Spring Football: Azusa football hoping to springboard off semifinal appearance; Arroyo WR Anthony Miller dislocates shoulder

By Aram Tolegian, staff writer
San Dimas High School isn’t the only place experiencing a numbers boom due to recent football success. Azusa coach Joe Scherf reports that his usual headcount of 60 players has grown to 75 as the Aztecs ready for spring ball. The reason? Azusa’s march to the Mid-Valley Division semifinals last season. “We’re getting a lot of different kids to come out,” Scherf said. “I’m sure the number will dwindle back down to about 60 kids in the program when the season gets here.”

Not only is Azusa getting more interest from kids on campus, it also just got its first transfer in recent memory. Eric Perez, a junior-to-be who played linebacker at Covina last season, has checked in and will likely be a key part of the team’s defense.

“Our transfers are usually out, not in,” Scherf said. “We generally don’t get any kind of transfers in here. He just showed up. I’ve only seen him play on game film and he’s pretty good.”

Defense won’t be much of a concern for Scherf, who has a bevy of starters returning to his stop unit. The big focus in spring will be an offensive line that loses three out of five starters. In addition, leading rusher Kendric McDade and quarterback John Chavez will graduate in June.

“Last year we were rotating three backs,” Scherf said. “All three were good backs, but Kendric just kind of assumed the role. So I have the other two guys coming back. Kendric ran tough and hard, but these two other kids actually have a little more speed than he had.”

Finding a new quarterback will eventually be a four-way battle, but it’s one for now since three of the contestants are playing baseball. So when Azusa heads to Rancho Cucamonga next week, the Aztecs won’t be at full strength under center.

“We want to play some better teams, especially in the spring, because I couldn’t change our nonleague schedule because we were already in two-year contracts,” Scherf said.

“Going to Rancho could be great or it could be horrible. We’ll be going over there with a week of practice and three of my four quarterbacks will be playing baseball, so we’ll see what happens. But my kids are excited either way.”

Pass attack takes a hit

Arroyo will be without star receiver Anthony Miller until the start of league play, according to Knights coach Jim Singiser.

Miller, a two-time first-team all-Mission Valley League choice, dislocated his shoulder playing baseball and will have surgery. He will miss the summer and Singiser is hoping to have him back by the middle of the season.

“We have a lot of guys we can throw the ball to, but he had the experience and was a captain, and is a great kid,” Singiser said. “It’s not the end of the world, but it did put the world on its axis a bit.”

Miller caught 36 balls for 457 yards and six touchdowns last season. Fortunately for Singiser, his team will have a very active summer on the passing circuit to figure out a replacement.

In fact, the Knights already got started with a throw around at San Gabriel last weekend. They’ll be there again this Saturday.

“We did pretty good,” Singiser said. “It was the first we’d thrown the ball. We wanted to get out there on a Saturday and sling it around a little bit and we saw what we thought we’d see.””


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    Now here’s a story Fred and it’s about time. Good to hear Coach Scherf is having such a great turn out. Coach Scherf, I wish you and your staff much continue success. Ill say this that City of AZUSA has a certain good feeling about it and thats because what Coach Scherf has done for the last two seasons! Even though my son graduated last year, I will always continue to support and cheer some good coaches out there and the team for AZUSA.

    Hopefully there will be some good players coming out to play at Citrus College this season, were Rauley Zargosa and Steven Arceo are playing for. Cant wait to see Citrus College Football play on Saturday Afternoons. So you players that are graduating this year should be coming to play for Citrus. They have a very nice facility that continues to look better and a great practice stadium.

    Wow, to hear that a players are coming from different schools is great and goes to show you AZUSA is doing something right, because look where the player is coming from! COVINA and do I need say anymore!


  • Scherf Smuf

    Azusa will Dominate the Mid Valley!!!! Scherf you’re a circus clown dude!!



    Let me ask you something. Do you know Coach Scherf personally or your just compelled to be an idiot. Coach Sherf is a great person and a good coach and you should keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t hide behind a computer!


  • Frank

    Wow Fred
    You will mention a week football team like Azusa,
    but won’t include Arcadia and Monrovia baseball in your top ten
    If azusa finishes above Duarte then they can say they had a succesfull year. As both will battle for last place

  • what happened?

    what happened to the coverage of Bobby Miles signing? did he never sign?

  • sgv

    Give me a break Azusa is not that good like you thinking they are oh yea playing for citrus is not a good honor as well. If they go play for mt sac trust me on this, they wont even make the squad remember they are national champs and has been so cal champs 3 years in a row wat has citrus done oh yea got berried by mt sac 55 to 0 thats pretty sad. Well say what you want and how you want like you always do Aztec pride since that all you do up all over Azusa. Wait till they play some real schools and see how they hang.

  • Smurf Turf

    Scherf is no circus clown, he’s the bearded lady…..

  • PLEASE???

    SGV why don’t you learn how to spell before you come on here and make a FOOL of yourself.

    (BERRIED)? are you serious.


    PLEASE ??? ,
    Maybe he does mean berried. As in they got smashed like berries for the topping on strawberry short cake . Could be he is ahead of his time in making up a new term . On this blog you never know !

  • Tell it like it is…..

    Wow.. we are starting to digg deep for a story. A Covina Transfer? I am sure all the bloggers will come out and protest this one.. someone should contact CIF hurry! C mon.. from one school that sucks to another. This willget he 11 comments it deserves. Now, can we stick to the reason this blog was invented for? Lets talk about the transfers that will mean something. Lets talk about the school (love’em or Hate’em) everyone knows.. Go AMAT!!!



    You’ve been to several AZUSA’S games and you know they have’nt been a let down. I just wanted to thank you for putting up the article. As you can see here some of these fools just don’t get it, and they must feel real good pounding on their feeble little chest and running their mouths.

    THE ONLY ONE THAT SUCKS IS YOU (TELL IT LIKE IT IS)… YOU ARROGANT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS. By the way this will make it the 11th post and more to come.


  • c-town

    Eric Perez didnt want to go to azusa he had no choice he wanted to stay

  • why pride why?

    Aztec Pride

    Azusa has been winning because of the soft schedule and weak league they play in.
    2008 was no turn around like has been stated before they have a weak schedule. In 2008 all the teams up to week 6 except for Aquinas were 0 for in the win column When they played Azusa (that means they haven’t won a game yet, check out maxpreps and see for yourself). Ganesha was on a record losing streak 0 and 50 in the last 5 years, followed by Marshall who was close behind at 0 and 20 and were 0 and 1 on the 2008 season, Mt View was 0 and 2, Aquinas was 3 and 0 and crushed Azusa, Lp was 0 and 4, SV was 0 and 5, and finally Gladstone was 0 and 6, by the way Duarte was 2 and 4 when playing Azusa and Bassett was 1 and 9. Do not forget that killer playoff team in covina who was a mind blowing 4 and 6. Oh and Temple City was a butt whipping 6-5-1 and shut out Azusa in the 2nd round.

    2008 schedule had a combined record of all teams including your killer playoff teams was 43 and 82 and 1. In case you do not understand that is 43 wins 82 losses and 1 tie.

    Just face it they play nobody they have not accomplished much!

  • sgv

    thanks god wells said. they play nobody s at all oh yea they got beat on leagues finals in the 4×100 and 4×400 b Lp and bassett. you would think they would of won with a good football program if those kids were that fast cause i know the players came out even though that was a change of subject



    What do you have this same comment written down somewhere. How many times have I seen the same comment in the past. By the way, what is with you and your pathetic little stats. You would never know how the 2008 season played out for AZUSA, unless YOU WERE THERE!!!

    AZUSA dominated the league with an average score of 40 pts. Okay you listed the other teams averages, but did you know that in 2007, AZUSA lost to quiet of few of those teams! So YES!!! (2008)WAS A TURNING POINT FOR THE AZTECS. Also, why is there no mention of last years (2009) season, when AZUSA won TWO playoff games and was one game away from playing in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

    By Coach Sherf’s new style of football, he has brought back some sense of PRIDE in the community, which is something you could never do LOSER!

    BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS! 2008 2009!

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