Derek Fisher is clanking the Lakers title hopes away, will someone start before this gets out of control

This is a better spot for Fish, on the bench …

Taking a prep timeout, someone’s got to say it: Give Jordan, Sasha or Shannon at a shot at this point, maybe with some Fisher-type minutes they will get their mojo back. I’d even take Smush or Gary Payton back its so ugly. Since the triange doesn’t call for a “traditional” point guard, I’d even consider starting Kobe at point with Odom, Artest, Gasol and Bynum when he gets healthy. The best thing about sitting through nearly three hours of the mistake-filled Northview-San Dimas baseball game on Wednesday was missing another Lakers loss at Atlanta. Every game is the same, Derek Dead-Fish gets so beat up by opposing point guards the Lakers fall behind early and don’t recover. I’m so tired of everyone screaming Paul Gasoft or saying that it’s the Ron Artest trade that’s hurting the Lakers when actually Artest is averaging more points and shooting a better 3-point percentage than Ariza last year. This is about Dead Fish, the worst starting point guard in the NBA by far. I love the guy, but you can’t run the triangle and have a guy that can’t knock down perimeter shots, who can’t play defense, who can’t penetrate or make consistent passes to make teammates look better. That’s not Fish anymore. No wonder Gasol is always double-teamed in the post, they’re begging Fisher to shoot. Instead of, someone needs to create, because they’re not winning a championship with Dead Fish dominating 20 to 30 minutes a game.

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  • Mikey

    hahahaa… couldn’t take it anymore


    Lakers , a better thread would have been on Cal Poly’s winning a NCAA Title instead of these bums, 2 OR 3 round drop out in the playoffs. First a thread on Tiger’s return now this . Not very newsworthy threads in my book . Speaking of fish there is an old saying . The fish stinks from the head (Kobe) down. Remember back when Kobe was out and the triangle was working like a charm, but then he came back.

  • Not going to happen

    Altho he has hit some of the biggest shots in Lakers history to win games, Derek Fisher is done and he needs to step aside for the better of the team and let Shannon Brown or Jordon Farmar take over his place. Like the saying goes, that your the last one know when your better playing days are over and your skills had diminished, Derek Fisher can still shoot but lack of consistancy is there and he cannot get the minutes he once had out on the court if the Lakers are going to make a run at the Ring this year. Even with what they have as a team now which includes Bynum healthy, the Lakers will struggle in the first round and just barely get by. They will then get eliminated in the second round. This is not their year. The Championship is all set for Labrons taking. Lakers will get help next year as the Hornets will move either CP3 or Collison to the Lakers next year. Mebenga,Powell,Walton,Sasha This is a junk bench and will not take the Lakers far this year. NO REPEAT! SORRY.

  • Fisher will be there when it matters most…three! …two!…ONE !!! SWISH!!!

    Losing Ariza was huge! Fisher will still hit them when it matters most. He’s hit more shots than all three possible replacements every will. Framar has what historic shot? Ever? At any level? Brown is a slasher and is Byron Scott lite, Sasha is garbage and always has been. Impact player are impact players right away..not six years down the road.

    The triangle was working without Kobe….oh ok? Hey Fred why not trade Kobe?

  • ST G54

    WTF!! Fred are you kidding me?

    1st off reeelax!
    Does 1st seed in the West not mean anything to you?

    Man I didn’t even finish reading this article after I read you’d take SMUSH PARKER OVER D-FISH!!

    You lost any cred with me regarding talk about the Lakers.. Stick to preps buddy..

    Better yet drinks are on me at Buffalo Wild Wings for a Laker game. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Lake Show..

  • King Stud

    I wouldn’t worry about the Lakers. All NBA teams go thru lulls. I think its possible the Lakers might be bored with the regular season. It’s always very difficult to repeat as champs. No one has done it since the Lake Show won 3 in a row from 2000-03. Everyone is gunning for you when you have won the title

    Smush Parker? He was lucky to even be in a Laker uni. Bad reference. Fisher is a guy at this point in his career who is better at coming off the bench and getting in someones grill on the defensive side of the ball when necessary. I think the Lakers will just flip the switch come playoff time. The west is going to be fun to watch in the playoffs.

  • socal hoops fan

    These are the dog days in the NBA. The only thing to play for is to have a better record than Orlando who is playing the best basketball in the east. Like last year they can beat Cleveland as they play defense and can hit the 3’s. Jameer Nelson is healthy and makes the team go.
    Currently lakers are one game up on the magic and not sure of the #2 tiebreaker in case each team finishes with the same record. This is important in case the magic makes the finals again like last year.
    As for Fisher his shot is not textbook and seems even more odd this year. He is a lot slower and teams do not respect his shooting anymore and now can double on Kobe or Pau. Lakers really have no true pg than can pass the rock. Lakers are one of the worst outside shooting teams in the NBA.

  • socal hoops fan

    Here is why home court makes a huge difference in the NBA. 2 nights ago Cleveland barely beat Milwaukee who was playing the 2nd game of back to back. The Bucks shot 9 free throws and the Cavs 45. You would think the refs would try to even out the fouls. The refs were the lousy Tony Brothers,Leroy Richardson and one other clown.

  • think again

    I am not totally convinced that it would be the right thing to do, but putting choking Sasha in would definitely not be the answer. I think it’s not Fisher that is at fault completely. When the Lakers get lazy is probably the biggest reason. With the caliber of team the Laker are, one man does not keep them from winning. But As.I said Sasha is definitely not.

  • Mark

    I agree totally that Fisher is not good enough for the Lakers to win another championship. His shooting percentage is poor even though he has open looks at basket. He is constantly beaten by faster point guards. He is a tough defender but definitely not quick enough to guard quick opposing guards. He matches up much better against slower guards such as Miller, Kidd and even Billups. Barrea and Law are to fast for Fisher. His passing seems better and he needs to penetrate and dish in lieu of shooting at times.
    Farmar and Fisher are about equally players. Farmer would be better if Jackson had given him more playing time over past seasons. Farmar is better offensively than Fisher but Fisher is probably better defensively since he’s much stronger. Fisher is good for playing more physical and slower guards. Farmar good with quicker guards. Brown can play either quick or more physical guards. Farmer fits better with second unit because he’s a better scorer and penetrator than Fisher. He also runs the triangle well. I would prefer bringing him back in his same role and signing an athletic point guard who can shoot and pass. Fisher would be best as a assisant coach. Brown is good but shooting is not good enough, ball handling is weak, and doesn’t distribute ball well. Vujavic is to to slow maybe caused by knee injury previous summer. Vujavik presently lacks the athleticism you need in the NBA. I’m a Laker fan but I think Mavericks might be best in West at this time due to additions of Butler and Haywood. They look very tough. Nuggets will be tough for Lakers too assuming Kenyon Martin is back. Martin is good defensively and can score too. One player such as Derek Fisher can and probably will prevent Lakers from repeating. With him I see small chance of lakers winning western conference and Finals. Look at the improvement of Cavaliers and Mavericks since acquisitions of ex-Wizards. Don’t be surprised to see Cavs-Mavericks final and don’t be surprised if Mavericks win. Lakers would be crazy to resign Fisher. They need a better starting point guard. They almost lost to Rockets last year due to his poor play. Luckily he was suspended for one game. His shooting has been poor consistently for past two seasons. His lack of quickness is definitely a liability for Lakers. They maybe should of retained last years No. 1 pick Holliday. But they lacked position for him due to other point guards they had under contract. However, he may be better than point guards they have now.
    Notice that Lakers are a more exciting team to watch when Farmar and or Brown are playing in lieu of Fisher.
    Artest does give them a chance to repeat though. His defense has been exceptional the past month. He can play Lebron,Carmelo and even a good two guard if necessary to help rest Bryant. Bynum definitely needs to be healthy and needs to get the ball. Gasol is playing well. Fisher probably is not good enough though for Lakers to win it all. I expect Jackson realizes this and will limit his minutes similar to the regular season. Fisher was 0-5 and had 0 points last night. Maybe he’ll shoot well in post season. Not very likely though due to shooting over past two seasons.

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