Wednesday Baseball: Amat’s Paul Paez strikes out 13 in 7-0 win over St. Paul while Northview smashes San Dimas and Damien gets back in Sierra League race with win at Diamond Bar

Northview 15, San Dimas 5: What looked like a good game on paper between defending CIF-Southern Section Division 4 champion San Dimas and visiting Northview, in a battle for sole possession of first in the Valle Vista League, turned into a tough one for Saints coach Mike Regan to stomach.

Damien 6, Diamond Bar 3: – It’s hard to call the fourth game of league a must-win, but that’s probably what Wednesday’s visit to Diamond Bar was for the Damien High School baseball team. The Spartans couldn’t afford to fall further behind the Sierra League leaders and played like it in a 6-3 win over the Brahmas.

Bishop Amat 7, St. Paul 0: It began with a homer and went from there. That was the start of a near perfect afternoon for the Bishop Amat High School baseball team, which took sole possession of first place in the Del Rey League by defeating host St. Paul, 7-0, on Wednesday.

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  • sherlock


    Could you post the Northview/covina easter break tournament on line please.

    thank you,


  • FredJ

    I’ll post the Northview tournament tonight, I’m picking it up this afternoon.

  • amat follower

    were can i find amat vs. st. paul updates

  • Another Lancer victory

    Heard Lancers won 8-0.

  • Dbar

    Damien is weak this year! no pitching or hitting. What does that say about Dbar? #4 in the valley? One man show.

  • Hit,Run,Error’s

    Diamond Bar has 21 errors in 10 games, I have been at every game there has been way more errors than that, Shibley just doesn’t record them. That’s the only stat he doesn’t post because it’s that bad. Good defense starts at practice, with drills over and over. You can’t win games with all those errors.

  • DBfan

    Dbar needs a closer and a set up guy in the bullpen. It’s a very close game until 5th Inn.
    I will take this kind of lose anytime.

  • Just Observing

    How did Northview get the kid from Whittier High and the kid from South Hills who are now both seniors and played varsity last year???? how do they do it…. Seniors transferring and don’t have to sit…. Another Whittier transfer at that…. WOW

    Go get em Colts….

  • Fan

    Dbar needs another starter, middle man, and a closer. We have one pitcher Kenny that’s all. Kenny barely got by with several 1 run games that could have gone the other way. It’s not looking so good for Diamond Bar.

  • Big NV Vike

    Just Observing,
    Really…are you really going to go that road with Northview…come on now…how did you get Hynes? How did you get Carillo? How did you get Murillo? How did you get Zapata? Lets just let the game be played Friday without this sideshow bs. You know exactly what we’re talking about, so let’s not call out kids and make this ugly or two can play that game.

  • Patrick

    Why dont some of you boo hoo posters lose the Dbar monikers if hate the damn school that bad?? Yet, you keep bringing your asses back every week,. I think everybody gets your point. I dont remember any rulebook stating Dbar was guaranteed to win everygame either!

    Grow up!

  • Animal

    Was Amat game another great performance. Where do I start. Ok then here goes ofense was awsome. Defense was awsome. Oh Yeah the Animal (Paez) awsome. I mean come Amat it is just starting to jell. They are on a roll. With Paez leading the charge what can I say I know now that I saw I believe what they say. He can control a game and show his power and use all his pitches off speed. He can also locate just not throw hard. Hitting show a great display. etc etc etc. Go Amat.

  • It’s just a game

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all the excuses (mostly from D-Bar fans). It’s high school baseball, they’re going to make errors. Get over it. It’s a team game not the Kenny Matthews show. I think you need to give some credit to players like Crowe who hit the crap out of the ball today. When Chester Pak get’s going you’re going to have a very tough 1-4. DBfan, I don’t know anyone who would take any kind of loss “anytime”. Dbar, “weak” Damien put up 6 on the Brahmas today and only allowed 2. That just says Diamond Bar lost and nothing more. Damn, does anyone have anything positive to say about anything anymore? How about we talk about some positives for a change? Give credit to the TEAM that wins and don’t use excuses like errors, umpires or the lack of pitching for the TEAM that looses. Those things are part of baseball on EVERY level.

    It’s just a game…

  • TheJUDGE

    Cmon now Big NV Vike, get the rules straight. The players that are at Covina are there legally, on permit, allowed by CIF. Oh, and by the way, the players you mentioned were heavily recruited by NV coaches while they attended NV’s baseball camp as 8th graders so please get your facts straight. Seriously, FREE Valentine’s Day camp? Yeah right! FREE recruiting.

  • DBfan

    Relax, “It’s just a game”. Win or loss, you got take it. You only have one “first rounder” Kmat.
    That will be enough for Dbar to have 8-9 wins, (I expect Kenny win every game he pitches). The rest of pitchers are second rated pitchers or call them throwers. You are lucky to have any wins coming out of them. That’s the fact. In this tough league, you got have two or three decent pitchers to win the league title. I don’t see it from Dbar. So, relax, take the loss like a gentleman. Congratulations to the Spartants!

  • Robert

    The JUDGE…you call yourself that and here you are…being a judge of another program’s character when yours is made of glass. We all know about the pop warner program and kids living all over the sgv at your school, so stop already. I’m going to encourage anyone from Northview not to engage in this ridiculous bs. I’m sure you didn’t care for all the negativity here with Munoz and Moran situations, so why start this kind of stuff up again? This could be a fun series, but this kind of accusation bs is bad for high school sports.

  • Rules

    hey judge,

    ignorance is bliss. Before you go on your little rant about how high schools recruit and Covina is innocent blah blah blah. You mention all of your kids are legal. Do you not think that the ones at NV went through the same thing? Principal Sims does a wonderful job ensuring that every transfer goes through the legitimate process and gets verified by CIF. He has taken every home visit he has needed too and all the kids have successfully relocated to within the district (Dont believe me? Ask around, I am sure you will get the same answer about his precision and “by the book” philosophy). Give these kids a break man. On your rationale, you just stated that these kids and their families are moving from their homes to NV just because it is a great program. Well thanks for the compliment, the NV program is held in high esteem because of supporters as yourself! Great programs dont have to recruit, kids come to them. Ask BA, everyone claims they recruit heavily, but its not college, they dont recruit everyone, kids come to their program because its one of the best in the valley. Dont flatter yourself with the recruiting excuse, attempting to put a distraction on what looks to be an amazing game. Best of luck to both teams, I hope it is another showcase for the VVL, and the tight league race this year.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Being a Amat grad, I decided to see my first Lancer game yesterday since last season. VERY good defense, timely hitting, Rio’s three hits, and Andersons HR and Paez looks very dominating. I will say this: I just wish the kid was 6’3 and NOT like 5’9. He will need another pitch to come up with at the next level, and beyond, BUT it can be done. I can see him as a Billy Wagner type in the minors and beyond, as his height will hinder him. As of NOW though he is probably eith the # 1 pitcher in SO. CAL, or # 1A. The Owens kid from Edison is pretty tough as well and he still has another year. Watching Owens VS Paez in the classic would be a fun game to see.

    Also is that Northview set in stone? Was wondering how a team like Ontario Christian, and Walnut can play @ 10 then again at 1:45 at a different school. Sounds strange. Looks like a good lineup otherwise.

  • Long season.

    (I expect Kenny win every game he pitches).

    **It’s not gonna happen, Kenny won some very close games by one run, could have gone the other way, he’s gonna have games were that happens. Diamond Bar just doesn’t have the pitching. The error’s will hurt as well.Watching this team is painful as times. Kenny had 4 runs off him in one inning against Downey not a great baseball school, not a high ranked school just a run of the mill school, The Sierra league this year isn’t the same. Glendora solid, Damien weak graduated all their pitchers, Chino Hills graduated a lot of their power, Chino not as good as last year, Ayala freshmen team rebuilding. Diamond Bar after watching the game against Damien it’s going to be a long season. I agree teams make errors but 21 in 10 games? I saw at least 5 error’s yesterday and only 3 were recorded.

  • BullPen

    Helloooo! Whats all this crap about how lousy DBar, Damien and the rest of the Sierra League is. This is from top to bottom the toughtest league around. Yesterdays DBar game vs Damien was a great one. Sure there were errors, but there was also some good pitching and hitting on both sides. Dbar ran out of gas and Damien capitilized. It happens in HS baseball, matter of fact it happens at the next two levels also. This years Sierra League Champion will probably have somewhere between 4-5 losses in league, as is has been in the past, not because they are lousy but because the league is so tough. The SL has three teams in the SGV top 10, what does that tell ya.

  • It’s just a game

    Long season, thanks for confirming my points about excuses and negative comments! According to you Glendora has the Sierra all but wrapped up. Think again. They may win it but it’s not going to be easy. Whichever team wins the Sierra will have 5 losses. I’ve seen teams from a few other leagues play and I’d put the Sierra up against any of those leagues any time. I can’t believe we’re not even through the first round of league games yet and you sound like you’re throwing in the towel already. How much confidence do you think that gives the team? If you think they don’t read these comments think again. Go back and look at some of the archives. There was allot of Diamond Bar is great going on just a few short weeks ago. Don’t make it sound like you’re writing them off so easily and make excuses for the games you haven’t lost yet. I know it’s frustrating to loose games you think you should win but mix in a little positive every once in a while. If Damien is “weak” D-Bar should have beat them whether they made 5 errors or not. In case you missed it, Damien booted a few too.

    It’s just a game…

  • It’s just a game

    Long season,

    …by the way, I’ll bet if you looked at the national average for errors/game you’ll find out that 2.1/game is pretty good (“21 in 10 games”). MaxPreps National Average fielding % is .786, that’s 2.14 errors/10 chances.

    It’s just a game

  • Does…

    ANyone have the Gladstone tournament schedule or link to the same??


  • fan

    .by the way, I’ll bet if you looked at the national average for errors/game you’ll find out that 2.1/game is pretty good (“21 in 10 games”). MaxPreps National Average fielding % is .786, that’s 2.14 errors/10 chances.

    If Shibley counted all the “real” error’s it would average out to be about 5 or 6 error’s a game.

    Yesterdays DBar game vs Damien was a great one. Sure there were errors, but there was also some good pitching and hitting on both sides.

    Were you at the same game? Great game? Good pitching from Damien & Diamond Bar? Diamond Bar batters struck out 10 times , Damien batters had ONE strike out.

  • toolman

    Dont throw the towel in d bar,

    You have a very, very good team with some hitters that are just outstanding. In fact, you have a couple guys that are the best in the league period and would be every coaches first picks if forming a high school team. Thats strength. You will make the playoffs, and if you do not have to burn kmat the last game of league you have a great chance to win game 1 and once you do that one never knows what happens next or who games up under the lights.

    Give Damien some respect they pitched pretty good yesterday when they needed to.

    Print this and give it to your coach. Pitching solution:

    Let some of the seniors pitch those middle innings with Johnson (Torrez and Pak and use Crowe as a closer, love a lefty that can keep ball away , very big vs high school righty hitters who love to pull and those leftys hitters like Glendoras//Damien). Use guys that have pitched and won in the past. Use guys that will bring an attitude to the mound. If you look at all the teams that have done well the last few years they all used seniors in key roles as relievers (Northview, San Dimas, Bonita, Charter Oak, Damien, S. Hills). Why use seniors, because they have pride, know how to compete, and are not intimidated in the moment. And most importantly they want to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Example Glendora Winterburn closes, how much of that did he do last year??? Unless the underclass guy is mature and has lots of pitching experience in travelball or throws 90 + and locates 2 pitches it is very tough to compete against these mature teams in the sierra league. The team is very close to making magic. The coach needs to figure out how to bring the rabbit out of the hat. He should use the northview tourney to test a few other pitchers, now.

    Your starter did very well through 4 innings and then needed some help. He will win some games for you that you will need to stay in the hunt for first place. He still should be #2 starter. Support him and you may strike gold in the playoffs and make a deep run. Remember Northview did it with pedroza (sophomore). This was only one game and Damien pitchers did pretty good. Starter pitched well and has tough curve ball to hit.

    Keep the faith the season is still young.

  • It’s just a game

    Hey “fan”,

    As long as you’re going there let’s not forget about all the “errors” (bad calls) by the umpires in high school baseball. There’s got to be at least 5 of those per game too. I’m sure that doesn’t help either right? Take a look, I said the National Average fielding % is .786 which means 2.14 errors/10 chances. Since there are 21 outs per side in a 7 inning game you’ve got to figure at least 20 defensive chances/game (if you consider hits and K’s), so that means 4.28 errors/game. You’re definition of “real” errors must come from Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer for the Tribune who called the 380′ drive in the gap from Damien’s Larez “a three-base error after Diamond Bar left fielder Chester Pak collided with center fielder Jeff Crowe as they pursued…”. That was no “routine” fly ball that should have been caught. I’m not sure what your definition of good pitching is either. In your own words, “Good pitching from Damien & Diamond Bar? Diamond Bar batters struck out 10 times”. If that’s not good pitching for Damien, what is? Were you at the game? Your starter had a no hit shut-out into the 4th. That’s not good pitching? Come on, quit the bashing and stop making excuses.

    It’s just a game…

  • DamienScore

    Yesterday was our best effort this season. Sr. LHP Amhrein stepped up for 5 inns and did well. His two closers also did well, Jr. LHP Gonzales (6th inn) and Sr RHP Martin (7th inn) slammed the door with 3 K’s a piece. Bats took a while to come alive but they did. This was a team effort and we need to follow it up with another great effort today, on the mound and at the plate. Shout out to Dbar Pak, that kid played his heart out on a bad leg, great courage and sportmanship.

  • Just Observing

    Big NV Vike Fan, Rules Said,

    I can see the kids going there as Freshman and playing the 4 years. When you transfer as a Senior then you should have to sit out like the rest of the kids transferring. Northview does it every year and that is what the problem is. As for Bishop, they are private so they can get kids from where ever they want. Just wondering how they do it as I know they kids don’t live in the district. They may get addresses but they don’t live there… Play ball and may the best team win…. Enough said.. As I see it, let the kids play…

  • Tim

    Just Observing,
    Shut your piehole and stop being a b****. You say “I can see if the kids go there all 4 years”. That’s convenient for your young kids who were brought in by the pop warner program connection to Covina (not going to say names because I don’t care what your program does) before they reached high school. That’s still undue influence. Think CIF didn’t find it odd that Covina was winning in no sports for years, but got a huge class of freshman athletes on permit the same year? Why or how did all those freshman go there? Just stop now and “Don’t throw stones when your house is made of glass”.

  • DamienScore

    Damien wins again! Defeating Chino with a walk-off HR by SR.Fernando Larez in the bottom of the 8th inning. James Guillen gets the win with 5 innings of good work.


    DBHS – 7

    DBHS – 4 – 1 Sierra League

  • socal baseball fan

    Today I decided to go see the REV vs Redlands game since sr lhp Griffin Murphy was throwing for REV. In the Riverside PE there was an article from Baseball America saying Murphy was the best high school lhp in the draft this year. Last week 50 plus scouts saw him pitch vs Rancho Cucamonga’s Reed. He threw 6 shut out innings vs RCHS.
    In this afternoon’s game he threw 6 shut out innings vs Redlands and overpowered the young terrier team 10-0. Murphy has a great fastball and average curve. He needs to develop a 3rd pitch. Next friday he will throw vs Yucaipa. REV is a team that can hit from 1-9 and now is 12-3 for the year losing the 3 games in the Tucson tournament. REV’s weakness may be lack of a good #2-3 pitcher. There is a new player on the team sr Michael Martinez who is listed at 6’3″ 250 lbs and all muscle. Dude looks like he is around 20 years old. I wonder where he came from as REV is known to get players from all over the IE especially in football.
    Redlands coach started sr lhp Tallen Parker who has only a fastball and I could hear the coaching staff telling the players to bang away. Redlands later after the game was 7-0 brought in last year’s best pitcher sr Charlie Lutz who has a good off speed/curve ball. To beat REV you need a junkball pitcher.

  • c to the h-o-n-k CHONK

    Im on the chonkwagon

  • dbproud

    ya, geez. I have no idea what that’s all about, but go brahmas!

  • call what i see

    Does any one know what Paiz speed is?

  • speed

    from what I heard. He is about 88 to 91. Depends on how feels. lives around 88 to 90. Just heard he gets stronger as they deeper in the game.