The Scouting Guru ties up loose ends, reports from Combines, and gives top ten player rankings

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

“Integrity is what you do when no one is watching; it’s doing the right thing all the time, even when it may work to your disadvantage.” Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Winning Coach in his book “Uncommon”

Let’s take care of a couple of things right at the top.
I’m changing the column just a bit. One of the fine talent evaluators is Michael Lombardi. He is currently working for the NFL Network and is a contributor to I love the way his Daily Morning News is formatted, so we are borrowing that format for this column. Since I have a ton of leadership books – I love the subject of leadership – I thought it would be good to take some thoughts from those books and incorporate it into the column. And what better way to start off the column than with a quote from the great Tony Dungy. There are many coaches that win with integrity. I believe that guys like Bogan and Maggiore are the epitome of the quote. If you want to be respected in whatever field you are in, that quote pretty much says it all.
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Also, let me be clear about this…Steve Bogan is not going anywhere!!!!!!! Fred’s joke was so good that it fooled many people I’ve talked to last week that included LA Times High School reporter Eric Sondheimer. Folks, it was an April Fool’s joke. Geez!!!! As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen Bogan more energetic about a season more than this season coming up. That’s usually a good thing for South Hills fans.

Oh and one more thing. Speaking of Sondheimer, look for an upcoming article in the Los Angeles Times by him as he tackles to subject of private schools having an unfair advantage versus public schools. It’s not going to put the private schools in a favorable light. If his work in the past is any indication, this article should be a doosie!


This is going to be a very busy two weeks. It starts this Saturday with the annual Nike Combine at Veterans Stadium at Long Beach City College. All HS underclassman football players (current Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors) are invited to attend and are put through varies combine events , such as the 40 yard dash, the short shuttle and other events. What is great about the event is that it is for free and you get a free workout t-shirt for attending the event. But, we encourage all athletes to register online at the recruiting page on It really does save a lot time and heartache if you register online. Now, you can also walk-up and register at the event, but (and this is a word to the wise) you will be asked to wait for a long while.

Of course, we will be at the event – at the station that love to be at, the height and weight station. We feel it is one of the most important stations at the event. We usually have a team of four at the station and we are very precise in getting the correct height and weight on the player. So, if you plan on being at the Vet on Saturday, make sure you come over and say hello to your friendly contributor to this site.

Oh, and one final thing. If you are an athlete that is signed up and ready to go for Saturday… get their early. If you wait for a while, you’ll be in line for a long time. We usually put more than a 1,000 athletes thru their paces at the combine.


1) Sioasi Aiono (OLT, South Hills) — When West Recruiting Manager Brandon Huffman says that Aiono is the best lineman ON THE WEST COAST, well let’s just say that there is no competition for the top spot. Aiono has earned the right to being named the top player in the area — hands down.

2) Dennis Rufus (ATH, Charter Oak) — Would really love to see him run in track so that we can get a good time on him. I’m already looking forward to seeing him match-up against SH class of 2012 prospect Jamie Canada in week 10. Especially since Canada popped an electronic 100m time of 11.33 at the Covina Invitational last week. Hopefully, he’ll attend the combine on Saturday.

3) Aaron Almond (ATH, Diamond Ranch) — Reportedly sports an offer San Diego State. Would love for him to be a little more physical at the point of attack, but he is good. Has been compared to Palmdale safety Joshua Shaw. Well, if you compare the highlight tapes of both players after their junior year, you would see that there is no comparison…Almond is not even in the next area code next to Shaw. And if he is that good, why has Florida not offered?

4) Aaron Cantu (QB, Schurr) — I’m putting Schurr into the area (thanks to the big man Tolegian) and if that is the case, I really like this kid. His highlight tape is excellent, so was the game film and I thought he played really well against Diamond Ranch in the quarterfinals that past season. I have the same concerns about him throwing an accurate deep ball (as with the next prospect) on the list, but I love the fact that he works “The QB guru” Chris Rix. He’s the real deal folks.

5) Chad Jefferies (QB, Glendora) — Quite simply, his game tape is not as consistent as Cantu’s. I think he’s at the same position on a lot of recruiting boards as Ayala’s Ryan Orozco. Another Rix prospect – which is always a good thing.

6) Aubrey Coleman (DE, Walnut) — Really surprised that UW reportedly put down the cash on a prospect that thrived against lesser competition and lacked against quality competition.

7) Jacoby Carter (CB, Diamond Ranch) — He’s a big-time spring evaluation kid. But, I like him a lot and feel that he’ll get offered. But I think it’ll be later rather than sooner.

8) Jay Anderson (RB, Bishop Amat) — Well the word is out on him on the recruiting front, “He’s just a good high school football player.” There is nothing wrong with that. But, the lack of a true 40 (or 100m) time to reflect how fast he is, and the lack of size hurts his cause. It’s the feeling among So Cal scouts that Loyola RB Jared Baker is faster (ran an electronic 10.9 100m last year and it shows on film) and the best running back in the league. Baseball might be his ticket into college.

9) Peter Nonu (DT, South Hills) — Would like for him to great an inch or two, but he is clearly one of the top DT’s in the area. Wrestled nicely in 2010 and it will work to his benefit next season.

10) Wallace Gonzalez (TE, Bishop Amat) — Well, if the results from the National Underclassman Combine are to be believed, then this kid has some issues that he ‘s going to have to resolve. The main one is that he ran his “electronic 40 yard dash” in 4.95. I put that in parenthesis because I have no idea if it was an electronic 40. If it’s a hand-time 40, scout’s usually add a tenth of a second to the time. So that puts him at 5.05. And I can safely tell you, no one on the Pac will touching TE’s that have 4.9 or higher 40 yard dashes. Sorry, we’ll take Junior Pomee of Rancho Verde over him. And UCLA felt the same way. When you couple that the lack of junior tape from last year, it raises some red flags for many scouts (including yours truly). Interested to see if he goes to the Nike Combine this weekend.

And now for the “Sleepers” that have a great chance of moving on recruiting boards in the spring….

Jeff Vargas (OT, South Hills) — Do yourself a favor and go on, find South Hills HS on the directory and watch Vargas’ highlight tape. It speaks for itself.

Allen Brown (OT, San Dimas ) — Just your typically sound OL prospect from one of the best Wing-T coaches in the business in coach Zernikow. I thought he looked great in the Baldwin Park game and had a solid game against Covina as well. Grades out decently with us. Interested on who takes interest in him in the spring.

Remontay McClain (WR, Covina) — Clearly one of the fastest athletes in the area, his problem is that his tape is not very good for someone of his athletic ability. To put it bluntly, when you are a WR, you need to catch the ball. And that is something that he is not very good at. If you can overlook that, he’s a prospect.

B.J Lee (RB, West Covina) — This is the fastest athlete in the area, but he has the same problem as well. His tape is not that great as well. As a matter of fact, he didn’t play a whole season of football. That’s going to be a problem for him, just ask Ricky Johnson.

Maurice Dupleasis (LB, West Covina) — Now, this is a kid that comes up real nicely on game film. A side to side LB that can hit. Again, a good 40 time raises his stock. Good player.

Wardell Crutchfield III (Safety, Baldwin Park) — Reportedly has offers, but have not been able to confirm any of them (but it’s not to say it hasn’t happen). Another prospect that is intriguing but after watching game tape on him, we have questions on how tough he is. A big performance against South Hills in week 1 could improve his stock. Interesting

Christian Orduno (OL, Bishop Amat) — Offensive lineman are always in high commodity and he has good size to be a quality player in 2010. Has a long way to go to get to the point of where Aiono is, but he has a chance.

Garrett Pendleton (QB, Bonita ) — Eric Podley does a great job with his QB’s at Bonita and there is something about this kid that intrigues me. He reads his progressions well, throws a nice intermediate ball and has some toughness to him. The early senior film on him is going to dicate whether he gets recruited or not. But, there is something about this kid that I like.

Tarez Lemmons (OL, Bonita ) — As a whole, this is a nice OL group in the valley this year (yes, Fred this might be the year that you feature the OL on the cover of your football preview this) and this a kid that also intrigues me. Shows a good knee bend and has decent technique. However, he had a tough night against CO and SH, but I’m looking for him to have a nice senior year.

Charlie Avila (DL, Charter Oak) — Typical strong kid from CO that has been a starter for two straight years. Needs to have a better motor though for college and his size will be a major issue for college coaches. Solid prospect though.

Other players to watch prospects include:

Dorian Granados (WR, Damien)

Corey Murphy (TE, Glendora)

Kevin Kolbeck (TE, San Dimas)

Now for some quick notes from being on the road for three weeks,

* One of the best area track meets to attend is the Covina Invitational and it didn’t disappoint last week. Meet director Kevin Glasby does a great job and the talent was great. One of the highlight of the day was the trip to the snack bar. I’ve not seen a better grill than the one that was fired up at the event. The Hot Dogs were not just great…THEY WERE THE BOMB! Thanks for all the help KG!

* I had a chance to go to the Arcadia Invitational this past Saturday and – as usually is the case – it didn’t disappoint. My former colleague Rich Gonzalez does a great job as meet manager and he (along with his staff) did a great job on Saturday. Rich, you are best! It was great to see you…

* One observation. I had a chance to physically take a good long look at DeAnthony Thomas – the stud RB from Crenshaw who has the nickname of “The Black Mamba.” He ran a 10.6 electronic 100m in the invitational final and won the 200m invitational with a 21.4 time (defeating USC WR bound Robert Woods). I can see where my colleagues in the city section question where he can handle the physicality of Pac-10 football. He doesn’t jump off the eye balls when you first look at him physically. But there is no question about his speed. He is very fast folks.

* If Rio Ruiz continues on his tear of the baseball diamond like he did last week at the National Classic, I’m not even going to bother putting him in my rankings for the class of 2012. That’s because he’ll be a high MLB draft choice. He’s awesome folks!

* I had one SH observer tell me last week “Jamie Canada is going to better than Jeremy Payton and just as good as Bryan Payton.” You should take the observer very seriously when his name is Salaam Payton (who is the father of Jeremy and Bryan). Like a said, when you can run an 11.3 electronic 40 (making him the 6th fastest sophomore in the Southern Section), you raise a lot of eyes amongst college coaches right away. Plus, he has no academic issues. He is a football player running in track, rather than a track guy trying to play football.

* I had a chance to take in UCLA’s scrimmage on Sunday and I’m looking for UCLA to give USC a real run for it’s money when November comes around. Which will make all the UCLA honks in the sports department at the Tribune happy (yes I’m talking to you Fred and Steve).

* I had a chance to take a good look at Diamond Bar QB Andrew Cameron at Matt Bechtal’s QB camp last Saturday at Citrus College and I like the way he is progressing. His film shows that he can run the ball a little bit. But more than that, I’m very impressed with his personality. Seems like a humble kid. I’m cheering for him to have a good senior season.

* I would like to have a pre-combine “Cover it Live” Chat with all you readers on Friday night. I might do it here or do it on my blog. I will let you know this week.

* It was great to see Phil Michelson win the Masters on Sunday. But, the high TV rating for the event was for Tiger Woods… not Phil. But that’s ok. You intend to track one feel good story and another one occurs. If nice guys do finish first, then there has to be a CIF championship for Arroyo HC Jim Singiser in the very near future.

* Finally, sometime next week, I’m going to attend a Glendora game when Plutko is on the mound. When you have 15 scouts at your game, you can be rest assured that this kid is going to make it. I love going to baseball games when there is a true prospect to enjoy.

Have a great week!

Abigail Van Buren “The less you talk, the more you’re listened to.”

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    It’s funny how when Amat announced it’s pre league schedule much fun was made of Garfield on the schedule . Well take note fishies here’s the rest of Garfield’s opponents for pre league, O Lu , Ont Colony, St Paul . Let’s see anyone other that Amat in the SGV come up with that kind of schedule . Some like to challenge themselves and others , well they like the warm waters of their own little fish bowl.

  • more like scouting douche-ru….

    Wow, the scouting douche is still around after Aram comes back? Its too bad that his analysis is still CRAP. I suppose that South Hills is going to win their division this year huh? Let the professionals do their jobs and go back to doing what you do best. Absolutely nothing!

  • Baseball NUT!

    Fish Bowl,

    YOU answered your own question! NOBODY in the SGV has a non league schedule like Garfield, INCLUDING my alma matter, AMAT! Garfield has been decent the past couple of seasons but have a reputation more for MATH, NOT FOOTBALL! I’m suprised LB POLY, CENTENNIAL, and Crenshaw, are not on the list. They too I’m sure want “gimmies” heading to league!

    I love my Lancers, but until they “nut” up and schedule like SERVITE, year in, and year out, they will continue to be on the outside looking in come December


    Hey Guru the NUC is this weekend and the Nike combine is next week.

    Heres the link so you can verify… Again with the wrong info.



    Ring ceremony tonight at Charter Oak 6:00p.m

  • just askin’

    Baseball NUT –
    Are you really saying that Garfields schedule that includes O Lu, Colony, St Paul(who isn’t even good enough right now to be on Amat’s schedule!)as the best on their schedule is better than
    Sept. 3 vs. Garfield @ELAC
    Sept. 10 at Dominguez
    Sept. 17 Muir
    Sept. 24 Damien
    Oct. 1 at Cathedral
    Oct. 8 Venice

  • kh

    dont forget the real athletes are playing baseball right now,not sitting after scool lifting wieghts.and if podley opens up the qb job the big guy will be in a run for his money,in h.s ill take a qb who can pass and double tread turn it up to get the first down every time,he wont open up the slot,so dont worry about it.our qb is fine,but coming thru in presure seperates the good ones.

  • ghsfan

    man guru had chad j at number 5 cant believe it well wait till you see hime play next year. He is one of the best qbs i have ever seen said by his new tutor who also was a d1 player in his own right and went on play in arena fochad will prove that he not only might be number 1 qb in area but one top players in socal after this year



    UNLIKE,(more like scouting douche-ru….) Would be nice if you could mention (ONE) kid from the Montview league! What about Blount and Nieto from AZUSA?. They should be having a solid senior year!


  • Don

    You have to admit Jaime is deep; dude covered more ground in his column than OReilly and Stewart do in a whole week. Kind of like Geraldo on crank.

    For his next column, Im looking for some coverage on North Koreas deepening, multidimensional and complex existential crisis, the power vacuum in Poland, and Conan OBriens choice to sign with TBS rather than Fox.

  • PAC 5 Representative

    AZTEC PRIDE sorry to burst your bubble but no one in their right mind is recruiting anyone from azusa.

    Sorry bud.

  • Frank

    If you are going to mention aztec players you need to mention Duarte Falcon Players most of thier team is made up of sophmores. They should win leauge by the time they are seniors.

  • NO ring ceremony tonight SGV FOOTBALL!

    Nice try and SGV FOOTBALL some “insider” your are pal. There is no ring ceremony tonight at C.O.H.S. I just called the front office and they said maybe tomorrow night but not every ring has even been delivered until hopefully tomorrow they said. Check your contacts again there buddy!


    NO ring ceremony tonight SGV FOOTBALL!,

    Dont get your panties all bunched up, I got the email about two hours ago saying that the ceremony had been postponed until tomorrow. I had already told the boss I was leaving early from work to make it there on time.
    P.S I never said I was an insider.

    I’ll forward some pics to Fred so you guys can take a look at the rings. Hopefully he will post.


  • glendora faithful

    Just want to know if your now comparing Jeffries a current junior to an outgoing senior at Ayala? Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t Ryan Orozco a senior? I dont know but I think your reporting is wrong AGAIN.

  • To KH.

    Hey K.H.

    Not all athletes play baseball. And I had a chance twice last year to see your team play (diamond Ranch and Claremont) From what I saw your Qb looked very good and I think the Guru is right on in what he has to say.I take it from your statement that your QB does not play baseball but that might be a good thing. Hopefully he is not just “lifting weights” as you say but is at camps and is being tutored by some QB coach. You should try supporting the program and the kid.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Just askin’

    The schedule we have at AMAT looks great, if were talking PAST TENSE! Unlike others I give out both the good AND the bad when it comes to my Lancers!

    I find it interesting when AMAT struggled we had NO problem getting Orange LU, HART, VALENCIA among others. Why? Becasue we wanted to get back to the glory days, and you need to do just that. Yes some were knocking at our door to get at us, and some now may be avoiding us. But NOW that were 90-95% BACK we get these has been’s. Sure Damien is sort of a rival, and Venice is ok, and Muir, and Dominguez were once powers,, and Cathedral has had a FEW decent teams BUT that is like saying Ohio St. beats up on Youngstown st, Ohio U, then wonders why it can’t win the big one! Now I am NOT saying AMAT needs to have a SERVITE schedule EVERY year, but at least give us a CIF champion! I would love to watch AMAT vs Chaparral DIV II or AMAT vs LA Habra. The sad truth is not just with AMAT, but ALL others who are consistantly a power, in any divison, don’t want the chance of losing to a team, ESPECIALLY if in a lower division. Why is it we will NEVER see a USC, FLORIDA, TEXAS, or LSU going up to play on the blue turf at Boise? Afraid to lose, sux, and those guys are afraid to lose.

  • Shaking my head

    Guru are you serious? Two catches in his junior year for 15 yards and not one varsity start in three years and no TDs makes him a sleeper?
    Both catches were in blowouts btw. No offense to the player but that’s what makes Guru the best evaluator ever! lol

    His usual SH-centric view is in full force, yet again!

  • sgv scouting

    Yep, I earn the award from the late Jim Healy who had a recording from Howard Cosell that said, “Who goofed I’ve got to know?” It’s me.

    The Nike Combine is NEXT SATURDAY!!!!! I will repost again this week!!! Thanks

  • ?

    What’s the word on South Hills Guru? Last place in the Sierra or possible 2nd/3rd place finish.

  • Am I not suppose to be a concerned parent?

    So between us bloggers my son comes home everyday and says the guru is coaching him in the weight room and on the practice field and bogan literally is letting him run his offseason program. My son says the players are miserable and so are the coaches. Why do you let this guy post on your blog fred? Isn’t he a conflict of interest for you if he’s on South Hills staff? I don’t get why everyone continues to allow this guy get a free pass. I thought the only pass he was allowed to carry was the one for the bus like my son and his friends are always laughing about.

  • just sayin’

    Am I not suppose to be a concerned parent? – Only of you don’t trust Bogan. If he trusts the guy… maybe you should to.

  • sgv scouting

    I don’t respond to a lot of entrees but the last one from “Am I not suppose to be a concerned parent?” is about as bad as it gets.

    If you have a problem with me, take it up me personally. Drop me an email at But knowing you, you won’t.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Finally

    Am I not suppose to be a concerned parent?,

    Very well said. James get back on your special bus, sit down and shut the hell up. No one is buying you as a “Guru.” Be thankful that Bogan feels sorry for you, and allows you to hang around.

    Damn, you give some people an inch and they try to take a yard!


    guru can’t you read . Concerned parent does have a problem with you .No if’s about it. So does most of the blog . Damn man you can’t even get the dates of a combine you’re working at right. All you ever do is praise sh players as being the top recruits of the SGV no matter what other talent is out there. I beleive a sh player has been your number oe pick everytime you come out with these lists. Since you are so far into the sh program please give us your take as to why sh bombed out the past 2 years in the playoffs and how do you think they will do in the new Sierra .

  • football fan

    Scouting Guru, I will have to disagree with some of the players on your list of top prospects in the San Gabriel Valley. Sioasi Aiono and Peter Nonu are over rated players. Aiono has great size however I dont believe he will be that successful at the next level. He may be able to compete at a WAC or MWC school but he does not have the speed or technique to play in the PAC 10. It is fair to say that he is a good pass blocker, but will he be able to rely on his size to compensate for poor run blocking technique at the next level? Nonu is less athletic than Aiono, however he is large, stout and strong. But does he have the skill to play at the division 1 level in college? The bull rush cannot be your only move, if you want to be a successful college player. My biggest concern for these two athletes is their skill and technique because in high school it is easy to dominate when you weigh 290 pounds and stand at 64. College ball is a different game where players are big, fast and strong. Technique is imperative to being a good player at a good division 1 football program, and both Aiono and Nonu lack good technique, at least to play in the PAC 10 or any other major conference. Aiono is highly recruited for his great size, being an average athlete, and because he is Samoan. Nonu will get some looks because he is large and Samoan as well.

  • Those 40 times seem incredible

    Guru I know it’s a typo on the young Canada because you say he runs a 11.3 electronically timed 40 making him the sixth faster sophomore in the Southern Section. Did you mean 4.3 or 4.13 or 4.31 ? All numbers thta would have him at the top 10 time at the NFL combime, is that what you’re saying?

    Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 40 Faster EVER
    Santana Moss ran a 4.31 40 Slowest in the Top Ten EVER
    Taylor Mays ran a 4.43 40 which was blazing for a man his size

    So with all their power, training, weight lifting, years under the watchful eye of collegiate trainers some local sophomore kid ran 40 times equal to NFL combine hopefuls?

    I don’t believe it.

    Guru what do the high school combine kids run on, a track?

    On last thing Guru could you give us a final tally on all the SGV signees and compare them to your “Players to Watch” list?

    Ant players get rides that weren’t on your radar? Aren’t you only as good as the ones you miss?

  • jesusjr23

    I believe the Guru was talking about the 100m, because he’s not even the fastest kid on the SH squad. Nobody ran a 4.3/40 on the team last year.

  • What ever happened to?

    Whatever happened to Chris Bowden? He was a three year All League starter for Bogan and a can’t miss next level MLB, even if that level was at least Whitman College which is a solid program on the East Coast.

    What ever happened to Parkham another great athlete out of South Hills that had can’t miss all over him?

    What ever happened to Barrios, Goss and Heard? All were heralded at next level players. Did they all suffer career ending injuries?

  • South Hills Hype

    Guru over the past three years how many football players from South Hills have moved on to play at the next level that weren’t senior transfers like Canada and Wells?

    Any one know the answer in case the Guru doesn’t come clean.

  • Baseball NUT!

    SGV scouting,
    Glad to know you we are kind of close in age, as I am not the only old guy over 40 here. As as kid I NEVER missed Jim Healy @ 5:15-5:30 every afternoon, on KLAC!

    Nothing like the ticker in the background, and Jim saying ” Dateline out of Rams camp in Fullerton”, Or his he, he, he, he sayings!

    He was one of a kind and nobody to this day will come close! In fifteen minutes he told us about OUR local teams. Back then it was the Rams, and boxing that he talked most about. Then came the Lakers, and Dodgers!

  • Adios Muchachos

    Thats all good for Garfield but rest assure that come league play after playing a BIG DOG schedule they will go limping into their league and some of their better players will be out to injury. Makes no sense as Roosevelt kicks your a–es again and you do nothing in League again. Makes for a good gate and good crowd at ELAC vs. Amat 9/2, but taking on OLUTH as well what is your coach thinking “we got ballz” trust me come league those ballz will be kicked so far up they will become your tonsils. Mistake big mistake. It will be STAND AND DELIVER punishment on Garfield.

  • A time?

    Those Times

    I agree with you! Maybe James clock needs to be calibrated?

    But the reality with a good or great 40 time is just that “a time”

    The real question, can that time be transferred to the playing field whatever your given sport? Can the player make plays?

    One pac-10 coach I spoke with, told me “I don’t care if a kid 4.4,4.5,4.6,4.7, but can that kid get two+ and then what does he do after the first two? Can he cut, make a move, how’s his lateral, how’s his power, how’s his ability to see the open lane? Many people get to caught up on just the time, sure speed is big, but making plays is bigger!”

  • gametime

    Real athletes playing baseball at BHS? Does that mean those football players on the basketball team are not athletes? KH come on, some of the best athletes don’t play football or baseball from what I see. Big QB is working hard, Guru might be on to something? Think about having all the best athletes at school on the fb team…


    Sure guru a lot of integrity in those Canada transfers alright . Get real buddy and off of Bogan’s nutz. Maggiore and others yes very much so but Bogan , you got some nerve. Besides who are you to be one to judge on integrity with your totally bias opinions of sh.

  • STG 54

    Why do so many bloggers hate the Guru?


    & ok so when exactly are the dates for the upcoming combines?

  • Lets not talk about integrity in the Fish Bowl…please!

    I’m always fearful of people who use the word integrity to silence others or to slyly infer a lesson to phantom doubters.

    Reminds me of Politicians who speak out against Gays only to be caught passing notes in airport bathrooms or texting Congressional pages Oden-like pictures.

    Let’s not go down the “integrity” path. Dungy did things the right way, by all accounts, and still had to suffer terrible personal pain. In my life I’ve been very fortunate to have had outstanding mentors but some of the trash I’ve see out here that passes for mentors make pedophile priests look like Boy Scouts. At the very least pedophile priests are clinically “sick” while this trash isn’t. Sorry if this sounds personal but isn’t the foundation of “integrity” personal by definition.

    Nuff said.


    As someone who has first hand knowledge let me say, “There are no absolutes” Integrity doesn’t only happen when no one is looking…that’s a clever catch phrase we all can rest our laurels on and feel better about ourselves. No, integrity is what happens when every one is looking. Disagree? Ask Rosa Parks, Ask whistle blowers who break cases wide open at tremendous personal costs. Ask those who cross the “thin blue line”, ask those that speak out only to see their lives and those they love destroyed.

    Integrity happens when it happens…it’s like courage. When you need it most you don’t have time to think…. you just do. I always think about “integrity” in terms of Martin Luther King, who was nothing more than a man himself as Rev Aberbathy showed, but who stood his ground even when he knew he’d never see the light of day…”longevity has its place'”, he said….so does “going along to get along” was one of his points, by inference.

    What was it he said when asked about his haters….”In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”…I think about that all the time when I see bloggers get bashed and “friends” stay silent…I’ve said that from the beginning.


    As someone who has first hand knowledge let me say, “There are no absolutes” Integrity doesn’t only happen when no one is looking…that’s a clever catch phrase we all can rest our laurels on and feel better about ourselves. No, integrity is what happens when every one is looking. Disagree? Ask Rosa Parks, Ask whistle blowers who break cases wide open at tremendous personal costs. Ask those who cross the “thin blue line”, ask those that speak out only to see their lives and those they love destroyed.

    Integrity happens when it happens…it’s like courage. When you need it most you don’t have time to think…. you just do. I always think about “integrity” in terms of Martin Luther King, who was nothing more than a man himself as Rev Aberbathy showed, but who stood his ground even when he knew he’d never see the light of day…”longevity has its place'”, he said….so does “going along to get along” was one of his points, by inference.

    What was it he said when asked about his haters….”In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”…I think about that all the time when I see bloggers get bashed and “friends” stay silent…I’ve said that from the beginning.


    way to waste the ten spot on someone that didnt even play last year! Your number 1 is also untested< as far as competition goes. Orduno at 6-5 295 has seen far better competiton from serious d 1 recruits! He is the best o lineman around by far!!!

  • whitey

    integrity!, Frank Carmona , once again I agree with you, well said my friend!

  • Little Birdie

    I heard a disturbing story about the GURU yesterday, I won’t go into details but I understand he can’t step onto SH campus without an escort. Sad if true.

  • Really??

    Little Birdie,

    Give us a hint….

  • On Cantu “concerns about him throwing an accurate deep ball.” Are you kidding me?!??

  • SGVsBest

    Have you seen that CO Championship Ring?
    Wow! Now that is a Ring!
    The top of it says ” Back to Back!” Howbout that! Well done boys!
    San Dimas please post a picture of your Championship Ring too!
    The SGV is proud of both of your accomplishments!
    Amnot Honks – This is what a CIF Championship Ring looks like! Take a good look! LMAO!
    C’mon, Lets here the same old excuses and comments! Bring it!

  • 40 yard duck


    Threw the ball standing on the 30 and it landed like a scud at the other 30. Let;s see if my math doesn’t fail me. Ummmmm, carry the 2, that means, subtract the 3 and…it’s a 40 yard pass. The WR was not hit i stride and the ball basically looked like it was shot form a grenade launcher,

    Not his best pass if he’s anywhere as good as people make him out to be.

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