Football: Garfield hoping to make statement in 2010, starting with Bishop Amat; Also, Aram talks to Hagerty about quarterback situation

From the LA Times’ Eric Sondheimer: The Bulldogs are scheduled to open the season on Sept. 3 at East Los Angeles College against La Puente Bishop Amat, followed by games against Orange Lutheran, Ontario Colony and Santa Fe Springs St. Paul. Garfield Coach Lorenzo Hernandez has done a great job challenging his players to get better, and the Bulldogs should have one of their most physical teams, led by defensive end Moses Saucedo and running back Jonathan Lopez.

In the Huddle: Bishop Amat coach Steve Hagerty confirmed that former South Hills backup QB Brock Booth has checked in and is part of the competition for the open quarterback spot. However, Hagerty also said that the competition is six deep with Rio Ruiz, Tyler Pruszynski and three current freshmen all in the mix heading into spring.

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  • BAHS

    That’s funny, because the Lancers are looking to make a statement against Garfield on September 3rd too! I can’t wait, football season can’t get here soon enough!

  • Terry Trotter Bellflower

    Too funny Garfield???. They cant even win the rivalry game vs Roosevelt and they are playing Amat and O-lutheran. What did their coach fall off the turnip truck or eat some bad cafteria food?. He will get his team hurt and his season will be over before it even starts. They man have a few good players but really it takes a team of 11 on both sides of the ball. He is putting himself up against some foot farms in Amat and Orange Lutheran. Big and I mean big Mistake.

  • Getting on or off a roll is tough

    Sometimes rivalry game goes in huge swings towards one team for years in not decades. I know we lost to our rival at least 20 times straight even though we had the better teams some years. When we finally won it was as if the flood gates had been opened and everyone went wild. From that point on it has been a back and forth win one, lose one affair so rivalry games are tough to understand.

  • So. Hills

    I agree Garfield is in for a rude awakening. They can’t even beat a Horrible Roosevelt team. If Bishop Amat keeps letting all those transfers in,they will be playing SC. Amat is letting anybody in that’s for sure.

  • SGVsBest

    Amnot wants it so bad they let anybody in! At any cost! Can you say SC?
    It took them this long to find out about the Soccer Coach?
    Fred, now do you believe me?
    Somebody at CIF needs to do a full investigation of the entire Amnot athletic program.
    If it smells like Menudo…Its probably coming from LaPuente!!!

  • jcaz


    You know there are times when your posts get so stupid that it sometimes becomes outright rediculous.

    You know, after having to sit here for almost a year reading your garbage, it has become so evident that you still must be just a young child.

    Especially in that twisted mind of yours.

    Actually, I just wish that you would do us all a favor and grow up, get a job and move out of mom and dad’s house or at the very least, out of the SGV.

    Your simply way to much sometimes dude.


    Well I guess someone had to take the bait . Jcaz you are as bad as this idiot . Just ignore him as many have written on the blog . He only posts to see what kind of rise he will get out of someone from Amat . Do us all a favor just read it and go on to the next post. The fool is not going to stop and you only feed his fire by acknowledging the post.

  • jcaz

    Uh, gee, thanks for the advice there “dad.” I’ll do my best to stop looking as stupid as SGV next time ok ????

  • GHS Bulldog

    everyone saying garfield is making a big mistake scheduling these schools, wait and see AMAT when a bunch of city boys come and knock those lancers on their butts!!!


    It’s ok son . As long as you learned your lesson I will overlook it and not give you that time out I was thinking about giving you.

  • Sure dude..

    First of all you guys will not come and knock Amat on their Butts, because its a home game for you homes. second of all, I like your coaches effort in trying to schedule stronger teams, but to think that you will win against Amat is straight out Crazy! Im sure some players will get knocked on their butts on both sides, but their is no way Amat will loose this one. read up on Amat or ask someone before you come here and talk that talk.
    Bishop Amat represents the SGV and East East LA!

  • SGVsBest

    How do you like me now Jack AZZ?
    LAPD has your Soccer Boy under the microscope and you don’t want me to talk about it? Hah!
    The question really should be: What else is going on inside the walls of Bishop Amat?
    Aren’t you concerned? Even a little?
    Hello? Crickets…crickets…crickets!
    You bunch of hypocrites!!!

  • Big Bad Bulldogs

    We Fear No One!!!!! Yes we will lose this one but you better get your licks in now. We will get better playing at a higher level. Most of the kids at Garfield only started playing when they got to High School. So the experience of playing these teams will help the whole program from the lower levels on up (coaches included). We Fear No One!!!!

  • call what i see

    It is so incredible to me how stupid some you are paying attention to this stupid azz sgvworse. Dam what will it take for you people to grow up as well. When a little kid has fits you ignore him. To think you guys are willing to put up with his crap again is just ridiculous. If you ignore him he will go away. No one likes to talk to himself.


    Listen Garfield coaches are not the stereotype that some people make of them. I know for a fact Defensive Coordinator/Conditioning Coach Sergio Martinez is one heck of a coach. He makes you work literally like a dog and it’s worth it. In all honesty I believe the Garfield Defense is ran like a college team. We have multiple meetings through the week and our practices are intense and educational. This year garfield has one of the fastest if not the fastest and most athletic d line of all time. The Defensive ends have adequate coaching to those of southern section coaching. The offense is simple run the ball inside and out with a few passes here and there that’s no surprise so is Bishop Amat, the things that seperates Garfield from Amat is the heart I have never seen a Garfield team with no heart. Living in the community is what brings the team closer you go to school with these guys walk home with them go to parties with them do everything it’s just not the same at Amat. And it’s not impossible for Garfield to beat Amat. People said the same about Birmingham and look what happened we shocked the world. Don’t count the bulldogs out there going to bring it believe me they know this game is bigger than themselves but they also know that’s it’s just a game and to treat it like that. Go out there and have fun dogs you got this trust continue to work like the hardest working team anywhere.
    Love all you guys Bulldogs for life