Bishop Amat and South Hills will use wood bats in next week’s National Classic

After consulting with coaches, teams participating in next week’s National Classic will use wood bats, a tournament that includes Bishop Amat and South Hills. Marin Catholic High proposed last week that teams use wooden bats. Marin proposed this after one of its players was hit by a ball from an aluminum bat and was put in a medically induced coma. South Hills coach Kevin Smith said a team from Florida is providing each team with 15 wooden bats.
“I didn’t have a strong opinion on it one way or the other,” Smith said. “It might throw the kids off a little bit, but in respect for the kid that got hit, I have no problem doing it. It’s not like we’re playing for a CIF title and with everyone using (wooden bats), I’m fine with it.”

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  • questions

    1. does Andersen make wood bats? Isn’t this a Andersen sponsored event?
    2. will ALL teams use wood or just the ones that agree to?

  • playhardr

    I get the why. However, I would have loved to have the players decide and not 8 coaches.

    My idea, pick one round of the games and use wood as a tribute, not sure the entire tourny is the way to go. But very sensitive subject nowadays.

    I wonder how Anderson feels about this?

    Players please post your honest opinions here too.

  • LetEmPlay

    I think the two teams representing our little corner of the world made a GREAT choice. Congratulations to the coaches and anyone else who helped influence the decision! It’s a game for children here at the high school level folks and the concern for the cost of wooden bats isn’t something South Hills and Bishop Amat have to agonize over.

    While I can appreciate where some of the lower income schools have a problem buying wood bats for their team it’s my opinion that learning how to hit a baseball with a metal bat isn’t a positive training tool for the potential Big League player.

    So I HOPE it’s just a stupid fad that youth baseball experimented with metal bats and then turned it all back around to wood bats for the best interests of the kids.

  • Mark Lopez

    With the skill level these players are playing at today, I am convinced that both College and High School players should use wooden bats and do away with the aluminum bat. It is a cash cow business with the aluminum bat makers but with the way they make now (modern Technology) and how advanced they are, aluminum bat makers have come up with newly designed, more impact force loaded bats. It is dangerous. Keeping aluinum bats in the Lil Leagues is ok. Shaved Aluminum bats are becoming more of a common thing as well.

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