The Lutheran Bandwagon is just $20 bucks

I thought about hitching a ride myself this is such a great deal, but if you’re going to the La Verne Lutheran state championship basketball game on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. in Bakersfield, why drive and pay $15 for parking when the school is offering round-trip busfare from Lutheran for $20. For more info, call Lutheran at 909-593-4494, and ask for Kathy.

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  • watcher

    Great deal!! Too bad I already booked my hotel room, otherwise I might have taken advantage of this offer.

  • Lutherans have it going on !

    When you want to be a big time program you act like a big time program. Great idea! Really shows how inclusive Lutheran has been to the surrounding schools and communities. They house City leagues there and have always been great hosts….offering bus rides to their Championship Game really humbles everyone…especially those coaches who have given the program the cold shoulder. Maybe Fred and The Tribune brass should “hitch” a ride as well and get to know the Lutheran community which extends far beyond those that attend the school.

  • FredJ

    Thanks for the (back-handed) compliments, you guys are great. I would have hitched a ride, but got the Amat girls game right after šŸ™‚

  • Curiouser and curiouser

    Since this is an LVL thread, how much of this is true from another blog post? Interesting – and maybe answers some of “goin’ on’s” post

    Bigger picture…. said:
    Maybe the big picture in looking at private schools is too look at academic and competitive equity as a whole, thereby determining if any one particular private school is providing a service or disservice to the community as a whole!
    For the lack of a better place, please let us start with LVL.
    1) Top Notch Basketball program, with the majority of the kids on the Basketball team on an “athletic scholarship” which covers about half the tuition (or more) (WORDS of the AD, NOT MINE). Not bad – if they are a school with plenty of money that is a great thing, I guess!?!?!??
    2) Football program played 3 of 10 scheduled varsity games, and were seriously outscored (in two of the games) and proceeded to forfeit the rest of the season season and move to JV.
    3) JV team then played three games, were outscored in the range of 200-14 and then folded canceling the last two games. All this occurred in football, after the coach left and recommended they drop football since the school had no money to dedicate to “scholarships” for football players, and these were funds he had been promised!! Check with Mr. Godinez if you doubt this statement.
    4) Baseball team forfeited a game today, do not know all the reasons behind the forfeit – but obviously that is a red flag. Will they finish the season? Or like the football team are they done????
    5) School has a stated goal of the 46th pecentile on PSAT goals – so in other words – if you go to school there – the military or Junior College is your route in life. Hope the four or five DI prospects they have in BB are prepared to meet the demands of the school they decide to attend!!!!! Would be shame for Coach Cooper to go through all this effort and all his “boys” to flunk out of college.
    6) The BB coach is also listed as the information director. This is AFTER being relieved of his duties as a PE teacher due to the clothes scandal. Yeah he was amazed that parents were upset that kids taking PE last year were required to buy (two sets of) clothes from a company HE designated at an extreme mark-up and it turns out HE received a kickback!!! Furthermore, the school’s website under “Trojans in the News” shows nothing except Basketball information, as “information director” I would assume that is his doing????? And this is after he had an assistant coach listed as “Admissions director!!!”
    7) Unless Baseball or Softball makes CIF playoffs (and early returns say no – despite playing in one of the weakest CIF leagues) no team besides basketball will have made it to CIF playoffs!
    I could go on about the complete lack of leadership by the principal of the school, but I think my point is made – the discussion should not be public vs. private, but instead the debate could be are these private schools focused on one sport or another conerned about providing a quality education!?!??!?!
    March 23, 2010 4:27 PM

    Curiouser and curiouser said:
    If all of this is true, and it sounds like it might be – too many details – we are beginning to see what others have been saying.
    What I found interesting is the list of players that is found on this sight as “Alumni of Quick Shot”. Interesting how many of this years roster are on the list.
    Also interesting that the “Quick Shot Hall of Fame” members are in LVL uniforms
    March 23, 2010 10:55 PM

  • U aren’t full of facts; you are a disgruntled individual

    Too many of your facts are twisted and untrue. What’s really your issue??? You are posting thing in a manner that is anti-Lutheran High for one reason or another. The PE “clothes”, this has nothing to do with his job change. Wow, and a kickback??? I know who they were ordered from and there is no link. Your trying to start trouble…move on. You are spreading false information and slander here and I think you would be wise to stop!!

  • ?????

    Fred I’m sure cooper would give you a ride home and you can ask him if all the rumors are true.

  • Get your fact straight

    Bigger picture…. Maybe if you are so frustrated with your perception of La Verne Lutheran why don’t you call up and ask the questions yourself to see how many of you “Facts” are correct. Lutheran has been around for a long time and and now that there is a team that is successful you have to start hating on the school. I don’t know if this is “Big Picture” or “Big Issue”

  • Trojan Fan said:

    ;just booked 3 for Bakersfield please come and join us and bring back a title to the SGV over 28yrs.!

  • Rooter Bus/Spanish Club

    Spanish Club& Trojan Insider to Fred:

    Fred, thanks so much for your support of the Trojans. I know folks give you a hard time here and there…we can relate. I also truly appreciate your post regarding the bandwagon. The first bus is filled and we are hoping to fill another one.
    Buy those Tickets, fans!!
    Look forward to seeing you there. You might as well wear royal for both the Trojans and Bishop Amat. Go SGV!!