All CIF-SS Basketball teams released, Baldwin Park coach Marc Hart earns only coach of the year honors; CJ Cooper 5AA player of the year

The All-CIF basketball teams have been announced, locally here is who made it.
All CIF-SS Boys Basketball
Division 2AA
– Calvin Smith, Glendora, 1st team
Division 2A – Chris Adams, Damien, 1st team; Chris Reyes, Damien, 1st team; Fernie Morelos, Baldwin Park, Second Team; Coach of the year, Marc Hart, Baldwin Park.
Division 3A – Evan Barr, Charter Oak, 1st team; James northup, Bonita, 1st team
Division 4AA – Daniel Rodriguez, Bishop Amat, 1st team; Tyler Goldston, Bishop Amat, 2nd team.; Chris Barbato, San Dimas, 2nd team.
Division 4A: Bobby Miles, Workman, 2nd team.
Division 5AA: CJ Cooper, La Verne Lutheran, Player of the year; Grant Jerrett, La Verne Lutheran, 1st team.

All CIF-SS Girls Basketball
Division 2A:
Erika Williams, Diamond Ranch, 1st team; Erica Greer, Diamond Ranch, 2nd team
Division 3AA: Arielle Wideman, Bishop Amat, 1st team; Leticia Galarza, Bishop Amat, 2nd team.
Division 3A: Taylor Anderson, Bonita, 1st team; Madison Zylstra, Bonita, 1st team; Melinda Gomez, South Hills, 1st team; Naijah Calhoun, Wilson, 2nd team.

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    Brian Johnson from Northview made 2nd team for 4AA

  • kurmugin

    Re All CIF. Obviously we are not all the news all the time. Is it too much to ask who else, other than our own, made the CIF teams? And, just maybe, why they made it. Like most hours on the bench or best in splinter removal? Come on, guys, you are our only source for this info. Let’s pretend you are still in the news biz and actually deliver the news. While you are at it, mayabe you could also let us know who made all league. If you bothered to carry that in the paper you might sell a couple of them.

  • Fish Bowl Syndrome

    Kurmugin as much as I hate to admit it The Tribune and their blog are lazy. I usually go to the Daily Bulletin blog, with zero comments, to find out who made All League in our league and in others. If that doesn’t work I access the OC Register and get their outstanding takes on high school sports. The Fish Bowl is crazy that way. They’d rather get their props from every one kisssing every else butt coaches ad reporters than find out they didn’t get props outside their Fishbowl. Pretty stupid when it’s a cut and paste job. Come on Fred in the paper I can see ink space being a premium but here in mindless blog country why not have all league and all cif for everyone who made it and not just our locals?

  • review

    Congrats to all, great work! Must mention the La Verne products Madison Zylstra, Taylor Anderson and James Northrup, all home grown and all 3 juniors. Props to Adams, Reyes, Jarret and Cooper all represented their schools and teams well all year. We will see most of you next year. Good luck in the aau circut. Fred- miramonte league awards are out, surely the others too?

  • truballermom

    It’s unfortunate that the stats submitted were padded by several schools. Saw a lot of games and the selections are not accurate-I blame the coaches! The better players were all chosen as second team selections-girls and boys It’s sad that good kids keep getting denied because of favoritism and even racism. I challenge readers and sports fan alike: look at substitution patterns, promises to coaches, and overall structure of certain programs.

  • How can we help you if you can’t help yourself?

    kurmufin – I know it might be difficult for you to figure out – but with all your complaining about public/private schools maybe you can show off your public school education and CLICK THE LINK that Fred provided taking you to the CIF announcement of ALL the all-cif winners in ALL sports. WOW!

  • former coach

    Coach Hart and Fernie way to represent Baldwin Park well. You guys had a great season. It was fun watching from afar the success that BP had this year. You guys deserve the honors. It was nice to see someone have success doing it the right way. With home grown talent!

  • CJ Miller gets snubbed?

    No CIF for CJ MIller? Odd.

    Calvin Smith and Chris Adams were Mc Donald’s All American nominees, where did they end up getting their scholarship to?

    Fred are you going to make a list of all the players who sign D1 basketball scholarships like you do in football and baseball?

  • dhkg

    darnell martin from nogales got 2nd team qlll cif

  • Real SG Valley school overlooked again

    Why is it our local, actual schools in the San Gabriel Valley, not off where you need to drive through hills and drive up an hour, are overlooked for the “big name” schools from farther away?
    All CIF..your paper forgot to mention a girl player who earned the honor from Sierra Vista. It’s okay, their coach and program play with respect and even though they aren’t a “big name” school, they know winning league almost every year, regardless of the competition, is still an achievement. We’ll play them anytime because of their good sportsmanship. Too bad they can’t be in division 5 where they belong like a few other schools that consistently win in lower divisions in other sports.

  • kurmugin

    How can we help you…by letting me know just where and/or how I can acceess this blog you mentioned…If I could I would and not bother Fred or anyone else. I just want the info. All League teams would be a good start.

  • Computer 101

    kurmugin – CLICK THE LINK in Freds article where it says in red “The All-CIF basketball teams have been announced,”

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Sierra Vista? I just looked at their schedule. Who do they play? They avoid all the top teams in the area like the plague. Winning league is an accomplishment but again who is in that league? How would they do against Walnut, Bonita, Dranch, Amat, South HIlls, Glendora, or St Lucys. If they want to get some respect in the Valley maybe they should try to schedule some of those teams to see just how well they really match-up. Don’t get me wrong, their coach does a great job of getting his players to play hard. Seems like they might be better served getting ready for the play-offs by playing some of the better teams in the area.

    SGV430 Ouuuut!!!

  • daily ref

    truballermom-should we not celebrate the awards?Padded stats, even racism, at this time of year it comes down to results and usually entire groups of coaches, officals or the press determining awards, the favoritism if it exists is over and gone.