It’s almost here: Bishop Amat-South Hills at Mt. SAC on Wednesday for King of the Valley

With Glendora going down this week to Damien, South Hills will jump back to No. 2 in our rankings next week, setting up a Classic 1 vs. 2 matchup at Mt. SAC. If anyone tells you it’s not important because it’s not a league game, a playoff game, etc, etc, don’t buy it. Bragging rights mean something to kids, coaches, parents, and these two teams know the Valley is looking forward to it, and ready to dissect the result right after. Remember when Northview beat Amat two years in the Glendora tournament and they both went on to win CIF championships. That Northview win helped settle our debate on who was the Valley’s top team that year, and this will do the same. Prediction: Bishop Amat 3, South Hills 1.

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  • baseball

    True king of the valley game would be Glendora vs Bishop.

  • Numbers game

    If Glendora wins today how could you move South hills to #2 in next weeks polls. Wouldn’t that make it a “wash” if Glendora beats Damien today? Therefore retaining the #2 spot in your poll.

  • Simon

    Amat 8
    SoHi 0
    Paez is peaking right now and he is due to have a another shutout or even a no hitter. Nieto is the King of small ball and Amat is deep from 1-9 and the bats are on fire.
    Good luck to both teams!

  • FredJ

    The fact is South Hills is playing well too, they’re defending champs and playing like it. Glendora is great, but we have three great teams in the top three, and with the Tartans losing this week, South Hills deserves to get bumped up because the fact is, not much separates them.

  • FRank

    Cant wait! this should be a good game. I think Amat will win though buy several runs.

  • poll dude

    The SH vs Amat game is gonna be a bust. Amat is gonna whip em good. SH is way overrated. The #2 team in the valley is being decided this afternoon at Glendora. Fred, who are the top three teams you are referring to? What happens if Damien wins this afternoon? Will you be bumping them up to #2? SH is gonna be exposed big time. They play in a terrible league and if you wanna go on their performance at the Classic, they proved they couldn’t play with the big boys. Ok they beat Mater Dei. Mater Dei is a struggling 500 team. The top team is Amat followed by Glendora/Damien (winner) then SH and everyone else.

  • FredJ

    I had the same thoughts about South Hills midway through the season last year, then they went ahead and won a Div 3 championship, outshining everyone in the Valley. You talk about their league, but they did go 2-2 in the Classic with a win over Mater Dei.

  • Numbers game

    GHS 5-2 over Damien, dont tell me your still going to put SH at #2?

  • Baseball NUT!

    I think we say BOTH teams are in WEAK leagues this season? Nogales is not their pesty self to battle the Huskies and neither is WC. I know La Salle, and Sacred Heart are not exactly tearing the stitches off the ball vs Amat.
    We can all agree that AMAT has played better competition, Well at least looked like that in Febuary but how does it look now?
    Capo Vally 12 losses
    Palm Desert 6 losses
    Santago 6 losses
    Chatsworth lost to Amat early, now on a 14 game win streak. Think they want that Amat game back?
    Royal has 4 losses including Santa Barbara who may just see Amat in CIF.
    Sure Mater Dei looks average this year but BOTH beat the Monarchs, and Mater Dei beat O LU, who beat Amat by 9!

    Its how your playing in late April & early May, and BOTH as well as Bonita, Damien, & Glendora are playing great ball.
    Also will AMAT throw Paez Wednesday, or will he throw Saturday night vs Loyola in the Redondo tournament?

    It wouldn’t suprise me if South Hills cames away with the “W” as they too have a deeper than expected rotation and play very good “D”. However I see the Lancers winning 4-2. This game will leave people thinking and beleiving that WE WILL HAVE 3 CIF champs before Father’s day

    Glendora or Damin in DIV II has a good shot vs Crespi
    South Hills or Bonita in DIV III can beat Beckman of Irvine
    Bishop Amat in DIV IV really only has Santa Barbara as a REAL threat.

  • Baseball NUT!

    My mistake!

    Santa Barbara is in DIV II NOT IV.
    I meant to say Amat’s only threat is Barstow.

    WOW Santa Barbara and Barstow, now thier is a difference is scenery.

  • Update: Mcnitt throws tonight at MLB compton vs. Loyola , AND PAEZ throws Weds. against South Hills @ Mt Sac. Should be fun.

  • RJ’s Legacy

    Thank you. The RJ’s Legacy game will be this Wednesday with SH vs Amat. Please join us in remembering RJ Gonzalez. Visit RJSLEGACY . COM to learn alittle bit about this 14 year old child that touched so many lives throughout his short time with us. All proceeds of the snack bar and 50/50 will be going to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Together we can help change the lives of children by giving them a second chance.
    Thank you,
    The RJ’s Legacy Foundation

  • FredJ

    Yes, South Hills will go to No. 2 this week.

  • Zookeeper

    Amat will win because of “The Animal”

  • Redondo

    The final matchups are set for Saturday’s closing day of the Redondo baseball tournament at Redondo High.
    La Puente Bishop Amat will meet Lakewood in the 7 p.m. Red division championship game.

  • Foul tip (Fred)

    This whole ranking by the seat of Fred’s pants is laughable, if you want the real story just look at max preps. Southern section rankings have Bishop Amay #4, Glendora #7 and South Hills somewhere, not even top 25. But have fun at “the game of the year.” Just use a respected ranking system eg. Max Preps and call it a day. I tire of the lack of commen sense. List the rankings by division and quit trying to guess. You can still tout your precious Bishop Amat as they are # 1 in their division, of course there is probably a pony team somewhere that could come in second in that division. Joke.

  • just sayin’

    Foul Tip – “pony teams” like Santiago, Capo, Chatsworth, Royal, Notr Dame(Az), Salpointe(Az), LB Wilson, or Loyola?

  • Baseball NUT!

    I think AMAT/GLENDORA would be a HUGE matchup this year.

    Lets NOT forget this game is also for charity, and $$$ will be paid to see a HS game.

    When it was mentioned in early October,it was SOUTH HILLS & BISHOP AMAT who were invited and have had the MOST consistancy over the past few years to BRING IN people who will bring in $$$.

    Also this is for the RJ foundaton and the Children’s Hospital. RJ Gonzales was a West Covina resident, and he passed last year. They couldn’t put SH & WC becasue of league. It was meant to be sort of family oriented of local kids. SO AMAT who has many WC residents, stepped up to the plate, knowing BOTH schools have a rich tradition for baseball. They wanted two teams who they thought could attract the biggest crowd. Based on the past few years they chose correctly!

    AMAT 26-6, then 27-4 & CIF champs, then 27-4-1 & CIF champs!

    SOUTH HILLS 24-8 CIF champs, then, 23-6 LOST in FINALS ( actually robbed) then 20-7

    GLENDORA, 19-8, then, 13-11, then 13-12, then 11-13, and 9-13.

    So yea a LANCER/TARTAN game would be HUGE this week. But before this season, Glendora has been AVERAGE at best, and organizers wanted a good matchup.

    Its for a GREAT cause and I hope everyone who can, will make it.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Just sayin,

    You make a good point!
    BUT lets not forget ALL those you mentioned with the exception of Chatsworth, are having BAD years by their standards. Chatsworth is on A 15 game win streak and PROBABLY, would beat AMAT today!

    Capo vly has 12 losses, Santaigo, 6, Loyola 9, Royal 6, Palm Desert has 7 and so on. EVEN Edison who beat Amat has 6 or 7 losses. ONLY Orange LU, who beat the Lancers by 9 runs, have been consistant all season. Bishop Amat is a VERY strong team, AND has played TOP level competition, HOWEVER those teams are not as good as advertised!

  • Baseball NUT!

    REASONS TO be excited about the game:

    With BOTH coaches, noting that the “other” team is well coached, and will be prepared, This game will be fun to watch!

    With BOTH coaches having mutal respect for the other school, this game will be fun to watch!

    With BOTH coaches admitting that these are the two of the best in the local area, this game will be fun to watch.

    With 12 CHAMPIONSHIPS combined ( AMAT 7 and SOUTH HILLS 5) this game will be fun to watch!

    With 14 guys either comitted, or being recruited, SEVEN on each team, this game will be fun to watch.

    With guys on BOTH sides knowing each other since age 6, this gaem will be fun to watch.

    With Paez, for the Lancers who is 9-0 and .028 ERA and ICE in his veins, going agianst the Sophmore studs for the Huskies, this game will be fun to watch

    With South Hills’ VERY GOOD “D”, attempting to stop Amat’s VERY GOOD “O” this game will be fun to watch!

    I don’t care if Wednesday’s game is a 13-2 blowout, THIS GAME NEEDS TO HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE SEASON!!!!!!

  • Simon

    Baseball nut, Some of the D1 teams that Amat beat do have a few loses on their record, but these teams play high quality teams and everyone is beating up on eachother. I dont think they are all having down years, just not strong years like Amat. Its Amats turn to be on top. If you look at the LA Times top 25 teams very few teams have less than 4 losses, Glendora really doesnt count beacause they really dont play anyone, and Amat will play Lakewood(22-3) this saturday.
    Ive come to realize that Amat will not get any respect from people like you who always take away from whats really going on.

  • AMAT 73

    I believe Baseball Nut is an AMAT alum if I am not mistaken . He is just being what he feels is honest about our team . Believe me he bleeds Blue and Gold just like we all do .

  • Simon

    Amat73, Thanks. I just get worked up when people pick apart Amats success.

  • Zookeeper

    The Animal will not be fed tonight. When he is released from his cage tomorrow night he will be hungry and take down everyone in his sight.

  • Baseball NUT!


    Nobody is saying AMAT is not deserving the Times #1 ranking,AND ESPN Rise #1 State ranking, and

    YOU are correct when other teams beat up on each other, but if AMAT was in ANY OTHER league will they be 20-2? or # 1? that is all I am saying and you pretty much said it yourself. I also dont think Amat would lose if they played the two that beat them ( Orange LU, and Edison)today.

    However I have to keep it honest, and I do beleive that if they played Chatsworth again today, the final might be reversed, or it might not.

    Been a AMAT follower since 1975, and went from 79-82. Had a daughter there, and a son who went to South Hills who is in the Marlin orginazation.
    I mean I am old enough to remember the Taco Bell on Amar and Puente with the fire pit out front and the “bell” on the roof, Or Smith’s Food King, or the Thrifty coffee shop on Amar and Willow, and who can forget Pioneer Chicken?

    Joe Amat,
    Thanks for reminding him!

  • simon

    Baseball nut, I respect your knowledge and opinion, but I don’t think we would loose to Chatsworth with the Animal on the hill. Of all his games that I’ve witnessed the Chatsworth game was his finest work.
    I only wish the Animal Paez could have pitched against Olu and Edison, we would be 24-0.
    The South Hills game should be fun, but I can’t wait to play Lakewood on Saturday. Call me crazy, but when we beat them it’ll be pay back for the football game we lost them that we shoulda won.
    Go Amat

  • Baseball NUT!

    Well lets hope for a good and exciting game for the fans of SGV baseball! This is what it’s all about two excellent teams facing off against one another.

    We should petition for this game every year, as well as:
    DAMIEN VS BONITA, and so on.

    I mean who wouldn’t want our very own SGV tounrey, with

    Now that would be FUN!!!!

    Also, lets hope the field is in decent condition tonight.

    Well Lakewood lost last night, hope that doesn’t diminish the Amat/Lakewood clash Saturday night.

  • RJ Fan

    In your article, you missed the reason why this game is happening in the first place. RJ’s untimelly death in 2009 has affected so many people in the West Covina community. RJ had either friends, teammates, or classmates from both programs. For some of these kids tonight it might be tough in the beginning because they lost their friend. RJ was a special kid and touched many. Visit RJSLEGACY.COM for more info.

  • AMAT 73

    Baseball Nut,
    But do remember the Toy Bin or the Ritz 5-10 store and when there was a 7-Eleven behind Food Giant (originally) or as you remember Food King.

  • l

    The game was already scheduled,thats not the reason the game took place. Get your facts straight.Seemed like a marketing ploy by the stepdad