A Girls Volleyball Tribune vs. Star News Senior All-Star challenge being discussed for next season

I’m in preliminary discussions with people on the west side of the Valley interested in a girls senior all-star volleyball game next season that matches the Tribune against the Star-News all-stars. It would obviously happen after the state playoffs, is this something you volleyball fans would like to see?

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  • GHigh

    Don’t play with us Fred! You know Girls Volleyball is probably only second to Football on the blog. Shoot, get the Inland Valley to join as well and you will have a packed house.

  • LA Futbol

    What about SOCCER Freddy? Come on Brother! You gotta make this happen dude!

  • Whadya mean it doesn’t take place already!!!

    Wait this “ISN’T” an annual event!!!!

    The Tribune sux!

    Get off your a$$e$ and be a freakin “force” in your community.

    Bush league that all Sports All Star Games aren’t a function of the local paper. I can see the tough times now having an impact but with all the incredible prosperity prior it’s unforgivable.

    What a crock!

  • Basic


    You asked if it is something that we would like to see and my simple answer is, YES!!!

    And yes I could complain as to why this hasn’t happened before but how about I just say thanks for bringing it up now…

  • volnut

    Yes, this is a great idea and would not take much effort at all. I am definitely in favor of it.

  • FredJ

    What am I the commissioner of SGV all-star games? It looks like the volleyball game will happen, a person from the West SGV will take care of the logistics, we just have to select coaches and put a team together….We can do the same in soccer, but it’s going to take a couple coaches getting together, setting a venue and then I can help with organizing coaches and selecting teams. Any coach who wants to step the forefront can contact me.

  • vb fan

    I would buy 8 tickets. It would be fun to see the best players from St. Lucy’s, Bonita, South Hills, Los Altos, etc. all on one team.