Should Bishop Amat and South Hills say yes to wooden bats in the National Classic?

Marin Catholic High is proposing that teams in next months National Classic use wooden bats. Bishop Amat and South Hills are both in this tournament. Marin is proposing this after one of its players was hit by a ball from an aluminum bat and was put in a medically induced coma. Regardless of the tournaments decision, Marin is planning on using wooden pats

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  • kh

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  • Baseball NUT!

    I would vote for YES! I mean you can’t use em in the Bigs, so better get used to them. I mean it seems silly say to why to ever use aluminum bats in the first place. I guess its like playing hoops with a 8 foot basket then getting to the NBA then having to go to 10 FT!

  • THEHenry

    I can understand the concern, and of course Bishiop Amat and South Hills knows it as well. However whatever they choose to do either way, Marin will (go with wooden bats). They are just posing this to everyone else. It would be nice that others do.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Would Anderson allow them use wooden bats?

  • just sayin’

    every time I read a KH it reminds me of this guy.
    KH – keep it up

  • Critter

    kh-just a suggestion, you may want to go watch another team that actually plays somebody or wait until your team actually schedules someone? That being said, What are the kitty cats plans for spring break? Are they playing in the Walmarado classic? Or maybe The La Verne Super Series Battle of the Under Recognized Super Good Baseball Teams Without Sports Column Publicist?

  • Good to be informed

    Marin Independent Journal article-

  • Frank

    I am totally for the use of wood bats. Especially with the design of some of these aluimimum bats today they have so much pop, that it really is dangerous for pitchers.
    I know part of the reason is, people dont want to pay to constantly replace wood bats, but for the price of a good aluiminum bat you could buy three or four wood bats


    My son is in high school and plays on elite level scout teams in the late summer and fall as well ABD for travel in which only wood bats are allowed. For the advanced player it is an issue because everything changes for the offensive player – the ball is harder to square up – it does not travel as far – the bats break etc etc..
    What it does is separate the men from the boys immediately, so for the advanced kid it may not as much as an issue but for the above average to average high school player it is dramatic. If you have yet to see a wood bat tournament then you have no idea what I am talking about but if you have then a 3-2 game is high scoring unless there is multiple errors. I know the point is the kid was hurt so they are making a statement and I feel for that kid and his family but if the national tournament is supposed to be about elite high school baseball and now you want to change it then why play it at all? It will not be a true snap shot of current high school baseball and is that not the point? I am curious is this team going to use wood bats for the rest of the year?

  • It’s all about the price

    This is not directed towards the National Classic.

    I don’t think the switch to wooden bats is a good idea. The price of purchasing bats would affect many families. Some people can’t afford the “good” aluminum bats. How are they going to afford wooden bats over a four year high school career. Affluent areas(i.e. Claremont, Marin County, San Juan Capistrano) are places in California where price may not matter. But that is not the majority.

  • hh baseball fan


    your the biggest idiot on these blogs!
    a pitcher got hit in the head yesterday during the citrus baseball game and all you can say is that this is a joke? your ridiculous!!!!

  • whitey

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  • COChargerfan

    Pitchers being hit by batted balls doesn’t have anything to do with the bat being aluminum as scientific studies show that there is a nominal difference between the ball exit speed ratio (BESR) of a wood vs. aluminum bat, that is, after the BESR rules were adopted almost 10 years ago. The danger is that after releasing the ball a pitcher is only around 54 feet away from the hitter and, sans putting up a screen, there will always be the risk that he cannot get out of the way of a lined ball.

    The fact of the matter is that after the BESR rules went into effect in 2001, the NCAA home run totals dropped dramatically and have stayed relatively flat ever since. Pretty compelling evidence that the BESR rules reined in the hot bats that many of you believe still existbut they dont.

    The advantage of aluminum over wood isnt ball exit speed but that the sweet spot for wood is a few inches on the barrel and anything else is a total disaster whereas with aluminum anything three inches above the handle to the end of the bat is playable.

    And folks, next year you get to buy the kids a brand new bat because the bat safety freaks have talked the NCAA (with High School to follow) into a new measuring standardthe ball-bat coefficient of restitution (BBECR).

  • sgvbaseball

    Most of the kids would have would bats already. Connie Mack and so many events are used with wood bats. So many players today already use wood bats when working out. The enitre summer wood bats are used and in the Fall many of the bigger tournaments are wood so getting wood bats in the hands of the players won;t be much of a problem.

  • kh

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  • kh

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  • sthu

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