Baseball Rankings: Amat and Glendora peaking as playoffs near, but so is defending champ South Hills and the sleeper known as Northview

Above: Bishop Amat coach Andy Nieto deserves a lot of credit for not just putting together one of the toughest schedules in the state, but for winning and giving the SGV all the state-cred it deserves.

Here’s this week’s baseball rankings:
1. Bishop Amat (22-2) – Just another ordinary week in Lancerland, a 4-3 win over South Hills followed by an 11-1 blowout over Lakewood to capture the Redondo Tournament title. After the schedule they played, I don’t want to hear any Division 4 complaints after they add another section title in a few weeks.
2. Glendora (18-2-1) – It’s amazing to me that this far into the season the Tartans have just two losses, especially considering how difficult the Sierra League is. They were rewarded this week with the No. 2 ranking in Division 2.
3. South Hills (14-4) – Nobody really believes in moral victories. Yes, it was a 4-3 loss to Bishop Amat, but some think they outplayed, out-pitched, and out-hit the Lancers, they just couldn’t come up with the crucial at-bats. That’s baseball and why a loss in this fashion isn’t really a loss.
4. Damien (15-5) – The Spartans continue to stay close to the Spartans, sweeping last week to remain 8-3 in league, just a game back of Glendora with two weeks left.
5. Northview (14-4-1) – Have we been sleeping on Northview? Could there still be a huge Northview-Bishop Amat showdown in the Division 4 playoffs? Well, the Vikes are No. 3 in D-4 and 10-0 in league. They can all but wrap it all up with a win over San Dimas on Wednesday.
6. Bonita (15-4-1) – What once was a comfortable lead in the Miramonte is now just a one game lead over Charter Oak after losing to Diamond Ranch. They finish with two games each against Walnut and Wilson.
7. Diamond Bar (14-7) – The Brahmas sweep over Chino sets up a big week with two games against Damien. Like Damien, they’re also 8-3 in league and a game back of Glendora. The survivor this week should do no worse than second in league.
8. Charter Oak (13-8) – The Chargers kept pace with the Bearcats with a much needed sweep over Wilson, doing it in style with back-to-back shutouts. These Chargers are something, one week they look ordinary, the next they look unbeatable.
9. Sierra Vista (14-5) – A loss to Azusa last week leaves them in a tie with La Puente for the Montview League lead, setting up a great finish with a pair against the Warriors next week for all the league title.
10. San Dimas (14-6) — After a horrible start, the Saints are 9-2 in league and control their own destiny with a pair against Northview this week. They got clobbered in their first meeting with the Vikes, will be interesting to see how far they’ve come on Wednesday.

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  • SAY WHAT ???

    Fred there is something fundamentally wrong with this picture, and no it’s not that Amat is now using Salesian’s “colors”. I just don’t understand the love/hate relationship the SGV Fish Bowlers have with Salesi…I mean Bishop Amat.

    When Lancer fans say there is a far far superior level of competition between what Amat has to deal with than what Fish Bowlers deal with they are told they are arrogant or worst. When they succeed they bring “cred” to the “WHOLE VALEY” …lmao…how is that? So when Tiger cheats on his wife does that mean my wife shouldn”t trust me? Okay bad example! LMAO!!!

    Couple that with the drive by “never done anything in their own life ” artists and you get the feeling it isn’t hate as much as envy that drives that motor. I’ll give credit where credit is due but do we have to always go thru this nonsense every year?

    Now in the case of Nieto…maybe his “haters” have some explaining to do. Seems Andy has done a tremendous job getting the team to National prominence again. Love the man or hate him you have to respect the job he’s doing and the players he’s getting.

    Fred…isn’t it funny to yo too?

  • Really?

    What still amazes me is the crappy league Amat is in! Rankings do come from the record not just the schedule outside of league. If there so dominate why not get out and play in a tough league day in and day out?

    We heard the same story last year and they lost in D4… Maybe this year will be different, but saying little Nieto is good, well ask his former NCAA coaches. Wonder why he fell down to the HS level? Ask around!

  • New York

    Why not any “Division 4 complaints”??? Amat is clearly a powerhouse and is a private school. They need to be in Division 1 along with their football team.

  • Not Bishop Amat


    I could be off by a little but go through your last 20 threads just about 1/2 of them have pictures of Amat. Do you see a tread here, or is it just the rest of us are confused.

    San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    As you can see this blog has taken a major hit, when you realize their is more to the SGV that Bishop Amat just maybe those numbers may go up.

  • WCHS

    Lorneger and staff Quit please!!!!!!!


    All the parents and players. And i mean ALL!

  • Witness

    Amat wants and needs to move up, but its not up to Amat.
    Coach Nieto- Coach of the Year!

  • Jack ass

    Just remember that is why Amat plays everybody else. Cause they know D4 is not that good. So instead of complaining let see some other valley school put together a schedule Like Amat year in and year out. You Amat haters hate. But reality is Amat is dominating so just be in awwww. As for Sh you lost. A lost is a lost. There is no moral victory in that. Do not believe your coach Smith. You would rather had won. That is the truth. As for over all game well the jury is still out. If you out hit Amat than you should of won. If you out pitch Amat than you should of won. So lets just face the fact Sh lost. Out hit and out pitch cause the Animal struck out 13, And Rio hit a three run bomb that they are still looking for. Amat rules.

  • tcbruin

    RR’s home run was in the 1st inning.

    AFTER that, how many runs did Amat score?[1]

    SH had their chances but could not get it done.
    The better team[Amat] won, but in NO way did Amat ‘dominate’.

  • Joe Amat

    It amazes me that this is addressed so often. In baseball, you are in the division with the league in which you are placed. There is no D1 private school league to be in.Amat is in the Camino Del Rey Association and is in the higher of the two leagues. Bottom teams move down the the Camino Real. Schools have very little choice what league they are placed in (Ask Glendora, Charter Oak, and South Hills) Would we like to be higher – yes! That’s why we’ve fought it in football and, essentially, forced Crespi and Notre Dame to move up to D1. That’s why we fought to stay in the OC League before the Orange County Private School Nepotism Act of 2006. That’s the LA Times wrote,

    “What Bishop Amat has already accomplished this season is pretty impressive. Its schedule has been second to none, with games against the likes of Orange Lutheran, Santa Ana Mater Dei, Chatsworth, Long Beach Wilson, Palm Desert and just about every top team in the Southland. Coach Andy Nieto did it because his team plays in Division IV when it really would like to be in Division I, as its football team is.”,0,5298020.story

    The Del Rey teams get a bit of a bad rap. St Paul can play with anybody. La Salle beat Temple Cit (TC tied Glendora) and split with Maranatha (and Maranatha needed a 7th inning run with Covey on the hill in one game, while Maranatha beat Damien) I’d love to see a Bishop Montgomery/Covina matchup and Cantwell beats the crap out of Ganesha or Pomona – but we’re not talking about how weak the Valle Vista is?!? The good news is this may shake down in the playoffs.

    Schools need to be judged by their *total* schedule. Does it really make a difference if you play 10 monster games in the preseason and a handful of gimmes in league… or the reverse? Teams in the above list get praised for starting slow but being 9-2 in league. Guess why? If your league has team that are 1-14, 4-14, 6-14, or playoff teams that are 11-10 at that level … you better go 9-2.

  • Witness

    Joe Amat- Blogger of the Year!

  • Coach of the Year??? What

    Quit the Nieto coach of the year crud. The players are studs and doing it on their own. Remember this is the same guy who LOST to San Dimas and a chance at winning CIF by leaving his Best Pitcher in the bullpen , excuse me, charting pitches, when he should have been closing out the game. Give Me A Break. Coaches of the year also don’t waddle out to the umpires and argue every little stupid thing, they show CLASS all the time.

  • Witness

    Nieto- Coach of the Year!!
    Amat players are great, but they cannot do it without strong leadership. Nieto stands up for his players. Also, last year is so last year. Let it go. Im not calling for Nieto to be the Coach of the Year for last year, Im pushing for this year. He scheduled and beat the best, Doesnt that count for anything in HaterVille? It counts for something down here on earth.
    We will never know what would have happend if Nieto used Paez for SD and not for the Championship game. If it went that way and Amat lost, haters like you would be crying “why didnt Nieto save paez for the Championship game?”

  • FredJ

    This blog has taken a hit? The hits are at an all-time high, because I post so many threads there are not as many comments on each thread, but in terms of numbers, we’ve never been better.


    Bishop Amat would lose about five league games if they were in the sierra league…
    Better pitching.

  • >>>

    Tons of hits – but still no one to point out yet ANOTHER factual Fred error!

    Glendora is number one this week in D II.

    Nice job as always Fred – I hear the Pennysaver sports section needs help!

  • >>>

    Tons of hits – but still no one to point out yet ANOTHER factual Fred error!

    Glendora is number one this week in D II.

    Nice job as always Fred – I hear the Pennysaver sports section needs help!

  • >>>

    Tons of hits – but still no one to point out yet ANOTHER factual Fred error!

    Glendora is number one this week in D II.

    Nice job as always Fred – I hear the Pennysaver sports section needs help!

  • just sayin’

    You’ve been smoking!
    Lakewood, South Hills, Orange Lutheran, Santa Ana Mater Dei, Chatsworth, Long Beach Wilson, Palm Desert, Royal, Palos Verdes, Notre Dame(Az), SalPointe(Az), Mater Dei, Santiago, LB Wilson, Capo Valley …
    Don’t insult those teams.
    Need I say, Chino, Chino Hills, Ayala? Damien loses to Maranatha (La Salle beat them!) Glendora ties Temple City (La Salle beat them) Diamond Bar without Matthews is poor!

  • COY – Kevin Smith (South Hills)

    Hands down, the Coach of the Year should be Kevin Smith from South Hills again this year!

    Mr Consistency who is passionate about the game, treats his kids right, and always puts a quality product on the field.

    Can’t find many coaches like that around anymore.
    Too many of the coaches nowadays are so much into their own egos that it is ridiculous.

    Keep up the AWESOME job Coach Smith and bring home another ring this year!

    Go Huskies!!!

  • Scout Ball

    Like I said Amat DAD!!! Sierra league has the better pitching. When you face Orange Lutheran
    that was a taste of Sierra pitching. Check out the ERA and strike out ratio and compare.. facts are the facts.

  • Fish Bowl Politics

    Is it me or is Amat’s standard for winning COY Awards far far superior to every one else’s? I guess that’s a compliment. lmao

  • Northview Vs. Amat.

    The Northview kids at Sac looked like they wre licking there chops waiting for there shot amat….they had informed me they recently beat south hills this yr, at first i didnt believe it til a south hills parent varified it. (sorry to the boys)….Northview is the sleeper though. they can come alive like they did against Glendora. Leadoff hitter is dangerous i heard ,Pedroza is getting hot, and there 4,5&6 hitters are racking up the homeruns.

  • New York

    The complaint is toward CIF, NOT toward Amat. They do what they do.

    But come one, Joe. YES, playing your big games during the playoffs IS more important than pre-season because both teams know that it is win or go home. YOU know that. Amat should be commended for challenging themselves during the part of the schedule that they control. But CIF needs to make a way for this program to play on the big stage.

    I mean, how much satisfaction would the Dukes have if they entered a regular city league?

    p.s. It’s shocking that a program as history and tradition-rich as Amat would toy around with their uniform colors. The school of the yellow A…

  • KIngs Of The Hill

    “licking their chops”…like I said when you’re the Gold Standard every one measure’s themselves against you.

    No disrespect to Northview which I have tremendous respect for but that’s the ultimate compliment, just like Northview Wrestling is for the rest of the Valley. Every year Northview wrestlers accomplish incredible feats. I’ve always wondered though how many went on to college on scholarships.

    Anyone know? What ever happened to Caleb Flores?

  • Be Easy On Him, He’s A New Yorker !

    New York…you’re about to be shredded! lmao

    Might want to re-think your foes.

  • Just my two cents…

    But i think everyones gotten there shot at amat but Northview. Not saying they deserve it but til that time comes they just get to sick back and wait for it. But Caleb went on to wrestle in arizona but got hurt &career was ended short…..Northview is licking their chops waiting for there shot, the sleeper teams usually come up big in big games…..but does nybody know how familiar the kids of northview &amat are, i heard some of the kids talking of some of the amat kids like they knew them out of school &ball? thats always a good thing if it is true

  • Joe Amat

    New York,

    Really, how would you solve it if you were CIF? What league would you like Amat to enter for all other sports? Should they open some more private schools within a reasonable geography and stock them with enough D1 players to justify putting the whole league there? Should they call Damien’s bluff and let them sue when they force them into the Parochial mix? They could open another OC school and we could steal St John Bosco back – that would make the OC folks happy – Bosco is just the lesser of all evils for them right now.

    Or should Amat just hop on that bus for all sports and make the trek to the San Fernando Valley a few times a week and lobby to get in the Mission League – wait… can’t … that’s only D2. Join the Moore league? South Coast? Marmonte? Nope – can’t mix public and private and cause all hell to break loose (see OC late ’90s)… only Damien has figured a way to manage that over time. Trinity League – tried to stay there. What would you have CIF do – because if you have no solution – there is no complaint.

  • nhs grad

    Caleb Flores is wrestling for Northern Iowa University, they had one of the bigger upsets in the NCAA March Madness. He overcame an injury last year. PJ Martinez is still wrestling as well for Cumberland in Kentucky.

  • Troy

    How cute, Andy’s pencil matches his uniform. Most people enjoy the Amat kids, it’s the coach and he brings it upon himself to be disliked. As talented as Amat is, the uniforms are tragic. Honestly, gotta be one of uglier uniforms in southern california. Good thing they’re damn good because can’t look that bad and be bad on top of it. Would Amat-Northview matchup in playoffs be huge or what? I don’t know if boys in black can hang with the boys in blue this year, but Murphy and his gang would be ready. You can count on that.

  • Amat tradition

    I agree about the uniforms at Amat you dont mess with tradition. Nieto knows nothing about the Amat tradition and what that “A” stands for. Amat is BLUE AND GOLD not black and blue. Figure it out Nieto dont ever talk about the AMAT TRADITION like you know what it entitles. Nieto is all about lining his pockets and his big ego.

  • u so crazy

    Nieto is loved and respected by his players, students and parents. We really don’t care what people think of him because he stands up for what he believes, he has proven that he is a winner and winners respect winners, you probably don’t understand this concept troy boy.
    Regarding the uniform, Amat has 5 different uniforms and they are all nice looking, I like the blue ones most.
    Nieto “COY”

  • tcbruin

    Amat tradition,

    You nailed it on Nieto-Napoleon.

    Game, set, match.

  • Tim

    Nieto is LOVED by his players, parents, and students? That is an all out lie. He is in love with himself. I’m fair, so I will say he’s done good job this year, but don’t start saying how he’s loved by everyone at Amat now. As for uniforms, let’s be honest again, they’re ugly and the stirups are terrible.

  • Basic


    Could CIF do in Baseball what they do in Basketball for the playoffs? Move teams into what they think is the right Div?

  • New York

    League play is one thing, but why not bump Amat into D-1 for the playoffs? Wouldn’t your players love that? Isn’t about the players anyway? I think baseball playoffs were once like that. Teams from the same league would be in different playoff divisions because of enrollment. As the previous poster pointed out, Basketball does it.

    Aligning Amat baseball based on enrollment is not appropriate. Push the CIF to let your boys go get their D-1 ring!

  • Joe Amat


    CIF likes the basketball format and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen down the line in several sports – but be careful what you wish for.

    Remember – in basketball there are 12 Divisions where CIF does not (and would not) place them where they “think” they belong, but rather schools are placed *by enrollment*.

    Amat’s boys basketball team was in D4, so Amat is in the SEVENTH division based on enrollment. Are you sure that’s the format you want?


    Caleb is at Northern Iowa not Arizona.

  • Censorship


    The Censorship comment was on Aram’s blog for over 12 hours I got a few calls about it, you were a little late.

    Deleting it proves my point little man.


    All the hate Bishop Amat gets comes because this supposed to be the San Gabriel VALLEY Tribune not the San Gabriel AMAT Tribune. I am sick of reading about all the Amat stuff. Great baseball team and it should be talked about but every day???? Are there any other schools even playing in the valley? Also, if Diamond Bar is average without Matthews then where is Amat without Paez & Ruiz? Still a good team but not 22-2. A horse on the mound and a stud hitter makes a lot of high school teams much better. Where is Glendora witout Plutko, still a good high school team but dominate? Good question. But that is high school baseball – always has been and always will be.

  • Joe Amat

    It does make me chuckle that part of the contingent is in the camp that says “Amat isn’t that good”.., “Northview’s licking their chops”…”they lost to San Dimas”…”They’s lose FIVE games in the Sierra League”

    and the rest of the visitors are saying, “They recruit”…”They should be good – they get players from all over” … They should be playing in D1″

  • Basic


    Why can’t they do it as they do in Football wildcard, they seem to award the playoff birth to the right teams 90% of the time, according to an article a month or two ago…So why not? Other than the fact that I am sure we could find all types of flaws with it. There just doesn’t seem to be a simple fix…

    Now as far as the Amat bashing, my only issue is that they are basically an Open Enrollment school but hey I hear Glendora now is as well…So I guess it comes down to Expectations and Tradition and Amat has that so if you’re an athlete that makes your choice a little more clear. When was the last time anyone heard of Bonita asking for someone’s head because they failed to deliver??? just a different mentality…

  • Joe Amat

    AS I SEE IT ,

    if you don’t want to read it… skip it and contribute on another topic. Maybe you could help those topics get to double digits and create a reason to increase coverage in other areas.

    Someone below commented that 1/2 of the threads are Amat related. those also are the half that have created the most interest. Doesn’t take a genius to do the math on that equation

  • King of the SGV Amat

    When will people get it. Amat is Amat and winning breeds notereity. The baseball team is D4 or whatever and it deserves the press. SH football CO football div. 6 or 7 whatever,, they win championships and they get ink. Amat on the other hand is a private school where legally you can recruit and get the some of the best players there to attend, so it stands to reason they get press ink. The SGV Tribune I think is overall fair to all schools but they cover Amat because again Amat is Amat. If you want press ink tell your coaches to win consistantly and it will come. At Amat it comes no matter what because again Amat is Amat.

  • Joe Amat


    It’s a numbers issue. Picking an “at-large” entry at the end of a season in most of 13 divisions is different than doing a pre-season scouting report on over 1,000 baseball/softball teams to determine where they should be properly placed.

    It has to be either the entire league goes – or enrollment based where you can divide 500+ teams into divisions relatively easily. Anything other than that is a logistical nightmare.

  • AMAT 73

    AS I SEE IT,
    Seems to me your beef is with the Trib and Fred not AMAT . We do not write nor run this blog , we are only contributors as yourself. Is it our fault that as a school we strive to be the best we can. You cannot blame the Trib for having stories on AMAT nor having threads on the blog related to AMAT .It raises the readership and hits on the blog. You are right to the fact that there are many other outstanding teams in the valley that warrant coverage just as much as AMAT . But when you see a topic with AMAT in the heading the hit count far surpasses many of the other topic . Granted some our the Faithful but many are haters or others just making comments. Now as for you Paez and Rio comment I believe you left out J Mac , JA , Zavala ,McNitt and a few others who have all contributed to the teams great success this season. At AMAT is it all about the team and the AMAT or the A on the uniform that comes first . Now I ask you this question , is it fair to hate AMAT because of the Trib’s coverage of AMAT of which AMAT has no control over ?

  • So you think you can “Dance”?

    Joey the rationale of some bloggers is too much.

    On the one hand they talk about too much coverage regarding Bishop Amat and on the other they spend their time trying to figure out ways to discuss the Lancers. Everything from they are arrogant, to they recruit, to they have studs, to they “should” be this and should be that, oh and the occasional “way to represent the SGV” (my personal favorite). Its quite entertaining, this double edged sword they dance on for “our” amusement.

    Riddle me this: How can a coach resurrect a program from day one, win some of the most memorable games in SGV history, mount an incredible season breaking (for them) come from behind against all odds back away win, win league outright….in one of the toughest leagues in the country and and not win COY honors after a two year run for the ages? BTW did I mention doing “all” this while hearing that Amat lacked talent, lost all their talent and would be lucky to win 3 games all year? In fact, an “expert” confirmed Amat’s preseason demise. yet no COY honors?

    Opps I think I brought more “hits” Joey …. enjoy the dance.

  • Deco

    So you think you can “Dance”? said:

    I guess its Fb talk now? Tough league in FB, yes, BB, we’ll that’s a joke!

    Except maybe Joe’s favorite in St. Paul! LOL

  • Censorship

    The problem with your comment is Fred deletes all the comments attacking the tribune and Fred. When people point their figure at Amat Fred is ok with that. I hit on that exact point eariler and Fred the comment.

    Little man can’t take it.

  • Follow the dots

    Deco I was making a comparison of how Amat is help to a higher standard. This blog is about Nieto “earning” COY honors and the talk is he doesn’t. By comparative analysis Nieto, like Hagerty, has exceeded expectations, was my point. D4 yes but State status? That has to count for something.

  • just sayin’

    follow the dots – this has been happening for years. a few years back Amat boys basketball was #1 in the valley, beat the #1 seed, and won it’s first and only CIF Championship in Boys Basketball, and the only title in the valley that year, it was the coaches 1st year at the school and the coach didn’t get COY.


    AMAT 73

    It looks like you completely missed my point. I said Amat a great team but what makes them a great team is Paez & Ruiz. Just like Plutko makes Glendora a dominate team as well. Without those players the teams change from great to good and there are a lot of those type teams in the valley. J Mac, Jay Anderson, McNitt and Zavala (one game wonder hitting 3 HR’s against Mater Dei and zip for the rest of the year with 10 errors according to Maxpreps)I wouldn’t put him in that group. I think Glendora with Winterburn, Layton, Anderson, Cage – starting to sound the same to me. I am sure a case can be made at Damien or Bonita or Northview etc., etc. Like I said, not many teams have a Paez, Plutko, Matthews or even a Ruiz – enjoy it while you can — You deserve it. But those type kids are the difference makers not because “we play like a team”. I was at the South Hills game and without Ruiz – three run bomb or Paez 12K’s and picking off Shirley twice – you lose that game. Again the big dogs steppin up. Enjoy them because they are great players.

  • AMAT 73

    Didn’t miss your point I just don’t see it that way . You are entitled to your opinion but even you have to agree thet J Mac does an exellent job behind the plate and if you know anything about baseball a good catcher is worth his weight in gold so he really should be included in that group . But hey that’s just my opinion. But what I am really looking for out of you is the answer to my the question I posed to you on the hate aspect towards AMAT which is what you openned your post with.

  • just askin’

    I’m still tryin’ to figure out who “Scout Ball” thinks those 5 Sierra League losses would come at the hands of?

  • Big 5

    The five loses would be

    1) Best Field..Damien
    2) Best MILFS ..Glemdora
    3) Worst Fans…Diamond Bar
    4) Best Hecklers..Glendora
    5) Damien..beat Amat once two years ago

    Fiive! Count them buddy!


    AMAT 73

    Once again I ask you to go back to what I really said and that was “All the hate Amat gets comes from the fact that is supposed to be the San Gabriel Valley Tribune not the San Gabriel Valley AMAT Tribune” and how I am sick of reading about Amat everyday. There are other schools in the valley and it would be nice to have one day just one day without having something in the Tribune about Amat. Saying your sick of reading about them does not mean I hate Amat it is statement about the choices the Tribune makes everyday they are supposed to be at least somewhat neutral. Didn’t Fred graduate from Amat?

  • Baseball NUT!

    Let me try to put this in a simple understanding.
    Did I graduate from AMAT?— yes 1982
    Do I follow closly—Yes.
    Let me also say this AND be as honest as I can be.

    Bishop Amat has many LOYAL followers me included. Let me also say I think some followers do go overboard with to much of “were the best and nobody else matters” garbage. Let me also say their are way more AMAT haters than everyone else combined! I also believe SOME of these haters are just closet bloggers, who probably went to a lousy school for athletics. I would also guess most of the haters have NEVER picked up a bat, laced up some cleats, or managed a bead of sweat in the July heat!

    Now lets tak about recruiting. PLEASE tell me one school who hasn’t brought in kids who has had a championship! Lets begin wth Los Altos. Coach DeSpain has at least 7 CIF championships in THEN the largest division ( the BIG 5 conference) in the early & late 70’s. Who belives ALL those kids came from H.H? Lets look at South Hills. In 1974 they had one of the BEST teams in the whole country finishing # 6. They win CIF, and then go 26 years before they win another. Then they go for 4 titles in 6 years this decade. Not every kid came from the district of Covina Valley. Or how about Charter Oak. I assure you NOT ever kid lived alog Covina Blvd. Same goes for Northview. Never a sniff of a wrestling factory. Then BOOM! they get these amazing kids along Cypress, and Azusa who bring home CIF, Master, and state titles. Doubt it!
    I have seen both sides. I sent a daughter who played volleyball to AMAT, and a son who played baseball to South Hills.
    Once CIF changed the rules regarding transfers a decade or so ago, it made it alot easier to move on to a different school. Does Bishop Amat have players on the football team and baseball team from probably 6 or 7 other cities OTHER than L.P? Probably. Here is the difference. Parents pay close to $ 3,000 to send their kids to AMAT. With that being the case kids can come from ANYWHERE. Do they have open boundries? Yes, but is it free to attend? NO!
    Look If I had another son who was a standout in baseball would I want him to go to Workman, & El Monte, OR Bishop Amat and South Hills? Way to easy to for me to answer that! Same goes for a NON athlete too. If I had a daugher who was straight A’s and had a perfect SAT, I would rather her go to someplace like say Montclair Prep, or St Lucy’s and Not West Covina, or Gladstone! Nothing against those two schools, but you get the picture.

    I keep reading how all we see or hear from Fred talk about is Bishop Amat. But who is on the roll the last few years in baseball, girls basketball, and now getting their groove back in football? You all think that the INK goes to Amat. Lets just say IF your on TOP your getting the local pub. When Amat was average in football in 2000-2002, and South Hills, Los Altos, and Chater Oak were bringing home the rings, it was them on the front page. When our local’s WIN its GREAT for the WHOLE SGV!
    Should Sierra Vista with a 14-5 record, and a good pitcher get a little more ink? PROBABLY. But I guarantee If Sierra Vista puts together two more good years like this one, they will be on the front page and talked about. Also if a school has a top talent, they will also get the pub. Glendora is a prime example. They are having a great year, and have Plutko, and are getting ink. but did they deserve the same press while going 13-13, or 9-14, a couple years back while AMAT, S.H and SD were WINNING CIF? NOPE!
    I live in Via Verde of San Dimas, and we have had TWO girls who played softball at Mater Dei in our area. Cost alot of money, and was 26 miles each way. But it was the kids AND parents choice. BOTH sacraficed ALOT. BUT BOTH went on to Tennessee and Michigan and got a free education, and saved the parents probably 100 grand each. Sure some parents can’t afford to send a kid to Mater Dei, or Bishop Amat. But then they do have waivers, and a deferred payment option plan.

    I think Fred loves Bishop Amat, but also loves South Hills, and Charter Oak, and Damien, and Bonita, and Northview, and La Peuente, Workamn, Wilson, and Los Altos, and Covina, San Dimas, and West Covina too! I mean go back just three years. Azusa was NEVER on the front page of the sports for football. But they win TWO league titles in a row a CIF game, and low and behold, their on being talked about.They deserve to be talked about. Its a huge story on their turnabout.

    If your good OR consistant YOUR school will be talked about. I mean South Hills had SIX guys make the major leagues in the late 80’s to 91, WITHOUT winning a CIF BANNER. Yet they were talked about daily, during the season because they had 5-10 scouts a game. It was exciting, and it it meant INK for the SGV!
    Ruiz for Amat is a One of a kind kid. This is a generation kid who reminds alot of people of A-Rod. Those kids don’t come around often, so NOT only does he have talent, he will be a TOP 5 pick! This NEEDS to be talked about.

    I think this all comes down to having a good team or not. Amat is in the spotlight for having a fantastic baseball team, and a football team on the return of greatness. I mean how many times did the kid from Workamn score 40+ points and was on the front page. When you do something to get noticed you will!

  • Scores ??????

    Who won the DB/Damien game?

    Fred any scores form all around the valley?

  • Steve Nebraska

    How in the World can Amat be Ranked 2nd in the State and be a Div IV Team? Somebody is SandBagging!

  • alumini director

    AS I SEE IT – Fred graduated from Edgewood


    Is everything OK with Big Five? I hope he’s joking about the Glendora mom”s…CREEPY STUFF…and inappropriate at the least.

  • DamienScore

    Damien wins 12-8. Great job Spartans.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Hey Steve Nebraska,

    Do you really need to have that question answered regading as to why Amat which is in DIV IV ranked # 2 in the state?

    How about playing THREE BIG tournements, including in the National classic, and beating NOT one, NOT two, BUT SIX DIV I teams as well as a few DIV II teams, the DIV III Champion, and a DIV IV Power. That settles it for me, how bout you?

    Also for those who say Bishop Amat would lose FIVE games in the Sierra league, please tell me how? ALL THREE Chino teams are under .500 Diamond Bar will end up with 10 losses, and are average without Mathews. Damien would probably steal a game, as it usually happens when you put rivals together. As for Glendora, they have very good pitching, but so does ALOT of those teams in DIV I who got beat by Bishop Amat. TWO losses at MOST for AMAT in the Sierra.
    In all honesty I beleive South Hills gave AMAT their toughest challenge so far. Sure O LU beat up Amat, but we had ONLY three hits vs a good Huskie team. One bad pitch, and some bad base runnig probably cost the Huskies, and they left wht 10 guys on base! I think Bishop Amat is EXACTLY where they need to be at 22-2. That SH game could have been a loss, BUT the Edison game should have been a Win, minus 4 or 5 errors in one game.

    If Glendora’s arms can perform like they have all season they will be a major threat in DIV II.
    Clearly WE here in the SGV have THREE of the BEST teams around in AMAT, SH, and Glendora. I still belive we can have THREE CIF CHAMPIONS come June.

  • Amat Arrogance

    “I also believe SOME of these haters are just closet bloggers, who probably went to a lousy school for athletics. I would also guess most of the haters have NEVER picked up a bat, laced up some cleats, or managed a bead of sweat in the July heat!
    Looks like humility was a class that was never taught at Amat.

  • COY

    Nieto- Coach of the Year!
    Say what you will, but he is one hell of a good coach.

  • tcbruin

    COY and OTHER Nieto ‘Believers’,

    Question: IF Amat does NOT with the baseball title under Nieto again THIS season, will you still believe that he is deserving of COY?

  • Nieto, Leyva, Murphy, Shibley in that order

    tcbruin, whatever that means. Temple City Bruin I suppose.

    How about Damien’s Leyva? The job he’s done with that program is undeniable. I do think Neito deserves it this year but Leyva is right there as well. Coaching Matters and Damien got themselves a winner.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Lets not forget that the team tht WINS the CIF title USUALLY get the player AND coach of the year. If Amat doesn’t win Nieto shouldn’t get it.

    As for me I wouldn’t vote for him anyway. The talent is and was supposed to be there this season anyway. Hard to have a BAD coaching year with THAT talent.

    how many times has Phil Jackson WON C.O.Y? It should be HOW you coach dealing with inuries, adversity, lesser talent and such. All of which Amat doesn’t have.

  • kh

    baseball nut.
    s.h just loss to walnut.
    so when we finish the season next week putting a hurten on walnut like we had already .whats that say about bonita .
    would love to play amat.
    when we finish up 19 – 4
    less losses then s.h..and fred rates us behind northveiw who we beat in there owe trny .
    damien isnt better then bonita hands down.
    the right ratings
    1 amat
    2 bonita
    3 glendora
    4 sh
    5 damien
    6 los altoe
    7 d.-bar
    8 n-view
    9 s=dimas
    10 walnut
    play-offs are coming so the real true will lie in the boys hands.
    the will to win will succeed.
    happy mothers day
    and the number 1 mother of the world,
    happy mothers day to the virgin mary.

  • steve

    Regarding coach Nieto, he works to hard to be bigger than his players. Very talented group that at times take on the traits of their coach. Last year Calvary Chapel and and BM are locked up in a first round playoff game 2-1 in the 6 TH Paez VS Wallach at BM. The little coach is so stressed out he stops play 6 different times to queston calls just to break CC momentum. CC had one senior go on to play NAIA, so you get the picture. Calvary has the tying run thrown out at the plate in the 6 th, a 5’5″ 145# kid out by a mile so the BM catcher pulverizes the kid on the tag. Nothing said by anyone. Bottom half BM trys a squeeze play, CC pitches out and the CC catcher returns the favor. You could hear the crying all the way to OC. BM went on to win 4-1, not because of the “great” coaching by the little guy but they had superior talent. I’d say anyone for coach of the year rather than Nieto.

  • just askin’

    steve – who is “BM”? Or is that what you just spewed all over this last post?

  • Amat parent

    Fyi: we are very happy and proud with coach nieto. My son and his fellow players are happy and extreamly proud to be playing for nieto. When Amat wins cif nieto should be coy. Every player on the field is committed or has signed to play ball at the next level. Love him or hate him- he’s a winner!