Want a high paying job? Become a high school football coach at one of these schools

This L.A. Times story reports that football coaches salaries are skyrocketing, with several well-to-do private schools paying more than six digits. John Mack at Crespi reportedly receives well over 100,000 per year.

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  • Spartan

    Fred, Gano is pulling in over $100,000 at Damien as a football coach and “substitute teacher”, that must be the best salary for a non full time/real teacher ever. That article talks about some of those schools also throw in Harry Welch of Rancho Santa Margarita Catholic HS pulling in well over 100 grand.

  • Is 100k to much?

    What was Damien paying Pasquerella? Letting him go was an Alumni motivated move if the rumors are true. He was solid and actually beat Bishop Amat the year before he was let go. His players were mean, lean and played their hearts out for him.

    For those that know does Pasquerella run the same offense and defense at Glendora that he ran at Damien? I don’t think he does.

    The question on the floor isn’t if Damien over paid for Gano but why they ever let Pasquerella go in the first place.

  • Accountant

    The Mater Dei Coach, Bruce Rollinson is pulling in close to $500,000. You believe that…. $500,000 that is nuts. High school football.

  • Development

    not sure those numbers for Rollo are accurate – but he also works in Development and has a major role in fundraising as Special Assistant to the President. I good deal for a bunch of development types is a % of what they raise. That could be the case.

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