Rice confirms that two Colony football players have transferred to Pomona

Updated: Former Colony football coach Anthony Rice has confirmed with us that two All-League Colony High football players, senior-to-be Makale McCobb (WR) and junior-to-be Jared Kough (OL), have both transferred to Pomona High School. Rice, who has applied for and is rumored to become the next Pomona High football coach, insists the two transfers left at their own discretion, and that it has nothing to do with him possibly becoming the next coach at Pomona. Rice is still a teacher and softball coach at Colony, and would likely not become the next coach at Pomona unless a teaching position comes with it. Before making confirmation about the alleged Colony transfers, is was striking that McCobb and Kough were mysteriously not on Colony’s 2009-10 MaxPreps roster or were removed, yet both were listed on the Mt. Baldy 2009-10 All-Area second-team list on MaxPreps.

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  • Dirt Bag

    If you are not cheating you are not trying!

    Way to go coach! Take your players with you.

  • Coaching

    Doesn’t make any sense, Rice can’t be that stupid. Just for the record the follow your coach rule is 24 months. That would be suicide for those players; you would have to assume that they would be ineligible for those 24 months per the CIF rule.

  • Joe Amat

    In theory, if the players transfer 1st and THEN he’s hired – there’s no rule on the COACH following the PLAYERS.


  • Don

    Keep digging Clouseau, looks like there is another kid from the all baldy team missing from the roster.

  • BigDog

    If this is true I can see why Colony dummped him!

  • New York

    Very legalistic thought process, Joe.

    Question, if they are ruled ineligible at Pomona, will Amat be able to enroll them in time?

    Regarding your article title below about the suspended soccer coach: How many times do Joe and I need to remind you that there are many Bishops but only one Amat?

  • Prep Fan

    This will be interesting, I hope the families have thought through the process. If the families have not moved they will have to file a hardship appeal to be declared eligible, Gonzales tried to do this when transferring to Amat and was denied, the appeal will have to be for very good non athletic reasons to have a chance of being approved.

    If the families have been told that all is fine if as long as they move, they better double check that. The undue influence rule takes primacy over the change of residence rule and following your coach is considered prima facia evidence of undue influence, meaning that the students will need to do a hardship appel to prove they are not moving to stay with coach Rice.

    Either way will be a difficult process with no guarantees. They better get started on the transfer process ASAP to have a chance of being eligible considering all the hoops they will have to jump through regardless of the circumstances surrounding their moves.

  • Colony Parent

    Coach Rice,

    We know what you’re doing! CIF has been informed, and we will put a great deal of pressure on them to do the right thing.

    To any other players, or parents who are planning on following Rice to Pomona: Any player who transefers to Pomona from Colony will be invetigated. It has been arranged. We’re not going to let Rice screw our program into to build another. Parents/players please don’t risk it.

  • Aaron

    I feel really confused…I thought Anthony Rice had already been hired at Pomona…so if he’s not there then what is the point of running there?

  • Pomona vs. DRanch

    How can anyone in their right mine expect us to believe that Rice isn’t right in the middle of this. Now take that one step further if Pomona does hire Rice as their new head coach, what does that say about Pomona’s administration, knowing the games Rice is playing and still hiring him. We can only conclude that the school administration is on board with Rice. Now that being said, what are the odds that the school district is going to have something to say about the hiring of Rice? Dont forget DRanch is in the Pomona School District and will be voicing their concerns over the hiring of Rice, after this move. With all the CIF involvement in upperclassmen transfers over the last few years, for Rice to risk these kids eligibility shows what type of man he really is.

  • Coaching


    The job is Rice’s, waiting for a teaching spot to open up. Get there before Rice the follow your coach rule doesn’t apply. There are many other CIF rules that do apply.

  • Prep Fan

    Coach, I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that everything will be fine as long as they beat Rice to Pomona officially.

    The Canada’s did everything by the book including changing residences and were denied eligibility as the move was considered athletically motivated.

    I really don’t think whether they arrive before or after Rice will matter in this case.

  • Coaching

    Prep Fan,

    I am agreeing with you, my point is Coach Rice puts these kids at a huge risk, what type of coach would put his kids in this situation?

    Rice is basicly sending Pomona a very clear message. Pomona is on the good side this time, but next time they won’t be.

  • Pomona Insider

    Keeps getting more and more dirty- Amazing the heat I got before now its all coming true.

  • Pomona Insider

    By the way Kough is using an address from a Snoop Dogg League coach and the pomona AD Sweeney knows all about it. If you don’t like this-look it up. Don’t Hate-investigate.

  • Pomona appears bent on becoming a power again … kinda like when Wardell Crutchfield was there.

  • Truth

    You guys really HATE RICE dont you. Everybody has there CIF rule book out giving there senerios. Truth of the matter is that flat out people dont want to see him at Pomona. My question to you all is why is that? Or do we still live in a white facious world where we have to keep that “Negro” down. We cant have that “Negro ” having too much success. But on the otherside of the coin you have other schools who text kids, take them out to lunch, show them the campus and when they transfer there, What Nothing!! My presonal opinion is that Rice will not be the head Coach at Pomona. But,thats sad because I think he would have done a great job over there. If he is smart he will not take that job. He would do it to probably job to prove a point to people.

    To Coach Rice, Brotha you have nothing to prove. You have done things that coaches have been trying to do for years and still cant do it. You make kids better players, better individuals and most you care about them. So dont let this discourage you my brotha. Keep pushin young man..

    This is the way world works.. People have been HATING on you ever since you been at Colony. You should be use to it.

  • P-Town

    Rice and the AD Sweeney went to players and parents of Colony and talked about using addresses to get kids eligible. They also knew Rice had the job (in the middle of last season) early and were told to hurry and transfer to Pomona before Rice was hired do they can claim they transferred before the coaches were on campus. If you look back on the BLOG’s you will see that Rice was basically hired (unofficially) immediately after they fired JB. Rice has also contacted other players in the Pomona District about transferring to Pomona. There are red flags all over this program and I am not talking about the ones the players and fans like to wave. I think the whole program will be put on probation because it includes coaches, the head coach and the AD. If parents were rational they would not transfer their children to Pomona. Do you really think CIF is going to believe that parents transferred to Pomona HS for academics?

  • Prep Fan


    This has nothing to do with not wanting to see Rice at Pomona, I could honestly care less. I think CIF and schools should let kids go wherever they want for whatever reason they wish, but those are not the rules.

    I hope the students are legitimately changing addresses and that this has nothing to do with Rice. The reality is, even under that scenario these guys have no guarantee their transfer will be approved and will have an uphill battle in convincing CIF to let them play.

    Look at what happened to the Canada brothers, Shirley, Gonzales, and others over the last few years. I hate the idea of kids sacrificing their eligibility. My only concern is that these players and their families might not be fully aware of the challenges ahead.

    Hopefully they are going into this process with eyes wide open and having considered the fate of those who tried before them. If so, more power to them, if not, shame on whoever encouraged them to try.

  • FredJ

    I know I’m in the minority, but I still say kids should be allowed to transfer wherever they want as long as there is a valid change of address, their academics are good, and their parents are on board with it. I’ve always felt you should leave it to the parents to do what they feel is best for their kids, it’s their decision, not ours. Whether it’s Canada to South Hills, Crutchfield to Baldwin Park, Travis Santiago to Charter Oak, Brock Booth or Wallace Gonzales to Amat, the Colony transfers or the many other under the radar transfers that we don’t discuss, it’s their decision and this is just sports, we make it a bigger deal than it needs to be. If I’m a coach or administrator and a player wants to leave to another school, I’d wish him luck and hope it all works out, because I think that’s thinking in the best interest of the kid, not my program.

  • MR. Longballs

    Why is the pomona administration putting so much stock into the snoop football league (pomona steelers) when 95% the kids are not from pomona and if they are from pomona the good ones are going to other schools Dranch,Los Osos, Ranch well u get the point. I know some sdfl coaches that reside and born and raised in the P-Town…… So with that said there are plenty of addresses to be used for the Colony kids. The sdfl coach that lives in the north side of pomona (ghost-town) has let a transfer use his address and I know for a fact that the kid does not live there….next issue:

    RICE,you know that you are the coach at Pomona HS I was at the parent meeting,seen u In vegas with some pomona players and you have been fixing the weight room so ur the coach..DUDE!

    And Rice You do have alot to prove if you suck like I think you will u should respectfully step down…(prediction 3-7)

    ALL im saying is I coached againt you and your weak

    TRUTH, Its not a black or white thing we just dont want RICE! p.s IM BLACK so cut the pro black man mumbo jumbo out playa!

  • New York

    Joe Amat,

    Any insight as to whether coaches have ever become foster parents of transfers? I heard some rumors back in the 1990’s before transfer rules were loosened up as they are now.

  • Prep Fan


    For coaches to become legal guardians it will need to be a fully court approved transfer responsibility. In addition of the coach was not previously a foster care parent and became a foster care parent just to get a football player, I would hope the courts would not approve it and honestly CIF might still say it was athletically motivated.

    Regardless that seems like a pretty far fetched scenario to even try. Short of these students moving with their entire family unit (this includes all parents and siblings he was living with before the transfer), there is very little chance of approval. And as I mentioned before, they will probably still be challenged and have to justify their move even if there is a valid change of residence.

    The transfer rules may be more open then in the past, but they are probably more strictly enforced, in particular this is true if the previous school is challenging the transfer.

  • Not Good

    I was with a good friend a few weeks ago who is at the highest level of the CIF food chain so to speak. I told him of the situation with Rice and players transferring and so on. Without going into too much detail it doesn’t look good for the players this season. Obviously an investigation will take place, and findings will be released in the summer. Pomona admin will also be investigated for their role. They could be put on sanctions which takes money away from the school. In a budget crisis getting even more money taken away could be disaterous. Just doesn’t seem worth it! We all love to win, but at what cost?

  • Not Good

    I was with a good friend a few weeks ago who is at the highest level of the CIF food chain so to speak. I told him of the situation with Rice and players transferring and so on. Without going into too much detail it doesn’t look good for the players this season. Obviously an investigation will take place, and findings will be released in the summer. Pomona admin will also be investigated for their role. They could be put on sanctions which takes money away from the school. In a budget crisis getting even more money taken away could be disaterous. Just doesn’t seem worth it! We all love to win, but at what cost?

  • Coaching

    The school administration has a real simple fix for this situation. Don’t hire Rice for the position that HASN’T BEEN FILLED. That way the school administration proves to everyone including CIF that they aren’t involved. Of course by hiring Rice they are admitting involvement.

  • way2much

    Question,is Layton still mad over the home visits done by the coaching staff of anthony rice? Coaches went into the homes of two Diamond Ranch football players to get them to attend Pomona high and join the footfall team.We are building a power house. Mother of both players said it all in the admin office at D-ranch high school. let the games begin.lol

  • way2much

    Everyone,needs to stop talking about transfers.The Colony kids are coming over as if they moved into the area.This is called a Bonafide address change. All of this is being set up by the AD Mr.Sweeney.Sweeney is out hustling up addresses for his boy Rice.Rice has no connections to the northside of Pomona.Sweeney has been rubbing elbows with the SDL Coaches. I wonder what would happen if I drove up to ghosttown northside Pomona and knock on the door of the address that Kough is using? which SDL Coach I will get to meet.p.s. keep in mind that kough is CAUCASIAN and the SDL coaches are let’s just say there not caucasian.Also, who signs off on these bonafide address changes and who is suppose to check?The kid is on the track team and played JV basketball only because he came over in January.

  • Prep Fan


    Even a valid change of residence will not sail through – again, look at what happened to the Canada boys, there is no disputing they moved with their mother to the south hills district and were denied eligibility.

    It is up to the schools to confirm residency before allowing a kid to play. But CIF DOES NOT rely on just information from the school if there is an eligibility dispute. Once someone disputes eligibility CIF will use whatever information is provided by whichever source provides it and you can bet at minimum they will ask for utility and other forms of documentation IN THE PARENTS NAME at the location in question.

    But again, even if they are moving WITH THEIR FAMILY they can still be declared ineligible. And if the AD and school officials are involved in any way and found to have lied to CIF, the students will be declared ineligible for TWO YEARS. This happened several years ago at summit high in Fontana where a student submitted a false address. Even if it is the coaches and admin who tell them to do it (and I have no knowledge that this is the case, I am just trying to say how dangerous such an action would be), it is the students who will be saddled with the two year ban.

    It is one thing to make a transfer and be declared ineligible, but if ANYONE is knowingly lying on their behalf the STUDENTS could face TWO years of ineligibility, even if they had no knowledge of what others were doing on their behalf.

    I really hope everything is on the up and up. But the reality is even if it is, they are likely to be ineligible. Hopefully these students and their families have been given good advice.

  • Prep Fan

    Hey, turns out Kough’s transfer has already been approved by CIF, meaning Colony did not challenge its validity.

    Now, if evidence turns up that he did not actually move, there can be serious trouble. At this point however, CIF will not act to investigate unless someone brings evidence to them that this change in residence is not valid.

    So, if you know something, report it. Otherwise I am going to take the word of the Pomona AND Colony officials who signed off on the transfer and assume it is legit.

  • Called Out

    Let’s tell the CIF commissioner what’s going on at Pomona. Please write/call/and or email James about the Pomona situation. An investigation at the very least should be launched.

    James Staunton, Commissioner
    10932 Pine Street
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2428
    Phone: (562) 493-9500 Fax: (562) 493-6266
    Email: jims@cifss.org

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Are you all really serious? 2 kids transferred to Pomona, not the entire team. Will these 2 kids really make or break the Colony football team? Will these 2 kids break the “power house” at Colony (as someone referred to). What about the kids that have transferred to other schools…is that Rice’s fault to? What about the kids that have enrolled to play at Colony in the past years to play sports such as basketball? I know kids that have played for Colony that DO NOT live in the district and are using false addresses! Colony’s slate is not clean!!! If the Colony kids that transfer to Pomona are being investigaged, all kids transferring to Colony, Pomona, Upland, Los Osos, Rancho Cucamonga, Etiwanda, Carson, Crenshaw, Kaiser, Roosevelt, Amat, etc. should be invesitagated, otherwise it’s discrimination!!!
    Has anyone mentioned the fact that Rice has helped kids get and maintain schlorships over the past 4 years? How many kids obtained schlorships this past football season…12? Rice is a good coach and looks out for his kids. If there are parents that want their child(ren) under Rice’s leadership, who are you to challenge that? Is this really about the kids? Let’s get it right and get our minds in the right place!!! Parent’s know what’s best for their children.

    Back off of Rice and the admin at Pomona.

  • Anonymous

    As I read all the comments, it’s seems like this is a personal attack against Coach Rice. I agree with the anonymous comment, if your slate is not clean, you probably should back off. To go as far as to put the CIF Commissioner’s information on this blog, proves even more that this is a personal attack. Anyone can obtain the Commissioner’s information from the blue book or on the CIF website.

    My thought is…Why would you make the life of children harder than what it already is? Do you really think this is going to affect Rice more it will affect the children that need to play their Jr and Sr years? Rice will move on in his career wheather it’s at Pomona or another school. The children have 1 Jr and 1 Sr year…let them enjoy it and not have the stress of being investigating because you hate Coach Rice.

    Think of the children!

  • Called Out

    No personal attacks here. Just trying to protect the integrity of the game. If Pomona, Rice, and any transferring players have nothing to hide they should invite an investigation in order to clear the air. If not, people will assume they are cheating. It’s about public perception now, and the perception is dishonesty. I challenge Pomona admin to encourage an investigation by CIF officials. If cleared, I will be the first to wish Pomona and Rice all the luck in the world.

  • MR. Longballs

    Hello World,

    If its all about the kids why allow them to use false addresses an set them up for failure!

    So is it really about the kids?… or is it about Rice and the administration at pomona?

  • facts

    Anyone that has been around high school football in the I.E now how Rice kids got schlorships.If it wasnt for outside help the kids never would of got offers.I have nothing against but i have read a few post were the facts was in-correct.Rice is a good coach but to say that he got all these kids college schlorship is false.I think he will do a good job at pomona but parents when it come to getting kids in college that no his strong point.

    Kids transfer from school to school every year thats a fact. The problem is if your using a false address.I dont think its fair to the kids to have to sit out a year for what is a coachs mistake. I believe the coach should have to sit out. When you have admin and coachs tell kids they will be ok and the kid is punished its not fair.Rice just make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s. At the end of the day it all falls on you not kids or admin.

  • Chap fan

    After reading these posts It has become so aware to me who and why some of these stones are being cast to a person whom I know very well. This post is directed to the quite and peaceful school on top of the hills of Pomona, D.R., You guys over there act as though your hands are clean of any wrong doing, influence or manipulation. C’mon I was one of you at one time and so was Rice but your loyalty over there seems to be clouded becuase of the arogance that you all have concerning your own agendas. Even when I was there they tried to drive me out of there becuase I didnt fit their prototypical model of a head coach. Ironically though their arrogant actions helped me land in a place that far exceeds concerning support that I ever recieved at the “RANCH”. I’m posting here in support of the one person who was always supportive but importantly honest with me about any buisness concerning football. You guys hide on these blogs becuase of your own feelings about a man who honestly never let anyone down at that school when he was there. My question to you at the Ranch, Is, are you guys hurt that he left to go achieve a goal of his, which was to be a head coach. You guys honestly have never let either one of us leave in peace with no comments being made attacking our integrity. Instead of disecting every move we make, i think you should work harder on the hill to change this mind set of attacks by people who feel that they are influencial up on the hill.

  • Real Colony Parent

    I am a real colony parent with a real son who played for Anthony Rice and now the new coach Matt Bechtal. I have read these ridiculous posts which are just all false statements made by a few angry indivuduals who claim to either know someone or have been in the mix of things regarding this whole situation. Colony parent, I highly doubt you are a parent at all, I like other parents feel that you are a coach or close to the coaching staff that has taken over here at Colony and now are concerned that all the players that you thought would stay becuase of who you were have left to one school or another. So please dont come here as a colony parent unless you truly are one and if you are a COLONY FOOTBALL PARENT than like most of us you should really have the respect for a coach that we had.
    As a true parent I have been lucky enough to see some dirt surrounding colony be done and nothing was ever done about it when we needed help from CIF. I attend many games at colony, both basketball and football. It is a team within my community that I have travelled to see games for and support the young men who play there. I am a little overwhelmed that other neighboring schools seem to get away with murder as well as other sports within their own campus. Why is it that Football is the only sport being questioned on this blog and why is it that schools such as AYALA, LOS OSOS, RANCHO, CHARTER OAK and UPLAND NOT BEING DISCUSSED FOR THEIR BLATANT VIOLATIONS.
    Here is some of what I am talking about. How is it that Upland last year landed two colony football players who by the way one of them lived in ONTARIO, while the other lived up the HILL. Now Im not a brain surgeoun but neither of them lived in upland yet both were there ironically after a Colony coach surfaced their as well. So Colony parent, where were you when this form of mal-justice was being committed right on our kids campus. I didn’t hear a peep from you concerning this. Next, we had a quarteback and reciever whom happened to be brothers, now this is ironic, move to LOS OSOS. However, I know for a fact they did not live in the area, yet Coach Rice never questioned it on any of these instances becuase it did not matter. My point being here is that I live in this community and I assume you may too and I’m tired of the arrogant nature that coaches, teachers and AD’s have when it comes to something like this, yet before now you were quiet, the coaches were quiet, the teachers were quiet and other parent were quet yet now you want to start this revolt. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN ALL OF THIS WAS HAPPENNING LAST YEAR?. DID YOU NOT CARE THEN? If you are a concerned parent, ask around and I’ll be happy to talk to you.
    One last point you accuse this man of cheating and that you, I assume will work to notify CIF and that you alone becuase no other parent is aware of any work being done or in conjunction with CIF to resolve this matter. SO i assume you are the lead on this and havent fully let us other parents know about what we should be doing to help you in your efforts. Since I know that it will take much work on your end I am willing to help you in gathering eveidence, in fact maybe I should start at upland than Ill go to alta loma then to Los osos, then to etiwanda and then Ill swing back to roosevelt and my final destination will be to Colony where I really think you should start first. I find it difficult to fatham that you are collecting all this eveidence when 3 days a week when I pick up my son I see a coach working out with specifically one kid from another school but yet this isn’t considered influence. As a parent and as a person who is very appreciative that my child had the oppurtunity to play for this coach, I as well as other parents feel that Coach Rice should be let go in peace to chase whatever ambitions he has. If a kid does not wan’t to be a titan why is it that such advocation is being done to retain kids who honestly are just taking spots from other kids who work hard everyday each year. My kid works hard both in the classroom and on the field and to be quite honest with you I am ashamed that someone like you colony parent would fight so hard to keep kids who dont want to be here when our kids are the one working every afternoon before they come home. Instead fight for your own child who now may have a chance to step into the scene where one of these kids left. If you are a really a parent advocate for your own son not the coaches at colony or against a coach who resigned.

  • way2much

    Called Out: I don’t know who you are but I am loving you right about now.What you said is one of the top 3 post on this board right now. That is just my opinion.Pomona admin should call CIF and launch an investigation to clear this mess up, unless they had something to do with it. I am saying this because you have people who want to come on here and call this a personal attack on Rice when I know this is not true.If you feel this is a personal attack then Pomona should call CIF and clear things up. Pomona better stand up and do the right thing or those addresses could be leaked on the blogs so that everyone can investigate this for themselves because I already did. Don’t hate, investigate.

  • DRanchhhh

    IN-Credible!! People on here whining about kids transferring to another school. This “ish” happens every year. And Chap Fan, I know who you are Coach… You are still but hurt because you couldnt come up here and take Roddy’s position. You failed at CH, came here and beefed with HC (Roddy), went to Colony and now your MENTOR, Rice, is potentially leaving, your scared. DR has nothing to do with the what is going on at Pomona. Rice and Layton have a better understanding of one another than you know.

    To that other person who claims that RICE and staff visited 2 DR players at their homes, If any kids leaves DR to go to Pomona, that is where they are meant to be. We have already lost 5 freshmen to Pomona, and that is fine. Roddy is good at dealing with the kids that want to be panthers. We do not need to recruit. And like I said a year ago, Kids and parents have their choice of HS’s in that area. All of the following schools are literally in walking distance to DR: Don Lugo, CH, DB, Garey, Ganesha, Pomona, Ayala and hail even Chino. Lets not forget that most of the DBPW kids end up at Damien or Bonita for that fact. So dont go accusing RICE, LAYTON, FARRAR or ANY coach of recruiting. Essentially it is the parents decision, not the schools or the COACHES. Get your panties out of a bunch and let these kids enjoy their HS football careers without a bunch of BUTT hurt aZZ adults being crybabies!!

  • what a joke

    hey called out are u serious. Did you really put a commisioners buisness out there like it was really going to start an FBI investigation. get a life, more imprtantly I wish i could put your address out there so everyone could see who you are as well. Im happy that it has been arranged, you sound like you are part of the mafia or something, get a life and stop coming on here like you have some power. If you really had power yopu wouldn’t be wasting your time on this blog. That is the dumbest blog i have ever seen. HA HA HA HA

  • what a joke

    hey called out are u serious. Did you really put a commisioners buisness out there like it was really going to start an FBI investigation. get a life, more imprtantly I wish i could put your address out there so everyone could see who you are as well. Im happy that it has been arranged, you sound like you are part of the mafia or something, get a life and stop coming on here like you have some power. If you really had power yopu wouldn’t be wasting your time on this blog. That is the dumbest blog i have ever seen. HA HA HA HA

  • hey called out

    hey called out can you also let James know that every school in the area like charter oak, south hills, amat, upland, diamond ranch, los osos, etiwanda, chino hills, etc. are all committing infranctions since you sound like you have dinner with the dude every day. Please help us also………. your such an idiot posting that information on this blog, if thats not blatant toward this school i dont know what is. DUMMMMMMYYYYY

  • WOW!

    LEAVE RICE AND PHS ALONE! Diamond Ranch, JB loyalists, Valle Vista league, and Colony Must be hating.

    D.R. doesn’t want Rice because they love being the top dog of the district. PUSD caters to the Ranch. D.R. football has been going to homes illegally recruiting players ever since Layton got there. I can drop names if you want to go there.

    J.B. Loyalists, I can understand you sticking up for your boy If you feel he was done wrong but You are only hurting the kids and PHS now.

    Valle Vista, Don’t hate on Rice and PHS. A little competition never hurt anyone! Competition is what it is all about.

    Colony, Guess what? Rice is the reason you got those 2 rings. Rice is why kids and families relocated to your area. He has done what no coach in this area has done when it comes to championships and getting kids to Universities.
    I have young kids myself and I want the best for my kids academically and athletically. So if I have to relocate to make that happen, HOUSE FOR SALE! He must be doing something right to be getting all this attention. New Colony coach move on and do your thing I am sure kids will follow you through your QB clinics. Good luck and best wishes.

    For the record, Upland won CIF last year with a colony LB that wasn’t even cleared through CIF. Well known fact by Colony, Damien, and other teams in Central Division. Why didn’t anyone hate on Saulter? Because its not Pomona! Leave it alone.

  • Called Out

    You’re a Joke,

    The information I put on this blog regarding the Commissioner’s address can easily be found on the CIF website. If enough people are outraged about this, which I know there are, I just did a little homework for them. I guess I’m a cheater too!!!! Anyway, I hope Pomona admin calls them to clear the air. You won’t though, right Sweeney??? Also, I never said anything about an FBI investigation. However, a CIF investigation is in order here. Rules have allegedly been broken. Why not find out the truth? What’s to hide? If I were being accused of such “craziness” as some of you seem to think, I would invite whoever to investigate in order to clear my name! Yet Pomona, and Rice don’t seem to care? Why don’t they? It’s simple, because they know they are breaking cif rules!

  • hey called out

    hey called out, once again you are an idiot, I am not sweeney or whom ever you think that is. I am a person that thinks you are a complete idiot for even posting that information like a baby yelling look what there doing, its not fair, you cry baby. Nothing has been done wrong, kids moved, BONAFIED RESIDENCE CHANGE, rice isnt the head coach there. what is wrong then smart guy. Ur a fool for even trying to threaten people by posting stautons name and contact. I would love to know what school you are from becuase I am sure stauton can find something dirty in your own back yard. Dummy

  • MR. Longballs

    TO WOW,


    You seem to be swingin from Rice’s Nutts!

    you said that “Upland won CIF last year with a colony LB that wasn’t even cleared through CIF. Well known fact by Colony, Damien, and other teams in Central Division.

    Why didn’t anyone hate on Saulter?
    Because its not Pomona……. NO

  • MR. Longballs

    TO WOW,


    You seem to be swingin from Rice’s Nutts!

    you said that “Upland won CIF last year with a colony LB that wasn’t even cleared through CIF. Well known fact by Colony, Damien, and other teams in Central Division.

    Why didn’t anyone hate on Saulter?
    Because its not Pomona……. NO

  • Football Fan



  • Called Out

    Just stating facts here!! Don’t be so ignorant, or maybe you just have your head so far up Rice’s a** you can’t see straight! There is a scam going on here with fraudulent addresses (SDL coach). I would love to be proven wrong here, I happen to know the facts so it’s just not going to happen.

    For the record, I don’t like the rule. I don’t care where a kid plays. However, rules do need to be followed. Show me a petition to CIF for a rule change, I’ll sign it! Until that’s done let’s preserve the integrity of high school football, and set good examples for the kids. Is that wrong?

  • To Longballs

    Upland/colony? Upland busted not colony. #6 upland not cleared by CIF. Do your homework get back to me. CIF has list of all approved transfers. Nice try

  • called out listen

    Called out, sadly i do agree with you that this rule is ridiculous since it is not followed by many school. in fact, in todays athletics, teams stay consistent by snatching players. Now as far as being up any ones ass, I was not the one who came on here wearing the cif code of honor badge on my chest. i can care less who plays where, I just find it humurous that people like your selves feel they know so much when in fact you really dont. As far as the upland comments that long balls made, I also know for a fact that Colony would not have gotten any trouble concerning their two players transferring their. Only Upland was guilty of calling these kids, bringing them on campus and enrolling them thereafter. By the way just so you know longballs why is it that Salter and the Ad showed up to colony to discuss the matter without even the coach knowing about it. For Rice it wasnt even worth it to hurt a kids chance at playing or earning a scholorship which one of them did. Everyone in the area knows that upland along with a handful of other schools are shady yet for some reason coaches like Saulter are the CIF golden childs and thats why nothing is ever breathed on sites like these. hey Robeldo why dont you try investigating schools like Upland who blatantly do this each and every year. I heard this year they have all kinds of transfers coming there, a few from texas thanks to one of their coaches who has the pipeline there to a alta loma transfer who suddenly transferred mid year there and it was never questioned. Now thats funny, in fact the funniest thing Ive heard Robeldo and Longballs is that now Upland is actively pursuing some Colony players as we speak. maybe CIF as well as all of you who are hating on a school and community that is trying to do right by their kids start searching out the real programs in the IE that are blatantly twisting the rules and violating them becuase they know they can becuase they have a security blanket within their own schools which range from the AD’s to the coaches themselves. Trust me when i tell you this, Rice and his staff never cared about who wanted to play for them or not, if a kid wanted to leave no waves were ever made becuase a coach. As a parent of a player i understand that a real team goes with what they have. Thats why schools like Osos, Upland, kaiser, Roosevelt, Ayala have all benefited from Rice’s departure. yet No one ever has complained about this happenning before yet now you guys are lobying for a federal investigation on houses in Pomona. I say if you do it in Pomona dont stop there keep travelling east and get everyone else on the way out to palm springs becuase i can list a laundry list of schools who have done this either willing and knowing or becuase they are naive to the rules. You want to talk facts then lets do this but only the facts not what you think you know.

  • Mr. longBall

    No one ever questioned paperwork on #6, the real question was his home address. Which by the way, I know is located on vineyard avenue in Ontario becuase I have been there. Lol, You should check your facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • way2much

    I hope I can clear some of this up. Don’t nobody give a damn about the I.E. and the Inland Valley football teams,when it comes to transfers. Now with the new releagues maybe things will change. So when you come on these blogs, SGV blogs we are going to talk about transfers. Rather u like it or not. I am talking about all the Rice loyalists that don’t even come on these blogs. Stay your ass on the blogs of the Daily Bulletin.Nobody would have said anything if the Colony players would have stayed. There is a rule out there that says you can’t follow your Coach. Rice just became the GINNEYPIG.The SGV just wants to know how this rule works. P.S. I didn’t say Head Coach I just said Coach hint hint lol.You must don’t know what happen to Duarte last year.

  • ST G54

    Funny how a so called “Colony Parent” can come on here & tell any Colony player if they’re thinking of transferring to P-High to think twice because a so called arrangement with CIF has been set up already for investigation..
    You crack me the hell up!! Like you have that kind of pull with CIF!! Get over yourself! You sure haven’t said anything about the multiple transfers that Colony receives!

    All these personal posts with grudges towards Rice, you guys need 2 get a life!!

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