Tuesday Baseball Boxscores: Charter Oak pounds Diamond Ranch, Bonita cools off red-hot Los Altos

Just when I was ready to write off Bonita baseball, they answer with a 7-3 win over Los Altos, while Charter Oak takes care of Diamond Ranch 13-5. Walnut continues to look legit though, beating West Covina, 8-7. Click for the boxscores.


La Salle 12,
Bishop Montgomery 2 (5 inn.)

[AG-RULEABOVE]Bishop Mont.10010242
[AG-RULEBELOW]La Salle6105X12110
[AG-INDENT]Kissinger and Budrough; Hill and Harmon.[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]3B: [AG-INDENT]Guthrie (LS), Harmon (LS) [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]McLaughlin (BM), Goebel (LS), Derby (LS) Medrano (LS)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Hill (2-2)[AG-BOLDIND] L: [AG-INDENT]Kissinger (0-1) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bishop Montgomery 0-2 (league); La Salle 5-4, 1-1.

Bonita 7, Los Altos 3

[AG-RULEBELOW]Los Altos2010000381
[AG-INDENT]McCreery, Yepez (6) and Lindsay; Luna, Jenkins (6) and Camberos. [AG-BOLDIND]HR: [AG-INDENT]Ramos (B), Corona (LA)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Mier (B), Highley (B), Lindsay (B), Gelalich (B), Muoz (LA)[AG-BOLDIND] RBI: [AG-INDENT]Corona 3 (B)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]McCreery (2-0) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Luna (0-1) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]Yepez (1).
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bonita 4-2-1, 2-0; Los Altos 6-2, 1-1.

Charter Oak 13, Diamond Ranch 5
[AG-RULEABOVE]Charter Oak104020613124
[AG-RULEBELOW]Diamond R.1010012582
[AG-INDENT]Travis Santiago, Oscar Montenegro (6) and Tyler Bailey; Derek Goodwin, Jarred Hovsepian (5), Cesar Carrillo (7) and Dylan Goodwin. [AG-BOLDIND]HR: [AG-INDENT]D.J. Wallace (CO) 2, Koort Bridgewater (DR) [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Chris Holden (CO), Aaron Henry (CO), Bailey (CO); Hovsepian (DR), Bridgewater (DR), Goodwin (DR)[AG-BOLDIND] RBI: [AG-INDENT]Wallace (CO) 4, Henry (CO) 3, Bailey (CO) 3 [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Santiago (3-1) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Goodwin.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Charter Oak 3-5, 1-1; Diamond Ranch 0-1 (league).

Walnut 8, West Covina 7

[AG-RULEBELOW]West Covina3010201782
[AG-INDENT]Chavira and Koyano; Diosdado, Johnson (5) and Najera. [AG-BOLDIND]HR: [AG-INDENT]Brokaw (WA) [AG-BOLDIND]3B: [AG-INDENT]Romo (WA) [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Chavira [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Johnson.
[AG-BOLDIND]Record: [AG-INDENT]West Covina 4-4, 0-3.

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  • SH

    South Hills 12 Nogales 1
    Behr pitched entire game Nogales pitched new pitcher every inning


    diamond ranch has some very disrespectful lil black kids

  • socal baseball fan

    Definition of ugly baseball
    Game one
    Yucaipa 23-23-1 error
    Inglewood 1-2-7 errors

    Game two
    Inglewood 0-0-5
    Yucaipa 22-16-0
    Both games were called after 6 innings.
    On sat Yucaipa will play 2 at Compton Centennial.
    Yucaipa has yet to play a home game at their field. The 2 tournaments they played were the El Segundo and Tucson tournament.


    nogales has nothing withought martinez, talk bout batting practice at nogales, south hills totaly dominated, happens to be the stuff player for south hills (france) and stud for nogales(martinez) are good friends.

  • Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload, praise him.:)