BREAKING NEWS: South Hills principal Judith North announces retirement …

South Hills High School principal Judith North announced she will retire at the end of the school year during an emotional assembly at the school on Friday afternoon.

North, arguably one of the best sports principals in the Valley, has been a visible figure at all Huskies sporting events during her time at the school.

“Most intellectuals can’t lead,” South Hills football coach Steve Bogan said. “Judi North is an intellectual who could lead. She has to be going into semi-retirement because I could never see her not involved in people’s lives.”

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  • Weak!

    Worst kept secret in the Valley. How desperate are you for “real” story.

  • Intellectuals ?

    What a remarkable statement from Steve Bogan, “Most intellectuals can’t lead”

  • Joe Amat

    Is there a Steve Arkle promotion brewing? I like to see graduates move up through the system to the top. They have a vested interest in results and care at a different level than the typical outsider. I’m sure the replacement has been decided – but I hope this happens.

  • Boyd

    No loss at all.

  • insider

    Joe Amat, nope. Steve Arkle also retiring. AND Gail Brown. All 3 are leaving…whats brewing over at SH’s?????

  • JFR

    Big Joe,

    I couldn’t agree more, Arkle is the man for that job. He has left a long lasting impression in our
    family’s life and when we do all get together and talk about the old days his name always comes to the surface.

  • To “Weak!”

    I’d like to know..what’s the deal?

  • To “Weak”…

    Hey Weak…I’d like to know. whats the deal?

  • Joe Amat

    Good news/bad news about Arkle. Love to see him get a crack at being the main guy. I guess good news that he gets to “retire”

    I’m guessing “Golden Handhakes” all around. A bunch of “retirements” district wide at the administrative level.

  • That’s easy

    Lots of people retiring around,to help with district budget cuts. Just wait til the reduction in high school sports starts hitting home. Nothing really brewing, except a stinking state economy being taken on the backs of our students.

  • Wondering

    Watching Judi North announce her retirement in the South Hills Gym with banners hanging made me wonder,,,, just how many times has South Hills put Champion next to the school’s name under her leadership? She announced her retirement next to the World Champion South Hills Percussion Unit. I would venture to say, no Principal in the history of the SGV has as many feathers in their cap as Judi has in hers! Long Live the Queen, Long Live Judi North!

  • Wondering

    Watching Judi North announce her retirement in the South Hills Gym with banners hanging made me wonder,,,, just how many times has South Hills put Champion next to the school’s name under her leadership? She announced her retirement next to the World Champion South Hills Percussion Unit. I would venture to say, no Principal in the history of the SGV has as many feathers in their cap as Judi has in hers! Long Live the Queen, Long Live Judi North!

  • A great principal bows out. Kudos, Mrs. North, your leadership and the way you care for your students will be sorely missed.

  • Trojan Man

    “Most intellectuals can’t lead”…Steve Bogan

    Just like our current President.

    Fight On

  • Covina Resident

    Many people are sad to see her go, but even more people are happy to see her go!!!

  • shfan

    Why is this on a Prep sports blog? Come on Fred. Nothing better to do? This is the worst kept secret in a long time. The assembly at South Hills was embarrassing. She disguised her announcement to look like it cAme Second to the Band performance. Maybe some nice, much needed change will come from this. Good luck Mr. Arkle in your retirement. You will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    Is it true that Smith is retiring too? Who would replace him?

  • Is Bogan an intellectual? Apparently NOT !

    Trojan Man, that’s so funny!!!!

    Clinton was an intellectual as well but Cheney and Bush Jr were barely “C” students and almost sent the world into a death spiral economic tail spin, or was that Obama’s fault as well? Much like the war that Obama rushed into with no exist plan, right? How about Katrina, how much of an intellectual was Brown? I could go on all night, lol.

    Might want to look at your history again. Better yet how about Sarah Palin? No one would confuse her for an “intellectual”? President Palin…I like that!

    Katie Couric : “What newspapers do you read?”

    Sarah Palin : “ALL OF THEM”

    Katie Couric : “Okay but by name, ‘which ones do you read’ ?”

    Sarah Palin ; “ALL THE USUAL ONES…YOU KNOW!”

    Katie Couric : “Let’s try this once again, not to belabor the point but…”

    Bogan…priceless !

  • BigDog

    Maybe they can get a principal who doesn’t turn a deaf ear to all those illegal recruits in all there sports.Maybe Obama could be there new principal.No he would screw that up to.


    Is it true that Smith is retiring too? Who would replace him?

    most likely someone from within the program.

    i know 1 coach for sure who is very capable of running things and 2 who have no business doing it

  • Big Dog Made A Funny

    Big Dog maybe South Hills should hire Palin, wait…she’s a quitter…opps I mean she’s ‘GONE ROGUE!!!”

  • If…

    one school offers a class that a student’s home school doesn’t offer, there’s nothing illegal about it. Some school in Santa Clarita offers some type of sports med class, nice athletic class. Shouldn’t envy the loop holes and people who are wise enough to use them. They just outsmarted others. Parents should do their homework too, it looks like.

  • BigDog

    I do not now if Smith is retiring, but I am interested to know which coach you think is capable of doing the job Smitty?
    They only have 1 other coach with head coaching experience who many feel should be in charge anyways.
    Would like to hear who you think the coach should be if smith retires.

  • Let Freedom Ring

    To is Bogan an intellectual:

    You sound like at typical Democrat. You think you’re smarter and wiser than you’re Republican neighbors {those of us on this blog}.

    WE hope you enjoy spending ALL of OUR money that You will be receiving from OBAMA. What a GIVER he is. NOW go to work and EARN A LIVING!


  • Let Freedom Ring

    To is Bogan an intellectual:

    You sound like at typical Democrat. You think you’re smarter and wiser than you’re Republican neighbors {those of us on this blog}.

    WE hope you enjoy spending ALL of OUR money that You will be receiving from OBAMA. What a GIVER he is. NOW go to work and EARN A LIVING!


    p.s Would you like to donate your son’s bats & your balls to a worthy cause?

  • Jim Carey / Jeff Daniels

    Who could ever want President Obama in box after the Bush/Cheny? Have to be the worse pair in history!

  • To Carey & Daniels

    You certainly are DUMB & DUMBER!

  • To Carey & Daniels

    You certainly are DUMB & DUMBER!

  • To Carey & Daniels

    You certainly are DUMB & DUMBER!

  • xplayer

    as an x-plauyer at SH their is only 1 coach who should get the job if smith retires-Roddy. since he got their look at what the have done. they have been to the finals every year and before were always 1 and done.
    he runs practices and all the players respect him. i have also herd that he is looking for a head job. i have been around Amat players that played for him and they say he is the best coach they ever had and they won 2 cif’s and he coached them.
    good luck huskies this year and finish.

  • bleedblueandgold

    U are right xplayer, Roddy was the best coach I ever had. He treated everyone fair and made sure we were ready to play every game. When I got my ring at Amat, we felt he was one of the main reasons we got it. He taught us alot about baseball and life. I hope soon someone hires him as the head coach, he is the best.


    its true, Roddy is the only one who deserves to take over the program. players love him and respect him. and discipline wise it seems like hes the kind of coach who doesnt take any crap from anybody!

  • COChargerfan

    Looks like some non-sports comments that need addressing.

    Always amused by the Bush “C” student diatribes…he graduated from Yale and then got an MBA from Harvard and in between, he flew a fighter jet…so how do these feats make him dumb? And besides, his GPA was higher than John Kerry’s so if GPA was the bottom line, then the right man won the Presidency.

    And for the record, the housing fiasco that has brought our country to its knees was the brainchild of Pres. Bill Clinton via HUD (under Cisneros and Andrew Cuomo) and it was perpetuated by folks like Congressman Barney Frank and Maxine Waters…just because the liberal media refuses to publish the truth, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Because, there are lots of official government documents that prove otherwise including amongst other things transcripts from 2003, 2004 and 2005 Congressional Hearings where the Bush Administration was arguing that Fannie and Freddie were out of control, that their actions were a risk for a financial meltdown and they wanted Congress to pass a law that gave oversight of these GSA’s to the White House…Bush wasn’t in control of these non-governmental agencies and Franks, Waters and the Dems denied his request for oversight because they didnt want his administration to put a damper on affordable housing. Just because it came crashing down under his term, doesn’t mean that Bush caused it. When Social Security crashes in the next couple of years, are we going to blame the sitting President for the 30-40 preceding years of mismanagement?

    Ever heard of Franklin Raines or James Johnson…both prominent Dems who were the CEO’s of Fannie during the “give anyone money to buy a house” timeframe. And the record shows that both cooked the books to show false profitability but neither was prosecuted for the fraud that they committed. Raines, who earned almost $53 million in BONUSES over a six-year period agreed to give back $3M to avoid jail…so he got to keep $50M. Pretty sweet deal. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, in 1998 Raines’ predecessor, James Johnson, perpetrated the same accounting scam to trigger unjustified bonuses. And, both Raines and Johnson received below market value real estate loans from Countrywidemore malfeasance that went ignored by the Dems to avoid attention against the Dem party for their role in this messcan anyone say cover-up?

    Do some research folks because the truth will set you free.

  • we’re saved

    thank goodness we have COChargerfan to set us straight because “just because the liberal media refuses to publish the truth, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”

  • stupid people watch evening news

    well said COChargerfan.

  • God Love the Articulate Right

    Thank you CoChargerfan for speaking the truth. As far as I’m concerned, Barney Frank is one of the most culpable people in this mess. The entitlement minded left will never admit that.

  • Brain Child

    So now Wall Street is a Liberal Think Tank hell bent on bringing the US economy down and Barney Frank conspired with terrorists the world over to force Republican business men into throwing away their businesses. Thanks COCF you’re a fountain of truth. Say hi to the Fix News Team willya. Always entertaining. Glenn Beck, our hero. Sarah Palin, our heroine…speaking of “Heroin”…how’s the decades running spokemen for the Right? Ruuuuuuuuusssssssshhhhhhhh Limbaugh?

  • King Stud

    I love a well written response to the stupidity that is the Democratic party. Is there anything better than the facts and the truth to shut democrats up?? Ever wonder why the democratic logo is a jackass?? Pretty fitting if you ask me.

    Now “Hussein” has nominated a 49 year old female with ZERO judicial experience to the one of the highest offices in the land the Supreme Court. I hope they roast her and reject the nomination. Our president has been a bumbling boob from the start. Also everything you say is right on target as far as the mortgage crisis is concerned. The Democrats had full knowledge of everything that was going on. My favorite line in talking about “Hussien”, Barney Fife, i mean Frank and Nancy” get a life” Pelosi is when they are called “The Three Stooges”. I wonder which one is curly.

    Also when good old slick willie passed NAFTA and allowed american companies to start building mfg facilities off shore and in the process helped many americans lose jobs and business to start closing has also contributed heavily to slow economy we are in currently. This in my mind is one of the main reasons our economy has not rebounded. Don’t believe the liberal garbage about our economy starting to rebound. It will only rebound with job creation and less government. Let’s hope in November Americans wake up and vote the Democrats off out office. I have had enough of jackasses running this country.
    Oh yes and congrats to Judi North on a fine career and may you enjoy your retirement. I would travel as much as possible. I would recommened traveling to the Glacier National Park in Montana. One the nicest and most scenic parks you will ever visit.

  • COChargerfan

    Brain Child…since you brought up Wall Street, apparently you don’t know that the Wall Street financial firms with Goldman Sachs at the top of the list gave SIGNIFICANTLY more in political contributions to the Dem party than to the GOP. So, doesn’t this make these organizations part and parcel to the Dem Party? So, we have Dem politicians that pushed “affordable housing” and Dem controlled financial firms that set up twisted financial arrangements in conjunction with the Dem controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make that happen (while pocketing zillions of dollars in fees for their “efforts”) but the end result was caused by the GOP?

    Just shows how stupid the average American really is…have fun with your membership.

  • Wall Street in the Demos Pocket…WHO KNEW !!!

    COCF you are really a child. Do you understand reality or do you check Fox News to get your barfly notes for the day. Any imbecile knows BIG BUSINESS is certainly not kissing cousins with the Democratic side of the aisle regardless of what fair weathered money trail they leave, thought you knew. Famous political joke.

    One man says, “Hey I’m running for office!”
    The other responds, “Great who am I endorsing!”

    COCF did you really just say Wall Street is a Democratic Party ally?

    As usual you’ll say anything and feel proud you did. Crack a book sometime and try and stay away from flat out propaganda. Consider listening to the BBC or reading books from European authors who might see the crisis differently. Which authors you ask…(in my most Palinesque voice…”the usual ones.” lmao

    You’re too much COCF.

  • COChargerfan

    So, let me see if I understand what you are saying…Wall Street gives 2 out of 3 dollars to the Dem party but this is just some sort of elaborate ruse by card-carrying members of the GOP? You cant be serious. The difference between you and me is that I don’t care what the press is saying and, instead, I look at actions. Come on, why would Goldman Sachs and the other big Wall Street firms give most of their money to their political enemies, which enable them to get elected and then proceed with an agenda and legislation that you oppose? So pal, how much money do you send to the GOP every year? Zero, right? Not saying that some companies don’t play both sides but this isn’t the case with Wall Street as an industry. Theres an old adage that if you want the truth than follow the moneyso stop making excuses and look at the facts.

    And you do realize that lots of Obama advisors came from Wall Street, don’t you? And many of the biggest capitalists on the planet, like Gates and Buffett, are Dems, don’t you. And that the richest members of Congress are Dems? How about both Clinton and Gore becoming filthy rich after leaving office? Wake up pal and smell the coffee instead of just being an empty vessel that believes all the nonsense that the liberal media is feeding about the Dem politicians being for the little people and the GOP only caring about the rich because greed doesn’t have a party affiliation. Have you bothered to check out Franklin Raines, read the Congressional transcripts, etc. or you just going to ignore the facts and continue to point a finger at the GOP? My guess is that you are lazy and just plain satisfied with being an empty vessel that believes whatever you read without question.

  • What a lout!

    Do you understand “follow the money” doesn’t mean where it ends up but rather were it comes from…AND WHY? The ‘WHY” is the issue.

    Rupert Murdoch gave 54.6 % to the Democrats one year…is he now a Democrat as well?

    COCF you’ve always been a simple minded lout, this discussion only supports that belief. I’ll be brief. Give it a rest. I’ve dumped turds that had more sense than you. I’m not name calling as much as stating my opinion. Wall Street…..a Democratic “haven”? Bankers? Demo Puppets?…are you that stubborn to win every argument that you’ll say anything regardless of it’s absurdity?

    Like I said when the Party went “Rogue” it went STUPID!!!

  • COChargerfan

    So you think your turds make sense? Wow. So turd man, what specifically have I written that is untrue? Name something. And no duh, one follows money BACKWARD not forward. Wow, you’re a real genius for figuering that out. So, follow that Wall Street money and then tell me that YEARS of contributions to the Dem party are a devious plot by the GOP.

    So, you looked up Franklin Raines’ exploits yet? Here’s another name…Penny Pritzker…Obama’s campaign finance chief. She ran Superior Bank of Chicago into the ground via sub-prime lending and it was seized in 2001 at a cost of more than $500M to the taxpayers. Also, listen closely pal, Superior was the godfather of securitizing sub prime mortgages for sale in the secondary market. You probably don’t even understand what I just said but to make it simple, this activity was a major cause of the economic meltdown. All thanks to the Pritzker family’s greed.

    I’ll say it again…greed doesn’t have a party affiliation and anyone that says otherwise (e.g. the current POTUS) is just playing you for an ignorant fool.

  • King Stud

    Incase you didn’t realize it you know that you are going back and forth with Francis Corona correct? If you didn’t know that this should help put things in perspective for you. Keep on going however. As I said earlier there is nothing better than the facts to silence the jackasses, I mean democrats.

  • My Pal King Stud

    King Stud, how have you been? Long time no wannna kill ya! lol

    COCF is harmless. I enjoy his black and white view of his world. So how have you been King Stud. Are we back to wanting to kill each other or was that just me? Wait that was me, lol.

    COCF you’re a prize. I believe in karma, like no other. Enjoy basketball season.

  • COChargerfan for President

    CoChargerfan, this is priceless. You have to continue this on another thread. This democrat is completely unable to argue with the facts. The rebuttal is Palin, Palin, Palin. Keith Olberman would be so proud.

    I think we’re dealing with a very simple minded person.

  • King Stud

    My buddy Francis. I am well Frank thanks for asking and yes you were with the one with the anger issue. Good to see you have mellowed some.

    In watching this back and forth with Cochargerfan I like the poster below me are seeing you come up with generic answers while CO continues to spew facts. We all get you don’t like Palin who by the way has made great strides in her failed attempted at the vice presidency. What did you mean by his black and white view? I am curious there buddy. I am waiting for you to start adding some facts to these points. Also I don’t think the BBC and some european authors are going to be able to figure out the ills of the US. It would be like going to the CO basketball team to find out the ills of the Lakers. Most of the problems of the US gets down to one little word which both parties are guilty of GREED.

  • COChargerfan

    Had this discussion too many times with some of my the GOP has ruined the world finger pointing friends and they always resort to the you don’t understand or are simple minded without examination of the facts. And I went so far as to print and highlight the documents so they could read for themselvesbut they refusedthey just werent interested in letting the facts affect their ideologyFC suffers from this same disease.

    And folks, please remember this is not an argument regarding a difference of opinion and, instead, it is a HISTORICAL review of the facts, which, unfortunately, have been suppressed by certain media outlets that had a vested interest in getting a certain candidate elected.

    So who is simple minded, FC who gets “filtered” information from media sources or guys like me who are skeptical of everything that is said by the talking heads on both sides of the political spectrum so I take the time to get to the truth which in the case of the housing meltdown included reading hundreds of pages of Congressional records, Clinton White House press clippings where he announced that he was directing HUD to lower lending standards to promote “affordable housing”, government regulator threats and lawsuits against lenders for discriminatory lending practices (e.g. not lowering lending requirements to promote affordable housingBarney Frank and other liberal members of Congress mandated this stuff), Harvard and other studies on the Affordable Housing meltdown, the role of Sarbanes-Oxley, the SECs investigation of the accounting fraud perpetrated by Raines and Johnson, the etc, etc etcall public records available on the Internet for those that want to be enlightened.

    Did Wall Street use the governments lending mandates to make money? Sure they did because making money is what they do. But the fact remains that the Clinton administration originated the plan and Congress kept it going, namely, to use Fannie and Freddie to promote and endorse non-traditional lending (e.g. via sub-prime NINJA and liar loans). The government made this market, not the banks and the taxpayers will be paying for this Clintonesque social experiment forever. Dont believe me? Well, these entities have now lost $145 billion, or nearly double their profits for the previous 35 years…and the end isnt in sight. Heck, they lost $10 BILLION last quarter.

    Ill say it one more time, greed doesnt have a party affiliation and this problem, which is destroying our way of life and our kids future, originated and was perpetuated by the Dem’s utopist views. Next on the agendy of fiscal fiascos…Obamacare. The true cost is rising by the day…anyone catch the Congressional Budget Office’s latest report on May 11th that upped the costs by $115B? We’re now over $1 TRILLION in additional costs for the first 10 years alone…somebody’s got to pay for that (i.e. you and I).

  • Say What???

    Reading books by European authors? Are you kidding me?

    This blogger is completely out of touch, unless he is for the socialistic way of doing things. After looking things over, it seems like he is not well educated. That kind of person is usually not open to hearing about facts. That person’s decision making is completely driven by ideology. I wonder what his answer would be if asked the question, ‘Why are you a Democrat’?

    The sad truth is, there are too many of those people going to the polls.

  • The Oracle From Charter Oak

    Sorry to disappoint you COCF, I’m a Republican and have been since Richard Nixon, who was my hero back when I was a 7th grader. Had a Social Studies teacher who I admired who exposed me to him. She said he’d do more good trying to cover his bad, and she was right as many of his policies set the stage for huge gains in many areas the world over.

    So the question is why am I against the “newest” version of the Republican Party? Guys like COCF who are soap boxing all the time in cloaked disguises of impartiality while slinging arrow of hate towards only one Party.

    So why do I bring up Palin, Limbaugh and Beck? because these so called leaders are flat out imbeciles and any person with a ounce of integrity would see that as well. To believe the Republican Party could endorse a woman with less going for her than Palin is appalling on it’s face. But I’m sure COCF will tell me why she’s smart enough to be the President. Or how about Rush? What does he do or know that warrants his extremely powerful role despite his drug using history? And finally we have Glenn Beck crying on cue to feed the masses more stupidity by the second.

    Nothing says stupid and underhanded more so than Newt’s public faceoffs with Clinton and his private lunches all the while.

    COCF you quite the soap box hero, too bad no one’s listening to you or else the whole country would have known what some poor slub in Charter Oak found out on-line. Who knew?

    I like your “And folks”…no where have I heard that line

    Mc Govern has a great line about Republicans who hate Democratic initiated programs…”Which ones would you do away with?”

    I enjoy pulling your chain COCF,not because I care one inch to be right or care what you say, but because you always take things down gopher hole mazes only mushroom induced minds could follow. This is only one of your greatest works.

    I’ll buy Breakfast at Norm’s on Azusa and you can shower me with your brilliance. It’s always so entertaining to try and patchwork the conversation to see who’s said it first. Wait, Rush said that, Beck said that, oh wait….got to do some research on that…and on and on… Our country has tons of COCF’s who listen, believe, get inspired and do nothing but bore the hell out of friends and foes alike with their brilliant new intellectual gymnastics.

    One day a friend asked me to invest $50,000 in a money making venture with huge profits. I said,”That sounds too good to be true. How much do you have invested?”..Lonnnnnng pause. “$25,000” . “Okay” I said, “Put me in for $500,000”. Wow you should have seen the faces in the room. Talk about blood leaving their faces. “What’s the matter?” I said. Seems when things got to that range the ‘TRUTH” came out…it was a scam.

    COCF, I hope you’re right about every single aspect of the reasons why we’re in the mess we’re all in. But my question to you is simple…”Why doesn’t anyone know about the Oracle from Charter Oak?”

    Like most long time Republican will tell you, ‘This’ isn’t the Republican Party.

    The Oracle from Charter Oak…should I patent that or just have a few T-Shirts made up?

  • COChargerfan

    You continue to miss the message…Im not an oracle as that is one that predicts the future and, instead, am just a HISTORIAN of the facts. And what I’m saying is that the mainstream media isn’t telling the storybecause they have lost their independence and adopted a vested interest in promoting their own ideology. As an American, doesnt this form of censorship scare you? And why do you not understand that my comments that greed doesnt have a party affiliation are an indictment of BOTH parties? In fact, I don’t listen to Rush or Beck and like you were greatly disappointed in the McCain (too old) and Palin (inexperienced) ticket.

    It is even more hilarious that you attempt to make light of my research even though I suspect that you neither have nor will ever make the effort to read documents that are available for all to see on places such as the Congressional and White House websitesIll say it again, these are official government documents and not some opinion from a talking head like Rush. Trust me, the mainstream media knows the facts but has no interest in educating the masses because this would be counter to getting folks elected that support their personal ideology.

    And Im not the ultra-conservative that you thinkI spent many of my early adult years as a registered independent and ONLY changed to the GOP because I had to pick one of the two parties due to the absurd rules that locked me out of the primaries. I’ve voted for candidates on both sides including Clinton in his first term. So ironically, I actually voted for the president that started the housing economic fiasco. And you want more irony, I didnt vote for Bush in his second term (I didnt vote for anyone). I also voted for Grey Davis as, other than some of his liberal social views on gay rights (as a Christian I believe that God, not mankind, sets the rules), was a very moderate minded governorironically, this got him ousted by his own party, which opened the door for Arnold.

    So FC, nice try at characterizing me as some conservative stoogeturns out you couldnt be farther from the truth. My advice is to open your mind and dont believe a word that the talking heads say until you have done your own personal fact checkfolks, the Internet provides everyone with unfettered access to the true story so quit placing your trust in what you hear and readbecause we live in a polarized society with both sides of the political spectrum spewing their biased opinions.

  • Define mainstream?

    COCF. glad to see were actually discussing things better.

    You got to admit The Oracle of Charter Oak was classic. I hope you go with it and have some fun.

    Here’s what I’ll do.

    Define “main stream media” by name. Include names as that helps me understand your perspective. Is Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, Colter, Savage, Prader, Scarborough, Dick Morris, Pat Buchanan, Michael Reagan ect ect ect.

    I’ll wait for your definition. BTW you now Cronkite, Brinkley,Mudd, Brokaw and Jennings are long right?

  • COChargerfan

    Come on, you know what mainstream media are… the big boys that garner the most eyeballs. We’re talking about ABC, NBC, CBS on the TV side and then the major newspapers like the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post and USA Today to name a few. And the people change so they are inconsequential…what matters is how the entity acts. Because, Corporations, organizations, etc. hire like-minded people so their political persuasions, social values, etc have a tendency to continue regardless of the names. For example, we are not anytime soon going to see Al Gore get a job at FOX or Newt working for MSNBC.

    As to Cronkite, the man insisted on impartiality, as did most of his contemporaries. This is now pretty much gone which, ironically, is why more and more folks take a look at Fox or read what Drudge is saying and then scratch their heads and wonder why the ABC’s for example never mention so many of these stories. The fall out, and rightfully so, is that this makes people even more skeptical of the media.

    The solution? Well it starts with mainstream media ceasing from taking positions in elections and doing more investigative reportingthe latter has pretty much died.

  • Sounds valid but on further review…lol

    COCF, I thought so. Well at least you didn’t go Palin “all the way”.

    “Come on, you know what mainstream media are… the big boys that garner the most eyeballs. We’re talking about ABC, NBC, CBS on the TV side and then the major newspapers like the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post and USA Today to name a few. And the people change so they are inconsequential…what matters is how the entity acts.”

    I asked for names, COCF.

    Do most people look at local TV or get their news form the networks, I don’t think so. Isn’t that why their having problems.

    As far as ABC, sorry isn’t that where George Will and his buddies set up camp?

    NBC, might want to rethink that unless you think Kathy Couric is a political bull dog.

    CBS, do you think anyone there is going after the Republicans after what happened to Dan Rather you’re mistaken.

    Better yet name a Political “Pit Bulls” on the Democratic side that strikes fears into Karl Rove.

    Keith? Ed Shultz? Chris Matthews? Help me out I’m running out of names ..and “outlets”

    Go to ANY Bookstore and who’s books are Best Seller’s…”Coulter, Will, Savage, O’Rielly, ” ect ect ect.

    So once again…in the past 20 years..”what are their names”? If you say LA Times, what writer jumps off the page, NY Times…okay maybe because of the Jewish Conspiracy, lol. Washington Post, New York Times?

    Nice try but that dog don’t hunt.

  • Francis, You continue your nonsense. I’m sure you have educated yourself about all the really great things headed your way. I’m sure you hate the “rich” & wish nothing but higher taxes for them. CAN YOU SAY V.A.T.?
    Here is my suggestion for your to do list. Tomorrow, I would buy a 10 speed bike. Try to choose one in the blue range. You don’t want it to clash with the Metro Transit Bus. it’ll look so great strapped to the front! Can you say PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION?

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