Workman’s Bobby Miles-Serrano headed to the University of Hawaii

Workman High School’s Bobby Miles-Serrano took a recruiting trip to the University of Hawaii over the weekend and has accepted their offer. He will make it official during a signing ceremony a week from Thursday in front of family and friends at Workman, where his No. 3 jersey will be retired. Miles was a San Gabriel Valley Tribune first-team selection after averaging 28 points and 14 rebounds in leading the Lobos to the Montview League title. He also was named the Montview League MVP and was selected to the Division 4AA second team.

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  • Bobby Miles Serrano Fan

    So maybe that All Star Game wasn’t so important after all. BTW where’s every one else signing? Hawaii huh? Is it nice there? lol. Bobby, it was a sheer pleasure watching you play the game the way it’s suppose to be played. My son admires your game and once told me, “That’s basketball Dad.” I knew what he meant after watching so many high school players “go travel ball” during their high school careers and never develop a pure game. Watching you control a game, understand tempo and play bth sides of the court with class and dignity is why you’re going to make every one back home say, “I saw him play”. best of luck, get your degree and make the best of your college experience.


    Aniother Bobby Miles Serrano Fan

  • patrick

    Does anybody know if Bobby is related to or has a mom that goes by Tina Serrano?

  • former teammate

    Congrats Bobby

    Four years ago you were just a freshman but you were better than almost everyone
    else. We all knew you would be special and I’m glad they are retiring your jersey, you stayed loyal to the workman family. It was a pleasure playing with you when you were a freshman. Good luck in Hawaii and just work hard and the rest will work itself out.

  • C.O fan

    Congrats to Bobby on a great hs career and being a player no matter what the scoreboard says. Good Luck at Hawaii, im sure they need you!

  • To Aniother Bobby Miles Serrano Fan

    chris adams is also taking an official visit to hawaii in a few weeks. maybe an adams miles backourt duo?

  • really?

    I’m hearing they only have one more offer to a JC kid left and maybe another kid from the LA area. Might be a preferred walk on. They have one scholarship left to give out.

  • Maybe

    I heard a college coach was working out Chris Adams and Terrell Bolden at Damien the other day @ Damien. Seems odd to be going to Hawaii and still doing the solo workouts on the side for other coaches. Bolden might also be on someone’s radar but didn’t even make the All Star Game when he was clearly better than the kid from Keppel, (too slow), the kid form Pasadena (too wild), the kid from South Hills (Jerry Santos he’s not), or the kid from WIlson ( come on). Once again Bolden gets screwed as his talent isn’t flashy enough but his game is solid and his leadership skills are that of a do by example type.

    You know I wonder how many local All Stars will be at APU Saturday to see the players who already signed at the next level and see where their games are compared to theirs. Should be interesting!

  • all day

    UH already has Coleman, 6’4-Calabassas and Wiseman, 6’6″-GValley, both 3A all CIF guards, not sure they need more guards? Need post player for sure, see Adams, Bolden in different system, half court tempo.

  • response to really?

    yeah, biola university worked ADAMS out, terrell was just there just because, they aint lookin at him. chris blew off the biola workout cuz he has 3 D-1 offers in line and has a potential big D-1 offer depending on how things go in the next month in terms of AAU and campps.

    terrell is probably gonna play for sonoma state next year since he’s already ENROLLED at the school.

  • Be careful

    Damien graduates in less than 10 school days and yet Adams is not signed but has 3 D1 offers and is waiting on a fourth even bigger offer. Might want to know colleges do their home work and that includes reading the blogs in a player’s area. Nice to read that Adams is blowing off college coaches who take time to work them out. Maybe Chris should consider that Biola’s coach, like most good coaches, would pass along a player they thought deserved a D1 look. Reading that he’s dangling 4 schools and blowing off one can’t put him in good standing with any one of those coaching staffs. Hope the best for Chris but your comments, if true, don’t read well.

  • Coach Edgar

    Bobby it was great honor coaching you and being able to watch you play the game that I love. I hope you can lead Hawaii like you guided the workman lobos. Exicute your hard work and your school work, everything will fall into place. Keep in touch boy…

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