We need more of that … 1,200 fans would agree

Mt. SAC baseball coach Stacy Parker estimated it at 1,200, but said there might have been more. It was about five-deep down the left-field lines, and barely any walking room behind the stands, which brings me to this: Way back in December Northview coach Darren Murphy asked what I thought of a SGV Friday night game of the week. He asked if I thought teams would be willing to give up a home game for a neutral site game like the one we saw at Mt. SAC between Bishop Amat and South Hills last night that drew more fans than the stadium could hold. Tournaments are great, but big-game matchups are the way to go. After last night, tell me you don’t want to see Glendora go against Bishop Amat. How about Northview and Pedroza against Mathews and Diamond Bar. How about Damien vs. Bonita, or South Hills against Glendora? How about giving a team like Sierra Vista and pitcher Christian Huerta a shot at one of the big dogs on a big stage. We need more of this, and for all those wondering, both coaches agreed last night that South Hills and Bishop Amat will meet again like this next year. By the way, was there anything better than watching legendary Art Mazmanian chase down the umpire after the delayed third strike to end the game. Hey, the stadium is named after him, he can do whatever he wants.

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  • SL guy

    Next Year with the realingment of the SL local ball will be much more exciting. At this point the Spartans and Huskies can both say they are better than each other, but next year we will find out. The only bummer is GHS is leaving the SL. If GHS were to stay it would be incredible for the SL. As I write this, SH, Bonita and NV compete in terrible leagues. Their leagues are one team races. This is not their fault, but when we are looking for the best team we only can guess who is the best. I know Amat beat SH last nite, but I would put GHS or Damien against either one of those schools and it would be a helluva match-up. Very little seperates those four teams. Next year the new SL will be interesting. Lots of local flavor mixed with the hillbillies from Chino Hills and Ayala. Should be fun.

  • Bseball NUT!

    Like I said in a earlier post, this would be great! Its time for the SGV to shine.

    I also agree that ALL teams should be able to play the BIG DOGS. Why shouldn’t Huerta get a chane to showcase what he has? I mean this kid COULD have transfered to either AMAT or SOUTH HILLS, but chose to stay home. Should he be penalized for that?

    Hats off to the coaches for saying “YES” to another game next year too!

    This is what baseball is all about!

  • Good for all-

    Good for the kids, good for the competition, good for the community. It was old time, small town Americana. There was an awesome atmosphere.

  • COChargerfan

    SL guy, in respect to your “terrible leagues” comment you do know that this includes CO, don’t you? And you might want to check your history because while Bonita is the class of the Miramonte for 2009 and 2010, CO won or shared the league title from 1995-1998, 2000-2005 and 2006-2007…for those that are counting, that’s 12 of the last 16 years. And CO won a CIF title in 2007 to go with final loses in 1996 and 2005. During this period, how many finals has Bonita been in or for that matter won? I believe that the answer is NONE. CO has lots of talent in the pipeline and the next few years will be very good ones. And last year NV wasn’t the class of their division as SD won the CIF title. And all those talented seniors at GHS will graduate and they don’t have anyone with those skills in the pipeline so next year’s team will be not anywhere close to that good.

  • Heeeereee’s Fred…….unfortunately again.


    You are such a POS

    Of everything about that game you have to emphasize a coach chasing an umpire to argue a called 3rd strike.

    Are you ever going to crawl out of the sewer or should we just expect you to reside there always and forever?

  • FredJ

    Relax, it was tongue and cheek and the last line, hardly the “emphasis” of what I wrote. Ever thought of anger management classes?

  • chnaging your tune?

    COChargerfan – to repeat your mantra from football season – we’re not talking about past years we’re talking about the past two years. You’re gonna bring up 1995? Really?

  • Relax

    Heeeereee’s Fred…….unfortunately again,

    Geez give Fred a break or better yet if you think you can do a better job go start your own blog.

    If you have ever been around Mt. Sac baseball you would know that what Fred describes is classic Coach Maz behavior. In fact, I chuckled and smiled while I was reading the last few lines and thought to myself, good ol’Coach Maz. Judas Priest, the man is in his late 70s if not older and he can still chase down an umpire.

  • MAZ

    maz is 82


    Remember your own words . Only CIF titles count so why bring up past league championships . Or do they matter now ? Also what has happened lately . Many can rest on old CIF titles but let’s at least write about current or maybe a year ago but 07 come on now even you should no that doesen’t fly with your thinkng. Oh but since it relates to CO rules are different.

  • SL guy

    CoCharger Fan,

    Ok, so let me rephrase, this year the Miramonte is weak and your point is what?

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    That game last nite reminded me why I love the Valley so much. And why I missed it. So many great fans and parents out there and the amount of South Hills people who knew Amat people was just great.

    Whoever said it was “old-time small-town America” nailed it.

  • Night Games

    I have always wanted to go watch some of these games but they are during work hours. I am sure a lot more would go if it were later. I am not sure what other schools would draw, but you know the Amat fan base is HUGE and would turn out big time. And visa versa…everytime Amat is involved the other schools turn out big time for the just the chance to say they beat Amat. I say MORE night games!

    Hey…yeah..and what’s up with that King and I look on that kid?

  • Hey Fred

    “it was tongue and cheek”

    Thanks for proving my point – you are the most unprofessional journalist I have ever seen.

    Anger has nothing to do with it. Why would you think that – what lead you to anger?

    I look here to get information – I am not intereste4d in your “clown” tactics.

    Your “plan” to “let’s just throw it out there to get hits” is nauseating. The day your print media dies – which is soon as you very well know, and you try to charge for your “services” on-line. That day can’t come soon enough.

    There are plenty of outlets to get the information without the BS you spew. What will you do then?

    You fail to realize – You need us – we don’t need you. Best of luck.

  • The Power Of Prayer. lol

    COCF as usual you put your foot in your mouth. I think you proved the “one team” domination theory that was being put forth. Maybe if your leagues were stronger their wouldn’t be such dominance by one team. Well welcome to the SL , was his point, where league is tough but the playoffs are unreal.

    COCF did you know you guys have a new basketball coach. Yup, you guys “plucked” yourselves a winner alright! Damien’s JV coach par excellence John Phillips is your school’s newest hire. At least that’s what he told the team yesterday. Best of luck there, lol.

    He’s always had a mongoose and cobra relationship with Dunn and this should be worth the price of admission seeing them go at it. I’ve seen SH and CO this year and CHHS, AHS and DHS have nothing to worry about.

    Get ready for some classic Basketball Banquet speeches COCF. One year he told the assembled parents and especially players “Not to visit strip clubs because….(you ready for this) …those girls…(lol) …”COULD BE” …some one’s daughter!” He was a JV coach at the time, lol. Talk about sage advice, loI, I mean you could have cut the tension with a knife!!!! At a Catholic school? I looked around and the Dads had their mouths open and the wives were looking for cover. The kids in attendance were shaking their heads wondering…’Did he just say that?”

    Classic John Phillips.

    Best of luck Coach. You always wanted to be the man…and now you got your wish. I knew this was going to be a great year! You know when a league replaces a quality human being, like the Great Le Duc, with a John Phillips you got something. Maybe the Aztec’s got it right and 2012 is teh end of the world, lmao.I bet Dunn gave CO a great letter of recommendation. talk about job security.

    Gone is gone…thank you God! Hail Mary full of grace!

  • Get a life

    Hey Fred poster – Dude, if you come on this blog to get information, then you’re the one who’s got the problem! So what, Fred tried to make a funny. What, now you can’t even go tongue in cheeck on the blogs? Tell ya what Hyper sensitive boy, go file an unnecessary law suit against someone who’s saying a prayer at your local Mc Donalds or something. Give me a break. The Blogs are for entertainment and sometimes, on rare occassions (depending on the blogger)information; HOWEVER, this info is take at your own risk and often very skewed to the posters own personal point of reference. Sooooo, that being said, GET OFF FRED’S BACK! If you don’t like it then please go to the Wall Street Journal Blog and fling your “Self-righteousness” there. Later Dude!

  • Witness

    Whats with the fred bashing? If you dont like what you read go somewhere else, but read this before you go–
    1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • J


  • FredJ

    Hey, you can always go to the Mid Valley blogs, sheesh

  • Dribbler

    Your story intro says that if BA is one of the top teams in the state, which they are, then SH isn’t that far behind, they are 53 in the state and 32nd in so cal. According to Max Preps.

  • sorry bishop nation

    What a great game 4 the RJ Memorial Fund and Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.
    Thank you all who helped put this together.
    Too bad bishop won.
    With all those arrogant bishop fans is always a good day when they lose.

  • Frank

    This was really a great game and the atmosphere was also great. I dont know if ohter teams would draw as much. but it would be great to give it a try.

  • bitter?

    sorry – I guess you don’t get a “good day” very often!

  • COChargerfan

    Come on, why is it that so many of you knuckleheads can’t read? The comment by SL guy only concerned the Sierra League and contains mixed comments about the present and next year (i.e. IN THE FUTURE) specifically in BASEBALL and furthermore Bonita was the only class in a terrible league. How many of you know that Los Altos beat Bonita two weeks ago?

    So commenting about league titles in the context of how the Miramonte baseball team schools have fared in league when the discussion is specifically about everyone but Bonita being terrible does not have anything to do with CIF titles being the ultimate goal of all schools especially considering that I made that comment in respect to cupcake scheduling.

    And The Power Of Prayer, I already heard about the basketball hire but what does that have to do with this baseball related blog? And if the Damien faithful were so appalled about some alleged strip club comment, why didnt they fire the coach years ago? Doesnt say much for the integrity of the school administration, does it? And seriously, Ayala, Chino Hills and Chino arent great baseball teams. Heck, when Mathews isnt on the hill, Diamond Bar isnt very good at all. So Sierra honks, dont get so full of yourself.

  • Let Do It

    Back on Topic – Let’s face it 3:15 start times for H.S baseball simply translates into parents, some students, and a few stragglers in attendance. Typically a very limited crowd, unless a D1 quality pitcher is on the bump. FRIDAY NIGHT GAMES would be a fantastic idea. Next years Sierra League realigment makes it easy to put league games on the calendar. Include Amat, Glendora, and a couple other top tier programs and you have 6-8 weeks of “FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS”. These games would be great opportunities to piggy-back a benefit/cause theme such as the RJ Legacy Foundations was at Mt. Sac this week. With Mt. Sac, Maverick Field, APU, and even Goddard Park providing nice venues for these games, this is an idea whose time has arrived. Fred and those in the know need to get on the phone and call the coaches, principals, AD’s, and schedulers to make this a reality.

  • Don

    These super games are swell and for sure its great to see dream matchups and special venues but for me, the real charm of High School sports are the small stories. The kid who rode the pine for three years for one great heroic effort hell remember forever or the Coach working on his milestone victory or the comeback kid or the brother/sister angle or even the dad/mom/kid angle or the out of nowhere team or, well, I guess you get the idea.

    Fewer than one in ten athletes playing High School sports right now will ever play again competitively after they graduate yet without them, there would be no teams, no competition. There arent enough stories about them. Also under-reported are the success stories of smaller programs doing well and the players from those schools, (did love the Huerta story though), but why nothing on La Puente? Why no tourneys? Money? Im thinking there is a story there waiting for some attention.

    Make no mistake, Wednesdays game was terrific and played for a great cause but it was just one game and its a long season. Just like the Coach likes to say after the other guys finish a rally, lots of ball left to play boys.

  • Downer

    Don – way to be a downer man. Valid points in your post but you ended it by letting the air out of the moment. Let us all enjoy the “feel good” feelings that we took away from the game/event. We don’t need to be reminded of, how long a season it is or the fact that it was only one game etc, etc…It sounds like a lot of people would like to build upon this type of baseball match ups? Let us try! I don’t know if you were trying to be a downer or just felt it was your duty to deflate our sense of a good time and appreciation for the enjoyment of a game that really lived up to the hype. Anyway, maybe WC baseball will rise up and be pitted against a worthy rival next year and you too can enjoy the feeling of a good cause well executed. Not trying to be too harsh Don but sheesh! Let’s enjoy the good vibe.

  • Joe Amat

    Downer & Don,

    I think we can blend these two posts a bit. When I get out to 3:15 games or drive past fields it’s sad how few are in attendance (although be prepared to stand along teh foul lines at a Lancer game). This is especially true in communities where hard working parents just can’t get off work before 5. Unless parents are the boss, self-employed, or in single-income homes it’s a struggle just to get there if you work the day shift and can’t adjust your schedule.

    It seems the late start might boost some support for those programs as well. You’d get 4 times their normal attendance at a La Puente/Sierra Vista game too. Plus – if the paper is covering a 3:15 game, they just might be tempted to make it a double-header and cover those games too.

  • amat!!!

    its horrible to say its a good day when Amat loses… hasnt anyone taught you better than that.. oh yeah you must not be a graduate from amat… your a loser for saying that. How much hate must you have for a school to say such a horrible thing.. btw Amat fans are not arrogant… just proud and love to show it.. if you were part of the AMAT family you would understand

    AMAT played and plays hard and has some of the greatest athletes on the team, there is no reason for you amat haters to take that away from the boys… GOOD game played… and the best team won…

  • Doneritis

    The sad part is Don makes a point but doesn’t go far enough,lol. How about stories of players with six fingers, blind in one eye, hammer toes or webbed feet?

    You seem to be off your game Don. Normally you have been a timely addition o conversations but lately you’re “doing” Don rather than “being” Don.

    The Friday Night Baseball Game of the Week would be awesome. Plutko vs Mathews on a Friday NIght Game of the Week would not only be a radar fest hoe down but a true inspiration to kids all over the Valley. The player you speak of, that bench warming senior where did he come from player, could actually have “his” moment on that stage. Isn’t that what we’re looking for, the player who makes you say, “who”?

    Take it with a grain of salt Don but coming on here and “Donning” the event that had “feel good” written all over it and actually “delivered”…well that’s just trying to be the smartest guy in the room. As my college Professor used to say, ‘Don’t look for the fifth leg on a cat…it’s a tail!”

    I know of one kid who deserves to have a game dedicated in their honor every year and it’s Damien’s Kenny Gibson who suffered that horrific neck injury a few years ago. Every time I need a lift I think of him and his unflappable attitude and smile. The odds of something like that happening are astronomical, until it happens to someone you love.

    The point is their are tons of great causes and great possible “showcase games available to bring the Valley together but that would take incredible vision and a newspaper that values “community” rather than distractions, controversy or neglect. The Tribune could be “that” newspaper but unfortunately it’s not.

  • Don

    Too bad Fred stuffed my reply.

    I’ll say again, my post wasn’t about the game, it was about the coverage.

  • Surprised at you Don

    Must have been a pretty surly response Don? Now you and SGV’sbest and Draaanchh can all claim something in common. You’ve all been “stuffed” by Fred at sometime or another. Let’s hope the similarities end there.

  • Geez Don !

    Don is it your son’s senior season? For you to get stuffed is really saying something given your years of blogger cred. Wow. Nothing in this topic would warrant any response remotely qualifying a response like that. It’s not like someone came after your son, bagged on his ability or made some unseemly remarks about the Mrs.

    Gee Don all anyone is saying is don’t create a story that already has a great story line.

  • kh

    get off don, you front runners.what he said is what he mint
    and his kid hit a bomb today,did yours.
    i went to the amat sh game, it was a joke watching young men getting fronted by old men trying to still the lime light,get off the field and let the players play.
    and the upms are so old,what happened.are ump today was hopping around with a bad wheel.he messed two pick off, two plays at first.for both teams ive seen it all year year in and year out.am going to put together some young college kids and train them to umpire baseball not retire making beer money.and there no way bonita should have a former dad umpire a game where his son played at s.h. thats a joke.get it together guys play offs are here.you still can have some great games.stop getting baited by s.h. amats c.v. thats some of the worst begging coaches in hs.history.now the master legend is in the s.h. dug-out.holly cow good luck umps.

  • What Bomb?

    Ken I was at the SH game, no one hit a homer?

  • kh

    what bomb?
    first of all the s.s. for amat hit a three run shot in the first inn.
    second i was talking about bonita, dons kid plays with the bearcats and he crushed a home run yesterday in a lost for coach knott team.they where ninus there starting rt fielder due to coaching assignments,
    dame they could of used his bunting skill yesterday when the game was on the line and job didnt get done and left the bearcats hanging.
    k.c. and i are off to scun to visit on a baseball trip today,,hopefully first of many trips.csun plays uc davis today thats k.c. grand dads college he went to ,would that be nice if grandpa was still alive and got to go with us.

  • http://6262662 off the wagon ken huff

    Ken your son isthe worst team player at bonita. Why dont you and mini me and he really is mini find a new school next year. We will be great in 2011 if you guys move.

  • whattadouche

    off the wagon

    you’re a freakin douche bag ! what did you get from doing that? feel better? maybe the positive comments form others to ken made you wish your dad hugged you more. good grief dude! that was totally uncalled for.

  • kh

    you needs us.look at yesterday my friend.
    teach you kid to hit in the clutch.
    maybe he will go to the next level.or is your summer travelball your level.
    hit the books.
    play more then one sport.
    its about time you get your varisity letter.
    had ours in the 9th grade.
    your a mommys boy just like the ones your raiseing.
    k.c. and k.h.
    our going no where fast my bud.
    you can run but you cant hide……see you at the old ball field.

  • wormseyeview

    Doneritis said: (and others seemed to agree)
    The Friday Night Baseball Game of the Week would be awesome. Plutko vs Mathews on a Friday NIght Game of the Week would not only be a radar fest hoe down but a true inspiration to kids all over the Valley.

    True it would be awesome. But if your responsibility is to compete for a league championship, how do you handle your league game rotation just to save the likes of a Plutko vs. Mathews type exhibition game on a Friday night?

  • http://66723ywey36 kens kid can’t hit

    Ken your kid can’t hit……how would he change the game? Doesn’t pitch or play a important position. I don’t see how he could change anything. It’s a good thing he plays another sport. Better study a little harder.

  • please

    Will somebody please tell the West covina baseball coaching staff to Quit. Or just fire lorenger

  • kh

    wagon hoe.
    k.c. can play any position better then your son on any field or level.
    look in the minor,could you play.then shut the hell up.
    dont be a hater big guy.
    did you hate on the s.s. last year too.
    people hate winners.so in staying that look like the bearcats didnt win without him did they,how you going to win in 2011 with no leaders on the team.
    your boys a fellower just like pops is.fellowers have no where to go without there leader.
    our captain this year is the big guy on first.hes doing a great jod off. and def. you know zero about baseball.
    if you couldnt play the game yourself.
    how in the world can you sit here and say somebodys kid stinks.
    come watch the two athletes this fall play some football.
    while your paying your sons to play travelball with a bunch of non athletes.scared to get stuck.

  • NO WAY !!! WHO KNEW !!!

    Are there “non important” positions in baseball ? Really.

  • Friday Night Baseball

    worm’s eye view no one says it has to be the “stars” pitching on Friday any more than we’re saying the coaches have to reshuffle the lineup. What we are saying is parents, fans, and the players “peers” could make this weekly “event” something special. Doesn’t it also give the secondary players a chance to play in the spotlight and perform on a stage bigger than most will ever enjoy. I love the idea.


    Let’s be careful here! I think some of you think only parents read this blog. Not true. THE PLAYERS READ THIS ALSO. Please think twice before you decide to degrade these YOUNG kids.

    We were all kids at one time, WHO MADE ERRORS!!!

    Good grief, take a moment before you submit & wonder if you would want that said about your child.

  • Slow Down KH

    KH – because of your outgoing blog style, there are many who like to start trouble and mess with you. You have to admit, it is not to tough to get you going which is part of your charm. Sounds like you are targeting someone specific in mind. I am guessing whoever is blasting KC is probably a kid or some idiot who has nothing to do with Bonita at all and not a fellow Bonita parent. I think you normally have 2 types of parents. Those who’s kids excel on the ballfield and find no reason to blast other kids and those who might struggle a bit on the ballfied. For those who struggle, I think the majority of those parents just stay quiet on the blogs. Of course, the right answer is all parents are adults and, hopefully, see the harm and immaturity of coming on here and targeting specific kids for critisism. I am guessing that you might be barking up the wrong tree at least, I hope you are.

  • wormseyeview

    Friday Night Baseball said:
    worm’s eye view no one says it has to be the “stars” pitching on Friday any more than we’re saying the coaches have to reshuffle the lineup. What we are saying is parents, fans, and the players “peers” could make this weekly “event” something special. Doesn’t it also give the secondary players a chance to play in the spotlight and perform on a stage bigger than most will ever enjoy. I love the idea.

    No problem here. Bring on Friday night baseball. Games will still be fun. Just not what many are suggesting here with awesome pitchers hooking up.

  • wormseyeview

    Friday Night Baseball said:
    worm’s eye view no one says it has to be the “stars” pitching on Friday any more than we’re saying the coaches have to reshuffle the lineup. What we are saying is parents, fans, and the players “peers” could make this weekly “event” something special. Doesn’t it also give the secondary players a chance to play in the spotlight and perform on a stage bigger than most will ever enjoy. I love the idea.

    No problem here. Bring on Friday night baseball. Games will still be fun. Just not what many are suggesting here with awesome pitchers hooking up.