Living up to all the hype, Bishop Amat holds off South Hills, 4-3 on a dramatic strikeout in the 7th

Game Story: If Bishop Amat is among the best high school baseball teams in the state, which many publications lead you to believe, then South Hills isn’t that far behind.

Pitchers duel: It’s rare when marquee matchups actually live up to the hype. And for the first few moments of Wednesday’s showdown between the Valley’s nos. 1- and 2-ranked teams, it looked like the standing-room only crowd at Mount San Antonio College was in for a real dud.

Keith Birmingham’s photo gallery

Just call this one another San Gabriel Valley Classico. It certainly looked that way as Bishop Amat held off South Hills, 4-3, in a battle of the top two baseball teams in the area. Amat’s Paul Paez needed 125 pitches to dispose of the Huskies, who loaded the bases with two outs in the seventh before catcher Cody Doyle took a delayed strike three to end it. Paez finished with a six-hitter and 13 strikeouts. Rio Ruiz was the offensive hero, giving the Lancers a 3-0 lead in the first on a homer to right. South Hills, getting RBIs from Tyler France, Dakota Behr and Richard Rollice, chipped away, and made it 4-3 by the seventh inning on an RBI single by France. But after Christian Ibarra walked to load the bases with two outs, Doyle took strike three to end the game.

On the delayed strike:
“I wanted to go after the umpire in the end, but what does that accomplish,” South Hills coach Kevin Smith said. “He wasn’t purposely trying to screw us, but for whatever reason he thought it was a third strike and we didn’t. But you live with it and move on. I don’t care what the final score was, that was a character-building game for us.”
On Rio Ruiz’s three-run homer
“I’ve been battling the first inning the whole year,” South Hills pitcher Andrew Morales said. “After that I settled down. But one swing of the bat can change the game.” Ruiz was just looking to drive the ball, but found a pitch he could pull. “I knew they weren’t going to give me anything to hit, but he gave me a first-pitch curve ball and I caught it,” Ruiz said. “It was a great game. South Hills did a heck of a job fighting back, but we ended up being the big dogs in the end.”
On the game:
“I really believe the way the game started they felt they were going to blow our doors off, and then we came back and played the game,” Smith said. “Their guy (Paez) can pitch, there’s no doubt about that, but we got (six) hits and nailed his ERA. Like I told our kids, I would rather be over here than over there anytime because of the way we came back under adverse conditions.”
Bishop Amat coach Nieto was not surprised at all that the Huskies didn’t fold. “C’mon, champions don’t roll over,” Nieto said. “Champions don’t quit. I’m sure if you go to their gym you see banners hanging, that’s a trait. Smith’s not going to allow that to happen, he’s a bulldog and his team is a reflection of what he is, which is a tough guy. This game is for tough guys and it was a battle between two tough teams.”

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  • John, You’re Wrong

    You obviously don’t know about the Animal. He has only given up 1 run the whole season so I doubt South Hills will score 4

  • Amat in a Rout

    Are you kidding me? Amat has played and defeated alot better teams then this So. Hills Team. This is not even fair. Amat in a romp. This will not be even close. You may want to hype this thing all you want but Amat is taking So. Hills to the Wood shed tonite. football score Amat 14 SH 2

  • Witness

    Amat boys are pumped.

  • Realitysaid

    That’s what Amat fans said about Northview in 2008 and San Dimas in 2009. They will choke again.

  • Nope

    Hey Miss Realitysaid, Theirs a big difference this time around, we have the Animal on the hill.
    South Hills will get smoked!

  • curious

    Can someone tell me why there aren’t the pro scouts following Paez like are following Plutko. I’ve read much about Plutko and Covey being high draft picks, but Paez is never mentioned, why? It seems he is every bit as good, but he doesn’t get the pro ink. Is it his build, control, speed, what is it?

  • Class of 2009

    How about last year’s team. Where did all the Lancer starters end up?

  • socalbaseball fan

    I have looked at several MLB moch drafts and the only pitcher listed in the first round on all the lists is Dylan Covey. C Bryce Harper is the #1 pick on all the lists. Top notch pitchers that sign with powerhouse college baseball programs may drop down during the draft.

  • LetEmPlay

    Paez is listed on Max Preps at 5’9″ tall. Are any colleges or pro teams going to draft pitchers under 6′?

  • BaseballNUT!

    If NEITHER team has injuries, I beleive BOTH will be CIF CHAMPIONS( Bonita may have a say in DIV III)

    a 4-3 FINAL goes to AMAT!
    These two teams WILL BE darn good for a long time!

    Does ANYONE think THIS game shouldm’t be played EVERY YEAR?

    Hats off to BOTH teams, and to the Blue & Gold for prevailing in a very good game. This is what SGV baseball is all about!

    Not taking ANYTHING away from Glendora, or Damien, or Bonita, or whoever, BUT clearly THESE are the TWO BEST in our area!

  • Sticks?

    What Romp? Looked like a close call for Amat! Would love to see if they could handle Glendora and Pluko. Their bats dont impress!

  • Frank

    This was a really good game, but if there hadn’t been so much hype and the huskies using the underdog card to pump themselves up, I think Amat would have really beaten them good. Both teams did well both pitchers were pretty good. but of course Amat proved that they are the best team in whole San Gabrial Valley. Way to go Amat

  • Great Game

    Great game by both sides. That was bush the way blue delayed the called strike 3 to end game. Also, Doyle looked at a 1-2 oe 2-2 pitch…it was not full count.

  • old guy 1

    Congratulations to both teams for a great high school game. Rio crushed the ball in the first, congrats to him. Good luck to both teams in play-offs.

    Only issue was Nieto meeting with a group of 8th graders in the dugout, seems to be undue influence to me, ie: recruiting.

  • Correction

    Not 7 hits. Only 3 cause 3 errors do not count for hits. Only 1 earn run was given up. Just letting you know C. Smith. His average is still in tack. Animal was getting sqeeze. Still put out the win. Go Amat.

  • joy

    Someone mentioned the 8th graders meeting with Nieto before the game in the dugout…what was that all about? my son is an 8th grader and been approached by Amat coaches before…did i miss a meeting for 8th graders? what’s undue influence?

  • Bush League?

    What’s with this comment by Smith,
    “I would rather be over here than over there anytime because of the way we came back under adverse conditions”
    What an ass! He makes Nieto look classy – and sometimes that takes some doin’. At least Nieto gave SH some props,
    “”Champions don’t quit. I’m sure if you go to their gym you see banners hanging, that’s a trait. Smith’s not going to allow that to happen, he’s a bulldog and his team is a reflection of what he is, which is a tough guy. This game is for tough guys and it was a battle between two tough teams.”
    Smith is bush!

  • Don’t split hairs

    Bush League I think you’re splitting hairs. The coach who lost has to tell something to his players and I think he was telling them he admired their tenacity and was proud to be “their” coach, and nothing else.

    It was a great game, punctuated by great performances by the usual suspects. Rio is a tremendous athlete because he comes up big on the biggest stages. His football heroics and now his baseball exploits puts him in heady company given his Sophomore status. His parents did a great job with him as he handles pressure and his status very well.

  • Enjoy

    What a night. The opening ceremony and game met all expectations. Starting with the emotional tribute to RJ, a fallen friend of both the Amat and S. Hills families. Ruiz showed he is a stud and will be fun to watch for another 2yrs. Both Paez and Morales pitched fantastic games. No losers on this night – Amat holds on for the victory, S. Hills shows they can compete against any team, while baseball fans, friends and neighbors enjoy the experience together. Let’s hope that Nieto, Smitty, and the RJ Legacy Foundation work to make this a tradition for years to come.

  • JFR

    I’m just glad I was a Husky when we had coaches like Bastion, Nemzek and Arkle. You never read stupid comments in the paper following a loss.

  • BasebalNUT!

    Hey Correction!
    Lets clarify.
    Paul’s stats according to Amat that was sent in to Max Preps.

    7 innings, 7 hits, 2 ER, 5 BB and 12 K’s., and 1 HBP. ERA @ 2.00
    NO ERRORS from the “D”

    He gave up more runs in one game then he did in 9 prior! Of course 2 runs is nothing!

    He is a different pitcher. His frame makes him look like a average guy, BUT dont be fooled, he has the tools. If only we can get him to grow 4-5 inches. If this kid was 6’2 he would be a VERY high pick.

    BOTH pitchers threw well, and were helped with a weird strike zone!

    What are you saying that AMAT wasn’t pumped for this game? Makes no sense. Using the underdog role by SH. If that was the case then EVERY game Amat plays would be ALOT closer, like this one as EVERY team is a underdog to Bishop Amat, except for the two teams that beat em! These kids had butterflies on both sides. When you play a OC team or a team in a tourney, they come knowing about the team their playing by name and that is usually it, OR knowing if thier ranked by someone. But this game has been talked about since October, these kids have played against each other in LL, and travel ball, and they see the other team in the paper every week! BOTH wanted this game bad, and Amat came out ahead.

    Where are the guys who thought blowout, or taken to the shed, by way of a 8-0, or 14-2, or the Huskies not being able to score!

    These are TWO very good teams, and yes my alma matter won, but props are due to the Huskie as well. Let me say that “Those who talk bad about other schools EXCEPT for Amat, makes us older ALUMNI look bad, and letting others think we are ALL like that which isn’t true”.
    Is AMAT the BEST team in the SGV? Yes, but it isnt as big a gap, as some thought before yesterday. I think if they played 10 times, it would be 6-4 Amat!

    This is what baseball is about. These are champions in the making on BOTH sides. Top coaching, TOP talent, and passionate fans. Amat has the edge with open boundries, but don’t be fooled, the Huskies get the talent too!

    Nice job Lancers, and go get Lakewood Saturday.

    Of course ALL this means NOTHING if a CIF championship banner isn’t on campus!

  • Valley Ball

    Here’s my take on the game. Rio Ruiz is an absolute beast. He is by far the best athlete in the SGV. In the fall he stepped up big aginst Mater Dei in football and so far in baseball he has exceeded all of his hype. Ibarra did a great job last night for the Huskies. A few disappointments from last night were Saylor, Doyle, McCraney, and McClanahan. These guys need to step in their games when they’re in the spotlight. The umpires were not the best. I’m sure the San Gabriel Valley unit has better guys they could have assigned the game. Good luck to both teams the rest of the way.

  • radar

    Any radar guns on Paez last night???

  • WhaaaaWhaaaWahaaaa!!!!!!!


    Are you kidding me? Bishop Amat was great. South Hills was great. The atmosphere was great. The fans were great. The facilities were great. The South Hills coaching staff, on the other hand, were pathetic. (Especially Smith)

    As a spectator and long time follower of SGV sports, I despise when high school coaches act like clueless idiots. Watching Smith complain endlessly over the course of the game over every close call was extremely irritating. Funny, he kept his mouth shut when the calls were made in his favor. Hey coach Smith, remember the infamous balk that was called in last year’s quarterfinal CIF game? Sure you do. It gave you a pass to the semifinal round. Don’t be a hypocrite in front of 1200 spectators. Get over it.

    Want some coaching advice? Instead of exerting yourself hopelessly in the midst of a great game, spend some time actually coaching your young players, but do it the right way because you are a walking horrible example. For starters, you can teach your players to not get picked off in the first place. Was that the umpires fault? Second, you can teach your players to pull the trigger whenever the count indicates two strikes. I always laugh when a pitcher throws a ball right down the middle with two strikes and the batter stares at the umpire hoping to be bailed out. Perhaps you can work on helping your players make some contact when the bases are loaded with no outs. I’d like to take credit for originating these thoughts but I can’t because I learned them in little league.

    For the record, there was an occurrence early in the game that caught my attention. I was disgusted when a Lancer struck out and mildly mouthed off to the umpire as he walked back to the dugout. However, unlike coach Smith, a Bishop Amat coach immediately got on his case and educated him on the spot. Apparently, for the Amat coaches, such behavior is unacceptable. For Smith and the rest of the Huskies staff, it is the norm.

  • who you fooling

    what are talking about open boundries? South hills has its share of students who do not live within the boundries.. Especially athletes… dont be fooled.. Just cause they dont come out and say it doesnt mean it isnt happening… People come to amat because its a great school with a great program, I know there are many kids at South Hills for those same reason, living outside the boundries, dont be fooled..

  • Baseball Wire

    Yes the best game of the year and Yes the best two teams went toe to toe as expected by anyone who follows High School baseball.

    Put the emotions aside and all of the Amat blogger trash talking about Amat this and Amat that prior to the game. SHHS did what they were expected to do! Compete at a high level against a great team. The added bonus was SHHS fans and bloggers refrained from all the thrash talk before hand giving the Lancers the respect they deserve. BaseballNut’s description nails it and speaks of the proud legacy at Amat.

    The plate umpire was horrible, yes horribly inconsistent, missing one call making up the next call both ways. He’ll probably tell you in the first inning he was learning the pitchers to establish a zone. Wrong it was bad all game.

    If you heard a high pitched sqeek just before the delayed strike out at the end of the game, it was the umps sphincter rapid twitch muscle clinching as he knew it was wrong. 2-2 bases loaded two outs top of 7 a pitch low and away, catcher is in his motion to return the ball arm loaded and strike 3 called. No way! It’s either a ball or a stike it doesn’t take a 3 second delay to figure it out! Was it a strike yes but 3 second delay – WOW.

    The subtle nuiance and difference maker was McClanahan behind the plate. He was superb, slightly shifting right or left, sticking the pitch holding it and not letting the pitch trail. He made a pitched ball look like a strike by not stabbing or lunging. Great job! Picked up 4 or 5 K’s for Paez based on his ability speed and knowledge of the zone. Doyle cost Morales 3 or 4 K’s for being the opposite.

    The base ump also missed a call during the run down at second with Shirley, after the collision Shirley had to avoid Paez as he was being chased by Velasquez being forced to alter the established base path. Obstruction is not defined by contact but rather by a defensive player who does not have the ball forcing the runner to change his established base path. If contact was made there would have been no question. Blecher who is a very good umpire missed that call and should have been behind the plate, he has a command of the zone that would have been consistent with the caliber of pitching.

    Both great teams and both will go deep into CIF. Absolutely met expectations and was a character builder for SHHS. Nieto put the Lancers in the character building games from the start, Smith is starting to do the same.

    Already looking forward to next years match up.

  • AMAT

    Those 8th graders are already Amat students… They have been tested and accepted and are now part of Nietos incoming freshman baseballers… Nothing more, not recuiting.. It happens ever year,

  • Frank

    Baseball nut: maybe you wern’t at the game. If you saw the huskies dugout they were much louder and constantly standing, with a coach yelling at the top of his lungs threw the whole game. That doesn’t mean that Amat wasn’t pumped they were. But the Huskies have more to gain, bishop more to loose. Amat was expected to win this game so they needed to win in order to keep their respect or convince al the haters that they are for real. Huskies with a loss are still respectable and showed they can compete with higher competition.
    But what I was trying to say was that if this had been a regular game without the hype, I dont think it would have been as close.

  • featherhead

    @ radar,
    All guns were @ J Rob last night trained on Covey cheese while jamming air traffic control frequencies

  • get over it


    Balk, balk, balk, balk –all day long, it still was a balk….

    Mildly mouthed off to the umpire???? He told the umpire “horse$hit, that was fu&%in horrible” hardly mild and his coach should have been all over him, however had that been a South Hills player Smith not only would have been all over him, he would have been sat.

    Let us know what school you coach for and we’ll make sure our kids come play for you because obviously no other coach knows it all like you do. Thank God for Little League!!

  • How Quickly We Forget

    Agree, balk is a balk is a balk and one of the toughest (judgement) calls in baseball.

    But how quickly we forget that the ump that made that call was the same one that an inning earlier, didn’t know a ball that hits the “YELLOW” foul pole is a HR. That same 3rd base ump calls that a foul ball and then rightly overrulled by home ump. Hard to believe he knows what a balk is if he doesn’t know that? Thank God for LL – that’s where that ump belongs.

  • WhaaaaWhaaaWahaaaa!!!!!!!

    Hey Get Over it,

    If the South Hills staff takes pride in being an elite baseball program, why do they spend so much energy begging for calls? Mmmmmhhhh, I wonder, when was the last time a called strike was reversed by an umpire. Shouldn’t they know it’s a waste of time. Seems to me they were begging after every pitch. I think you should call the SH staff and tell them to get over it. Just play the game. Worry more about swinging the bat instead of praying for a break from the umpire. Is it just me? Don’t they teach you to swing the bat on close pitches when you have two strikes? The last hitter apparently didn’t want to hit. Real hitters are not passive. Swing the freakin bat.

    I do believe the home plate umpire was erratic, but in the last inning, several SH batters could have been rung up. The hitter who walked could have been rung up as well. South Hills also had their breaks, but they keep their mouth shut when it behooves them.

    By the way, I have a question for the South Hills nation. Can you honestly tell me you’re proud of the “balk-off” ending last year? “A balk is a balk.” Give me a break. I’m not saying you wouldn’t have won that game because you probably would have. But I don’t think you can tell me a great game deserved an ending like that.

  • lancerville

    A great game for a great cause!
    Hopefully a generous check for Children’s Hospital. Could not think of a better night to honor RJ, I’m sure he had a front row seat!

  • just askin’

    if a ball hits the foul pole – why is it fair? Shouldn’t it then be called the “fair pole”?
    Why do you drive on a parkway and park in the driveway?

  • Tommy T

    Baseball wire I agree with you i think Mcclanahan was terrific handling Paez last night.He can hit but the real reason he is going to UC Irvine next year is his work behind the dish. Dont ever underestimate defence champion teams must have it… If Amat finds a way to lose in the playoffs check the error column it will tell the story..

  • Begging???

    you are an amat fan,who will sit through a 3-4 hour nieto special and you question another coach arguing calls he feels are against his team? ya, nieto would never

  • Begging???

    you are an amat fan,who will sit through a 3-4 hour nieto special and you question another coach arguing calls he feels are against his team? ya, nieto would never

  • sherlock


    Congrats to both schools,

    Amat benefitted by nervous ump establishing his strike zone early or ruiz never sees that pitch. but he did and did he crush it, wow.

    Ybarra can flat out play.

    shirley a stud. And so hills pitcher morales did great!!!!!!

    If Amat is in D1 they would compete but not be dominant. Its about time they go D1 period.

    Best soph on field Ruiz. Best senior Paez , shirley, and Ybarra.

  • just sayin’

    Begging??? – : nothing whaaaawhaaaawahaaa said indicates he’s an Amat fan.
    Sounds liek you;re begging

  • Zoo Keeper

    Awsome. Just Awsome. give it to both teams. Now for the Animal what to say. Just awsome. He contines to produce even with tough situations. One thing I know is Paez is one of top pitchers in the Valley or just top in California. His stats speak for themselves. Both teams played well. Rio had one great at bat. But let just say it was great night. Go AMAT.

  • Not So Fast Sherlock

    How can you list Shirley as one of the best. He got picked off twice. His bonehead base running cost my Huskies the game. Shirley will not get any playing time next year for the Bruins. Cody Regis and Tyler Rahmatula are already set i their spots.

  • someones gota say it

    shirley getting picked off twice wasn’t his fault if he was doing what his bonehead base coaches told him to do
    get some real base coaches and keep the teachers in the classroom these guys know NOTHING about baseball

  • WhaaaaWhaaaaWhaaaa

    Hey Begging?,

    Are you concluding that I’m associated with Amat because I exposed the embarrassing behavior of the SH staff in front of 1200 witnesses? What the is your point? Is that your best rebuttal. Come with something better because your response is aimless.

    What do you think about Smith’s classless quotes after the game? “WhaaaWhaaaWhaaa I’ll take my team over theirs any day. WhaaaWhaaaWhaaa we took it to em’WhaaaWhaaaWhaaa we nailed Paez’ ERA. WhaaWhaaWhaaa I didn’t think it was a strike. WhaaaWhaaaWhaaaWhaaaWhaaaWhaaa. My god, somebody needs to give this dude a clue. His post game comments is reminiscent of Rowland head football coach’s comments after his loss to Charter Oak in 2008. If I recall, it went a little something like this, “The next team they play should thank us. They may have beat us, but we softened them up for their next opponent.” Pathetic.

    By the way, I love Birmingham’s photographs of crying SH coaches. They are classic. Check them out. I guess it’s true. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • be quiet now whaaaaa

    better the coaches act like a$$es then the kids

    telling an umpire what the amat player told him and for the umpire himself to condone it goes to show you it was for sure a bishop amat home game

    maybe you can script the coaches post game comments for them since your so critical of them

    sticks and stones you gotta talk all this coach crap because you can’t talk the Amat killing South Hills crap because guess what — they didn’t.

  • begging???

    look whaaawhaaawhaaa, don’t get your blue and gold panties in a wad, conclusion made since you don’t deny being an amat fan. my comment was to state coaches will do what ever THEY deem necessary to either motivate their team whether it be during a game or for the next game, and yes they also defend the team by questioning calls. sometimes going as far as nieto murph in 2008 of ghs tourny.

  • W

    be quiet now whaaaaa –


  • WhaaaaWhaaaWahaaaa!!!!!!!

    Hey be quiet now,

    Are you kidding me? “Better coaches act like idiots than kids.” I don’t think so. No one should act like an idiot at a ball game. Not players, not coaches, not parents, nobody. For the record, the Amat player who struck out also embarrassed his team and his coach. That kid also acted like an idiot. He looked absolutely foolish walking back to the dugout. However, one would think that a 50 year-old man would no better than a teenager.

    By the way, congratulations! I’m glad that you’re proud having prevented a beatdown on Wednesday. Perhaps you can order some custom letterman patches for the SH varsity baseball team. Something to brag to the world that they only lost to Amat by one run.

  • done here

    SH doesn’t need to proud that they lost only by one run but I’m sure BA is disgraced they didn’t win by 7,8,9 like they were supposed to .. ok maybe the team isn’t but people like you are. again, you’re complaining about the SH coaches because you can’t say anything bad about the team or you will just look silly — it was a great game for a great cause bottom line.

    the fact that coaches argue calls for their team, isn’t that what they are supposed to do? obviously this was the first amat game you’ve ever been to mr whaaaa, because coach nieto argues calls for his team at every game, as he’s supposed to

    the kid that embarrassed himself and his team continued to play in the game when I’m sure there are players on the bench who could have easily taken is his spot once he got ejected but he didn’t so don’t judge …. a sh player would have been gone, seen it done

    your opinion is just that, something that everyone has, no matter what you think of the coaches at SH, the players are not only great ball players but great people, and if you knew any of them personally, you’d agree.

  • SH Parent

    Mr. Whaaaa, Whaaa, Wahaaa:
    Great Game, Two Great Teams, Most Importantly Great Cause in Memory of Someone Very Special! I do not believe you are an Amat Fan, most likely a disgruntled Bonita parent/fan.
    You gave yourself away with continous blogs in reference to last seasons BALK! Get Over It! Move On! Our coaching staff is doing exactly as they should backing their team. They genuinely care about these young men on the field as well as off! Instead of investing so much time and energy on SH, you can put your expertise and knowledge to help others. Please contact the MLB and ask if you can conduct an instructional clinic on how to pull the trigger, make contact when bases are loaded with no outs. You can call the course Little League 101! I am sure they would appreciate your contribution, since they have been spending millions of dollars every season on players who strike out! If you need a recommendation please let me know!

  • just sayin’

    The shortstop puts on another show in Saturday nights 11-1 win over Lakewood.

    “What Bishop Amat has already accomplished this season is pretty impressive. Its schedule has been second to none, with games against the likes of Orange Lutheran, Santa Ana Mater Dei, Chatsworth, Long Beach Wilson, Palm Desert and just about every top team in the Southland. Coach Andy Nieto did it because his team plays in Division IV when it really would like to be in Division I, as its football team is.”,0,5298020.story

  • WHaaaaWhaaaWahaaaa!!!!!!!

    SH Parent,

    Face it, the reality is that your coach makes a fool of himself after every word he utters and every step he takes. From what I’ve heard he has developed a reputation for such behavior. Over 1000 people witnessed his endless tantrums on a great night. Is it too difficult to shake hands with their opponents instead of chasing down an umpire at the conclusion of a delightful night of baseball? Is it really hard to give credit to your opponent instead of bragging about how you “nailed his ERA and about how “they barely beat us and about how “I’ll take my team over theirs any day.” Your coach is a bad example for his kids. I don’t care what school you claim I pledge allegiance to. Say whatever you want, that I’m from Amat, that I’m from Bonita, that I’m from Tijuana. It is irrelevant. It is obvious that you have poor parenting skills because I would never teach my child to complain about every single arbitrary outcome in life. Life is not fair and this isn’t Major League baseball. In life, you should do something about injustices instead of playing the victim. In life, you should swing the bat with the game on the line instead of glaring at the umpire because it is your opinion that he screwed you over. Maybe you can blame God for the strikeout. I’m sure the pitcher had nothing to do with it.

    The bottom line, the SH coaching staff should teach your child some class. In addition, I suggest you teach your child the essence of being a humble competitor because I doubt he will learn such virtues as a SH baseball player. Who knows, maybe your child has grown up in an environment where everything has been given to him. Maybe he can kick and pout like his coaches when you take away his Ipod when he feels it’s unfair. Perhaps you can exemplify for your child how to overcome adversity and how to overcome unfavorable umpire calls.

  • can’t give it a rest huh

    shut the hell up — as a parent of a SH player you don’t know me or how I “parent” my child — I don’t need a coach to teach my child any class as that was & still is my job to do it
    again, shut the hell up and go whaaa whaaa somewhere else as we have no interest in your expertise in coaching or raising kids — we’re doing just fine on our own.

  • just sayin’

    can’t give it a rest huh – your post says everything we need to know… I think the guy is probably right about you.

  • News Flash, Bishop Amat Changes Colors !!!

    Is Amat trying to win a State title by wearing Salesian colors? I don’t recall Salesian ever going with “gold” anything? Every time I see those uniforms I do a double take! lol But when I seen the Salesian, I mean Amat, Black and Columbia caps with a Columbia “A” just like our Columbia “S” well that takes the cake! Just look at the fans along the fence. Heck my Salesian Football cap blended right in. With so many former Mustangs now taking their kids to Amat it seems they are having “some” influence.

    Maybe Amat is following Salesian’s State Championship Soccer teams lead. Well at least they are not going with white helmets and “toughing up” like Rosemead is doing. Now that’s hilarious! Take the ribbing in fun Lancers but if I see “ONE” Lancer “A” on the back of anyone’s window that’s not gold…well…they’ll be trouble!

    lmao…so Joey, you okay with the new uniforms?