Even the Ayala Athletic Director surprised by principals decision to fire boys basketball coach Kenny Donavon; Charter Oak’s Ray Walker resigns, could he wind up at Ayala?

This Ayala situation is perplexing, check out the quotes the Bulletin’s Clay Fowler got. This sounds like Duarte all over again, first-year principal Diana Yorboi firing basketball coach Kenny Donavon, telling him they want to go in a different direction. What’s shocking is that the Ayala AD didn’t see it coming. We’re also hearing rumors that another big-name coach on campus might get his walking papers too.

“I was caught completely by surprise. I felt personally that he had done an exceptional job but the principal is the one who ultimately does the hiring and firing.”Ayala Athletic Director Steve Martin.

“I’m a little perplexed myself. When I asked (Yarboi) why, she just repeated that they wanted to go in a different direction. It was a short meeting. The fact that your own athletic director has no idea when a coach is about to be fired says something about your school.” — Ayala’s fired coach Kenny Donavon.

Charter Oak High School boys basketball coach Ray Walker resigned earlier this month after guiding the Chargers to a 20-8 record and second-place finish in the Miramonte League. Walker had a three-year record of 50-34 after taking over for Randy Thatcher in the 2007-08 season. Walker went 11-16 his first year and 19-10 his second season. Rumors are circulating that Walker could wind up at Ayala after Donavon’s firing on Tuesday. Another coach rumored to take over at Ayala is a certain Chino Hills assistant who was a former head coach at Arcadia. Stay tuned! Charter Oak is accepting applications for its next boys basketball coach, although it does not come with a teaching position. Those interested should contact vice principal Glenn Martinez at 626-915-5841.

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  • really?

    Ayala would make sense for Walker because he had such a good run at Chino Hills before he left for Bellflower? Honestly surprised he got the CO job in the first place. If Walker had problems with Bishop Amat & CH parents imagine the disaster that Ayala would become.

  • CO FAN

    Ray Walker’s teaching position at Charter Oak was cut. He did not resign.

  • Three Head Coaches in Three Years! In-freakin-credible !!!

    Follow the bouncing ball. Daddy war bucks again, what’s that three varsity coaches in three years!!!??? How many schools have ever replaced HCs at that pace? Gregory and Donavon both went 17-12 and had great playoff wins and played a tough schedule. Gregory was a fantastic coach who rubbed the NJB, Travel Ball, and pay for play crowd because he yelled at their little baby boys in front of deep pocketed daddies. There’s the big difference today in basketball. When your pay for play coaches coddle the little tikes and constantly fill their heads with you’re the greatest bs than how do you handle a gregory type coach who wills his teams through the sheer force of his personality. Eisenhower’s coach is a gregory clone and he’s done nothing but built IKE into a powerhouse with players that would be more comfortable on a football field but somehow win at basketball. Then you have the system is king and the team is everything types like le duc who can’t get travel type kids to come to his school because it doesn’t synch with the egos of pay for play daddies or i’m the greatest kids. with all of le duc’s success and next level players you’d think he could find a decent athletic all around powell like player…but he can’t. he’s left with a player like smith who is nothing compared to sapp or powell much less tiger but is still a great example of what le duc can do with a player who listens and follows orders. smith as a mc donald’s all american? really?

    i did find it odd that the three headed monster didn’t enroll at chino hills if their dad wanted the chino hills assistant to be their coach. wait that wouldn’t work because chino hills had derek brown and derek brown doesn’t take a back set to a 5’2″ freshmen pg and michael rodriguez wasn’t taking a back seat to any one either, add in collins and last year’s chino hills studs and the three headed monster has “no playing time baby!!!” and aren’t four year lettermen. when you live in chino hills and the word on the street is gregory is being aced out why enroll at ayala? chino hills is the best team in the sierra league over the past four years and if anyone with decent game wanted to be featured that’s where they’d play, along side d. brown who had scouts at his games for years. never seen scouts at any other sl games over the past two years.

    donavon was a solid coach who guided his team into the playoffs and ran into a pasadena team that went deep into the state playoffs, no shame in that, especially when you’re working the three headed monster into starting roles. gregory got the short end of the stick but donavon got something much worse when he faced an ego driven dad with too much money and too much time on his hands.

    Here’s something to reflect on:

    Chino Hills vs Ayala game one: CH 79 – AHS 62 (-17)
    Chino Hills vs Ayala game two: CH 76 – AHS 39 (-37) plus 20

    Glendora vs Ayala game one: GHS 43 – AHS 54 (+11)
    Glendora vs Ayala game two GHS 50- AHS 48 (-2) plus 13

    Damien vs Ayala game one: DHS 60- AHS 72 (+12)
    Damien vs Ayala game two: DHS 58 – AHS 50 (-8) plus 20

    BTW who’s coaching the Ayala Spring Ball team? You guessed it.

  • Chino Hills Resident

    Thats the problem with Chino Hills HS sports, everyone wants their kid to be a big fish in a small pond instead of compteting. Too much parental involvement. No wonder we have become a feeder area for schools like Bishop Amat, LaVerne Luthern. Come on parents teach your kids to compete.

  • Gerrymandering Success…or is that playing time?

    Here’s a Travel Ball scenario.

    Over a period of four years, grades 5 thru 8, kids develop. Some become taller, some become quicker and some don’t develop at all. How many grade specific studs have we all seen who burn out before the 9th grade? Too many!

    Well look at the Quick Shot program. How many guards can you place at one school? How many kids grow into 6’7 or better velvet shooting phenoms?

    My son has a player on his team who played for one of these all world travel teams and every time his coach sits him or we lose a game he foul mouths the coaches and threatens to go to Ayala “where the coaches and players have assured him he’d be a star!” Every time I hear talk like that I’m reminded of all the travel ball politics I’ve seen over the years, especially in the O.C. where travel ball is a right of birth.

    Now players with so much fan fare and travel ball cred lack the toughness that comes from competing where you are instead of gerrymandering your success like politicians do. Pretty sick and extremely sad for them when it’s all over. High school sports isn’t what it used to be, and neither are the athletes.

  • Play Station Ruined a Generation

    How many kids learn the game playing in controlled environments where everyone plays according to some sort of artificial antiseptic environment? Back in the day you learned to compete or you were off the court and sat until someone picked you up! Sometimes you’d wait six and seven games and get no one to run with you, lol. Over time you either developed your game, or a facet of your game, and were picked or you were relegated to the side half court games, the process toughed you up. No one played age specific games or sought out a level playing field. Heck the honor was in laying with the big boys and holding your own, why else would anyone wait to play? Some guys never left the court, win or lose, and that was always the goal. Being the man meant something in those days. Now it’s all about what travel team you play for and how many out of state tournaments you’d traveled to…wow!

  • Walkerinfo

    The rumor is that the Ayala principal approached Walker back in December. He’s going to be the next coach, he’s known for a while.

  • INFO

    I hope Ayala football players don’t like BBall because he doesn’t like football players even if good. Same league next year Idiot coach.

  • really?

    Walkerinfo – so you’re saying the Ayala AD is lying to everyone when he says he had no idea. Don’t think so Martin seems like too good a guy to flat out lie to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Mrs Yarboi is a liar. She knew before Christmas break that she was going to replace Mr. Donovan. She pretended that she was not giving in to one particular parent but turns out her new coach & that parent are buddies. This parent didn’t like Donovan because Donovan didn’t give his kids special treatment. This is not the only coaching position Yarboi has promised. She has asked the soccer coach not to return, fired the boy’s assistant waterpolo coach, the girl’s assistant basketball coach, the cheer advisor and tried to fire another coach. All because a parent or two complained. She is in the locker room after games to give the “coaches” talk to the players. Seems like she is the coach of everything and running the athletic program. What does her athletic director do? Look out football, you’re next!!

  • playhardr

    ok all you parents wining about the principal, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, call the district, call whomever and complain about her and her lack of adherence to the cif motto “character, honor, integrity”

    and tell them to fire her.

    what a shame that a good coach gets the slip.

    what has our society come to???

    And I loved Gregory, a great coach and great to watch with his old time assistant.

    Boy I would hate to go to chino hills hoops and just get stuck behind a transfer or 2…..

    d. brown wasnt he at the ranch? and collins was at d bar???

    and this is a school with a zillion students. makes me sick.

  • just passin by…..

    ive watched and coached against this entire program for the last 10 years. ive seen all levels or have played against them in our tournaments over the years. i really dont understand that city at all. 2 years ago this was one of your more accomplished coaching staffs in the area. freshman to varsity. its always a breath of fresh air when you can see all levels applying the same principles. and now, its gone. i have really admired the job those guys did over there. especially the last 3 or 4 years or so when the talent wasnt as big time as it was.(moore,gilling,miller). this staff showed its true colors. they competed against top teams with not alot of bullets in the chamber. how do you get rid of a guy who put that program on the map and has racked up over 500+ wins and is arguably the best coach in the area?(20+ again with a mediocre talented patriot team) great points about the travel ball era posted below. old school coaches like him are a dying breed. a coach that isnt afraid to put a kid in his place, for the sake of the program. this program was a true example of no kid is bigger than the system. but apparently, it is. i agree with the below post about donovan also. very good coach. did a very good job replacing a coach like gregory. a true no win situation. getting 17 out of this group is quite the accomplishment. and i saw tha pasadena team they lost to. were you parents/adm. honestly expecting to win that game??..wow..please grab a hold of reality as it continues to pass you by…over …and over…i wish walker the best of luck. hopefully he will not fall victim the same way the 2 prior coaches did. whether he as success, or not, it does not justify the running off of 2 quality coaches….

  • Ayala Spring Team?

    The “Ayala Spring Ball team” you reference is not an official Ayala team butthe father of 3 players who selectively asked kids to play. Note that no competing guards or their top returning scoring big man were included. Parents who believe all were asked have been misled.