The Scouting Guru takes a peak at Divisional Realignment, and the power leagues in the I.E.

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

Guru Says: It’s a new day in the San Gabriel Valley. With the playoff placement of the Sierra League slated to go into the Inland Division (which is Division 2), the overall composition of high school football has changed in the San Gabriel Valley. That can be the only conclusion you can make after seeing the realignment of football divisions for the 2010 and 2011 season. There is a upper echelon, a middle echelon and a lower echelon of high school football in the area. So how does it break down?…Real simple …

Upper Echelon: Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, South Hills, Damien

Comment: These four schools are playing in the two toughest division of high school football in Southern California. Chaparral Head Coach Tom Leach made an interesting remark in the Press-Enterprise on last week when he said that the Inland Division “is the toughest Division in our state.” Wow, I think that will no doubt raise the eyebrows of the bloggers on this site. There is doubt that Bishop Amat wants (and deserves) to be in the Pac-5. And their past results have indicated that they are just fine where they are. Charter Oak has always been well-coached and brings a quality line-up to the table when the season begins in September. South Hills takes a back-seat to no one and has a pre-season schedule that was masterfully put together by Steve Bogan and staff. It’s tough but not too tough. And Damien is coached by the legend himself, Greg Gano, and that is always worth a win or two every year. Can’t help but also noticed that these four schools are also the schools that have college prospects year in and year out. Amat and South Hills are the two most consistent schools in getting players out at the D-1 level.

Middle Echelon: Teams in the Hacienda League

Comment: It was tough putting all the Hacienda League teams in here. One can make a very valid argument that Diamond Ranch deserves to be in the category above. And in most instances…I would agree. They’ve been to the CIF Finals twice, get their kids out to the next level. But two things come into play here. 1) They’ve not beaten Charter Oak in a long while. 2) If the Panthers are upset about being in this league and division, maybe they should have expressed it better. A good barometer for them being put to the upper echelon would be a win over Damien in September. And you can also argue that West Covina should be in the upper echelon as well. But, they haven’t beat Charter Oak either and lost to Diamond Ranch in the semi’s in 2008. But that could change with two big seasons within the next two years. And let’s be honest, the new Southeast Division is not looking so tough now that Charter Oak is gone.

Lower Echelon: Teams in the Valle Vista, Mission Valley and the Montview Leagues

Comment: This could change after the end of the year. We could move the Valle Vista League to the Middle Echelon after this year, but it’ll all be reflective on how some of the teams in the league fare against quality competition. All eyes will be on San Dimas and Baldwin Park. Same thing goes with the Mission Valley League. Can’t find that quality win against big-time competition. If Arroyo beats Hart (which I think is a legitimate possibility), the perception of the league changes.

Like I said, 2010 should be a very interesting season.


I highly recommend any of the top QB’s in the area to make it a point to go the Kaiser High School in Fontana for the Field Generals Quarterback Camp this Saturday. Registration starts at 8 a.m and the camp (which include classroom instruction as well as field instruction,) begins at 9 a.m.

The camp is being run by Corona Santiago HC Jeff Steinberg (who has won CIF championships at Ridgecrest Burroughs HS), new Colony HC Matt Bechtel (who’s work with Richard Brehaut speaks for itself) and Citrus College’s Ben Noonan. The fee is $225.


For all of you fans in the Sierra League, let me be the first to welcome you to my part of the world, The Inland Empire. There are no beaches out here. Don’t look for Disneyland to be moving out here in the near future, it’s kind of on an island on its own. So you want to know about the teams in the Inland Division….

Well, first things first… they are some quality schools out here with teams that are very good. But, let me be the first to give some teams in the Sierra League some hope. Unlike the last three years, where the talent in the IE has been phenomenal, it’s a little bit down year in the 909 and 951. But, that doesn’t mean that they are some really good players out here and teams that will be factors when the playoffs begin. Let’s take a thumb-sketch look at these leagues.

BIG 8: The high profile league in the Inland Empire. Eight quality schools with tremendous football traditions and players to watch. Obviously, the big favorite will be Centennial HS. My good friend and head coach Matt Logan always has players that are D-1 material, and this year is no different. Quarterback Michael Eubanks is a big kid that throws a decent ball, but he needs to learn the position a little better. At 6-4, 200, he had a big upside. We really like middle linebacker Ryan Jack. He is a sideline-to-sideline demon and always see to have a nose for the football. Dion Bass has great family pedigree, but we have concerns about him surviving a full-year of college football. Only played part-time last year due to injuries. Norco should have won the Inland Division last year. But Norco fans are still reeling after seeing a three touchdown lead get a way from them against Vista Murrieta in the semifinals. But, if you know anything about Norco football, they will run the ball and then – when you think you seen enough of it – they will run it some more. If they throw it more than five times, consider it a passing night for them. Their big stud is running back Kelsey Young, who committed to Stanford last week. On tape, the kid is legit fast! They also have one of the better defensive backs in the area in Gregory Henderson. Corona Santiago is my sleeper to win the league. Jeff Steinberg (a great friend of the guru) is one of the better HC’s in the league. He came from AB Miller and Ridgecrest Burroughs (where he won several CIF championships) and has a sterling record of working with polished quarterbacks. Their main concern is replacing QB Brandon Connette, who is playing at Duke University. But they sport one of the fastest WR’s in the league in Jermond Hazley. This is an inside slot receiver that is really good and fast! Simon Connette (Brandon’s younger brother) is a prospect at safety and sophomore Isaiah Folasa is the best offensive lineman for the class of 2012. He’s really good! Riverside King has arguably one of the best RB’s in the area in Todd Handley. He was voted the second best RB in the league last year by the league coaches (and that says something) and ran an electronic 10.93 for the 100 meters last year (he also put up an electronic 4.56 at the Nike Combine last year). Corona has best defensive lineman prospect for the class of 2011 in Devonte Wilson (who reminds us a lot of Don Lugo DL George Uko) and has offers from Colorado and Arizona. J.W. North brings back Bishop Amat legend Mark Parades as their new HC and has one of the better offensive lineman in Dylan Golightly. This kid is a pure offensive tackle prospect. He is huge!!! Corona Roosevelt loses a ton of skill guys due to graduation (and nearly knocked off eventual champion Chaparral) and could be on the outside looking in. Riverside Poly will struggle just to even make it to playoff contention.

Citrus Belt League: This will clearly be a league that has three really good teams (Redlands East Valley, Redlands and AB Miller) and then there is the rest of the league. REV is coached by one of my best friends Kurt Bruich (you may have known his father Dick Bruich – the long time HC at Kaiser HS that is now retired). One thing about REV, they are one of the best coached teams in the IE. I just love watching them on film. Their biggest question is who are they going to replace at QB now that Tyler Shreve is going to be playing QB at Utah. Knowing Bruich, I wouldn’t worry about that. They will always have a quality QB. Their best college prospect is CB Josh Armstrong. A pure cover corner, he’ll make a MWC or WAC team very happy. Defensive Tackle Devon Lewis reminds me a lot of South Hills DT Peter Nonu. He is active and nasty as a NT. And we really like offensive lineman Zachary Martinez. He can play! Redlands HS has one of the top offensive line prospects in the IE in offensive tackle Jordan Smith, Plays with a nasty streak on him, he’ll be one definitely follow next year. A.B. Miller has one of the best LB’s in the IE in Jamal Wilson. As one league assistant coach told me, “That kid is a friggin’ stud!”

Southwestern League: This has turned out to be one of the better leagues in all of Southern California. And it’s also one of the longest. Most of the schools are located in Temecula, and when we went to the CIF Inland Division Finals two years ago, it took us nearly TWO hours to get there. There are two really good teams that fans should focus in on. Chaparral HS are the defending Inland Division champions and are coached by former Diamond Ranch head coach Tommy Leach. To say that Tommy is a character is quite an understatement. But, one thing about Chapparal last year, the played some defense! They were clearly one of the better defensive teams in Southern California. The big stud for the Pumas is wide receiver Antoine Arnold. All I can say guys is that this prospect is a Sunday player. If he stays out of trouble and does everything in the classroom as he does on the field, you’ll be seeing him play on Sunday’s. The kid is an unbelievable talent and is the top-rated player on our board for the entire IE. If you combine our IE lists with our Orange County list, he’s second behind Victor Blackwell of Mater Dei. The Pumas also have another stud in WR/DB Darius Guillory. If you are basing everything just on film study and not upside, this kid rates higher than Arnold. We love him and have him in our top -10 for the IE. There biggest rival in Vista Murrieta High School. Head Coach Coley Canedele does an awesome job over there. He doesn’t have the best players (nor the biggest), but they play their butts off for him and his staff is wide respected for the work that they have done. It’s a pleasure to watch their film. Their biggest recruit this year is quarterback Derrick Brown. And he is a big kid. And when I say big, I mean big. As in 6-3, 230 and a load to bring down. He doesn’t throw the best of balls, but he manages a good game. He’ll be recruited in 2010. They are playing Crespi early in the season, so that will be a bell-weather game as to what they look like during the season. Great Oak and Murrieta Valley usually battle it out for third. Murrrieta Valley has one of the better class of 2012 safeties in Matt Morin. Temecula Valley is coached by former Santa Margarita OC Mike Maxwell and has one of the better TE prospect in the division in Andrew Pulsipher. He already sports an offer from the University of Buffalo.

We’ll take a look at the Baseline League next week.


I found a very interesting note in Michael Lombardi’s must read column (for NFL fans) on that the NFL has deciced to take the umpire (in charge of watching for holding calls and offensive face-mask calls… yes umpire’s do call them, even when the don’t occur ) who has been located behind the defensive line and are placing him in the offensive backfield.

Personally, I think this a great move. You could only watch so many umpires get run over during the game. It gets a little old after a while. The players today are bigger, faster and stronger and the umpires just don’t have the reaction to get the heck out of the way.

I’m going to ask the upper echelon in the Foothill-Citrus officiating association and see if we will see the umpire move to the backfield on the high school level.


No, we are not talking about election votes or votes for Health Care. Since we are in track season, our service tracks the best marks for the 100 meters, 200 meters and the field events for football prospects that are running track. We use as our made source for the results and also tap into the resources of We also make it to the big meets so that we can size up the kids, see how they compete and get to know them a little better. So, here’s hoping that we see you this weekend at the Pasadena Games at Pasadena City College.


I’ve had a lot of people in the coaching profession ask me about the video companies that they should go with to do their video work and player highlight tapes. For me, the two main ones are Digital Sports Video (DSV) and Hudl ( Let me say at the start that both companies are very good. They deliver high quality work and would fit any high school program. But there is a difference in both of them.

DSV — They are the kings and are getting bigger everyday. Their software is state of the art and would enhance any football program. I know that Bishop Amat, South Hills, Charter Oak and West Covina (I Think) use DSV. But, my biggest knock on DSV is that if you want more, you have to pay more. They also have a website program called And it’s great. One big problem though is that for you to use the website, you must be using Microsoft Explorer. And with a lot of schools using I-Mac’s, that’s not going to work. Plus, the quality of the video online with DSV is good but not great. If you are football program that has some money and is willing to make the investment, DSV is the way to go. DSV has just entered an agreement to provide game and highlight film with and ESPN. — They just got started this past season and I am a big fan of them for a program that is not exactly flush with money. The first thing to note is that it is very Internet browser friendly and can be used with Mac’s or PC’s. Hudl’s selling point is that once you are online (and your game film is on-line) your computer basically becomes a coaching video terminal. And it’s true. You can watch film (and so can your players) from any computer at anytime. The quality of the video is truly outstanding and it is easy to use. The packages that Hudl offers are very competitive (their most bought package is only $800) and making highlight tapes for your players is very easy. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the film going to unwanted places, it’s on an encrypted website so that the coaches and players can watch the film only. Player’s can’t download games onto DVD’s. It has become the rage of the Inland Empire and South Hills HS is the only one in the area that is on the site. I know that they are many programs that are looking for affordable packages so that they can start getting ready for the 2010 season and if you fall into the category of “I have money, but not the money to get DSV” this is for you. I can’t recommend it highly enough, Plus, has just entered into an agreement with as their partner for football season. Oh, and one more thing, the customer service is truly outstanding! If your school is planning on going with Hudl, drop me a line at If you use my name, I get a $50 referral fee. Hey, even I need an extra $50 these days!….


As you may know, I’ve been a little rough on the boys over at the CIF-SS office. I call it constructive criticism, but they called it something else and we’ll just leave it at that. So for a while, we’ll leave those guys alone. My main bone to pick this week is with the Tribune’s very own Aram Tolegian. Aram, speaking for the football fan in the area, we want our football fix EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING! Not once in a while, not once every two days, EVERY DAY! Your blog should be the area’s version of All football all the time. So let’s get to work Aram and start giving us what we want….FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next week, a look at some of the sleepers that could end up being recruited by colleges during the spring. Have a great week!

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  • Aaron

    Diamond Ranch has never beaten Charter Oak…think about that.

  • whitey

    self named guru, let’s see how much clout you have with the foothill-citrus football officials, obviously none or else you’d know that they are governed by the mechanics used by the national federation of high schools, no local aasoc. can or will deviate from the mandated mechanics, so coach get back, please get a clue

  • JC/HS fan

    Fred, Steve, Aram

    More JC coverage please! Good young men and still going strong in our communities!


    SH “has a preseason schedule that was masterfully
    put together by Steve Bogan and STAFF”. Are you trying to tell us it really means “Bogan & ME” the guru. Nice pat on your own back bro.

  • BigDog

    South Hills has never beaten Diamond Ranch….think about that?

  • RICK

    Greatjob. A lot of good inf.Tell whitey If the NFL does it. It’s only a matter of time(yes someone will want to be the 1st to try it and don’t kid your self it could happen this year) high schools and college move the Ump in the back field.Have you seen any of these high school ump ?? Most of them haven’t miss too many meals they will welcome the change..

  • How many have you missed?

    Damien had two D1 signees and neither appeared on your top prospects for 2010 yet signed almost as soon as the season was over. Polonio is going to Villanova and Morrison to Colgate. How did you miss both of them? Polonio’s film is off the charts so it made me wonder why no in season buzz on the kid. Morriosn was a surprise for sure and from what others are saying he’ll play safety at Colgate which is surprising seeing as he never played the spot before, is that common? What happened to Tre Hale, you had him down as a Top Ten prospect and is of yet unsigned.
    As far as your echelon ranking that was done better on Aram’s blog about a month ago, actually the term tiers was used but you get the point. Damien probably doesn’t belong in the top tier based on their 6 year cycle and their playoff record. South HIlls, Bishop Amat and Charter Oak all have playoff wins & Championship appearances or Titles (plural) while Damien has one (singular) first round playoff win way back in ’06. That’s not top echelon in anyone’s book. On the other hand Diamond Ranch had loads of D1 players and two Finals appearances and quality wins in the playoffs over the same 6 year span. So maybe you should count Roddy as a great coaching friend (seems to help your view) and give the program their due, especially when you consider that both years the Panthers beat SH…the Huskies were the overwhelming favorite.
    Last point. Cut the “best friend of mine” stuff. Hurt’s your credibility….and it shows. Always wondered where you played your football. Who were you personal coaching mentors and what positions you played. Would love to know more of how you got into coaching…especially when you were a Tribune reporter for a while right?

  • Ref Man

    Having worked the umpire position, I can say that moving the umpire into the offensive backfield would be detrimental. Most infractions that occur on the interior line are difficult to see from the front, and would be a lot more difficult to see from behind when screened by they very players who commit the infractions. Hands to the face calls would be very difficult. Illegal man down field would shift solely to flank officials due to the umpiress inability to step up to the line.
    Yes, it’s the most dangerous position for an official. However, most of us choose it. I worked hard to get to the middle, and I hope to stay there. I know the risks. If I’m not there in the middle, the players AND the officiating crew are going to get the short end of the stick.

  • Posted on Aram’s Blog! Any comments..?

    Posted on the L.A. Times said:

    Football: Chaparral gets QB transfer
    March 23, 2010 | 5:09 pm

    Temecula Chaparral, one quarterback away from challenging the top teams in Southern California this fall, apparently got its quarterback in Matt Morin, a transfer from Murrieta Valley.

    Now all the Pumas have to do is beat Anaheim Servite in their nonleague game. And Corona Centennial.

    Seriously, how is South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak really suppose to compete with a team like this with such high expectations. Literally is unrealistic to say anyone from the Sierra league can beat a team like Temecula Chaparral. This is going to be a long season or actually a short one for that matter..!

  • Posted on Aram’s Blog! Any comments..?

    Posted on the L.A. Times said:

    Football: Chaparral gets QB transfer
    March 23, 2010 | 5:09 pm

    Temecula Chaparral, one quarterback away from challenging the top teams in Southern California this fall, apparently got its quarterback in Matt Morin, a transfer from Murrieta Valley.

    Now all the Pumas have to do is beat Anaheim Servite in their nonleague game. And Corona Centennial.

    Seriously, how is South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak really suppose to compete with a team like this with such high expectations. Literally is unrealistic to say anyone from the Sierra league can beat a team like Temecula Chaparral. This is going to be a long season or actually a short one for that matter..!

  • Posted on Aram’s Blog! Any comments..?

    Posted on the L.A. Times said:

    Football: Chaparral gets QB transfer
    March 23, 2010 | 5:09 pm

    Temecula Chaparral, one quarterback away from challenging the top teams in Southern California this fall, apparently got its quarterback in Matt Morin, a transfer from Murrieta Valley.

    Now all the Pumas have to do is beat Anaheim Servite in their nonleague game. And Corona Centennial.

    Seriously, how is South Hills, Damien, and Charter Oak really suppose to compete with a team like this with such high expectations. Literally is unrealistic to say anyone from the Sierra league can beat a team like Temecula Chaparral. This is going to be a long season or actually a short one for that matter..!

  • really?

    how many – “off the charts? if it was off the charts he’d be going somewhere besides 1AA Villanova. Same w/ Colgate. Not exactly going to a power BCS school or even D1A to be called “a miss” 1AA guys are second tire that fell through the cracks.
    And I always wonder where guys like Mel Kiper and Todd McShay played or coached. Yet they seem to be “authorities” on players. Maybe there are different paths

  • Stop the madness

    Another rant by the South Hills mascot !

  • Stop the madness

    Another rant by the South Hills mascot !

  • Guru “critiques” for a living …right?

    really? you missed the point on both counts. i was asking where he played and what position and not inferring that he didn’t. guru has contacts, doe his coaching time, has colllege contacts and is doing what he loves…so where’s the hate? besides isn’t the nature of “his” job critiquing kids so why would it upset him to ask questions or suggest he cuts back on the “my bestest” friend stuff that sounds so redundant after a while and a bit cheezey!

    second point polonio’s highlight film speak for itself…look it up and then get back to me. with special interest to the play where polonio runs full bore down the field to finish out a player, or his “thru the end zone” blocks…classic stuff. he’s one of the nicest kid’s around but on the field he was a complete terror regardless of competition. it’s been said often that gano’s staff wished they had this senior class for two year instead of half a year. morrison is another story. almost fell out when I heard he got his ride. the surprise was not based on his potential but based on his actual field time performances which were solid but never spectacular. aren’t scholarship players spectacular on some level?

    maybe my point with morrison is he played out of position and safety should have been his position since freshmen year rather than every other four yard hitch. if his basketball instints say anything it’s taht he’s aggressive, quick in short spurts and loves contact…may guess is his basketball play got him his football ride…anyway that’s how I see it. you’re welcomed to your opinion.

    make sure and get back to me on the polonio highlight film….can you do that ?


    How can you say the CO,SH,Damien are upper echelon teams.If they thought that high of themselves why are they balking at the move to D-2 with the big boys. It also can be said they have never really tested themselves on a contiual basis year in and year out . Yes they schedule a strong D-2 team every now and then or a lower tier D-1 team but never on a consistent basis. Maybe if they would have tested themselves on a regular basis as WC,DR, have done they would be ready for the challenge they will face this upcoming season. Also what is with the back seat to no one about SH . They sure aren’t in the front seat when CO or DR are at the wheel. Get off Bogan’s azz and show an unbiased point of view.

  • Mel’s a genius..what was his “find” that made him famous?

    Remember when the Indy “guy” dressed down Mel Kipper for “never wearing a jock” after telling a National audience o Draft Day “why the Colts would always be a winner”?

    How did that work out for Indianapolis? I know Mel Kipper still has a gig but even with all his “help” how many 1st round picks are dogs and how many third thru six round picks have Super Bowl rings and were never on “his” radar?

    How’s Ryan Leaf these days? How about Matt Leinart? Reggie Bush?

    Not every first round pick is a Peyton Manning but to hear Mel at the time it was a toss up! How about Michael Vick and Drew Brees? Talent and where you played doesn’t always guarantee success…ever hear of Harrison from the Steelers in college?

    What round did Montana and Brady go in btw?

  • What

    You call that challenging yourself? Everytime DRanch or West Covina stepped up in class, they got crunched.

  • really?

    I hope it was a soft fall when you “fell out of your chair”. Colgate is in the Patriot league and is only allowed to give out financial-aid to football players based on need – no athletic scholarships at all in football. Sort of like Division III football with a different name.
    When you exaggerate to the point that someones film is “off the charts” that would imply something more than Villanova. At least some multi-directional FBS school would have offered. Plus, when a recruiter looks at “film” he doesn’t just look at highlights. Most starters can put together 20 pays that make them look great. While I’m scouring “the charts” for his film – you might want to check out the book
    “A Season in Purgatory: Villanova and Life in College Football’s Lower Class”. He probably had it “bigger-time” at Damien. Schools in that “lower class” are also allowed to split scholarships and give partials unlike their big-time FBS counterparts. So I’d like to find out if Appolonia got a full or a partial before I decided if anyone “missed”.

    but anyway, aren’t all kids “spectacular” – on some level?

  • Curious?

    I like your posts, but sometimes wonder about some of your points. I guess we’d all be targets if we had to put ourselves and our comments out there in the same way. As a recent Sierra league follower (maybe you have not been), we/they are VERY familiar with the IE. Spent 2 years in that Division in ’07 & ’08. Glendora won a playoff game there in ’08 and had to face Corona Centennial in round 2. Speaking of the Tartans, how are they not included with S. Hills, CO and Damien? Now they must battle in the even tougher Baseline league. Should be interesting.


    Maybe so but at least they tested themselves at that level. If you don’t try how do you ever know. It helped DR in the fact that they mowed down SH when they faced them. Your come back will probably be it didn’t help them against CO but then what does that say about SH . Maybe CO does belong in D-2 which is the general consensus but I believe they should swap DR for SH and then the guru and Bogan can finally have a chance to win a title again seeing as their 2 major road blocks will be gone from their path.

  • Pride of the foothills

    The so called Guru doesnt like Glendora for what reason I dont know. So dont even ask unless your from South hills.

  • Dan

    Correction, although Charter Oak has dominated recently, West Covina is one of the few that has beaten them, as for Diamond Ranch beating WC in 08, that is one year, but the series between the two schools is even at 2 apiece with one tie. I see South Hills, Diamond Ranch, West Covina, Damien, and Glendora all in the same caliber. In any given year these schools can come up with a team that can all beat the others in the group. South Hills with all the transfers can probably win in the majority of the years among this group but as WC and DR has demonstrated they can be beat amongst this group of peers. Charter Oak has risen above this group in recent years but I get the feeling they will settle back into this group this next year, we’ll see.

  • Friggin stud

    you couldnt get any more right about jamal wilson that kid can flat out play!

  • Josh Polonio Highlights…how do insert the link?


    Look before you put your foot in your mouth. Villanova won the D1 championship beating Montana 23-21. Both teams were 14-1, Villanova ranked #2 and Montana #1…that is until the Championship Game were they switched places in the final rankings, lol.

    Michael Westbrook and Howie Long are Villanova alumni and did ok in the NFL. Polonio is a great kid and deserves better than calling him Appolonia, was that “really” necessary?

    As far as Colgate, they went 9-2 overall and yes play Lehigh, Georgetown and Furman but hey it’s football and the eduction is very very high. Army and Navy are also on their schedule so I’d think twice before saying Colgate plays “weak” teams, lol.

    My point was Polonio’s film was off the charts but he didn’t hit the recruiting radar until this season and since his ultimate goal is Med school I think Polonio made the right choice and so did Villanova.

    As far as spectacular goes…having seen some pretty good linemen I’d say Polonio is on par with Dominque Austin on the offensive side on the ball. No offense to DA who was a three year starter at BA and played DE as a Freshmen at U of Arizona. Polonio just has a meaner offensive streak that colleges love.

    I’d like you to see the film and then get back to me without insults. Maybe Fred can put up the link…I have no idea how to do that ..sorry.

  • touchy touchy

    No foot in any mouth, as nothing I wrote was wrong. I don’t think it says anywhere Colgate plays anybody weak – just that they don’t give athletic scholarships to football players and only financial aid based on need – the same aid any student can get – like DIII. Comparing Villanova in the Howie Long days, when they were truly Division 1, is like wondering why Indiana State isn’t fighting for a spot in the Final Four – oh that’s right, Larry Bird doesn’t play there anymore!
    Regardless of who they played or what their record was – they still played a 1AA schedule and can split scholarships – which is why I asked if he got a full or a partial. If a kid is worthy and has film that’s “off the charts” D1A will find him – his senior year or not. Since you think he made the right “choice” he must have had choices. Who did he turn down for 1AA Villanova?
    BTW-here’s his highlight film. Good soundtrack.
    Again – coaches want game tape, not highlights. Good players better look great in a highlight clips. We’ve seen plenty here.
    I’m sure he’s as nice a kid as you say and will do great in Med School. Good luck to him.

  • sgv scouting

    I can’t believe that I somehow missed Glendora. I would put Glendora in the upper echelon category. I think coach P and his staff do a really good job.

  • sgv scouting

    Dan — Love you post as usual. But I have a question for you. I know that WC beat CO in 2004 (it was Will Harris’ sr. year and I remember the game very well) but I doing this “list” I can’t remember West Covina having a signature win against a D-1 or D-2 school. South Hills had there’s against Rancho Cucamonga and Ayala (two teams that WC lost too) and I know that they were competitive for one year against Mater Dei (SH was competitive for two years against Esperanza and should have won in 2005)…you know more history about WC in the decade. Give me a win that WC had against D-1 or D-2 school? Love your opinion on it.


    in the last four years DR has scheduled great teams week in week out…yes we lost most of them but the experience and the fact that we played anyone anywhere….taught us adversity what it is and how to used it…lets see….edison….servite…oaks christian….LB poly…amat…chino hills…colony…anyone anywhere….WE ARE DR…

  • Dan

    I think WC and SH are pretty close when it comes to significant wins over D2 schools this decade,,, both have only a few.. SH. win over Rancho C. was in a down year for Rancho C. where they were 4 & 6 and didn’t make the playoffs.
    Rancho C. beat SH. the other two years they played. I would consider WC’s two wins these past two years over Glendora (who has always been in the same division as Rancho C.), as more significant because the first year they played each other Glendora was a Sierra league co champion and reached the second round in playoffs, last season, the year of the rematch, Glendora was a second place team behind Chino Hills and made the playoff again.
    As for Ayala, WC has beaten them too, and even had a three year win streak over them, although Ayala wasn’t very good those years.
    The last year that WC was in D2, was in 2001 and I believe they took second place in the Sierra league beating Diamond Bar that year when the Brahmas were still a good team. They were beating Upland in the final 2 minutes of the first round playoffs that year only to lose on a last minute TD by Upland.
    South Hills also had some nice wins over La Habra going for them earlier in the decade, but
    the WC win over CO was just as tough. WC actually has two wins over CO this decade, in 2006 they had a win over CO taken away from them when WC had returned a fumble for a touchdown, one ref who ran down the field with the WC player
    had signaled the touchdown, only to have another
    ref overrule it and calling it a deflected pass, it was clear at the game and its clear on
    game film that nobody was within 5 yards of the QB so how could anyone have a deflected the pass. WC had twice the yardage and for most of the night had shut down CO’s offense, but the scoreboard said Co 10 WC 7, if the ref had given WC the touchdown which they had truly scored they win the game, how is that for bitter memories? In 2005 WC and CO had a great game in which WC was winning with a few minutes to go only to have CO make a nice last minute drive to win 34 to 29.
    To be honest, if you consider the whole decade, in my opinion the top tier would have to be Amat, CO, and SH, and you would also have to consider Los Altos for the teams they put out early in the decade.
    The second tier being WC, Glendora, Damien and Diamond Ranch, I think in most years this group can play with the top tier and have a decent shot to win. You could add Rowland, Bonita, and now maybe San Dimas to this group but I don’t think as consistently.
    If you only consider the past two or three
    years, then you have to give the top tier to BA. and CO. Dropping South Hills to the second tier and Los Altos even further. Thats just my opinion on the SGV fotball scene, any other opinions?

  • sgv scouting

    Dan — As always a good exchange of thoughts. That is why I will always respond to your posts. All point are valid and will be taking to memory for the next couple of years.

    Here is a piece of advice to the bloggers, if you keep posititve, I will be more than happy to respond to you and we can have a great conversation. If you act like idiots, I’ll treat you like my SPAM email, I will ignore it.

    BTW Dan, I had a wonderful conversation with Coach Maggoire today. To be in the presence of a conversation between Bogan and him was great. To bad no one else on the blog will know what the conversation were about. Two classy individuals!!!!

  • hey guru


    Damien had a great year with Ian Johnson and Freddie Brown in 03 and another solid season in 06 with Mark Mendrun and Daniel Harper but everything in between and since the Spartans played less than .500 ball. One playoff win, two seasons without making the playoffs and three seasons with losing records during that span and the Spartans are top echelon? How. Seems Damien is getting a private school pass to be included in the same echelon as Bishop Amat and CO. In the past two years it can be argued that CO has upped it game and has moved into the guest house of top echelon teams but South Hills has clearly over stayed it’s welcome. Top echelon teams don’t look at realignment and bellow out, “Double whammy!!!” so guest house status applies for the Chargers.

    Guru is their another measurement I’m missing regarding the Spartans?


    Come on now you should know better . Even if SH went 0-10 , 2-8 , the guru would still have them as a upper echelon team. Here’s some advise for the guru , maybe if you weren’t so biased towards sh we could have better conversations .

  • Agree

    I have to agree with “YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER”, Guru your bias toward SH’s bleeds all over this blog. Over the last couple years the numbers don’t backup you comments and that is why you get little to no respect from the majority of the bloggers.


    I can agree also with should know. How can the guru leave out DR from his upper echelon and keep sh even though DR owns 2 consecutive victories against sh in the playoffs. He goes on to state maybe DR deserves to be upper but 2 things hold them back ,1, they have not beaten CO , just look to sh for the same situation, 2 , if they are upset about staying in the new Hacienda league they could have expressed it louder, well what do you want for Roddy to do throw a fit because they were left out, would that have made the guru put them in the upper echelon. The general feeling of the SGV is it should have been DR instead of SH to move up with the others. Before you issue advise to bloggers about positive e-mails you would reply to, you should clean up your own spam because when I see sh in your post I just ignore them as spam also.

  • Agree

    The DR and SH angle was my internal example of the Guru’s bias. Another view is if these kids at SH’s are as talented as the Guru states then what does that say about the coaching at SH’s.

    Based on the numbers you really have to question why SH’s moved up and DR stayed down. Like many have said the issues Gano, SH’s, and CO had with CIF is the reason why those three teams were put in the same league and that league was put in the division they were put in. CIF sent a very clear message to the three programs, the others were collateral damage.

  • Joe Conqueror

    Well I for one cant wait for next week.

  • Dan

    Guru I agree, both Maggiore and Bogan are class individuals, and it would be fun to have been there to hear the conversation.

  • Who Knew

    Joe Conqueror,


    Did Arellanes finally find a couple coaches that will coach at LA. Heard he was having some trouble, all his friends turned him down. Can’t get much worse, the guy gets hired at LA, during the process he talks up this staff he is going to put together, then he has to put an ad on the CIF websites for all levels.

    Felipe could have don’t that?

  • 19 years Ago

    Steve Bogan was a varsity assistant at Edgewood when Mike Maggiore was a Freshman. The next year Steve’s brother Jeff coached Maggiore (Junior Varsity)

  • Joe Conqueror

    No, to Who Knew. I was being facetious in reference to the Gurus announcement; Next week, a look at some of the sleepers that could end up being recruited by colleges during the spring. Have a great week!

  • Baseball NUT!

    We ALL konw that the Guru, gets a free Christmas tree from S.H, and Fred gets a Easter boquet & jely beans from Amat, lol… BUT who really cares!

    Amat is on the way back after having a down period, and SH has 4 CIF rings since 2000. I mean and look who are the TWO best SGV teams in baseball, and I think SH had their first 23 game winning season in hoops. Kids want to go to the winning schools. At least they are consistant with C.O, and now with Los Altos in the cellar, who else will step up? Sure we have teams with a CIF run or two, and D.R can talk all they want, and YES they do have a GREAT NON conf. schedule that AMAT should be playing. But they STILL have NO Rings, and Now will DR have a down year or two, as their cycle of kids graduated? Will they reload, with local talent or simply just go away? ALL that preperation means NOTHING to those kids if they keep getting to the finals and losing. Only the D.R kids remembers who came in second!

    We need W.C, D.B, B.P Glendora, Azusa, L.P, Walnut,Damien, Northview, Covina, Nogales, Wilson, S.D, Bonita and on and on to STEP up their game EVERY season, NOT EVERY three to five years. You get a few pop warner studs, who end up going to Amat, or S.H & C.O instead of those mentioned above wonder why? NO consistency!

    I guess everyone here who is always complaining must come from a school that goes 3-7, 1-9, 6-5 and one & done in CIF, or 4-6.
    I mean I never see a L.P, or Nogales, or Wilson in a Summer passing league. I saw S.H compete against LB Poly, Mater Dei & Hart in a passing league. I saw Amat send their O. Line to to a camp with Servite, M.V among others. I have seen kids from C.O go to USC for camp. Those schools produce winners. You can’t just go throuh “hell week” and lace em up hoping to have a 10 or 11 win season. Kids who live in the DB high school area go to DR, NOT DB how come? Kids that live in Basset go to AMAT, or a kid that lives near Covina high, ends up at SH WHY? Because those kids want to play for a winning team. The best example was Kory Minor, who went down as one of the best linebackers/D-Line at Amat EVER. He lived acorss the street from Damien. Could have walked in 4 minutes to class, but chose AMAT Why? amat was winning, and Damien wasn’t. If a kid lives off of Azusa Ave. Do u think he wants to wrestle at Azusa, OR N.V. Its pretty simple.
    We can say coaching all we want, but look closer. When Los Altos, C.O and S.H, heck even Bonita in 1999, won CIF, who wasn’t winning? AMAT! Kids stayed at their home school. Players got scholarshp offers, from those schools. Back in the day, 70’s- early 80’s you had to go to AMAT if you wanted a chance at the next level. Kids and parents want to be with winners, and or play with them. Its the society we live in sad but true! So until the other schools pick up the slack, AMAT, SH, and CO will continue to dominate on the field and in the press, whether you like the teams, or coaches.

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