Spring Football: San Dimas’ program numbers could double following championship

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
It’s amazing what a CIF-Southern Section championship will do for a football program’s numbers. Just ask San Dimas High School football coach Bill Zernickow, who said he expects the number of players out for spring ball to nearly double from recent years. Zernickow estimated 90 players will be out for spring practice, up from the usual 50. He credited the turnout to the program’s success. (To continue click thread)

“When you win a ring, everyone wants a piece of the action,” said Zernickow, who was the Tribune’s Coach of the Year last season after guiding San Dimas to the Mid-Valley Division title. “That’s good for us. A school our size having that many kids wanting to come out is a definite numbers boost.”

A large portion of that number is the soon-to-be sophomore class, which went 8-2 last season. Zernickow expected to have around 20 of them on the varsity roster next season.

“You never know until you slap on the pads, but I really like our freshmen class,” Zernickow said. “They have some talent in that group. They’re athletic, which is something we didn’t have in our first few years.”

One of the bigger battles of spring will be at fullback, a key spot in Zernickow’s offense. Angel Gonzalez, Damon Carreon, Jordan Taylor and Nathan Torres are expected to get a long look. Zernickow said Carreon, a junior, is 230 pounds.

“It will be interesting to see who wins the job,” Zernickow said. “We’re deeper at the running back spot than we’ve ever been.”

Sense of familiarity

San Marino coach Mike Mooney will have some very familiar faces around him next season on the Titans sidelines. Mooney has put together a coaching staff very similar to those he had during a successful run at Temple City.

It starts with offensive coordinator Tim Loya, who was under Mooney at Temple City between 2001-06. Defensive coordinator Marty Valdez also coached with Mooney at Temple City before leaving in ’08 after staying on with Randy Backus, who succeeded Mooney when he left his alma mater after the ’06 season.

Mike Cable, who will coach defensive backs, was at Temple City under Backus and Anthony White. Matt Brassfield, who played for Mooney in 2004-05, will coach linebackers while Art Carrington will help with both lines.

Carrington also was at San Marino last season.

“I certainly prefer to have guys I’m familiar with around me,” Mooney said. “I’m lucky enough that they were available and willing. Plus, they’re all good buddies of mine.

“More than anything else, we have a good time together. And if you have a good time, it doesn’t seem like work.”

Alumni fundraiser

Baldwin Park will host its first alumni game as a fundraiser for the program on Saturday, May 8 at 9 a.m.

The Braves are doing it to not only raise money but to get alumni involved with the program.

Participants are expected to include former players such as Ron Brown, along with former coaches Ty Pagone and Tony Zane.


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  • Lone Star

    Good to see a program like San Dimas on the rise. If you’ve seen them play, you know they’re fun to watch! Although I had heard they were down at running back, now coach says it’s the deepest they’ve been. That could be scary. Good luck this season!!!

  • good saints

    IM really happy for the saints for getting there ring.BUT all these players they are getting can we say are not high quality players.Knowing that Mr Z has not got anyone of his players out on a scholarship why would any parent send there kid there???? I just think a coach should help his players and have not seen this done at SD

  • Big Blue Ocean

    Small fish in a small pond. This football is seriously played in a fishbowl. No one outside of our area has any interest or is even serious about teams like San Dimas. Tell me when was the last time and when will be the next time anyone from San Dimas plays D-1 football. Respect the program but be realistic San Dimas is more famous for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure than they are football. No one outside of our Valley has ever heard of or talks about any teams other than Bishop Amat, Charter Oak, and South Hills.

  • Grade Check

    Check your facts Mr. There were only a handful of seniors on the SD Championship teams and the ones “not getting scholarships” barely have a 2.0 GPA and didn’t even take the SATs. SD has all Juniors and Sophomors. The kids he had the season before he got out to college. He has 5 kids playing at La Verne, and 1 at Idaho. Get your facts straight. You have to meet the minimum academic requirements before you can be accepted to college.

  • Aaron

    Big Blue Ocean,

    Oh how people forget the history of this Valley and its rich tradition. Bonita is a school that’s been heard of although not lately but we’ve sent a few kids to play at the next level consistently. Nothing like the ones you listed in recent years. Los Altos was strong forever and believe me people have heard of them…but you’re right about San Dimas. However they are playing Rancho next year and if they beat Rancho people will have heard of them.

    People have heard of more than just those few schools you list so don’t come in here high and mighty…and people don’t come after me I know there are schools I did not list, I was making a point.



    What a stupid post… You can’t be more positive then that!

  • New York

    SGV football always gets bashed, but it is always in comparison to other COUNTIES! People will compare the SGV to all of Orange County or to the Inland Empire (two counties?). If entire counties are factored into the conversation, then why not compare Orange County versus LA County, which is where the SGV is?

    Not ALL OC teams are good, just as not ALL IE teams are good. There are select leagues that are dominant, but certainly not entire counties.

  • lol grade check

    5 at laverne wow thats impressive and kid at idahoe is on academic he will never see the field !!!! get ur facts straight la verne is not competetive football dont think they won a games in last couple of years and the most important part they are NAIA u loser anybody can play there

  • New York

    Check the NAIA rosters. You will find them filled with all-league, county and CIF players who may have been a couple inches shorter or half a step slower than the D-1 recruits (coming out of high school). Plus, NAIA teams can get D-1 transfers. Also, those kids typically don’t get any of the perks that come with playing at a D-1 scholarship school. No, not anyone can play there. It takes guys who are mentally tough enough to balance a full course load without tutors and special scheduling exceptions for athletes. No training table or special athletic dorms or facilities. Sharing the weight room with athletes from other sports. So at the end of the day, the NAIA rosters are filled with kids who truly love playing football, which is more than we can assume about somebody who insists on bashing football simply because it is played in a different division.

    Maybe more athletes around here would pursue college opportunities and get degrees from schools with smaller athletic programs if people like you did not falsely fill their heads with disappointment simply because their games are not played on TV.

  • Joe

    FYI, La Verne is a D-3 school not NAIA get your facts stright loser!

  • same

    same sh!! lol

  • XXX

    I am definately gonna subscribe, this is soo interesting, love your thoughts.

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