb or not. You should just admit it. They are the real deal. Do not know if you went. just to let you know amat won 6 to 0. Paez did what he does best is just dominate. 9 k’s and 3 hits 1 walk. Hitting into the wind did bother J mac and the mashers. Defense was on as always. go Amat

  • kh

    yes am a man of my word.
    good win amat,
    couldnt make game. now your stats look like the high ranking team you guys are.i am not amat hater at all,we just have acouple more schools in the area with some pretty good players.dame some of those girls on st marys bb team look like they could help bonita offense on the football team,do they test for roids in h.s.well this will be a big week for bonita baseball club to cntinue destructions of fred top ten list.
    wilson today,walnut thursday then d.b sat. then revinges on n,v in there trny over the weekend.should end up #4 next week.what happened last week fred to the l.a.times div @i team los altos.its was a good game intell we came up to bat.