QB Brock Booth leaves South Hills for Amat …

Check out Aram’s Daily Diet and the scoop on South Hills quarterback Brock Booth, who has transferred to Bishop Amat. And oh yeah, the younger brother of Charter Oak stud Dennis Rufus is now at San Dimas … Moves like this help confirm my belief that schools don’t recruit kids that often, which is alleged on the blogs all the time. The reality is that parents and players will go where they feel like they can be successful and win championships, which on paper makes San Dimas and Bishop Amat more appealing than Charter Oak and South Hills — at least the next two years.

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  • What???

    Fred are you serious??

    “Moves like this help confirm my belief that schools aren’t recruiting kids, which is alleged on the blogs all the time”

    Just to let you know the Earth really is round, Santa Claus is fictitious, and the tooth fairy is “make believe” (just in case you were confused by fictitious”


    Okay Fred stop putting too much into the situation with little Rufus. Just because Dennis Rufus is stand out does not mean little Rufus is the next in line of great recievers. They are step brother and little Rufus is about 5 feet tall with pads on…

  • shfb

    Brock Booth moving to another school. I hope you all realize that he will be a fifth year senior and this will be his third high school. He stayed back in 8th grade because dad wanted him to get bigger and stronger for that Div. I scholarship. Are you kidding? When people want to know what is wrong with youth and high school sports today, it is today’s parents. Good Luck

  • SGVsBest

    Fred, are you serious?
    Have you forgotten Amnots October schedule? They’ll be home in time for Thanksgiving!
    Wake up and smell the flowers! Still No QB and No Defense!
    That’s right Amnot Honks! Accept it. Just A Bit Outside!!!

  • Seriously…

    Give the younger Mr Rufus a break.

    The family leaves in SD school district and the young man while athletic is not a team changing player.

  • Check before leaving

    Booth will sit behind Rio for 2 years. This move doesn’t make sense.

  • Coaching

    Check before leaving,

    Your an idiot, Booth is going to be a senior. I am sure this has all been worked out. Booth and Rio dad’s are friends and have coached together in the past.

  • position filled

    Yo Brock. Rio’s our QB for next season. Stay at SoHills or go to Bassett

  • joe

    Booth Stinks He Only Plays If His Dads Involved Then He Sits Out After They Realize He Really Stinks

  • Fellow Freshman Parent for Class of 2013

    The younger Rufus saw the writing on the wall which basically said you can either be a small fish in a big pond or a small fish in a small pond meaning the younger Rufus is not nearly as athletic and with the level of talent in his class at Charter Oak he would be second string at best so more power to the family to transfer him because hopefully between his grades and his athleticism he can at least try and compete at San Dimas’s level compared to Charter Oak. The sad reality is he’ll probably not even start at San Dimas until maybe his senior year and the poor kid doesn’t want nor need the public attention. I just hope for his sake he’s eligible. Good luck little Rufus at least your no longer in your brother’s shadow unfairly!

  • shfb2

    …Booth, Oh you can have him Amat. He made us look like chonk when he was out there as a Husky. Vas often frustrated, Yeah take that shmuck. OK then..If he does well for you then the classiest thing for me to say would be OH WELL.

    You all seem to be forgetting that yung canadia is available fyi.

  • kh

    fred what the skinning on amats scoccer coach,you started it now finish it.

  • localman

    I am saying this here, to the powers to be at SH. There is a particular coach over at Amat trying to convince the younger Vaughns kid to leave to go to Amat to play football and baseball. I know this because the coach who is doing this, told me himself. Hint: the Vaughns kid played for him in travel ball. Follow thru with this.

  • who cares

    why is this even news — he couldn’t hang at south hills for sure he won’t at amat. now if it were a key player i can see the newsworthy reason for the thread but bb, naw. as far as little vaughs goes, unless he gets a full scholarship he isn’t going, and don’t ask his family for participation in anything, fundraising, volunteer hours, anything, they don’t need to do any of that, you need their kid more than they need your school….every school, team their kids have been on does major you know what kissing so they will play for them.

  • just askin’

    Does this really make ANY sense from any parties involved. 3 HS in 4 yrs for Booth. Might play behind another sure fire QB. Why Amat would want another “high-maintenance” QB makes no sense. And there’s a camp that thinks Pruszynski is pretty decent too. Booth & Ruiz go way back – could Rio be ok w/ staying at WR/CB?
    Just don’t get it

  • Football Man

    People are forgetting Amat’s football program was for Crap and very recently. Amat’s AD just made a decision to let anybody in so they can be back on top. That line backer from Pasadena High school who transfered into Amat last Season had 5 Fail’s . he tried to check into Cathedral High school in LA and they did not even consider him into School. Amat took him in and he started with 5 Fail’s this season. How in the hell could he make up all those grades up. Tells you alot about Amat win at all costs.

  • Lancers02

    At Amat, the coaches make good use of talent. If Booth is a good athlete, they will find a spot for him, be it at QB or WR. Look at McClanahan, Rio and Lenhart…they are all great athletes and can play both positions. BTW Austin sat out the first 4 games until his grades were up. Now kids are transferring into Amat and look at all the crybabies whine.

  • false shinfo

    He did not have 5 fails. False info. Just another hater.

  • smallcity


    You are wrong! That’s real big of you to post bogus info at the expense of harming a kid.

  • Very Big of the Tribune

    If I were the kids parent, I would look into getting a lawyer and ask about the recent laws against internet slander. I don’t know why you allow innuendo about kids Fred.

  • Blueman Group

    If Hagerty wants to bring 7 QB’s to camp so be it, it is a waste of time and reps. the best athlete on the team last year was Ruiz. He is a proven commodity who could throw, catch, run and play defense. Bigger the game, the bigger he played. Do we want to give him 3-5 touches per game or do we want to give him 50 plus under center and watch him use his Arm and Legs to make plays. Watching practice last year, he had the most accurate arm over Jerry, when Hag’s gave him his snaps, But Rio was a much better WR than Jerry, along with Darien, and we all know Hagerty Loved Jerry…Problem was Jerry couldn’t run, could barely move inside the pocket…Did Jerry win those early games or was it Darien carrying the team the first 5 games? When you have an athlete of Ruiz’s caliber you have to use him in the most crucial spot in Football, he gives any team the best chance of not just winning but winning the Pac-5, it is hard enough to defend a great arm, but when you add great speed, elusiveness, toughness and the IT factor, there is no question, thats a defensive Coord. nightmare. I hope Hagerty doesn’t waste time trying to re-invent the wheel. Ruiz is a Lancer not a transfer…Go Big Blue

  • Maybe it’s just me but I think its wrong that anyone would transfer for athletics as opposed to receiving a better education.

    Additionally why are some of you adults insulting these kids’ playing ability? You guys are disgusting. Let’s see how good you are at football and how successful you are at life before you start insulting kids to make you feel better about your family/life/whatever.

  • Aaron

    I must have seen something completely different. Jerry McClanahan was a leader on that football team and he could will his offense to move and score. I watched four Amat games last season and I tell you something Rio Ruiz is an excellent receiver today, because he developed into one as the season progressed. Could Jerry Run, yes he could I’m sure you remember the TD he got with his legs when he needed to and the yards he needed to get when he had to. The Bishop Amat offense doesn’t rely on a running QB in the zone read, it relies on a power running game with a QB that manages and makes the correct decisions when he has the ball.

    Bishop Amat’s season doesn’t begin with the QB but with that stingy defense and that stud of a runningback in Jay Anderson.



    Ron Cuccia puts on a camp every Sunday morning my son and some of his receivers go to the camp. Longoria also attends the camp and was there this morning with his mother. I congratulated her on transferring to Cathedral. To my surprise she told me Aram screwed this one up big time. Ryan is still attending Los Altos, and at this time planned on playing football at LA next season. My personal opinion that may chance after all the Los Altos supporters comments about Longoria. Aram you really screwed this one up and I have to say LA supporters I would love to hear you comments about Longoria now that he is staying. RGD2626 and other LA bloggers man you put your foot in your mouth big time on this on.

  • SGV Soccer


    When are we gonna get more info on the Girls Soccer situation over at Bishop Amat?

    Rumors are flying and it is NOT good news!

    We need some info STAT brotha!

  • Jumped the Gun?

    I have questions whether the Booth transfer is real or speculation too. I don;t think it;s a done deal


    Aram pulled the information off combine result website that took place at CATHEDRAL HS. All students from cathedral got in free. So a few kids that were friends of the coaches that didn’t attend cathedral got in free by saying they attended cathedral hs. I made one phone call and found this out from another player from another school that did the same thing.

  • call what i see

    Blueman: I don’t know what practices or games you watched but all this hoopla about young Rio you better wake up and small the coffee pal. The only thing your right about is that the special teams was the heart and soul of this team. As for Rio being this super all everything, your either his daddy or uncle to be overloading your mouth about this kid. Defensively he had at best one hard hit and the rest were pushing opponents out of bounds or waiting for someone else to make the initial hit. PlEASE!!
    Offensively much better at reciever but still needs grooming and growing up. The first time he really got popped he was crying and had. to be pulled out of the game. He needs to mature.

  • Agree

    call what i see,

    I had to step in on this one, and have to say I totally agree with you. Rio plays afraid on defense. He is a good and most likely a great athletic, but thats it. I hear he is a great baseball player and would expect that he would be a much better baseball player than football player. He is afraid of contact and has terrible technique on defense.

  • Stop hating old man

    Agree and call what i see, probably the same old man with envy issues.

    To say Rio is a great “athletic”, whatever that means, but not a very solid football player is just plain stupid. The kid’s a sophomore playing in one of the toughest leagues in the country and he’s playing scared? Right! You know a lot about being scared? That’s calls transference, when you project your own self on others.

    Rio is a D1 talent in two sports fellas, two! In one he might be a $$$$ draft pick and in the other he’s made huge big time plays when it mattered most.

    Why any one would hate on this kid or his parents for that matter is beyond me. Let’s be happy for the 16 year old kid. Did our bodies look like his at 16. Where “we” all on everyone’s national radar at 16?

    Seems every one wants to come on here and be this vessel of enlightenment that shows us all the flaws that everyone else in the nation is missing. How stupid and childish is that.

    “He plays scared”….right!

  • Let the kids do the talking on the field

    First off we don’t come on here hating; you come on here talking how great he is. If you are going to bring the subject up, expect a response. You guys from BA act like this kid is the best football player in the valley, well thats your opinion and if youre going to give it expect a response.

    Honestly I feel for the kid, you put a target on his head, with the comments on this blog. Look at all the comments coming from Cathedral supporters. Who knows who has the best team, but you just put a target on Rio’s head, what did that get you guys. You need to learn to shut your mouth and let the kids do the talking on the field, an issue many Bishop Amat supporters have a problem with.

    Like I said I heard he is a great baseball player, he plays football scared. Sorry but that is my opinion.

  • Ralph Brown DB Camp

    Attention all Defensive Backs who want to improve their game!

    We are having a Defensive Backs camp this Saturday, April 17th at 9:00am – 1:30pm

    This will be a Technique camp. This will help prepare you for the upcoming football season.

    For more information, please call Ralph Brown at
    310-402-9956 or e-mail us at b3sports@yahoo.com


    Ralph Brown DB Camp,

    If you want kids to show up to your little event try and not to make your camp the same weekend as the National Underclassmen.

  • Rio

    First of all Rio doesn’t need his family or anyone else to come on this blog and write about how great of an athlete he is. His performance on the football & baseball field speaks for itself and for the record he is 15! Rio is as good as everyone says and he will get bigger, faster and better.

  • just sayin’

    for those that are questioning Amat’s schedule and opening with “weak” Garfield – check out this from the LA Times http://tinyurl.com/y5qkhy9




  • Rio’s Numbers do Speak for themself, look what they say?

    When you made that comment I decided to check out Rio’s numbers and come to find out they were nothing special at all.

    1 interception all year
    11 tackles all year
    17 assist
    22 total tackles
    average of 2.2 tackles a game that is 10th on the team. Only 11 players on the field at a time.

    35 catches all season
    469 total yards
    13.4 average per catch
    with 3 touchdowns all year

    I could compare these numbers to other kids but not going to waste my time. On the defensive side of the ball these numbers are weak and I mean real weak. To be 10th on the team in tackles with one interception all year as a db.

    On the offensive side of the ball those are good number on the Bishop Amat team, but compared to other kids these numbers are very low. I watched another local sophomore put up numbers way higher than Rio’s. Now you have to factor in that Rio’s is on what looks to be a running team first, he is one of the primary receiver on this Bishop Amat team.

  • SGV (JAA) Football Fan?

    He was the starting quarterback at South Hills at the beginning of last season. You call yourself a SGV Football Fan.

  • Blue Dawg

    Booth played behind Shirley at SH, no great stats (30 for 52, 346 yards, 2 TD 1 Int). I think he may have started 1 game. Hard to tell what he could have done if he played more but kind of weak if you ask me, but hey, he might be the next Pat Haden at Amat….you never know until they put on the pads and hats! We don’t need any transfer QB’s at Amat, I think we are short on huge and aggressive Offensive Linemen, which is a key factor to our success by protecting our Marquee QB Rio as I certainly don’t wish to see him scramble for his life outside the pocket.

    Nice video on Garfield HS, what have they done in the last 10 years? I would love to see a competitive game since I hate blowouts!

  • What?

    I wish Garfield well, but they are below par. I know anything can happen on any given night and I never under estimate the heart of a warrior and all that junk, but Garfield can/better get better after last season. St Paul beat them 22-7! Also, I checked out the youtube video… That 42 is alright, but a lot of missed blocks and no blocks in that video. I wish the city teams were like the ones back in my day…LA Wilson, Banning, Carson.
    Keep working at it Garfield, you represent the montherland(ELA) Orra….

  • BA QB – Not Rio, Not Booth

    Rumor has it that Rio will not play football next year. With baseball going so well, he doesn’t want to risk injury and ruin his baseball opportunities.

    Booth will not be the QB at Bishop Amat next year though. Rumor has it that there is another sophomore and a transfer that will be the top candidates.

  • just askin’

    SGV (JAA) Football Fan? – WAS is the key word. then WAS beat out on average HS team that was beaten in the playoffs by a team Amat annihalated. and you expect him to contribute in the Pac5?

  • Have Fun

    Well you Bishop Amat fans better hope so, I know Booth and he is buddies with Rio’s dad, trust me he didn’t transfer to Bishop Amat to be a backup.

  • AMAT 73

    Lot of talk on this Booth kid here on the blog. First off has it been confirmed he really has transfered to AMAT . Second of all what makes everyone so sure this will pass as a valid transfer and that he will be elegible to play next season. Someone should really find out the facts before publishing hear say or list the facts that make it true. Second of all Rio’s play last year was solid for a first year (sophomore)player.The kid is for real and is a very good football player and is an asset to the program. As for those offensive numbers anyone who follows our program knows we run first then run again then pass . The kid fits well with the program and where Hags deems he should play is ok by me be it QB or WR/DB . Let the chips fall where the staff wants them to fall . I for one don’t believe that Booth will be the starter or if he is even on the team until I see the first AMAT Football program this coming season unless I see some facts in print with valid back up, not just I said ,he said , they said, type of info.



  • SGV For 30 Years

    Let’s see if I have this straight. Kid goes to Los Altos as a freshman, leaves LA to go to Walnut (never played a down), leaves Walnut to go to South Hills. Doesn’t win the starting job at SH (must not be the “GUY” this year either). Leaves SH to go to Amat. My question is this what kind of high school experience is this kid going to remember 20 years from now? Looks like he will spend his whole career running away from competition. This is exactly what high school athletics is NOT suppose to be. What ever happened to parents telling little Johnny to go out and work harder than the other guy. One of the things that athletics teaches is to over come adversity & when don’t go your way come back and battle another day. I really feel bad for Mr. Booth, he is going to wake up one day and realize that he could have been somebody in his high school football career. The lesson he will learn is that the grass may be greener in someone elses yard but that grass is gonna need mowing to.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!!!


    SGV for 30,
    Different times we live in . Back in the day you lived for the moment and playing for your school and like you say sticking it out and keep trying to make the first string.Easier times where college entrance was easier and there were plenty of jobs where you could make a future for yourself after high school. In today’s world a lot of these parents are looking for the quick buck for their kids without really thinking about their kid’s high school life . Some are after the coveted D-1 scholarship only to leave college early if they warrant going to a pro draft in the higher rounds thinking about that big signing bonus anf lucrative contract. Also looking for the draft out of high school in baseball for that big signing bonus and bypassing college altogether. The key thing is that it is hard for a parent who has invested heavily in juniors chosen sport in trainers , sport programs and camps to see that sometimes their offspring is just a good high school player and not much else.Like you say the only ones suffering in this senario are the athletes who are getting bounced around and sometimes wind up losing their best years on the athleletic field due to these transfers as we have seen a few times this past year in our own SGV. It truely is a shame.

  • Question Marc

    BA QB-not Rio, not Booth – Who is this “Other” QB transfer and Sophamore QB you speak of? Booth is the only transfer QB and he hasn’t even been confirmed yet. And surely you don’t mean last years starting freshman QB, no offense but really, no offense. Do you mean the JV QB who was a sophamore? Don’t forget Pruzinsky isn’t bad either. I think the P-man will have a little something to say about all these new comers taking his opp?

  • tcbruin

    Booth is at the school. Seen in the locker room last week for lifting[optional during spring break]. Not sure IF enrolled.

    JV sophomore Qb transferred to Monrovia at semester break.

    TP still at school, but unless there are injuries won’t be the starter.

    None of the 3 qb’s from Amat’s freshman team last season[2009] will be starting on varsity IF they even make varsity. Saw them ALL, not even REMOTELY ready for Varsity.

  • jesusjr23

    Brock and his family are good people! I wish Brock the best of luck! I’m sure he can compete for the starting job at Bishop.

  • Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes

    I wonder if Hagerty will think about leaving R.R. at FS now (if B.B.or P.T can handle the load)? This helps the Defense and does he still let R.R. play rec too? Also, Shouldn’t W.G. be moved in to TE? Any other Rec’s in the corps? LB’s appear solid but how is D-Line looking? Let’s talk Amat football boys??????

  • just my opinion

    I have followed this team for the last few years and I have yet to see anyone more qualified than TP at the QB position. he has all the skills that you want in a QB. He’s been to two QB combines and has impressed all the coaches at both camps. He was in the elite group at the last camp. He has a rifle for an arm. TP will open a lot of eyes this year. This kid will play at the next easily. Hard worker, extremely coachabe, polite and like I said has all the tools. Most impressive he doesn’t have to go around cursing at his teammate when they make a mistake. He is just a great kid

  • SGV For 30 Years

    We seem to be of the same mind set. I do actually with Booth luck. I hope he is able to reach his full potential. I really would hate to see another kid become the casuality of bouncing from school to school. We’ve seem way to many of those kids bomb at the next level. I hope this one does well. Just know that the odds are not in his favor.

    SGV430 Ouuuuut!!!

  • just my opinion

    I have followed this team for the last few years and I have yet to see anyone more qualified than TP at the QB position. he has all the skills that you want in a QB. He’s been to two QB combines and has impressed all the coaches at both camps. He was in the elite group at the last camp. He has a rifle for an arm. TP will open a lot of eyes this year. This kid will play at the next easily. Hard worker, extremely coachabe, polite and like I said has all the tools. Most impressive he doesn’t have to go around cursing at his teammate when they make a mistake. He is just a great kid

  • ST G54

    “Moves like this help confirm my belief that schools don’t recruit kids that often, which is alleged on the blogs all the time.”




    All this talk about Rios and some backup QB named Booth. Everyone needs to check out the future of Bishop Amat Football. A young 12 year old kid from Hacienda Heights that wants to go to Amat. His name is Andre (AJ) Collins and he will be playing at WR and Safety in 2 years. He had 23 TD’s in 9 games this last year and that was after being double and sometimes triple teamed alot of the time. I saw it myself! I spoke to his Dad, who played in the NFL, and his Dad said that he wants to go to Bishop Amat. If he does his name will go along side names like John McKay Jr. and Dylon McCutchen, i Guarantee it.

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