Bishop Amat girls soccer coach Ruben Gonzalez still suspended, but LAPD says there never was an “investigation,” only a preliminary check

“We are talking about a guy who has coached for more than 20 years without any problems. After the investigation is over I hope the detective, school and Archdiocese are as quick to restore my client’s outstanding reputation as they were to announce the “unsubstantiated” allegation,” said Tomas Requejo, the attorney for Bishop Amat girls soccer coach Ruben Gonzalez.

By Thomas Himes Staff Writer
Catholic church officials said Tuesday a Bishop Amat High School teacher was suspended following an accusation that he behaved inappropriately with a pupil three years ago. Ruben Gonzalez has yet to return to his job as a teacher and head coach of the girls soccer team since he was suspended late last month, said Archdiocese of Los Angeles spokeswoman Carolina Guevara. To continue click thread

Bishop Amat President Monsignor Aidan Carroll sent a letter to parents March 30 in which he wrote that the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating.

The alleged misconduct occurred at a different high school at least three years ago, authorities said.

But LAPD officials said Tuesday there was never an investigation into Gonzalez, only a “preliminary check,” police spokesman Richard French said. That check consisted of an LAPD detective making an unannounced visit to Bishop Amat and interviewing Gonzalez, according to Gonzalez’s attorney, Tomas Requejo.

Archdiocese officials said Tuesday they were under the impression there was an LAPD investigation into Gonzalez, but that he will remain on suspension until the church’s investigation concludes, Guevara said.

“The priority for the Archdiocese is protecting our children,” Guevara said. “While we work closely with law enforcement officials, the Archdiocese has investigators who are conducting a separate investigation.”

Gonzalez said he is aware of the “false allegation,” but referred further questions to his attorney.

“We are talking about a guy who has coached for more than 20 years without any problems,” Requejo said.

“After the investigation is over I hope the detective, school and Archdiocese are as quick to restore my client’s outstanding reputation” as they were to announce the “unsubstantiated” allegation, he said.

Requejo said the detective mentioned the name of a girl to Gonzalez during the five-minute interview, but Gonzalez did not recognize the name. Requejo said neither the detective nor the Archdiocese has returned his calls.

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  • Baseball NUT!

    Thanx for posting Fred. We need to have the good with the bad.

    Let me also say I hope NOTHING comes away from this. I sure HOPE this accusation is just that! I also hope it isn’t some girl or parent who decided to make these claims against coach Gonzalez because she no longer gets to play or is on the bench after maybe being a semi star on club. Its SAD what parents, and kids will do these days. Lets hope everything turns out A-OK!

  • Close it up

    Fred, I think you should seal this thread back up. Wait until the investigation is concluded. I personally hope that nobody else posts on this thread. This is the worst case scenario for a coach. Just think if it was your name being thrown around up here. Nothing good can come out of this thread being opened up. Close the thread and wait for the final outcome. Nobody should be subjected to the court of public opinion based on allegations.

  • FredJ

    I thought about that and will keep close tabs on the comments, but it is no different that every news story that runs on our Tribune webpage where readers can post comments. In fact you can comment on this story online, but again, I will leave it open for now, but can always close the comments if I feel I have to.

  • pride

    As a coach myself we must always be aware that things of this nature will happen. But IF they are false as might be this case we must also be aware that something such as an accusation could also ruin our image. I think that is the worst part here even if everything clears out he will always have this with him. From a coach to a coach good luck with everything hopefully it works out for the best.

  • FredJ

    On a separate note, I think our news department did a good job covering this, knowing more than a week ago he had been suspended with a letter from the school sent to Amat parents that laid out the allegations. At that point it became news, but we didn’t report anything until we learned where the LAPD was with this. I know it doesn’t seem fair to report allegations that may turn up false, but when a school takes the action that Amat did and sends a letter out, at that point it becomes news. Look at the Ben Rothlesberger case, no charges were ever filed, but the allegations and commentary surrounding it lasted for weeks, and will continue with him during the season probably.

  • Stay objective

    I will caution everyone to let the facts and case play itself out. No one wishes ill will on any one and that goes for the accused as well as the accuser. These are extremely serious matters in light of all we have seen in recent times.

    Years ago no one, and I mean no one, gave church accusers the time of day. In fact, those that did come forward were vilified, ostracized and in some cases banished from families. The pressure put on the accusers was intense and yet time has shown the church not only knew but helped hide all pertinent information that would have prevented countless incidents.

    A student at another school three years ago doesn’t seem like a former starter or disgruntled current player. That’s the current information yet Baseball NUT already has the facts wrong.

    As a parent I know how difficult it must be to listen to a chid come forward with life changing accusations and I would never make outside comments either denying a claim or defending an accuser, why should anyone given what we know in thousands of cases in California alone.

    I can only pray that whoever is innocent has the strength to see this thru and whoever is guilty could have he courage to come clean. Whatever the case I can tell you if it happened people knew or suspected and that’s why everyone needs to let this play out and keep the comments objective.

    What a terrible situation for everyone concerned.

  • not right

    Ruben has been a coach for many years, he is a great coach and has gone very far bringing the girls up to showcase their talents. This has to deal with an angry parent who is in law enforcement and now wants to bring any kind of dirt out on Ruben to get even for something that happened to his own daughter. So is this fair or right? Ruben has too much to lose, I dont think he would jeapordize it.

  • AMAT 73

    Nothing wrong with reporting on a story that is current . The question of whether this should be open for discussion is another considering by what was printed here LAPD concluded their preliminary check into the incident. Now by the articule it seem the Archdiocese is conducting their own investigation. When all is said and done then report on the findings but to open this up to discussion , is it really necessary ? Good job on reporting the story but openning it up for discussion is another issue .

  • Please Stay Objective

    Not right

    I caution you to step back and let the truth come out given all we have seen, especially as Catholics, we know all to well that some of the greatest, most well loved and admired priests were found to have committed terrible sins against our my cherished, or sons and daughters.

    One day when I was discussing this very topic with some friends they asked me, ‘”How high do you think this went?” I told before too long the Pope himself will face charges, maybe not as a accused but as an enabler. They thought I was crazy.

    Well guess who’s in the LA Times yesterday? You got it. Seems the Pope, in his earlier years, denied a Priest to leave the Church even when the Priest himself said he was “unfit” and his superiors also set letters agreeing that it was time for the Priest to go and get help and to be kept away from children.

    No one is saying Ruben is in that kind of mess but instead the point must be made that “having a lot to lose” means nothing anymore given what Tiger did, what Big Ben did and if true…what the Pope himself did.

    When Ruben is proved innocent he has teh right to file charges against any false accusation. If he is found to have made an error in judgment then safe guards should be reviewed and implemented. BUt if indeed he is found guilty then I pray for him as well as the injured party because both will pay a lifetime for actions that should never have taken place.

    No need to bash Ruben and no need to bash the accuser. In the end “we” weren’t there and have no real information other than picking sides, and look what that’s gotten us Catholics over the years.

  • Justrab

    While I am a Catholic, I find it ironic the school sends out a letter for a coach but the school/LA Archdiocese seem less interested in sending out letters when our priest are sent to special places to recover from known issues.

    It will be difficult to repair your reputation because people will remember the letter not the facts that come out later.

    Was the letter even accurate per the LAPD? An open investigation and inquiry do not sound like the same thing.

  • a student at amat

    Coach Gonzalez is an excellent coach i’ve never had problems wiht him I was present when the “detective” of LAPD was investigating him. She dared to investigate himduring a class in which Coach Gonzalez coached. It is so sad that such a good coach has to suffer the consenquences of a teenager 4 years ago either who had something against him or otherwise. Gonzalez would never do anything of such. I and many of us in Gonzalez’s class are sure that our coach is inoccent and it is all the stupidity of the parents of 19 year old who must of lied about this.

  • As someone who has been coached under Gonzalez, i STRONGLY believe that these accusations are false. He’s a great coach. These accusations placed against him are, in my opinion, COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

  • Lupe

    It is ridiculous for Ruben to be accused for something he obviously did not do 3 or 4 years ago. If this were true, where was the mother then?
    Ruben has been a good teacher, great friend and terrific trainer. Speaking from experience, he has taught many soccer players the value of good sportsmanship, respect and morals. Ruben has always shown respect for himself and the girls that I have seen him coach. Ruben is innocent until proven guilty and with unreasonable doubt he would never jeopardize his 20 year career nor his family for something so ridiculous.

  • Stay Objective

    Lupe do you know the person you are calling a liar? You are a Amat parent who has seen Ruben coach your daughter, that’s it. You know nothing about this situation other than you hope it’s not true. Your position of “where was the mother” is crass at best. When teenage girls become pregnant is that the first thing out of your mouth, “where was the mother”? I hope for the truth and nothing more, as I hope you do.

    The Catholic schools system just finished paying over 1 billion dollars in California alone. Didn’t you read testimonials from parishioners, parents and former students attacking the victims with the ugliest of comments only to find out the Church systematically helped pedophile priests hide to avoid police. Wasn’t it a consistent pattern that the abusers routinely were the most liked, most respected priests who routinely came to victims houses for dinner? In other words “they were well trusted”.

    Ask yourself what other institution in the world could survive that kind of 100 year history of abuse, neglect and self inflicted wounds and still have parents and students from Amat say it’s not possible…or worst call the girl a liar. The news recently of the Pope himself rocks our faith to the core, yet nary a word. Germany, Ireland, Poland and other countries are just coming to terms with this problem we never really address openly. Just wait until it hits Central and South America where the church really has power, what then?

    Let’s wait and see what happens or doesn’t happens in regards to these serious allegations, as of late that’s all they are. As a woman do you find it logical that your daughter would make something like this up? Or how about your husband, would he hate the coach so much that he’d drag his daughter thru the mud of public ridicule? How about you, would you risk jail time and a law suit to make a false Police report because of lack of PT? Liek I said, it’s ugh all around.

    God forbid one day your daughter tells you the worst news a mother or father could ever hear, and it’s not that “I’m pregnant” but that “I’ve been abused”…. and in colleges today that’s also on the rise, so it doesn’t have to be a coach, Priest or teacher but could be a college classmate.

    Instead of assuming outcomes pray for justice, however it plays out.

  • jcaz


    I do sincerely hope that you do in fact keep a close eye on the type of posts that come our way in here.

    I guess that my biggest concern that while this entre discussion is without question one that is in and of itself, a valid news story, it still goes without question that in the not to distant future we will have the usual anti-catholic spins thrown in here.

    The post by “please stay objective” was quite interesting in that while this story of yours is about an allegation concerning a teacher who is being accused of inappropriate actions with a student, the story nevertheless really had nothing to do with pope or the catholic church in particular.

    However, “please stay objective” must have felt otherwise.

    I suppose that in these time it is easy to look at this discussion and to somehow believe that the issue of clergy abuse is limited to the catholic church. I assure you that it is not.

    Clergy abuse us a terrible crime, and there is no doubt that it is one where the perpetrators should be punished according to the law, however, clergy abuse is everywhere and believe it or not, it is not simply limited to the catholic church.

    But of course, we dont get to read or hear about it as much in our press because quite frankly, it is not as sensational when the criminals who are doing these horrible acts are not catholic clergy.

    The link below probably explains this point more clearly.

  • Jane Doe

    anyone who believes this allegation is true, is a COMEPLETE IDIOT! The truth will come out and the mom and daughter will look physco!! people these days will do anything for symphathy & its so pathetic!

    This allegations get me so mad!!

    Love Jane Doe

  • Stay Objective

    Jane Doe you’re entitled to your opinion. my niece went to that school where the allegations stem from and it’s a very wealthy, well heeled school with tons of “Industry” kids with major bank. Every year my niece was invited to Europe countless times during “breaks. They’re loaded there. !7 year old from what I read and now the girl is 21. Kind of changes things don’t you think.

    Jcaz the point isn’t that Catholic schools are the only schools with these kinds of problems but would LAUSD commander so many teachers to other schools to systematically avoid Police involvement, only to pay billions in restitution. No firings of any top management individuals or any criminal renderings for the persons who aided and abetted? Could any reasonable “taxpayer” allow no heads to roll? Come on, be logical.

    Mahoney only agreed to the settlement once the prospect of criminal charges were at his doorstep. Jcaz the Catholic schools do operate at a higher standard, like Marines. We don’t care what other schools, or branches of the Military do, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, am I wrong?


    I would like to start by saying I do not have a daughter who goes to Amat and do not know Ruben. If these accustsations are true he should be punished for what he has done. If they are not true he has already been punished for something he did not do. What really gets me is that the girl that is making these accusations gets to remain anonymous. When the smoke clears and he is found not guilty. Will they post her picture and name all over the internet,papers, and pass out letters to her co-workers or classmates (which ever it may be)stating that she made false accussations about a former coach she had years ago? Ruben will have to carry this with him the rest of his life. He will have to put it on every job application, mention it in every job interview he applies for. I have never seen a box on an application that asked “have you ever accused someone of misconduct that was not true?”


  • Stay Objective


    There will be a day when this is done. When it is I want you to hold on to your virtuous outrage. Keep it intact and remember the words you’ve made today. I’ve taken a wait and see approach and asked others to do the same.


    If the law comes down on Gonzalez and things come out wrong for him I want you to promise to leave your name and picture along with your apology. Can you do that?

    Show your support by leaving “your name” so when things are settled we can see who’s side you were on. How about that? I don’t know what did or didn’t happen but I do know this….the truth will rock someone’s world. You want to be in the middle of that?

    Better yet, to the Amat parents who are steadfast in Ruben’s corner, and are now attacking a young lady they’ve never met, make sure your allegiance doesn’t result in any player, maybe even your daughter, not coming forward. At the same time I do believe everyone needs to show Ruben the respect he deserves based on their first hand experience with him. Show support for him and his wife and kids but don’t show it by trashing without first hand knowledge of the facts.

    Not a place anyone wants to be, that’s for sure.

  • I know

    Wasn’t there a coach in San Marino (BBALL I think) and he was accused of the same thing.

    The paper and school ruined his rep and of course, it came out he was innocent.

    Unless CHARGES are filed, all it is – is an accusation. Thats all the Salem Witch Trials were, its all the McCarthy had, accusations that ruin peoples lives.

    Sex is the arena where people assume guilty before knowing the facts, this guy is in his own personal hell and until he is proven guilty, he does not deserve to be there.

    Historically, after 20 years he would have dozens of kids stepping forward, similar to the USA Swimming scandal occurring now.

  • jcaz

    I think that perhaps you are confusing one issue with another one here. If I ma not mistaken, this article was about a teacher that has been accused of inappropriate behavior in a school that may or may not have been a part of the archdiocese three years ago. BTW, that school may or may not have been Amat, but frankly, I dont know anything about the man personally, nor do I know his history with respect to where he has taught prior to his year.

    Given that fact, I am at a loss to understand your point here, because in this thread the issued presented here had absolutely nothing to do with any of the topics that you have raised.

    In this article I have yet to see where Fred mentioned the Pope. In fact, upon closer inspection, I have yet to see where the issue of catholic schools or institutions general, or even the question of restitution to clergy abuse are even mentioned in this article above.

    So, the only conclusion that I can draw from this is that you must feel that it is somehow very important that the world know that youre a bigot, because for the life of me, I just dont get why you (and you alone BTW) have decided to go there, when if you look at all the other posts on this subject, no other bloger has gone as far off topic as you have .

    Am I right so far ? If Im not, please explain to me where I am wrong and maybe we can go from there.

    BTW, I can obviously tell that you have been around this blog for a while because of your reference to my Marine corps, but I want you to understand this one very important point here, and that is that one of the reason why I served my country so long ago was to up hold the values that we all share collectively as citizens of this great nation of ours.

    Remember, a person is innocent until proven guilty and while I do agree with your point that the LAUSD would no doubt take action against an individual for inappropriate behavior, I am more than certain that they would have handled this issue in much the same way that Amat is handling it right now, by placing the man on administrative leave until this investigation is concluded.

  • amat student and player

    i being a player of Ruben Gonzalez girls varsity soccer team, know that my coach is completely innocent and find it so fustrating and ridiculous to know that in any way someone out there is after him trying to ruin his reputation that he worked so hard to earn.The time i have spent at amat and having Gonzales as a coach i have never ever found anything suspicious or differant about him. Girls can automatically tell when a man gives you a wrong impression girls just know, yet he has never made that impression upon our team. So these allegations that are being brought upon him need to be cleared so that we can have our coach back. The girl who made the allegations is probbaly just some girl who was a bench warmer and never played in high school and is trying to get back and him. And as far as all this goes, this whole subject was 3 or 4 years ago so why wasnt it under investigation as it is now?

  • My daughter also goes to Amat and plays soccer for Coach Ruben. We Amat family need to stay neutral until the invitation is complete. We support Ruben because he has not been charged. WE NEED TO STOP BASHING THIS GIRL AND HER FAMILY!!!!!!!! SHOW SOME CLASS


    Amat parent,
    That is exactly why this should have never been opened up for comments. But I guess that powers of the blog know better.

  • Stay Objective

    Amat parent I couldn’t agree more. Finally some one from Amat has spoken up and asked for restraint. Bashing the girl serves no one. Justice and this investigation will not be swayed by blog commentary. Stay objective and support with an open mind.

    Jcaz if you can’t see the correlation between my comments and this tragic episode I apologize for my writing skills but the point and connection is there. Both schools involved are Catholic private schools and my point was investigations into matters far more serious than this have been sweep under the table far too many times, leading all the way to the Pope. Few can argue that although those that do do it with extreme disregard for the overwhelming facts.

    You might want to look up the word bigot, while you’re at it, as it does not apply.

  • Just Be Responsible With Your Comments Is All


    I think you have it wrong. Being up front an responsible about topic even as harmful and tragic as thsi is what’s needed. The reason abused children don’t come forward is exactly why this should be dealt with openly. Those that say horrible things expose themselves for who they are while those that speak openly break down the stigma of shame for the victims.

    The toughest reality for any abuse survivor is knowing how many other victims there were after them. They harbor the guilt of not doing enough to stop the abuser, that’s not my personal opinion that’s a clinical fact.

    Time and again we find that abusers have been found to have abused countless times before they are caught. Look up the stats and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Look at the USA Swim Team Program and their scandal. 36 coaches with charges as varied as a day is long, fathering a child with a 14 year old to filming locker room showers. It’s a sick reality we live in when things like this happen so often and still every accuser is run thru the mud, WHY?

  • J


  • OK BUT

    Ok you are correct to some degree but how about all the horror stories you hear of chidren who do tell and they are ignored by others including parents. Also I agree it is a horrible thing to happen to someone but just reporting the story is enough especially when it is an ongoing investigation and not all the facts are known . As you saw the initial report was way off base . That seems to be the case with these incidents , it is reported with such gusto then come to find out facts are wrong but the wrong has already been done. Report what is going on when you have all the correct facts lined up is fine but to open it up to all the different opinions is another story . In my opinion that is wrong.


    Wait are we getting on Stay Objective even though his screen name spells out his position. Others have blasted the accuser and her mom and yet another blasted am Amat’s players disgruntled Dad. I’ve said all along to support Ruben but don’t bash the accuser. What is not objective about that?

    Those that want to distance themselves from the Catholic school’s record are being coy at best seeing as both schools involved are Catholic and Catholic schools have a horrible very recent history in this specific area. How is that not true?

    As far as the Pope being mentioned it was to illustrate how widespread the abuse cases reach has been, even to our highest ranking public Catholic figure. Isn’t that also relevant and current.

    To say that the possibility of a cover up is just as possible as Ruben being innocent is 50/50. That has been my point all along. I have said nothing more than to be objective and to please stop bashing the accuser, seeing as NO ONE has bashed Ruben.

    My last point was this, to say this happens in other school systems or in other religions or walks of life means what exactly. Im confused bt that declaration. As I told Jcaz, as a Catholic I expected more from my leaders just as Marines expect more of themselves. Aren’t Jesuits referred to as The Marines of the Catholic Church.

    Stay Objective has yet to make one negative comment about any one, Ruben included. I’m only asking others to do the same for the accuser. Let’s respect and acknowledge our collective failure when it comes to protecting our students, which this girl happens to have been. Would it be easier to connect the dots if Ruben wore a collar?

  • Lancer Land

    First sentence – TRUE, second sentence – FALSE. The powers of this blog DON’T know any better. Apparently you haven’t been reading this blog for very long. Over time you’ll understand what I mean, keep reading.

  • get your facts right

    Stay objective:

    You need to get your facts straight. There a lot of families that hold two, three and most all of the parents work just to afford that type of educating. They choose to make that sacrafice and believe me for a lot of them it is a big sacrafice.

  • who is objective anyway ?

    ENOUGH OBJECTIVITY TO CHOKE A HORSE defened lets stay objective for his outrageous comments, but in the end he admits to being the very same poster as stay objective is. What a phony.

  • Simply Remarkable

    Which comment is outrageous?

    1)The girl was a bench warmer who never played and is trying to get back at Ruben.

    2) A girl fell down at Amat and her father, who’s in law enforcement, ran a back ground check on the coach, and is starting trouble for Ruben.

    3) If this is true it happened four years ago, where was the mother?

    4) The Catholic church is being sued and investigated the world over.

    5) The Pope himself is facing tough questions.

    6) Stay Objective and support Ruben but don’t bash the girl.

    Sorry but some of you people have to wake up and remind yourselves you’re parents first and fans second. Let justice run it’s course and stop bashing the girl and her family unless you know them personally.

  • How about pointing a magic wand at a person, while

  • The best things in life ARE NOT things

  • Man if i ever saw two racoons fighting over a blogs itd be this one, nicely done my friend. Keep it up.

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