Covina freshman Telia Provenzano’s two-out sixth inning grand slam lifts Colts to shocking 7-5 win over San Dimas; Bonita’s Chloe Wurst follows no-hitter over Los Altos with perfect game over DRanch; Amat loses to Mater Dei, 1-0

When the season started Covina High School freshman Telia Provenzano was nothing more than courtesy runner, making her first start in right field on Thursday against defending Valle Vista League champion San Dimas.
Colts coach Joe Brown might consider starting her more often.
Trailing by two runs, Provenzano belted a two-out grand slam to right in the bottom of the sixth inning to rally the Colts to an improbable 7-5 victory over last year’s CIF-Southern Section Division V finalists. (To continue, click thread).

In other news, we learned the Bonita’s Chloe Wurst threw her second no-hitter of the week, but this time it was a perfect game in a 1-0 win over Diamond Ranch with 12 strikeouts. Wurst no-hit Los Altos on Tuesday. Amat gave up a first inning homer against Mater Dei, and that was all it took for the Monarchs to escape with a 1-0 win.

Thursday’s softball results
Mater Dei 1, Bishop Amat 0
Covina 7, Covina 5
Bonita 1, Diamond Ranch 0
Diamond Bar at Los Altos, 3:15 p.m.
Wilson at Charter Oak, 3:15 p.m.
Azusa at Bassett, 3:15 p.m.
La Puente at Duarte, 3:15 p.m.
Northview at Baldwin Park, 3:15 p.m.

The Colts trailed the Saints 5-1 entering the sixth inning but made it 5-2 after Chelsea Whisenant’s two-out single scored Andrea Montoya from second.
After a walk loaded the bases, Candice Orozco kept the rally going with a single to bring home another run to make it 5-3 — the bases full again.
That set the stage for Provenzano, who hit her second homer of the season.
“It shows what I know,” Brown said of not starting Provenzano earlier in the year. “When she’s had opportunities to swing the bat, she takes her cuts.
“This was an incredible way to win, I don’t think a Covina team has won a game like that in a long time. You don’t score six runs with two outs very often, let alone against the defending league champions and a pitcher as tough as (San Dimas’ Kortnie) Clarke.”
Provenzano was still trying to grasp the moment afterward.
“I don’t know what to say,” she said. “It felt great helping my team win.”
Saints second baseman Sara Moore was 4-for-4 with two runs scored and junior Alena Avalos was 2-for-4 with a two-run homer in the first inning to give the Saints a 2-0 lead.
Avalos’ double in the sixth inning scored Moore for a 5-1 lead, but Clarke tired in the sixth inning, and the Colts took advantage.
“In hindsight I probably should have taken (Clarke) out,” Saints coach Don Pollard said. “She was out of gas and starting to get the ball up.
“But you have to give the Colts credit, they battled with two outs and took advantage of their opportunities.”
Covina improved to 6-1 and 3-0 while the Saints dropped to 4-3 and 2-1.
“There’s a long way to go,” Brown said. “We still have to face them (Saints) two more times and our league is pretty balanced. But it sure felt good to get them and get the first meeting out of the way.”

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  • Softball Watcher

    Mater Dei by 8, Amat softball is a joke!!!

  • looking for players

    Maybe BA can recruit for more players for the season on eteamz like travel ball does, oh, I forgot, you can’t do that, sorry my bad.

  • softball nut

    BA coach has no clue.Could’nt win cif with the U.S ladies national team.

  • Softball nut

    BA coach has no clue.He could’nt win C.I.F with the U.S ladies national team.

  • jakethesnake

    bhs 1-0 over Dranch Wust throws another nono perfect game this time.bhs left 11 on base the little Dranch pitcher kept the ball down for most of the game good for her and a little help from the blues erratic strike zone.

  • Luvs Softball

    Covina 7 San Dimas 5

  • Softball fan

    Softball Watcher FYI Mater Dei 1 Amat 0. Mater Dei scored in first inning single homerun after that freshman pitcher shut them down pitching a complete game. BA coach finally woke up and put in the best pitcher he has on his team hands down! No other team has been able to shut Mater Dei down. One pitch one run so what..great job pitcher hope to see more of you its apparent you handled business with one of the best teams around! BA coach may have found one of his missing links to the game PITCHING!

  • article said

    “There’s a long way to go,” Brown said. “We still have to face them (Saints) two more times and our league is pretty balanced. But it sure felt good to get them and get the first meeting out of the way

    Come on coach, how can you say that the Valle Vista league is balanced with Ganesha, Pomona, and Baldwin Park? It is arguably the weakest East SGV league.

  • jakethesnake

    article said,

    I bet he is referring to Covina, North view and San Dimas. But your right about the valle vista being the weakest of leagues omg.

  • softball

    Reply to looking for players:

    Dah!! They did recruit players its “who you know” and “how much $$$$ you give”

  • Don

    Note to Fred:

    Local girl pitching a No-Hitter backed up by a Perfect Game in the same week probably deserves at least one small snapshot on the blog. I know this kind of thing is pretty routine to you ink stained wretches out their in news land, but it seems pretty newsworthy to little ole me.

    Note number two: Update file photos to include a couple of pictures of Chloe Wurst. Theyll probably come in handy.

    Just a suggestion.

  • scorebook

    Hey BA, 1-0, 10-0, 15-0, a loss is still a loss. Can’t win if you don’t score runs. Maybe it’s time to bring up some of the freshman or JV players?

  • Lion King

    Saw the game between SD and Covina. SD’s coach had so many chances to score more runs and close the game but as always he pretty much stunk it up. If he were coaching at another less talented school, he couldn’t win a game. It’s really time for him to retire.
    Over the years he has blown more games. His ‘In hindsight I should have’ should be printed on his forehead.
    He has talent every year and hasn’t a clue how to use them. He just has no idea of strategy and i often wonder if he knows the game of softball? His ineptness really comes to light in big games. He bunts when he shouldn’t and fails to bunt and move runners when opts. are presented. Yes they win more games than they lose, but they win in spite of him.
    Kudos to Clark who rumor has it, is pitching in pain and Moore for her hitting.

  • fred meally

    Nice job Lady Bearcats, Chloe throwing aother
    no-no? awesome job kid, In spite of the coach, these ladies are playing good ball. If they keep working hard and can minimize the amount of runners left in scoring postion, they will contend in CIF. Chloe is giving her whole team confidence, winning breeds winners!



    Seriously you need help with this obsession you have with Bishop Amat I can help and counsel you for free. They win full page article,they lose 1/2 page artilcle,they have a car wash 1/4 page article come on dude this team is in turmoil get a clue with what you are supposed to be doing. Aram is on your azz and wants his job back and at this rate its only a matter of days. Freshmen hits a dong great story don’t get me wrong, RUN FOREST RUN !! but Wurst throws back to back nonos, drives in the winning run and with no Waldusky or Patterson to aid the highlights!Homie Please am I missing something BHS grand opening ceremonies yesterday the Mayor throws out the first pitch to celebrate the new stadium renovation kudos to LV for finally doing something right and as usual Fred is in the bathroom lord knows doing what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unidentified

    I would agree with Softball Fan’s comment. Mater Dei is ranked #2 in Division 1. Sounds like the freshman did a good job. I look forward to playing against Bishop Amat. I would like to see the freshman pitch against us.

  • FredJ

    Get a clue, please let me know when Wurst is throwing her next perfect game, I’ll make sure we cover it, just give me the heads up before it happens.
    Maybe you don’t know how this works, but we pick games before they’re played, not after, does that make any sense to you? We don’t decide how much to write on the game stories either, our desk leaves us a certain amount of space, and we write to it.
    Yesterday we chose San Dimas and Covina because they were playing for first place, and with Mater Dei coming to town to face Amat, we thought that would be an interesting game to cover too. If you want all Bonita all the time, go read the La Verne Online, the guy does a great job.

  • outsidelookingin

    LMAO! Your right on target. The BHS supporters aren’t even happy when they win! They give props to Chloe, and then they bash the coach..

  • fred meally


    You should know by now that you are always going to have some wise ass complaining about his or her teams coverage. I have seen you cover Bonita on all of the big games, they get more coverage than most, I am a Bonita Softball fan and I laugh everytime I see one of these morons complain, If you want to complain about something, complain to your wife if you have one Friggin morons

  • outsidelookingin

    Fred Meally….

    Really? Your doing the bashing and complaining.

  • Just thinking that!

    Hey Lion King you must have been reading my mind. I was just thinking that maybe there is a coach at SDHS that needs to retire! Not only would that allow for better decisions but maybe girls wouldn’t make varsity based on name recognition or how many years their family has been involved the sport – or how much money they contribute. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new face and maybe some new strategy?

  • Don

    Now Freddy, dont go getting all cranky, you know its going to get personal if your smiling face and name are at the top of the blog, right?

    That of course was MY point, the blog, not the coverage in the paper. In the blog it takes a couple of mouse strokes, a few taps on the keyboard and you can quickly cover anything your heart desires: Amat Football, Tiger in the Masters, Amat Basketball, LVL Hoops, Amat Coaches, Wood bats, Amat Baseball, the guru, Amat, well, anything you want, right.

    Thats what makes this blog so nifty, when you get something a bit unique, like a kid throwing a No-No and a Perfect Game in the same calendar week, you can cover it even though the paper hadnt planned on it, just like news. (Maybe even a file pic from last year.) Heck, nobody suggested you drive over to the girls house last night or anything and hey, I may be wrong, maybe No-Hitters and Perfect Games are routine in Womens Softball; if they are then my bad. If they are anywhere near as rare as they are in Mens Baseball, shame on someone else.

    Your point on the Bonita coverage by Pete Bennett at is spot on. He might not be the next Mel Durslag, but he does cover the local kids well. Heres a quote from Bonita Coach John Knott in yesterdays edition.
    The goal is to try to get better every day, and not worry about standings or rankings or anything like that because really at this point in the year, they dont mean anything, Knott said on his way to address his team. Its our third league game; we still have nine to go.

  • FredJ

    Don, do you see Wurst’s name in the headline. When I got back to the office and heard she threw a perfect game, the first thing I did was post it, adding that she had 12 strikeouts too.

  • Don

    I saw it all Fred, I just thought the line of O Runs, O Hits, 1 BB, and 25 Ks against 45 Batters Faced in three days worthy of a little more. But thats just me.
    If Im wrong, Im wrong; it sure wont be the first time.

    I surely have no horse in this race having seen only my second and third Women’s softball games ever this year but Im thinking there may be something special about this kid. She has pitched something like 2/3 of the innings on a team that at 10-1-1 is arguably one of the best in the area. At 8-1, she has all but three of the teams decisions. All that from a kid who seems like a terrific person, well liked at school, funny, outgoing, and by all accounts a great teammate.



    La Verne online huh? Not a word on Wurst throwing back to back nonos. You know as well as I La Verne is a football and baseball kind of town the point being is your supposed to be better than that. Sounds like I touched a nerve with the Aram thing and finally I get a response from you but not exactly what I was looking for. I bet if Patterson or Waldusky were still in high school the term hold the presses would have taken precedence no biggie though BHS girls will get their do and hopefully the band wagon will begin untill then go Freds Lancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Professor Plum with a Candlestick in the Library

    maybe y’all should GETACLUE and just go to Amat – then you;d get all the coverage you want. Simple solution – better school, better competition, better coverage, more exposure, etc

  • 888

    whats the cost per year?

  • info man
  • Luvs Softball

    Really? Really? Covina gets part of one headline because a freshman hits an unexpected grand slam against what in all of your opinions is a great team with a great pitcher (and apparently an old coach who “needs to retire”. I suppose that’s the only reason the HR was even hit)and BHS parent’s are upset…give it a rest yes, Wurst is great whoo hoo pat her on the back but seriously does it require a smart azz remark like “run forrest run”. And so what if Fred likes Amat, it’s his blog. I would propose to make the BHS parents happy and that Fred creates a 24/7 all BHS softball blog so that the rest of us can have the choice of not reading it.

  • homerism

    Lets see Amat is nowhere in Freds softball rankings but he says” With Mater Dei coming to town to face Amat we thought it would be an interesting game to cover.” Give me a break let Amat earn the points before they get coverage see the point now thats like covering a Mountain view game or something?

  • Don

    Dear Luvs Softball,
    Im not sure what kind of reading comprehension program your middle school has but I would suggest you try and have your parents insist on some improvement.

    MY POSTS WERE ABOUT COVERING A UNIQUE NEWS EVENT, not about a team’s exposure or lack thereof. GOT IT?

    I am certainly not a BHS Softball parent. If you had been watching this blog last season, you would certainly know how I was excoriated by the BHS Softball fans. My gripe is with the coverage, or lack of, for what I consider an amazing achievement. Id like to think that Id go to bat for a kid from any school who had performed as remarkably.

    In Baseball, about 70 Grand Slam Home Runs are hit every year for every No Hitter pitched. Some of the Grand Slams win games, some do not. NEARLY EVERY NO HITTER IS A W, GOT IT? In the Majors, there have only been 18 Perfect Games. For those of you playing at home, this makes them way unique. Following a No-Hitter with a Perfect Game is FREAKIN UNHEARD OF!!! GOT IT?

    Softball is a sport dominated more by pitching but not so much that a NO-NO followed by a Perfect Game in the same week is anything but front page news. Beat me up all you like, but you had better have a more compelling story than youve played so far.

  • Fridays Results

    game one
    St. Lucy’s over San Dimas 6-4 Floersch(W) ?????(L)
    game two
    St. Lucy’s over San Dimas 1-0 O’Toole(w) Wurst(L)

    sorry, no box scores

  • Luvs Softball

    Well Don,
    I was not referring to your remarks, I was referring to GETACLUEROBLEDO’s comments. GOT IT!
    Learn to follow along. It’s not just Don’s world and the rest of us are just breathing in it. And FYI…It’s always about coverage or more to your point, the lack there of. Sorry, Fred I’m done and just to be politically correct, kudos to all those athletes who leave it all on the field no matter how strong or weak their team is.

  • FCSOA umpire

    don pollard at San Dimas is as poor a coach as anyone around, how the heck he keeps his job? beyond me

  • Will

    LOL! Way to go off on someone who wasn’t even talking to you, Don! Looks like the reading comprehension problem is yours.

  • big correction


    game two
    St. Lucy’s over San Dimas 1-0 O’Toole(w) Wurst(L

    Wurst plays for Bonita, do you mean Clarke????

  • Friday Results

    sorry, big time brain fart. Yes, Clarke from San Dimas.

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