Spring Break is over, Baseball and Softball hit second round of league action

Spring Break is over for most and league heats up for baseball and softball. Here are the featured games of the week we plan on covering, if we missed any, let us know.

Update: Thanks to some phone calls and comments, I’ve adjusted what we plan on covering this week, which will now include Chino Hills and Damien baseball.

Baseball: Charter Oak at Bonita, 3:15 p.m; South El Monte at Gabrielino, 3:15 p.m.
Softball: South Hills at West Covina, 3:15 p.m., Charter Oak at Bonita, 3:15 p.m.
Baseball: Diamond Bar at Glendora, 3:15 p.m.; Chino Hills at Damien, 3:15 p.m.
Baseball: West Covina at South Hills, 3:15 p.m.; Bonita at Charter Oak, 3:15 p.m.
Softball: St. Joseph’s at Bishop Amat, 3:15 p.m., Los Altos at Bonita, 3:15 p.m.
Baseball: Damien at Chino Hills, 3:15 p.m., Glendora at Diamond Bar, 3:15 p.m., Bassett at La Puente, 3:15 p.m.
Softball: Glendora at Diamond Bar

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  • BullPen


    Come on! Your gonna cover Bonita twice this week? Why cover the Amat, they will be league champs without a doubt. La Salle poses no threat to them. Why not cover Damien on Wednesday at home versus Chino Hills or maybe cover both games of the Dbar/Glendora match-up. The Sierra League match-ups will be much more interesting and competitive. No knock on Bonita, but twice in one week, KH will be happy but the rest of us want to read soemthing else. The Sierra League race is the most interesting and I predict the top three finishers in that league will all come from the SGV, Glendora, Damien, & Dbar. I’m a SL guy because it is the best league in the area by far, has three of the top teams in the SGV,and the quality of baseball played is great. Fred please rethink your choices. Give some love to the SL.

  • Schedule

    Hey Fred – the Bonita / CO games are on Tues / Thursday…not Wed / Friday. You are looking at an old schedule.

  • ??????

    Glendora v Diamond Bar in softball, why??? not much of a game. and the trib is covering the match up twice????

  • kh

    where dose that put us,bonita if your leagues the best,and we best the best ,or so called the best d-bar.ive seen glendora play there good,solid club ,but like all of our clubs,were beatable.just hasnt happened for away.i havnt seenfred at any h.s. baseball game except the girls s.d.trny.a few weeks ago.

  • BullPen

    ??????, Yeah my bad. He is covering both games. Point is, there are better games to cover than the Bonita vs CO game. Once is fine but both their games is too much.

  • BullPen


    Im not gonna get in a pissing match with ya. Bonita is in the top 10. Where? I don’t know. But if you think that you beat the best, Dbars #4 or 5 pitcher, then run with it brother.

  • Don

    Im saying you guys just need to double date for a few days and cover the hardball and softball games together; save gas, compare notes, enjoy some fine after-game dining.

    Tuesday: South Hills @ West Covina, drop by Boca Del Rio for Tacos after the game

    Wednesday: Diamond Bar @ Glendora, share an order of chili fries at The Hat on the way back to the Trib

    Thursday: Bonita @ Charter Oak, get the Chicken Special at Dinos in Azusa, then off to the keyboards with sauce stained fingers

    You really ought to cover the Damien – Chino Hills contest Friday. Just like the BoHi – C O games, the second one will have the most meaning. Softball? Sorry, youre on your own but there is a Chick-fil-A on Grand Ave just off the 71. Kinda takes the sting out of that long drive home.

    No need for Aram to have all the fun.

  • Homer

    mmmmm….boca del rio

  • kh

    we will beat there best,but my friend your going to have to wait intell next season.this season 1-0
    then need to worry about glengora damein c-hills where not even on the radar chart.
    we dont care about the top ten,we beat every team except ,amat cuz we dont play them or we would beat them.
    the ring is the only long term goal,short term league champs .
    why dont you go to the bullpen and bring out your closer,
    your starter is starting to get hammered.
    make the move coach.
    bring in your lhp closer.

  • DB

    First of all, he is not a closer, he was the starting pitcher the day before in a league game. Coach stupidity is why he was warming up. Trying to save a game that was not worth winning. No KH – you don’t jepardize a kid’s future to win a mid-season tournament game. You beat us without our top pitchers. We hammered your ace. Congrats on the W…I will take our lefty for the rest of league play over that game any day. Next year should be fun.

  • BullPen


    Now you’re talkin! Covering the best that the SGV has to offer. That’s all we ask.

  • Baseball NUT!


    DIV II

    # 2 GLENDORA


    # 4 ALHAMBRA
    # 5 BONITA—-> Kh, Their FINALLY ranked
    # 7 WALNUT

    DIV IV

    # 1 AMAT
    # 7 MONROVIA

  • socal baseball fan

    Here are the latest D2 cifss polls in baseball
    1. Crespi 15-3
    2. Glendora 13-1-1
    3. REV 15-3
    4. Santa Barbara 12-1-1
    5. Bellflower 12-2
    6. Chaminade 13-3
    7. Yucaipa 14-4
    8. Canyon Springs 10-2
    9. Cypress 13-4
    10. Alemany 14-4

    South Hills next year moves into D2 and they will make a signficant jump in quality of teams that reside in D2 vs D3. Looking at the D3 polls some very average teams are ranked in the top 10. The Mission league has dominated D2 and will again this year. Loyola has a good team and will not make the playoffs. The leagues are spread out all over so-cal and covers every county.

  • LA Softball

    Felipe is back !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Takes over the softball program LA outscored 31-4 with a record 0-4.

    Great Job Felipe we knew you had it in you.

    Some things never change.

  • socal baseball fan

    Here are some of the teams in D2 that did not make the top 10 this week.
    Los Osos 12-2
    Upland 11-3
    Arcadia 11-3
    El Toro 12-4-1
    Woodbridge 12-4
    Diamond Bar 10-5
    Damien 9-4
    Mayfair 13-2
    Foothill 11-6
    All the teams in the Mission league except one has winning records this year. Mission league may be headed into D1 soon especially if Crespi wins again.

  • BaseballNUT!

    SoCAL baseball fan,

    By NOT having some of those teams ranked that you showed proves that CIF ranking, is kind of like the coaches poll in NCAA. They go off what others are telling them.
    I will say Crespi, is the real deal, but some others like Bellflower, Cypress, Canyon springs, are most likely there based on PAST history. TO NOT have Upland, Los Osos, and El Toro ranked in DIV II, is a joke.

    I will also say I beleive South Hills can compete with this group. They just played a top team from AZ, and lost a DIV I ranked West Ranch team, and lost 2-1, and beat another DIV I Mater Dei team. They also beat Los Osos, and still play DIV II Alemany, and Amat. They will lose alot BUT have alot returning. Also I think Glendora is # 2 based soley on a DEEP rotation of 5 guys which is rare in H.S. If not for that roatation, Glendora should be 8-4, or 7-5. I beleive R.E.V is good but BOTH tourney’s they won had medicore talent outside of one other school. However it shows that REV is a school, that is in that 3-4 year period of a cycle that just has superior kids. If not for a bad call, REV should have won DIV II fotball!
    Lets just watch and see what happens the next few weeks, and come round two of CIF THEN we can start making out who the TRUE teams are.
    Good info though Socal fan. I liked it!

  • Come again?

    BaseballNUT why do you say those teams don’t belong if you haven’t seen them play? Doesn’t it just show how awesome D2 Baseball really is? Not sure about some of what you said because it was all over the place and was confusing to follow. So what was your point?

  • infoman

    the baseline league used to be at the upper echelon of division 2. That is no longer the case. They are towards the bottom rung of div 2 teams now. Look no further than last years cif results, in which none of the 4 entrants made it past round one and the league champion Upland lost at home to a 3rd place team from orange county. The only 2 playoff wins from the league last year were both in the wild card round. The only school to ever win a cif title from the baseline was Damien in 1997. The real mystery of the league over the past 20+ years has been Upland who has consistently put out talent with only mediocre results to show for it in the playoffs. In Mike ALonsos (uhs coach) 26 years at the school he has one finals appearance (1996) and 2 semis (1993 and 2001). Not much to show for the numerous college players and pro drafts that have come from that school. NOwadays the program is down and need a change at the helm. You want info baseball nut and socal baseball, now there’s info!

  • infoman

    So cal bb’s point is well taken though. As you move up in divisions the depth gets more and more substantial. There are MANY more solid teams that could impact cif playoffs in the division one over division two and so on…This does not diminish the schools in the lower divisions accomploshments. It just is what it is. To go along with the baseline league analysis, the rancho schools (Rancho cuc, etiw, los osos, and alta loma) have done just next to nothing in terms of cif playoffs success. These 4 schools have combined to win only a handful of playoff games in their history. The only one of the four to make a run was los osos’ improbable semifinals run in the 2nd year of the schools existence (2005) These schools make up 2/3 of the baseline league. Throw in uplands underachievement and Claremont, this makes a mediocre playoffs league. But throw this league in division 3, you have potential championships every year

  • infoman

    Last take…That young man whose picture is above, Jacob Smigelski, could be a key figure in Glendoras possible cif run this year, their final year in the sierra league before they rejoin the baseline league in 2011. If Henley is to make the first run in cif in his coaching career, this kid could be just the recipe to allow that to happen. Assuming Plutko stays healthy and strong round 2 and round 4 will need a pitcher to take the ball and give Glendora a huge lift. IMO this is the guy that can do just that. Should be an interesting finish to the 2010 season!

  • infoman

    BTW……….kh, keep your takes coming. In baseball its a game made up of characters. You go in any clubhouse on any pro team and there are numerous examples. Kh is a character. And im not sure some of you bloggers know but kh was a professional ballplayer himself. So before you go knocking the guy you better have a decent take to go along with it because he knows the game. Its ok to support your team isnt it?

  • Baseball NUT!

    Come again,

    My point was directly to so cal baseball fan, who mentioned that he thinks South Hills will have a tough transtion to DIV II.

    Also, I have seen El Toro twice, beating Diamond Bar in the Loara tourney, and again beating Woodbridge of Irvine. I also watched Glendora vs Diamond Bar, and the Tartans vs Northview in their own tourney. I have also seen Los Osos play twice, as well as Yucaipa just lose to Redlands EV. I have not seen Santa Barbara, but would love to make that a excuse to drive up the coast. Quietly I see anywhere between 3-4 games per week.
    Nobody is saying DIV II is NOT a power. But to follow CIF ranking 100% through, is not good enough. My point is you have some coaches, doing the rankings each week just like the NCAA coaches poll. It really isn’t that difficult to understand is it? Maybe I could have wrote it differently. My personal opinion, and its just mine is that outside of Crespi,( who may lose a game this week to Alemany) I beleive El Toro, and Upland are the class of DIV II, YET neither is ranked.

  • BHS

    KH got the “see ya” out of BB for not being a character guy! He hit what a couple of bucks? Come on the guy a laughing stock over here at BHS.

    Some coaches really know his trail………..



  • socalbaseball fan

    The point I was making about South Hills who has a great baseball program is in D2 you will be tested in your first game as the 3rd place teams in D2 can play. I looked at all the leagues in D3 which can be seen on baseball resource and many of the teams have overall losing records or barely above 500. Looking at #1 ranked Beckman they are the only team in their league with a winning record. In D3 if you are among the top 4 seeded teams you have cakewake into the final 8. In D1 or 2 you may not get out of the first round if you run into a ace pitcher from a 3rd place team.