Baseball Rankings: Bishop Amat, South Hills and Glendora still look like the best

I know it looks like Edgewood, but it’s actually Bishop Amat on St. Patty’s Day …

Tribune Baseball Rankings
1. Bishop Amat (9-1)
2. South Hills (7-1)
3. Glendora (8-1)
4. Diamond Bar (6-3)
5. Walnut (6-1-1)
6. Damien (5-3)
7. Bonita (5-2-1)
8. Los Altos (8-2)
9. Northview (5-2-1)
10. San Dimas (5-3)

CIF-Baseball Rankings
Division 2: 1. Crespi, 2. Glendora, 3. Yucaipa, 4. Bellflower, 5. El Toro, 6. Palos Verdes, 7. Redlands East Valley, 8. Alemany, 9. Canyon Springs, 10. Mayfair.
Division 3: 1. Beckman, 2. South Hills, 3. San Gorgonio, 4. Los Altos, 5. Orange, 6. Alhambra, 7. Montebello, 8. Walnut, 9. La Quinta, 10. Westminster.
Division 4: 1. Bishop Amat, 2. Torrance, 3. Sonora, 4. Palm Desert, 5. Santa Ana Calvary Baptist, 6. Northview, 7. St. Paul, 8. Monrovia, 9. Barstow, 10. Oaks Christian.

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  • duh…

    Amat is scary good. 6th in State. Goodluck to Amat & SoHi in the National. Go sgv! Anyone know how Amat did yesterday?

  • kh

    i still dont know how you kick some teams butt that was ranked @1 div 3 and cif still puts them ahead of you.
    we must of got lucky.
    at least fred did the right thing.we play 2 more teams on top of us this week,go bearcats,
    good luck so-hills and amat this weekend boys.
    play ball


    Amat 11 Bishop Montgomery 2

  • enough already!

    When does Amat get to move to another Div? No disrespect to the other teams in our league but Amat really should be in a more competative league and probably even back in DI. What do we have to do to get moved. Seriously.

  • Roll Call

    enough already! – if you’re an Amat fan you know they want to be up and have no choice because that’s where our league falls. The Mission League and Trinity League are out of the question – they don’t want the travel. So until Damien nuts up and quits hiding from other parochial schools to add another private school to the mix and create another league (Amat, Damien, St Paul, St Francis, and pick another rotating doormat) Amat is stuck.

    If you’re from another school, well if you suck enough you can move DOWN from the Del Rey to the Camino Real just like Bosco Tech did. If you’re from Bishop Montgomery – you don’t complain during basketball season so much, do you? If you’re from La Salle – what goes around comes around after all those years being “under-leagued yourself in the Santa Fe. Cantwell just switched places w/ Bosco after winning that league. Is that a constitutional right- to be in f1st? Then if you’re from St Paul – you’ve taken a back seat to Amat in all sports for decades – you should be used to it.

  • Frank

    Amat should be in a higher division, but its not their choice to be in d4. Ive heard it has to do with travelling, but I’m not sure. But, for know everyone else must be patient and take the beatings.
    Kh your team is in the top ten congratulations!If they keep it up they may make top five.

  • Enough Already

    Roll Call – pretty funny stuff. I am from Amat and yes I know we were placed where we are, BUT, are we truely, absolutely, no way we can do anything to change the alignment of the stars stuck????? This really sucks. It’s not even entertaining to go to a league game. St Paul gives a good run in baseball, sometimes, and everybody else is an, eh! I wish our pre-season schedule was our league schedule and our regular season could just be a long and boring pre-season. I know this is going to come off sounding really bad but it’s been a very frustrating time since we were dropped. We must get back to D-I. How can we do it? Petition? Letter campaign? What can we do or do we really have to just sit back and ride it out? Not inviting, Amat Haterade to be thrown on me, just venting and asking some questions. Obviously, any team on any day and all that applies…..

  • AMAT 73

    Enough Already,
    The only option I can see is first CIF moving us up at least to D-2 and then placing us in the Mission League which includes Crespi , ND , and others we face in football with the exception of Harvard – Westlake. But first CIF needs to do their thing. All we can do is hope it happens. As far as D-1 that would have to be the Trinity League and I don’t think they want the travel time to come to AMAT. Maybe Joe Amat can add some insight to this situation.

  • socal baseball fan

    In 3rd round action today at the IEBC Wilma Carter(3-4) beat Upland today 11-5. Carter pounded out 15 hits and limited Upland to only 3 hits. I guess the next LA Time rankings will not include Upland who falls to 8-4. This was a surprise as Carter is at best a 4-5 place CBL team.


    hey kh surprised your not on here talking crap about spanking wilson today ,,,,,,damn wilson has a horrible defense and Hitting

  • kh

    there is no need to kick somebody once there down my buddy blogger.
    wilsons in trouble,hopefully the coach will keep cool. ride it out,then again its give you the change to patten a few starters stats,its basaball,you play whos ever in front of you,its like that in all sports ,one game at a time.
    frank thanks, the boys in whole are playing real solid baseball,theres some kids who have really picked us up.and some kids going thru some funks.hopefully as being a team its along season we will all come together and make the run for the ring,have a nice day .

  • socal baseball fan

    Corrected Score
    Max preps had the score wrong and has not corrected the score. Upland beat Wilma Carter yesterday 11-5. They played Patriot hs today for 3rd place.

  • Hmmmmmmm

    hey kh heard ur son didnt get nothin off Baltierra hmmmmmm whats up with that

  • kh

    your wrong k.c. had sac fly ass.what are u a scout now, following h.s.
    we are 4-0 in league,its not about any one kid.baseballs a team game,
    ck back end of season on stats,
    they dont have mentels for first few games,you have to finish the race.go bearcats, lots of guys hit 400 in the bigs, but few finish at 300.when the dust is all clear,thank gods hes starting a little slow or we would be killing every team ,instead of just whopping there butts.theres acouple big hitters who will carry this team soon and its not just one guy,big boys,we have two really good senior ,that will beat ant team with bats,stay toned.

  • kh

    hmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrr tell your mole,kc is are leading hitter from last years team,and at the end of the dust cloud,be right back in the thick of things.put your money where your month is,we will even spot you guys 100 points.wait tell the games really start to count and the presure starts to heat up.i know who wants the ball and bat in there hands.history always repeats its self.b-bag

  • I will take some action

    KH – what’s the over / under for the year. I am taking the under at 325.

  • kh

    name your price,he will hit that in his sleep.after today hes one hit away from your little over under bull larry,we smoked them again,whos making the rankings,helen keller

  • kh

    hey i will take that bet.
    wheres your money at .
    dont ever dount a huth when it comes to hitting
    two game 4for 8 all seeds. the stroke is coming fast, like i said as long as the bearcats keep winning thats all that counts.
    front runner larry,
    no body in this valley will stop us.

  • Is kh having lsd flash backs

    kh I don’t like bagging on kids but you throw your kid out there. You wear beer goggles wacthing your son. He would be lucky to play jc ball. Not even the fifth best player on team and closer to 10. Bench is not far away. Could not even make allstars at 11. I could not believe some of the stories I heard about you from last years parents. Your son will never be as good as you make him out to be.

  • call what i see

    As much as I would like to see BA play in their rightful division, to make it fair for the kids, you better hope that we also get a new coach as well. You saw what happen last year against San Dimas in the deciding game for CIF. This guy would have to do some real coaching. He couldn’t then and he still can’t. And then to make him feel better he blamed the kids. The only reason their winning now is because of the div their in. What a joke.

  • just sayin’

    call what i see – they’re 9-1 against some of the best teams in California – and the Nation. It has NOTHING to do with division until the league & playoffs. Palm desert, Santiago, Mater Dei, Capo Valley, Chatsworth, Peninsula, Royal… all ranked in higher divisions

  • kh

    your a idioit.
    you one of the best h.s. coaches in the state.
    was at s.c for many moons.
    the former head coach is now head at irvine.
    there 12-1 rated # 1 in the area.and your some sorry voice saying they need another coach,
    so they lost to s.d. last year.get over it .
    hes doing fine at amat.
    andys a baseball lifer,just like his father was.
    amat lucky too have him as there coach,so go back into your hole,and rebury yourself plesae.
    am pulling for amat and s.h. in there trny.
    now in cif thats a different story,s.h. is done.
    this isnt the pros where you just get raid of the coach.hes there to stay.
    and bring home the gold.hater

  • call what i see

    Yea he is so great that’s why SC promoted him or was it demoted him. He’d rather coach at the high school level.” Yea right”The only idiot I see here is all the ones that fall for his bull sh*t. We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe this year he can make a better decision and not wait till the bases are loaded in the last inning before he brings his ace in. Oh that’s right he was saving him for the CIF show. Thank God for the caliber of kids BA has. Anyone can coach this team. LMAO