Baseball: Bishop Amat beats St. Paul 8-1 to clinch fourth straight Del Rey title; Sierra Vista holds on for 3-2 win over La Puente

Bishop Amat won its 37th consecutive Del Rey League game and clinched its fourth straight Del Rey League title with an 8-1 win over St. Paul, capped by another strong two-hit complete game from pitcher Brandon McNitt, who improved to 8-0. The Lancers got a bit boost offensively on an inside-the-park grand slam from Bernardo Zavala in the second inning that gave the Lancers a 4-0 lead. Sierra Vista pitcher Christian Huerta held on for a 3-2 victory over La Puente after giving up both runs in the 7th inning to give Sierra Vista a one-game lead over La Puente with both teams meeting again on Wednesday at Sierra Vista.

Bishop Amat 8, St. Paul 1: Senior pitcher Brandon McNitt is the reason Bishop Amat High School baseball coach Andy Nieto doesn’t like naming anyone as his staff ace. Most would assume that label would belong to senior lefty Paul Paez, who is 11-0 with a 0.56 ERA. But McNitt has put together a season that would make anyone envious, and it was on full display in Bishop Amat’s 8-1 victory over St. Paul on Monday that clinched the Lancers’ fourth consecutive Del Rey League title.

Sierra Vista 3, La Puente 2: Sierra Vista High School took a huge step toward defending its Montview League baseball championship on Monday when it scored two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to come from behind and beat La Puente 3-2.

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  • ?

    Any word on who’s throwing for St.Paul and Bishop. Is it going to be Paez and Encinas? I Don’t think St.Paul has beat bishop in 4 years. I will be there wathcing!!!!

  • Aaron

    Fred…Do a work up on Bonita’s second consecutive League Championship under John Knott and how they wrapped it up with the Dedication of the Tim Dewhurst Dugout. A team that wasn’t expected to be this good, special thanks to the players and coach Knott for putting together a good season. Too bad I wasn’t able to watch you boys.

    GO Bearcats!

  • Amused Reader

    Doesn’t Bonita have it’s own local paper to be written up in the Daily Buletin? Why do we have to read about an Inland Valley team in the San Gabriel Valley paper?

  • Aaron

    Coverage areas have changed in recent years. And we’re not an Inland Valley School, we are still in the San Gabriel Valley, look at the map.

    San Dimas has received a lot more love from the prog then we have when coverage areas have changed. If anything we’re in the overlap area of both papers, however we are not in the Inland Valley.

    So if you’re so amused I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

  • Don

    Good point Aaron, league champs have typically been acknowledged in the local paper. When did this change? Not my job? Did anyone think to tell the guys over at the place in Ontario? I ask because I think that they think you guys over here have the watch.

    Now here, in the blogosphere, where its all about the hits, the stories have clearly migrated toward the folks who post regularly; you know, the Lancer faithful, the C O and South Hills fans, the guys from Damien and Glendora. The problem with coverage for BoHi is that other than KH and Aaron, they really have very few fans come on and post. Well, ok, if the Softball fans want new restrooms or something, theyll post, but otherwise, not so much. Bonita supporters are quiet and polite and nice, kind of like La Verne. In case you didnt notice, the blog, sort of like MSNBC and the other cable comedy channels, rely upon conflict.

    So, if you Bearcat fans want more action, you have to provide Freddie with a quid pro quo, speak up. You are on here, I know you are. Tell them about the Teams ERA, Gelalichs amazing defense and .879 slugging %, or Mier, or Yepez, or that they have more stolen bases than the leagues #2 and 3 teams combined.

    Or, just read about everyone else.


    You state BoHi supporters are quiet , polite , and nice. Well what the hell happened to kh . He is loud , rude , and not so nice . Aaron I can see but kh . Well I guess everyone has a black sheep somewhere in the family.

  • just askin’

    Bonita supporters are quiet and polite and nice, kind of like La Verne?

  • Aaron

    Just Askin’,

    That altercation took place at San Dimas’ Gym, don’t know what they call theirs. I don’t know who started it, I could say every time I’m there I wonder if something will happen. Spring of 2006 basketball team was at their house. One of our players wore goggles, before the half somebody on their side threw goggles onto the court. Bonita won, however I’m sure many San Dimas supporters would say they wonder if something might happen every time they enter Glenn Davis Stadium or the Ellsworth Green Gymnasium. It is that heated of a rivalry between to relatively respectful communities.

    All I have to say is San Dimas was Mud Springs at the time that John Wayne refers to it during his movie Hondo.

  • kh

    something is wrong.
    am far from rude,nice if i want to be.
    black sheep,am as white as the come.
    so get your head togorther.
    stop talking crap about people .again put your face to your blog,so we all know whos the rude real ones out there.
    aaron, don and myself are safe with are balls in are hands,the rest are little bloggers with fast fingers,
    god i would hate too call someone out and not put my name by it,
    see thats why from t.c. we have pride,on and off the field.just shout your blog mouth.bonitas dosent need fred ups to get the job done.17-4 not bad for a team not in freds top ten to start the season off.
    its getting down to some last at bats on the bearcats to call the mvp
    i would have to give the edge to r-m- 2 sack.
    but e.h. 1 sack is coming on stronge and m.g. cf what a season.then j-yep hes the man with the ball.dont leave out a=ram=
    the team is good people,the best is saved for the play-offs.i hope 1-9 hits 1000 and the team brings home the gold.sorry am so rude,in t.c. we didnt ask for c.i.f. champs, we just tookem,not by running our mouths,by kicking teams ass.

  • lancer 4 life

    No ofence but very few people care about bonita,workman and san dimas

  • Seaver-ish !!!

    I remember when Tom Seaver pitched and his knee would get dirty…that spelled bad news for the other team. The picture, excellent once again, really shows off the kid’s mechanics. Tom Terrific would be proud!

  • Aaron

    Let’s count regular posters:

    Bonita-Me, Basic, KH, Durward Way, Don(but he tends to be unbiased in evaluations and fair to everyone)
    CO- JFR, SGV FOOTBALL, COChargerFan, CO Bro
    Bishop Amat-Joe Amat, Amat 73, Baseball Nut, BlueandGoldStud, (a few I forget)
    Los Altos-Jeremy, rgd2626, I’m forgeting some.
    Walnut-SGV for 30yrs

    I don’t really recall South Hills names because they always change and the ones that don’t are intermingled with ones that do.

  • McNitt fan

    Brandon McNitt, I’ve seen you pitch for the past few seasons and I’m glad to see you grow and have great success. You are a great young man and I hear you are very smart. Thank you for the ride and I wish you continued success in the playoffs and in life.

  • I agree Brandon Mcnitt has turned out to be a great young man and one of the best Pitchers in the State. I am so happy for him and his family. I know he has a GREAT, great offer to play D-1 baseball in New York but for selfish reasons I hope he declines it this weekend after his visit. (I want him to play out here in CA) COME ON PEPPERDINE STEP UP, LOL. I have REALLY enjoyed watching him pitch, and would love to continue to get to see him in the future.

    It has been fun the past few seasons and we are going to miss McNitt and Paez. These two have a special bond and are good friends, and competitors since their freshman year. We knew this would turn out to be a special year for both of them and our TEAM (so far). We MUST Complete this season CIF Champs and live up the Number 1 Rating .

    Several websites have AMAT listed as number 1 in the NATION… LET’S DO IT MEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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