There is never a dull week in the Sierra, Glendora-Damien battle for first this week

“They knew we were a better team than them. That’s why they celebrated the way they did. That’s why they attacked us at the end the way they did. They knew they were about to beat a team better than them.” — Chino Hills coach Kyle Billingsley after getting swept in a 7-3 loss to Damien on Friday.

Fred’s thoughts: Don’t know what to make of that comment except that “the better team,” is in a fight for playoff survival while Damien (12-4, 5-2) tries to move into a first-place tie with Glendora (15-1-1, 6-1) when they meet tomorrow at Damien, and again on Friday at Glendora. The Tartans can take a commanding lead in the Sierra with another sweep, though Damien coach Al Leyva doesn’t see it unfolding that way. “Nobody is going to lock up this league with four or five games to play,” Leyva said. “It’s going to be a boat race until the end.” Um, I say Glendora has it locked up by the final week.

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  • DamienScore

    Yeah, not sure what to make out of that whinning either.



    How many times are you going to defend the APPALLING! actions of Damien? Really?! their are out of line! Your defense of them makes me question YOU!

  • FredJ

    Out of Line, wasn’t at the game, not sure what “actions” you are speaking of. Like I said on the thread, I’m not sure what to make of the comment because I don’t know what context he said it in.

  • Me

    The thing of it is, it doesn’t matter what Damien did or didn’t do. That coach was out of line saying what he did. It was unprofessional, unsportmanlike and a horrible example for the kids. This is a game. Some times you win and some times you lose. Deal with it Chino Hills. Damien deserves an apology. (And, let’s not even get to how Chino Hills students are soooo disrespectful at basketball and football games..)

  • SGV Reader

    Wow, are people seriously complaining about a baseball game. Chino Hills got swept so get over it. Just lace up the cleats and play the next game. Its not like Damien won the game and then set fire to the Chino Hills dugout. Damien “attacked” Chino Hills…the best way to keep that from happening is to win Billingsley

  • spartan

    damien varsity beats glendora 2-1! damien hits a homerun for the winning run.

  • SGV

    Damien wins 2-1 over glendora!

  • Class of 2010 LOVE

    Chino Hills comment, ‘That’s why they attacked us the way they did”. Geez did the game get to near blows or something?

    Wasn’t at the game but what the heck does that mean? Did teh game erupt into blows? lol

    Took in the Glendora vs Damien game today at beautiful Casa de Carroll Field and boy is Damien Baseball on the rise or what!

    Spoke to a few Dads there and Tre Hale, who I’ve been a fan of since day one. Seems Tre Hale is going to be playing for the Bruins. Nice to hear a good kid catch a break like that. In fact Damien is loaded with good kids that should catch breaks, lol. Another kid I’m a big fan of is Rodney Matthews. Kid of reminds me of Bryan Bonilla from DR except he’s a quiet kid, almost too quite and polite for his own good but he’s going to Abelene Christian to play Football, good for him! He’s a great open field tackler btw. Let’s see that’s Polonio to Villanova, Morrison to Colgate, Hale to UCLA and so forth and so only….Coaching Matters!

    Which brings me back to Baseball as Leyva has the Damien community charged and players are getting it done the right way, having fun and competing as one.

    Last point that shouldn’t be missed. Seen Gano there and a few of his coaches. Great personable guy that should do wonders for Damien in the next few years. The thing I love about Gano and his coaches is they SUPPORT every sport by their presence and the way he works a crowd. Those moments speak volumes when times get tough.

    Well Damien beat Glendora and is tied for first place I hear and hopefully sweeps them too. Hopefully one day soon some one in the Ivory Towers at Damien channels all that good will and we see Damien this and that all over town. The best advertising is P.R.I.D.E. …that’s why I’m always lathered in USC colors, lol. Next year the boy “walks”…wow!

    Best of luck to all the Spartans, this class was extremely loaded and finally got their due, regardless of all the hateration that tried to keep them down.

  • justafan

    The Chino Hills coach was completely out of line.
    The attacking that Damien did at the end was to score 4 times in the sixth and twice in the seventh. Damien has a better record and beat Chino Hills 2 out of three games. It seems that Damien is the better team.