Tuesday softball boxscores: The swag is back for Bonita and pitcher Chloe Wurst, who throws a no-hitter with 13 strikeouts in 6-0 win over L.A.

Yes, Wurst threw a no-no; South Hills and West Covina both won San Antonio League games; San Dimas pounded Ganesha; and Rowland and Glendora both won non-leaguers … for it all, click boxscores.

Bonita 6, Los Altos 0
[AG-RULEBELOW]Los Altos0000000002
[AG-INDENT]Wurst and Liscano; Solis and Villalpando.[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]SO: [AG-INDENT]Wurst 13 (B) [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Wurst (8-1-1) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Solis (4-3) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Bonita 9-1-1; Los Altos 4-3.

Gladstone 15, La Puente

South Hills 17, Nogales 2 (5 inn.)

[AG-RULEABOVE]South Hills5830117132
[AG-INDENT]Victoria Bernard, Sydney La Follette (5) and Britney Rodriguez; Mida Ordorica, Deanna Alfaro (3) and Vanessa Lemus.[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]3B: [AG-INDENT]Rodriguez (SH), Keira Portell (SH) [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Rodriguez (SH), Tiffany Rivas (SH), Kristin Stewart (SH)[AG-BOLDIND] RBI: [AG-INDENT]Rodriguez 4 (SH), Portell 3 (SH), La Follette 3 (SH)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Bernard (2-0) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Ordorica (1-7) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]South Hills 5-3-1, 1-1; Nogales 1-12, 0-1.

West Covina 8, Walnut 0 (5 inn.)
[AG-RULEBELOW]West Covina2051X8101
[AG-INDENT]Gomez, Carter (1), Gary (3), Salas (4) and Guyule; Brown and Rodriguez.[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Aguilar (W), Monarrez (WC)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Brown (4-1) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Gomez (0-2) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Walnut 2-6, 1-1; West Covina 7-2, 2-0.

San Dimas 19,
Ganesha 1 (5 inn.)
[AG-RULEBELOW]San Dimas9424X19150
[AG-INDENT]Crystal Alosta, Chelsea Busby (4) and Busby, Stephanie Palatox (4); Kortnie Clark, Kaili Know (4), Bethie Celaya (5) and Kayla Norrie, Brianna Muoz (4). [AG-BOLDIND]HR: [AG-INDENT]Alenna Avalos (SD), Candace Nuez (SD), Julia Lupercio (SD) [AG-BOLDIND]3B: [AG-INDENT]Clark (SD), Deenah San Luis (SD) [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Avalos (SD), Clark (SD) Lupercio (SD)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Clark (4-2) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Alosta (1-4) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Ganesha 1-4, 0-2; San Dimas 4-2, 2-0.

Glendora 2, Loara 1
[AG-INDENT]Carly Argyle and Kendra Alfonso; BethAnn McCann and Heather Cosby.[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Kristen Peterson (G)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]SO: [AG-INDENT]Argyle 13 (G) [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Argyle (5-1) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]McCann (0-1) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Glendora 9-1; Loara 3-4.

Rowland 8, Wilson 5
[AG-INDENT]Liz Ovieda, Breanna Bustillos (3) and Tori Thomas; Esperaza Sanchez and Kaylea Snaer. [AG-BOLDIND]HR: [AG-INDENT]Snaer (R)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]2B: [AG-INDENT]Maria Ramos (W), Mercedes Cundiff 2 (R), Jazmine Gutierrez (R)[AG-BOLDIND] RBI: [AG-INDENT]Snaer 3 (R)[AG-BOLDIND][AG-INDENT] [AG-BOLDIND]W: [AG-INDENT]Sanchez (1-1) [AG-BOLDIND]L: [AG-INDENT]Ovieda (1-2) [AG-BOLDIND]Save: [AG-INDENT]None.
[AG-BOLDIND]Records: [AG-INDENT]Wilson 5-6; Rowland 6-6.

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  • Aaron

    I have to say I don’t think they had ever lost their swag but that’s just me.

  • @

    no DR,CO box score whats the problem CO to embarrassed?

  • Asusualfredislasttoknow

    Freddy Kruger

    Fred no coverage of the Bonita LA game where were you? as usual you missed a gem CW throws a no no with 13 k’s and not a single article in the sports section. If this were your beloved BA the president would have been notified on CNN. No worries though my friend Time Warner has the Bearcats backs and is filming all the games that will be aired from what I heard once a week as a series on BHS softball. Not sure of the first air dat but I believe its this thursday so Freddy boy you can watch what could be considered one of the best pitching performances no doubt this season.

  • So What

    This is LA 09/10 not LA 08/09. Big difference, if you didn’t notice this is the second time LA has been no-hitted this year. This LA team has a team batting average of .258.

    BIG DEAL ……

  • a non fan

    how come no coverage on the losses by BA softball? you have to report it both ways, not just join the bandwagon of the winning sports. they have a losing record yet are still ranked in their division. their wins are not against quality teams. guess you will cover them when they play mater dei tomorrow.

  • FredJ

    Good Guess

  • Coach Sam



    La Puente 8, Gladstone 15

    Gladstone pitchers J. Guzman and S. Samaniego Catcher P. Dominguez;
    Names of La Puente pitchers L. Camacho and N. Avila Catcher C. Chavez

    HR – La Puente A. Partida

    3B – La Puente E. Valenzuela Two Triples

    2B – Gladstone P. Dominguez, A. Coriel and K. Gutierrez La Puente L.Camacho, V. Ramirez and D. Villalobos

    RBI – Gladstone V. Gile, J. Guzman, R. Garcia, R. Hager, P. Dominguez, S. Samaniego, K. Gutierrez, C. Carrillo La Puente E. Valenzuela and D. Villalobos

    W – S. Samaniego (?) L – L. Camacho 5-2

    Records Gladstone Overall ?, League Record 1-0 La Puente Overall Record 5-2, League Record 0-1