Softball Rankings: Bonita takes the top spot with win over Glendora; Nogales shocks West Covina

Above: When you pull off the upset of the year, a 2-1 win over West Covina, you deserve to get your team picture posted. It was just the Nobles’ second win of the season.

1. Bonita (17-1-1) — Absolutely and without question after not only beating Glendora, but handling them so easily. It’s one thing for Wurst to throw a no-hitter or one-hitter against some of these other teams, but to do it against Glendora is mental toughness 101.
2. Glendora (13-3) — Nothing for the Tartans to be ashamed of, they still split with the Bearcats, and have bigger issues to worry about, like games against Ayala and rival St. Lucy’s, who will be playing Bonita in the Charter Oak championship game.
3. St. Lucy’s (12-7) — We certainly underestimated the Regents, a 6-0 winner over Montebello to reach Saturday’s Charter Oak tournament title game against Bonita. They also beat Charter Oak 1-0. But here’s the deal, they get rival Glendora twice this week and with Bonita Saturday, we will know exactly where they stack with the rest.
4. Arroyo (13-1) — You can’t ignore the overall record, even if you think they haven’t beaten anyone spectacular and won’t play anyone spectacular until the end of the season. Winning counts, and they keep winning.
5. West Covina (9-5) — If I were West Covina, I would probably be slow to report it to MaxPreps also, but the rumors are true, Nogales is now 2-17 after beating the Bulldogs 2-1 last week for one of the biggest stunners in years. Give Nogales all the credit in the world, but the Bulldogs are their own worst enemy. They sweep South Hills, but are only a game up on the Huskies with losses to Nogales and Rowland.
6. South Hills (12-6-1) — They can’t win the big games, even when they come close like they did in a 4-3 loss to Glendora. But with West Covina losing to Nogales, the San Antonio is still up for grabs and the way everyone is playing, predictions don’t mean anything.
7. Northview (12-5) — The Vikes have won 6 of 7 and are in a three-way tie for the VVL lead with Covina and San Dimas, who will meet today. After watching all three, I like the Vikes to close it out. The league isn’t particularly difficult, but there is parity at the top, with a slight edge to the Vikes.
8. Covina (12-3) — Like Arroyo, you have to respect their overall record, but lets see what they do in the second and third games against San Dimas and Northview. That will tell us everything.
9. San Dimas (9-6) — They deserve to be back in the top ten, but for a team that was ranked No. 2 at the beginning, they still have a lot to prove. They have a four-year pitcher in the circle, they should be better than this.
10. Charter Oak (10-8) — They are what they’re, a close to .500 team that can surprise anyone or get beat by anyone.

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  • Regentsontherise

    Speak for yourself you may have under estimated the Regents but the Guru was right on. Check out the post from February.

    February 10, 2010 9:00 PM
    softballGuru said:
    Lets get the party started the Gurus preseason top ten. Its going to be an interesting year for many with several top teams in the area losing senior pitchers to graduation. Its anyones guess how they will fair without. Something tells me it could be a roller coaster of a season with not much separation at the top. From what I have seen in the off season and heard through the grapevine this is what I know and how I see it at the start.

    1. San Dimas:
    How long will they last at the top? Is anyones guess but they do deserve to start here with a Big C.I.F run last season and one of only two top teams that retained their ace in the circle. Will she get the support from a cast of new players. Its going to take a repeat of last season for Clarke and San Dimas to get back to the ship. Very possible shes had an incredible three years (icing on the cake).

    2. Bonita:
    Just like SD Bonita retains their ace along with a great #2. Bonita has the pitching depth to go along way. Word is several good freshmen including an unknown transfer will have an immediate impact. There’s not a lot separating the top two but this years inner city rivalry may have a bit more meaning then years past.

    3. South Hills:
    I really like this team they have some solid players in Rodriguez,Nieves and Stewart who should provide the leadership. The big question is how well their pitching will do?

    4. Glendora:
    Although Waldusky is gone playing division I college ball expect good things from a well coached but young team. Hernandez will anchor the infield and provide the senior leadership. Coach Reese an SGV favorite and one of the areas best always has them ready and Im sure expects good things from Junior pitcher Carly Argyle she looked great last season when Waldusky was sidelined with an injury but expect the Sophomore Langdon to compete for the starting roll.

    5. Charter Oak:
    This team can flat out hit the problem is what good is it to score 8 runs if you give up 9. I predict this team will be the spoiler this year and could end up going far in C.I.F and on this board the problem is no one has stepped up in the circle since Delaney Baylor.

    6. West Covina:
    Monarez always finds a way to win in big games love this kid. This team will give SH and Walnut fits and a run for their money.

    7. Los Altos:
    The glory days are over with DL playing Division I college ball this team takes a huge tumble. Their infield has a lot to prove with several seniors gone to graduation but the good news is a transfer from SE will fill the Catchers spot heard she can rake we will soon see.

    8. Walnut:
    Heard theres a new sheriff in town politics as usual in the nut city. Is this a good thing or a curse for the coach? Arenas, Chavira and Lepp will carry the load.

    8. Azusa:
    Same old story Ramirez will throw hard but will somebody emerge to support with defense?

    9. St. Lucys:
    Otoole on the rise the lefty has a lot of promise but will the new hire coach (Nuvemen) handle the challenge and put together a Cinderella team or will the drama continue?

    10. Northview:
    A couple of years away from being a winner again. Still rebuilding from the Fraijo glory years.

    Somebody please give us some insight on Diamond Bar? What If LaRosa was on one of the top teams? SE, SV too much to over come with the big guns in the circle gone. Although they have a few strong players its a major rebuilding period. Fred this should give you a few things to consider before you start the season off. Oh’my God did I leave Bishop Amat out oops sorry’ but we all know Fred Won’t.

  • I’m back

    Just popped some popcorn, continue.

  • what happened

    OMG…….. West Covina sweeps South Hills and they can’t even beat Nogales.

    Way to go Bulldogs, you certainly are overrated.

  • really?

    Wilson beats Charter Oak 5-2. How did that happen?

  • timewilltell

    Frustraded fan

    TB is a good kid maybe not the best pitcher but a good softball player.From what I here she lives in the Bonita School district and should have went to Bonita but was recruited by the fish him self.

  • JF

    It is so easy for people to criticize what a coach says or does on the field. For many parents, a coach is your best friend as long as they are playing your son or daughter as you see fit. As soon as that coach pulls your child from the game or doesn’t play your child as you think they should be played then it’s a whole different ballgame. Talk about two-faced!! Coaches are definitely not out there because of the money!! They are out there for the love of the game (whatever sport) and because they enjoy what they are doing. I have a very hard time believing that coaches are selfish! If they were, they wouldn’t be out there practically volunteering their time!! Also, about “showing the senior respect”–being a senior has nothing to do with anything. Just because a player is a senior doesn’t mean they are going to get more playing time and it doesn’t mean they are the best person to get the job done. The same is true with education–I want the best possible teacher to teach my child. I could careless if it’s a brand new teacher or a teacher who has been teaching for 20 years. I want the best person for the job!!!

  • rk

    It’s to bad that Arroyo has a bunch of cry babies as coaches. Because their kids can definitly play. The coaches are constantly whinning about every play. Much better than that just, shut up and play ball.

  • eagle softball

    any word on if Arroyo had to forfiet its game vs South El Monte the first game of league this year ? Anyone know why ?


  • MVsoftball

    Arroyo had won 2-0 over South El Monte, they beat them fair and square. But before the game arroyo had been warming up with soft-toss. SEM coach dean bunting told Arroyo coach that if SEM won he would no protest, but if they lost he would. They protested but CIF rules say that soft-toss is allowed during the regular season but not during playoffs. They should really change that rule. And SEM should have some dignity and win the right way.

  • tight games

    St. Lucy’s lost two tight games to Glendora, one in extra innings. Then they came out Saturday and beat Bonita in the Charter Oak tournament championship game in 11 innings 2-1. Great game, O’Toole had 16 K’s and Wurst had 19. O’Toole was named the tournament MVP. Fred, good luck ranking the teams this week.

  • great game

    St. Lucy’s vs Bonita was a great championship game, an eleven inning marathon. Hats off to both pitchers for going the distance. St. Lucy’s future looks promising, they are a young club. For Saturday’s game they started 2 freshman, 6 sophomores and 1 junior, and O’Toole is only a sophomore. It was prom saturday and the team was missing 6 players.

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