Baseball: Bonita beats Charter Oak 3-2, wins 12th straight with a run in the bottom of seventh

Bonita scored on an error in the bottom of the seventh inning to squeeze out a 3-2 win over Charter Oak to take sole possession of first in the Miramonte with their 12th straight win. Los Altos beat Wilson 6-0 also.

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  • egging you on

    alright kh, where are you on this one?

  • Drama Tuesday

    Man, Bonita winning 12 straight keep staying hot and winning it in the last inning too ohhh Drama,,,,,good club though for charter oak too with Wallace dropping bombs,,,,,,diamond ranch nothin today, Los Altos took care of business and drama in a different way ,someone told me that New Head Coach for Wilson Matt Stark and Wilson’s Stand out Steven Baltierra got in to a discussion and chances of Baltierra staying with the team this year is highly doubtful. You might wanna call up Wilson on that one Fred. Rep. SGV well Miramonte!!

  • Basebal NUT!

    Nice job to the CATS!
    Still not sure if thier THIS good or THIS LUCKY! either way their on a roll!

    ON different note:

    I am probably one of ONLY ONE or TWO, AMAT grads ( long tine ago) who points out the Good and the bad.

    SO FRED, with you being a Lancer hack, where is the story of the Girls Soccer investigation of unproper conduct by coach Gonzales. Lets not jump to any decisions, BUT lets not sugar coat it either!

  • Court of Public Opinion-Should Remain Closed

    Baseball Nut – I too am an AMAT grad (from many moons ago). It would appear that there isn’t much to report or it would have already been reported. Which by the way suits me fine. I do not think that a person’s reputation should be drug through the mud and in an open and public forum based on unfounded “allegations” of wrong doing. The proper steps to protect the kids during the investigation have been taken and we should all reserve judgement until the final outcome is revealed. Unless it’s YOUR name up here on this board you will never know what coach Gonzalez is going through. Should he be exhonerated, the stain that has been placed on his name will still remain for many years to come. “If” the allegations are sustained, then he will undoubtedly get what is coming to him in due time. I for one can wait for “The Truth” to come to light. Keep the thread closed Fred. Don’t make this person “open game” for all based on unfounded “Allegations”.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on Nut ,
    There are plenty of us who call it like it is when commenting on AMAT .I don’t know how long you’ve been on the blog but if you were reading it when Verti was coach you would have seen plenty on the bad. The only problem I see with openning up the subject of the soccer coach is the blasts that will coming form all the haters out there. Mark my words you will see them coming by the time this day is over . My take is it is something that happened 3 years ago and was looked at by the LAPD and now they are looking deeper into the accusation. It should left at that until all the facts come out .

  • Don

    Hey, you guys didnt actually PAY Honell to cover the Charter Oak – Bonita game did you?

    Mr. Honells implication that Bonita won solely upon either luck or a single C O misplay is just not so. Bonita won because they put themselves into a position to win with excellent defense and gritty pitching, something Tom Quinley alluded to but which was not reported.

    Bonitas solid defense including the sterling throw by Right Fielder K.C. Huth, (good on you John, you were awake for that one), as well as a late inning, rally killing DP by their 1st Baseman that had both sides buzzing and a number of OF plays which kept the Charger base runners from advancing. The C O defense, other than the middle infield, was at best, average.

    Also ignored was the relief pitching which Bonita had and the Chargers didn’t. BoHi Senior Josh Yepez came on and shut down C O in the bottom of the 7th; Charter Oaks relief effort didnt go as well.

    Its not fate Mr. Honell, its not luck or lack of it; what it is, is Baseball.

  • By the way

    My son plays Jv for wilson and he said Balti got sent down by the coach…….. personally i dont like this head coach, its obvious he doesnt want to win