Basketball: San Gabriel Valley Tribune All-Star Rosters set for Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic

Players have been selected for the seventh annual Tribune/Star-News All-Star Basketball Classic, which will be played on Saturday, April 24, at Damien High School. The senior event matches boys and girls all-stars from the Tribune and Star-News coverage areas, with the girls game starting at 4 p.m., followed by the boys game at 6 p.m. There is also a 3-point shooting contest at halftime of each game, and a boys dunk contest between each game. The Star-News boys have won five of the six previous all-star games while the Star-News girls hold a 4-2 edge in the series.

Boys and Girls Basketball All-Star Game
Seventh Annual Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic
Saturday, April 24, Damien High School

Girls game: 4 p.m.
Boys game: 6 p.m.
Boys Star-News leads series, 5-1
Girls: Star-News leads series, 4-2

Alert: The boys basketball team is practicing tonight at 6:30 p.m., at Rowland High School; and the girls team is scheduled to practice on Monday at 6 p.m., at Diamond Ranch High School. Nearly every player has been contacted and is participating, but a couple on each side have been difficult to reach. If you see your name and have not been contacted, you can email me at, or contact coach Hart or coach James at their schools, thanks.

Tribune Boys Squad
Coach Marc Hart, Baldwin Park

Forward: Ify Umodu, South Hills
Forward: Evan Barr, Charter Oak.
Forward: C.J. Miller, Bonita
Forward: Kacy Barlow, Diamond Bar
Forward: Tyler Goldston, Bishop Amat
Guard: Malcolm Green, Diamond Ranch
Guard: Calvin Smith, Glendora
Guard: Chris Adams, Damien
Guard: Darnell Martin, Nogales
Guard: Gerad Chin, Los Altos.
Guard: Joe Paul Rodriguez, South Hills
Guard: K.J. Byrd, San Dimas
Guard: Fernie Morelos, Baldwin Park
Guard: Michael Wong, Wilson
Guard: Steven David, Rowland
Guard: Dion Hudson, Bishop Amat

Tribune Girls Squad
Coach Mike James, Diamond Ranch

Center: Janelle Kearney, Diamond Ranch
Forward: Ella Rodriguez, Walnut
Forward: Melinda Gomez, South Hills
Forward: Naijah Calhoun, Wilson
Forward: Sarah Letourneau, Glendora
Forward: Sandra Gutierrez, El Monte
Forward: Crystal Avila, Sierra Vista
Forward: Jackie Ford, Covina
Forward: Ashley Burchfield, San Dimas
Guard: Arielle Wideman, Bishop Amat
Guard: Kristen Trudo, St. Lucy’s
Guard: Erica Greer, Diamond Ranch
Guard: Diana Wang, Walnut
Guard: Bobbie Johnson, Northview
Guard: Kristine Reyes, West Covina
Guard: Ariana Caffey, Diamond Ranch

For Pasadena Roster, click thread

Below: How we have some dunkers, the Star-News dominated us in the dunk contest last year, just too much athleticism. It’s kind of tough when your best dunker is Nogales coach Ricky Roper … Tune in, you’ll see what I mean.

Tim Tucker
George Toyama, Pasadena
Chris Bridges, Pasadena
Tyler Barber, Pasadena
Matt Nolan, La Salle
Josh Anderson, La Salle
Timmy Wong, Keppel
Sam Thim, Keppel
Jeff Grigg, La Canada
Omar Rady, La Canada
Tommy Jordan, St. Francis
Kevin Kohler, South Pasadena
Adream Hayes, Muir
Gil Tacita, Rennaisance Academy
Edmund Chow, Flintridge Prep
Zach Aquino, Temple City

Gary Johnson, Muir
Taylor Gomez, Muir
Daysha Thomas, Muir
Jermani Daniels, Muir
Courtney McCutchan, La Canada
Tia Chen, La Canada
Shannon Denney, La Canada
Vera Machado, Alhambra
Benny Sierra, Alhambra
Amanda Hua, Alhambra
Catherine Ngai, Arcadia
Megan Musashi, Flintridge Prep
Kimi Takaoka, La Salle
Evelyn Ramirez, Rosemead
Julia Brown, Pasadena Poly
Sarah Johnson, Monrovia

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  • sgvpride


    Where is miles? Is he not playing?

  • FredJ

    Workman’s Bobby Miles is unavailable, I’m disappointed too. Apparently he will be in Las Vegas on Saturday for some type of other basketball related event.

  • Those were ballers!

    Fred any video on Willie Trimble’s sick dunks a few years back or how about Jon Joe’s ?Those were the days!!!

  • coach


    Bobby Miles is available for the game. He was not available when the dates first came out but he is going to be able to play in the all star game. If someone could contact him that would be great.

  • Been dumped

    coach – so who would you like Fred to tell they can’t play now that Bobby has decided he could grace us with his presence? he had his chance – said no – and was replaced. I think he can go find another game to play in.

    It’s like askin’ that girl to the Prom who’s waiting for something better – then she comes back and says yes after you already have another date. SORRY!

  • pride

    Oh yes because we really want to see mr. Wong play. The most recruited player in the senior class and you feel he should be denied. If he is then he is, but to say nobody would care to see him play is absurd.

  • reality

    “the most recruited” guy in the valley? I must have missed his signing announcement on signing day, I was watching the ESPNU high school press conferences and must have missed Mr Miles there too?

    I remember reading a couple days ago that Jordan Salley signed already. Wouldn’t that then make HIM the most recruited player – since his recruiting actually netted him something? Unless of course Citrus or MSAC counts?

  • Pac-10

    He will be in the Pac 10 before anyone else. Did salley play this year? No didn’t think so

  • LMAO

    even worse!
    He was outrecruited by an injured dude that didn’t even play!


    How about Sally why isn’t he playing?

    How about the two Mc Donald’s All American, are they signed yet?

  • XXX

    This blog was unbelievably helpful. Your the man. lol šŸ™‚