State Champions La Verne Lutheran invited to Covina Christmas tournament … Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen

The invitation has been extended to the state champs. Covina High School boys basketball coach Will Bissman told me over the weekend that La Verne Lutheran has been invited to the 57th annual Covina Christmas boys basketball tournament in December. Lutheran coach Eric Cooper said a month ago the Trojans’ 2010-11 schedule was filled with numerous outside tournaments and showcase games, making it almost impossible to accept Covina’s invite, but at least the invitation has been extended and an area coach has reached out. It’s a step. If Lutheran could squeeze the Covina tournament in its schedule, it would create quite a buzz for a week in Covina, and it would give Lutheran the chance of playing in front of huge San Gabriel Valley crowds and warm them to area followers. Chino Hills, Bonita, Bishop Amat, Los Altos and Northview are all expected in the tournament next year, which would be the area’s only shot of potentially watching a Bonita-Lutheran, or Bonita-Amat game.

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  • not only…

    Will that not happen, nor will LHS students be atending school on 4/12 (the day they were supposed to return from spring break)!!!!

    Since a State Championship warrants a day off school – funny thought I was paying for my child to get an education!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lut Fan to not only:said

    Damien, lets there students leave early to (SD)for there state game vs Lincoln and are given the following day off so they can support there team, kudos to Damien Admin., 300+ (4 bus loads)went to San Diego,and you are being a jerk because the Lut. students went by bus to support there team to Bakersfield and are bring rewarded please get a life and quit the hate!

  • To Luth Fan

    There should be their.

    Bring should be being.

    Must have a “Lut” education!

    And if I am a jerk for wanting my child to be educated – so be it – I can live with that!

    If you love Damien so much – take the whole team over to Damien – the majority of the student body would not notice!

  • Trojan Fan said:

    :said: Congrats to Cj Cooper CIF Div.5 player of the yr. ,Grant Jerrett first team!

  • chickens

    I guess the lack of response from Lutheran Honks leads us to conclude that Lutheran is afraid of playing the best local teams. They beg for respect then run away when invited, what a typical small school. Don’t want to hear one word about lack of coverage next year, you made your bed, now you sleep in it.

  • Brad

    I’d be shocked if they accept it, they will be in the top/national division of the Torrey Pines Holiday Classic in San Diego like they were last year, which is one of the top tournaments in the country. They will be facing some of the best teams in the country. Sorry a top national tournament is much better than a watered down Covina tournament.

  • lvbballfan

    I love the invitation from covina, it is a move in the right direction, but they already play in great tournaments. I would love to see them play damien. Reyes v. Jerret would be a great matchup

  • why not?

    Lutheran wants attention from the valley..why not playing in a big valley tourney?? the area would definatly go out and see that..hey Fred, did the coach invite Damien too? if so that would be a great tourney, and could possibly see a damien Vs. Lutheran. it would be huge for the area and especially the city a La Verne with Bonita going to be good next year as well