Baseball rankings: Amat, Glendora top teams by far, South Hills slips to No. 4 after Walnut loss

Here’s this week’s baseball rankings:
1. Bishop Amat (25-2)
– With two undefeated pitchers in Paul Paez and Brandon McNitt and a 47-game Del Rey League winning streak and nonleague and tournament wins that would make anyone jealous, all that’s left is another CIF championship.
2. Glendora (20-2-1) – Someone asked me what Glendora has to do to get respect. They pointed out that winning the Sierra is the toughest chore in the Valley, and that they’ve won two tournaments. My answer to that is they’re not the only power ranked behind Amat, arguably the best in the state.
3. Damien (17-5) – Huge sweep over Diamond Bar, they’ve clinched a playoff spot and will finish no worse than second in the Sierra. Another great season in a tough league.
4. South Hills (17-5) – How do you go from nearly beating and arguably outplaying Bishop Amat in a 4-3 loss, to a 5-3 loss against Walnut? They will finish with two games against Rowland, and need to win convincingly to show they still have the swag.
5. Bonita (17-4-1) – the Bearcats clinched the Miramonte title with two wins over Wilson last week, and now get two nonleague games with Walnut this week. That’s a nice feeling, they can rest and do whatever they want before the playoffs start.
6. Northview (16-5-1) – Huge win at San Dimas to clinch the VVL title after losing earlier in the week in a blur after lefty Eddie Pedroza left with what looked like an injured elbow, though we’ve been told it was his forearm. We hear that he’s likely to be back for the playoffs, which is really, really good news for the Vikes.
7. Diamond Bar (14-9) – Despite getting swept last week by Damien, the Brahmas are a solid third in the Sierra, a position not many thought they would be in when the season started. How would you like to be a league champion and draw them and Mathews in the first round? Talk about not fair.
8. Sierra Vista (17-5) – Huge 3-2 win over La Puente to take a one-game lead in the Montview heading into a final showdown against the Warriors on Wednesday to clinch the title outright.
9. Charter Oak (14-8) – Not a great season, but not a bad one either. They will finish second in the Miramonte but the real disappointment is Los Altos, who they will meet twice this week. The Conqs are 14-8 overall, but 4-6 and fourth in league.
10. San Dimas (15-7) — Nice stand at the end of the year to have a shot at the VVL title, but not enough firepower or arms on the mound to get it done. Still, they could be a dangerous postseason opponent.

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  • Valle vista Division 4 insider

    You know all of this Amat love every year and who had the last two titles? The little Valle Vista. I think maybe Amat should win something in Division 4 before we make them the best in the state. It’s one thing to beat up on the Duarte’s and Sierra Vista’s of the world in Division 5, entirely another to get some in higher divisions (and anyone who’s coached in this area knows from 5 to 4 is a huge jump). Amat has done exactly nothing since they moved up. Semi final shemi final. When you are number 1 in the area, division, amd state polls you should at least win a division title before we anoint you best in the world. Amat has a nice little run going this year, again, let’s see it in the playoffs. By the way I’m not a Regan or Murphy guy, I’ve sparred with both and know how good that league is from experience (there are some pretty good coaches there also, ask Price at Fullerton where he thinks is tougher to coach Freeway or VVL). I’m just calling it how I see it-Where’s the rings? in SD and Covina.
    Commence flame war now Joe Amat and the rest of the blue and gold crew.

  • FredJ

    To be fair, when Northview won in 2008, Bishop Amat also won a championship in 2008 in Division 5. The reason Amat is ranked No. 1 in the state is not because of what they’re doing in Division 4 or against the Del Rey, it’s what they have done in tournaments and nonleague games against the best in the state in every division. No other team in the past few years can say that.

  • ?

    Bishop better win D4 this year. All this hype if they do not win the D4 title that would be the biggest Flop in recent years. I was looking at D4 ranking and St.Paul is ranked #3 What does that tell you?

  • Joe Amat

    Valle vista Division 4 insider.

    FredJ said all I needed to say, and what I always say. Judge a team by it’s total schedule. I certainly won’t slam San Dimas or Northview for the nine games they play in league vs Ganesha. Pomona, and Baldwin Park. Yeah.. that league is pretty good.

    The year Amat won D5 and Nortview won D4 Duarte wasn’t in their playoff matchups. In fact, now that you mention them, Duarte was the kind of school NV invited to their own tournament and CHOSE to play in the first round… while Amat was in the National Classic against some of the better teams in the State/Country…


  • AMAT 73

    D-4 Insider,
    You are correct in the fact we have not won a D-4 title. Is it our fault that ranking entities have placed very high in their rankings. Our team just goes out and plays the best ball they can and let’s the chips (rankings ) fall where they fall. We are having an outstanding season and have beaten some pretty good teams and lost to a couple of good teams. Our rannking has more to due with the non league teams we opposed then to the wins in league. Hopefully the Men in Blue complete the fine season they are having with a CIF Championship. Just remember it is not us who make them the best in the state but the various groups ( newspapers ,Max preps and so on ) who do . Don’t blame AMAT for that other than the fact that winning games against top ranked teams in high profile tournaments helps when ranking a team.

  • sl guy


    In my opinion I think this is the most accurate rankings this year. Season II begins next week and really the most important part of the season. Amat and Glendora have legit shots at their respective division titles, but the team that I see as a sleeper is Damien. These guys are playing some great ball right now. I caught them on Friday vs Dbar and was impressed. Matthews(Dbar)came out on fire, but sputtered at the end, while the kid from Damien (Gonzales)sputtered in the beginning and just got stronger as the game progressed. Both pitchers went 7 innings and what a battle. In the end, Damien beat Dbar 6-4, but more impressive was that Damien beat Dbar’s #1 guy at home with their #3 guy. The SGV will be well represented in CIF, it could be a clean sweep in Divisions II, III, & IV for the SGV. Good luck to all, especially the big three from the SL. Represent boys!

  • Baseball NUT!

    I will SAY again for the umpteenth time regarding baseball. League wins amount to a first round bye, or a guaranteed home game. OUT of league with STIFF competition gets you the “press/pub” AND CIF championships. AMAT has done what has been asked. The DIV IV title, is thiers to lose. Of course they WOULD probaly be the favorite in ALL divisions, and most likely a co favorite with O LU in Div I

    Good luck to AMAT!

    And also GOOD LUCK TO ALL CIF teams next week!

  • Amat tradition

    I am by no meens a Nieto fan. But give the players the respect they deserve. They have played the best competiton they could play and have won. They deserve the rankings and accolades they have earned. We all know that rankings go out the door when the playoffs start. Everybody starts 0-0 in the playoffs it comes down to who gets the breaks. The best teams dont always win. All it takes in baseball is one hot pitcher having a great day. If you know baseball good pitching beats good hitting. If Amats pitching holds up it has a huge advantage in winning the title.

  • WCHS

    Lorenger do it for the players.QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the heck?

    Amat should never have been in D-5 or D-4 the powers that be dropped them out of D-1 due to enrollment figures which let them play against D-1 teams in Non-League but still get a Div Championship at the end of the year in a lower Division.

    Talk about your Public Relations Benifits!

  • Joe Amat

    What the heck? ,

    It kills me when people write and have absolutely no idea what they’re writing about! Amat wasn’t “dropped” due to enrollment. Baseball divisions are not based on enrollment in any way.

    Amat was in a D1 private school league in Orange County. The private school teams there would rather not cross through the Orange Curtain to play games. Orange Lutheran got big enough to oust Loyola. JSerra opened and that allowed them to have a nice little 6 team All-Orange County League. D1 leagues are Trinity (OC), Sunset (OC), Marmonte (Ventura County), Moore League (Long Beach), Foothill (Santa Clarita Valley), Big8 (Corona)

    Amat was placed in their present league with other private schools in a relative geographic proximity. Entire leagues are placed in Divisions – not individual teams. So a school goes where their league goes. That’s why schools like Ganesha and Pomona are in D4 instead of D6. Or where would you like Amat to travel a few times a week for baseball, softball, track, Golf, tennis, etc? Santa Clarita, Ventura, OC, Murrietta, or Long Beach? All of which are close to impossible because putting a private school in a public school league almost takes an act of congress. The other larger school private school league is the Mission League in San Fernando Valley… but even they aren’t D1.

    Please… bookmark this… read it often.. tell a friend… and don’t, don’t ever write something that dumb and uniformed that has been addressed dozens of times again.

  • Baseball NUT!


    Well said. However of course by now you know I have to come back with some remarks.

    O LU didn’t get big enough to oust Loyola. The Cubs asked to be sent packing. BOTH O LU & J SERRA, have less than Loyola AND AMAT. Serra just got to 1,000 kids this year.

    Its hard to believe that TRAVEL is the TRUE sticking point. Never was and really never is on the part of the SGV teams. Somehow its not a problem come football season for the Lancers going to Valenicia, or Sherman Oaks, and Encino, West Hills, or La Canada. And this years baseball team traved to Orange County in the Newport Tounrment, Redondo out in the South Bay, Out to Chatsworth in the valley, and also Royal in the valley. Thats ALOT of travel so YES it can be done!

    The REAL problem is the OC schools coming up the 57! NOT VERY many will venture this way, and ESPECIALLY if they have a chance to LOSE!!!!! Only if ther actually forced like Mater Dei in CIF. Back in the old days travel was RARELY even mentioned. Going to Anaheim, or Santa Ana was no big deal.

  • SGV Reader

    Joe Amat, that was a very good explanation of division alignment. But can you really blame teams like Orange Lutheran for wanting to stay in the OC? Who the hell would want to travel to a city like La Puente?

  • tcbruin

    Joe Amat,

    You wrote: ‘Or where would you like Amat to travel a few times a week for baseball, softball, track, Golf, tennis, etc? Santa Clarita, Ventura, OC, Murrietta, or Long Beach?’

    Well for BASEBALL, like FOOTBALL, why couldn’t Amat be assigned to the league with St. Francis, Loyola, ND, Crespi?

    The other sports are fine where they are at.

  • Joe Amat Sucks

    Joe Amat,
    Same year Northview played Duarte was same year they played Amat and won. No one here from Northview bashing Amat, so why you starting up on that again. Seriously, Northview doesn’t avoid anyone. You talk about CHOICES don’t you. Amat decided to leave the Glendora Tournament. I’m not saying they left and played in a bad tournament, but they don’t play anyone from around here and they got the distinct advantage of recruiting over eveyone else. If I read correctly couple weeks ago, Northview and Bonita having a big time tournament next year with the areas best from sgv and inland empire. Will Amat show up? Word is they’ve been invited.

  • Ro

    its just common is alot easier to travel for a football game than a baseball games are held at night and baseball games a little after school. it would be impossible for orange county teams to come out to la puente.they would barely make it on time an have no time for warm ups.I cant believe there is still so much hate towards bishop amat.I graduated in 84 from there and I used to here the same crap from all my friends who attended the local public school.always bashing amat sports.

  • Joe Amat


    Traveling once a week for a night game to a football game is way different than making those same trips a few times a week for 3:15 games in multiple sports and missing class time on a regular basis. Choosing to travel for a single non-league game is different than needing to do it for 6 weeks in a row at all levels.

    When I say OLu and JSerra got “big enough” I was referring to their level of competitiveness in multiple sports across the board to be a valuable member of a league… I wasn’t talking about enrollment at all. If their was no competitive OLu – Loyola would have stayed in the league – no choice (especially once Damien threatened to sue to stay out of the Parochial re-leaguing process) If JSerra didn’t open and become competitive enough in enough sports that CIF could punish them by including them in the Trinity – Amat may have stayed too.

    Take a look at a CIF Blue Book and look at how leagues are constructed. They list a handful of “Football Only” Leagues. You don’t see “Baseball Only” leagues created anywhere.

    and “Sucker”… Valle Vista insider and FredJ brought up Northview ,Murphy, ” how good that league is from experience” Interestingly enough – brought up Duarte. Thought it was ironic. And if I had my choice between playing in the Newport Elks and National Classic – or an SGV tournament… well I think you know what I think most true competitors would choose.

  • kh

    fred make it happen.
    bonita vs amat.
    they will not beat us.
    south hills got smoked by walnut last friday,
    today i lost count 10 or 11 to 1 bonita over walnut.
    just some food for thaught.
    would love to see amats best on the bump.
    theres no way if you guys win cif and we do the same this game has to be played.
    damein dosent want any part of us.
    bring glendora on.
    we will take care of s.h. again this year like we did 11 to 5 c.l. trny.
    its all coming together fred.

  • Chat Time

    Joey, time to chat. WOW! Seen “your” boys and had a little “chit chat” with them Monday. I’ve been around “staffs” before and it’s always a “tell” when they are in casual mode how they will be in full blown “coaching” mode. Surprised they came as a package deal, so to speak. My gut tells me something but I’ll stay out of that.

    Also I heard about Mrs. Wiard new hire. Interesting who you think got the better deal, us or them, lol. Some one dropped the ball there and egg is about to hit some one’s face soon. The conservative over and under on a lawsuit is three years or on a quick firing in two. Talk about swamp land purchase. Absolutely stunning!

    Just wondering what’s with the need for every one to decide where Amat “belongs” when at the same time saying that Amat is “done”. Well at least you have appreciate their creativity.

    Last point, I was channel surfing and came across the NFL NETWORK and guess which game was on as ALL TIME HIGH SCHOOL RIVALRIES? You guesssed it Rollinson’s Mater Dei Monarchs vs Troy Thomas’ Servite Friars. Teh game was rough and tumble, both coaches were “miked” and the audio was priceless form assistants.

    What are the odds anyone viewing that from the Fish Bowl conceded that the Lancers play at that level. I think you said it best many times, “Unless you’ve been on the sidelines or in those games, on the field…it’s impossible to appreciate.”

    Best of luck this year with the Lancers.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Based on the time of your writing I will give you the benefit of the doubt on what you wrote.

    # 1 In NO way would AMAT lose to Bonita this season OR next

    # 2 SH lost by TWO runs to Walnut throwing a FRESHAMN pitcher, AFTER league was clinched. So they didn’t get smoked. Sure glad Nobody talked smak about BONITA losing to D.R a couple weeks back

    # 3 Who did you beat in the Claremont Tourney? It wasn’t SH and it wasn’t 11-5. I do remember you lost a game to a team 5 games UNDER .500. But then again didn’t you say it was ONLY for third place and the team wasn’t “up” for the game?
    How do you give up 19 RUNS, THEN thinking you guys can beat AMAT, SH, DAMIEN or GLENDORA? ALL who have VERY good “D”

    # 4 Amat, & Bonita are in TWO different divisions so they wiil NOT play, EVEN if BOTH win CIF. So who can make it happen!

    # 5 You better HOPE Bonita gets a good draw. As of NOW it doesn’t look like according to CIF that they may BOT EVEN be given a TOP 4 seed. Maybe they know something you don’t
    If it ended today, TOP seeds in DIV III would probably go like BECKMAN # 1, AND SOUTH HILLS & ALHAMBRA taking # 2, and # 3, either way, and # 4 may go to Rancho Alamitos, Hemet, or even San Gorgonio. Bonita is in at # 6.

    You keep this board in A “light” frame of mind with your writings, BUT sometimes YOUR just WAY out there. Also I am not talking about the crazy people in here, but
    I know THE REAL FANS of AMAT, SH, GLENDORA, DAMIEN, and REAL baseball fans will admit IF they get beat by a better team in CIF. I’m pretty sure MOST of us are wondering what your excuse will be IF BONITA bows out WITHOUT winning a title.

    Good luck come CIF!

  • Joe Amat Foot In Mouth Again

    Joe Amat,
    Going to let you know something so you can take foot out of your mouth (wouldn’t be first time).
    Former Duarte Coach Steve Richards, who died of cancer a couple years ago was a Northview Graduate and coached at Northview at one time. He put his team Duarte in the tournament in hopes of playing better competition to get ready for their season. He got sick and passed away before the season started. The Northview coach scheduled the game and actually spoke to the Duarte team afterwards about their coach and how much Steve cared about his team. It was pure class move. I know this because I had a kid on that Duarte team and I had went to Northview as well. I’m not sure why they are being questioned for their schedule anyways. It seems that year in and year out, they play everyone around here that is good and they played in the National Classic too.

  • Sorry KH

    Bonita and Amat doesn’t need to happen. Not because Amat doesn’t want any part of Bonita, but because nobody cares except Bonita about an Amat vs. Bonita game. That is like setting your alarm clock at 2 a.m. to watch Speed 2 on TBS.

    Yes Fred please make this happen because you have so much control over the scheduling.

    On the bright side at least your writing has improved. Great job KH you get one gold star!

    I quote the principle from Billy Madison in regards to your posting KH:

    “What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have heard. At no point in your rambling incoherent response were you close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listen to it.”

  • spartan guy

    Hey KH,

    You are a damn fool!

  • BaseballAmerica1

    Great Picture of Rio in Baseball America

    Playoffs in high school generally jostle the rankings a little bit as teams show their true strengths and weaknesses, but early upsets rocked the latest Baseball America/National High School Baseball Coaches Association Top 25. Seven teams fell from the rankings, including three in the top five spots. Bishop Amat of La Puente, Calif. made an enormous leap to No. 2, right behind new No. 1 Klein High of Spring, Texas.

  • Baseball NUT!

    I really don’t think that Joe Amat, was actually refering to Northview’s schedule, regarding Duarate.

    Lets get to the real issue: ( NON LEAGUE COMPETITION or lack thereof by SOME schools
    TOP NON games prepares you for the PLAYOFFS. And this year its especially true as ALL leagues seem to be watered down out side of the TOP one or two teams.

    We KEEP hearing how tough the Sierra league is. But is it really this season? ALL Chino teams UNDER .500 Diamond Bar will end with 10 losses, Glendora was in TWO average tounments ( won both, and NOT their fault), and Damien has been petty consistant all season.

    San Antonio league is down. Nogales usually gives South Hills fits, and WC is usually a decent squad.

    Valley Vista for 5-6 year is a TWO team league with Northview, and San Dimas.

    Del Rey, is AMAT and sometimes St Paul.

    Miramonte haas been Charter Oak, and recently Bonita

    Sierra Vista is the class of their league along with Gladstone.

    ITS NON league Competition that gets you where you need to be, and MOST importantly PREPARED for that DEEP playoff run!

    Bishop Amat has played SIX DIV I teams, THREE DIV II, The DIVISION III reigning CHAMP, and a DIV IV Power.

    South Hills has played FOUR DIV I teams, FIVE from DIV II, and AMAT.

    GLENDORA’s ranking is most likely based on their 3 or 4 pitchers who can take the hill at any time, and PROBABLY could play with the BIG boys but we won’t know UNTIL CIF

    BONITA’S TOP game has probably been Northview, or Diamond Bar.

    DAMIEN has played TWO solid teams out of league, Redlands EV, and Marathana, both losses.

    NORTHVIEW played Bonita and Glendora.

    I am in NO way saying NONE of these teams can not OR will not win CIF. However the TOP two on this list has PLAYED the competition to do exactly that,… WIN CIF! AMAT has played ALL those TOP teams and is in DIV IV where Northview OR Palm Desert is their biggest test.
    South Hills played those teams and is in DIV III. They will need to be on their game to beat Beckman, Alhambra, or even Bonita, BUT thier prepared by playing TOP NON leagued games like it WAS CIF!

    REMEMBER winning by scores of 11-0, or 14-3 against the bottom feeder teams, won’t help, when its ONE and DONE come late May!

    Its also NOT ALL of our local teams fault either.

    I also beleive that ALOT of OC teams will not venture up into our little area for fear of losing to some of our better teams, BUT our teams can STILL attempt to schedule “UP” playing the OC, or SFV teams, even it means going on the ROAD and Outside of a few teams here and there I just don’t see it!

  • kh

    baseball nut
    come down form cloud nine.
    amat damien sh and glendora.see all them play.
    sh bonita game was early in the pre season the cory l. trny.
    i know sh didnt try,so lets just leave it at that,
    but after getting taken out on what we have on film,the fake balk call, the same ump who called a foul ball off the foul pole foul,which was a home run ,he was over turned by the plate ump.
    who cares.they have there ring.
    they still had to win the following week,which did bringing the gold home to the sgv.not like amat.
    or glendora damien or bonita.
    so the first game against sh this year was big for bonita,not for sh.i will give them that.
    i dont know how to compare teams that dont meet,
    maybe see how they did playing other teams both have faced,
    last season, s.d.vs bonita,we boat raced them. amat lost to them.
    this year bonita 11 to 5 over s.h.
    amat 4 to 3 on bad calls all night long.
    game could of went either way. three run homer was the out come in the first.
    so how in the world can you put amat on national flag pole.
    its dosent matter where we are placed,you have to win one game at a time.
    alhambra wants a piece of us finishing there season last year.we will do it again this season.who do we really want?am going to film there head coach. maybe ill study it for years to come to see if i can pick up acouple little things on ump control.
    mr. baseball nut
    we only lose the short stop and first basemen.and dh.
    we are way more loaded then ama .the next two seasons,its will be fun,come watchu us play thursday,we not like sh,play to win every game.fressmen or not on the mound.we are winning at a 81.8 pct. not bad from a bunch of local kids from the streets of l.v.
    we are not a valley all star team baseball nut,just a team.
    you have a blessed day.

  • AMAT 73

    I can’t get over the fact that most of these post are knocking AMAT for having an outstanding season and having one of the best to come down the pike in a long time on our team. As has been stated AMAT likes to challege themselves in the opponents they face in pre league .Playing in the National , Elks ,Tournaments and top teams from all areas is what we do . Do you think if Glendora ( who by the way are also having an outstanding season with one hell of a pitcher by the way ) played in the same tournaments as AMAT with the same success they too would be ranked high nationally .In my opinion yes they would .Now we get knock for not participating in the local SGV tournaments . Well take your choice , National Classic facing top teams from all over including out of state teams __ or the Glendora tournament facing SGV teams __ . Check your choice. No knock on the Glendora tournament but will winning that bring you national acclaim or test your team against top talent from all over the USA. No it will only bring acclaim in the SGV which by the way is a known fact that Glendora , SH , AMAT always seem to be consistently the top teams. OH OH here comes kh’s rebuttle. The SH game was exactly what it was suppose to be . One hack of a battle between two of the top teams in the valley. We won by one run and true it could have gone either way but that’s what happens when top teams play. I am sure the same would happen whether it’s SH vs Glendora or AMAT vs Glendora . To close to call.

  • Nice post KH

    KH: probably your most logical post in a long time. Nice of you to finally admit the SH win in the CL was not all that impressive. I don’t think Bonita could beat Amat. They have had a great season, but have not played the caliber of schedule of BA and does not deserve the same accolades because they won the Miramonte. BA needs to win CIF and they probably will. Even if they don’t, they have accomplished a ton this year over and beyond what any other team in the SGV has. Bonita does have alot of talent coming back. So does BA. Pitching could be a problem next season. I know their #3 pitcher is just a soph and putting up decent numbers, but probably not against top competition and they have no real experience beyond him. Let’s focus on this year and forget last year and let next year come later. This season, BA has played the most impressive ball in the area and should cruise to a CIF title. Bonita has had a great year…actually, sort of unexpected. Your coach should be a COY candidate for the job he has done. Really impressive. It has been a nice story and I agree with you that it isn’t bad for a bunch of kids from the LV streets. BTW, not all your current players are from LV. Speaking of last year, wasn’t Jio from Pomona? Good luck in CIF.

  • Baseball NUT!


    Cloud nine! I think your the one smoking clouds!
    NORMALLY I would ignore stupid posts like yours BUT I have to fill you in on a little secret!

    South Hills & Bonita haven’t PLAYED against each other the last EIGHT years outside of CIF. South Hills played in the Classic, and Don Lugo Tournment this season, and I belive the Don Lugo and Beach Pit tournment’s the last 4 or so years. NOT once did they get together. So How you came away with a 11-5 score in a Cory Lidle tourney THIS SEASON is beyond me! SH opened against DIV II Los Osos, not Bonita! You faced Ayala!

    O and also its NON league! Their is NO PRE season in BASEBALL!!!!

    You keep talking crap about beating all these other top programs, but YET in the LAST DECADE, AMAT, S.H, SAN DIMAS and NORTHVIEW all HAVE RINGS! Where does Bonita stand?

    Seems to me and others that you like to talk about OTHER TOP local programs in the area because maybe your Wildcats seem to be tanking when it matters MOST. Is it because come playoff time Bonita can’t beat em? Please explain

    South Hills 4 Bonita 3

    Northview 8 Bonita 4

    Northview 4 Bonita 3

    Prior to that NO playoffs for a few seasons

    Bonita Only loses its SS, 1B, and DH. Seems like THREE tough positions to fill. As well as losing 44% of your pitching victories. AMAT returns its ENTIRE INFIELD! But why worry about AMAT, You need to worry about the team WHO HAS THE RING in YOUR DIVISION, and to alot of others who look like they can very well get another this season. And talk about returning talent. Out side of AMAT, I would say South Hills will bring back the most talent.

    You also say Bonita PLAYS to WIN EVERY game unlike South Hills! Want to run by your explanation of your 19-3 POUNDING to that AMAZING Claremont team? didn’t think so! Wasn’t it you who said “WE had NOTHING to play for” Or should we go back, locate the comment and make you look ever more crazy?

    Because Bonita beat San Dimas last year and San Dimas in turn beats AMAT, that makes Bonita BERTTER than AMAT in your mind. HMMMMM! I guess then Diamond Ranch is BETTER than Bonita, since They beat Claremont, while Claremont hammered Bonita!

    Yuor Wildcats are a good ball club, but there must see some who think they may not be as god as some may think. CIF has you at # 6

    I have tried to be sincere when it comes to you, and try to say ” Your a nice guy, and mean no harm”, BUT MAN I am starting to think you may need some help!

    Good luck come playoffs, and as a reminder South Hills had to WIN TWO games after that Bonita win, NOT ONE!

  • South Hills fan


    Bonita played South Hills in the Thansgiving Cory Lidle tournament and that is the game that KH is referring to. Having said that, it was a holiday tournament when SH was still in FB playoffs (after beating Bonita)and can’t say that SH had their full team together and who knows who they pitched. The game was pretty meaningless to SH in the grand scheme of things, but KH thinks it is proof that Bonita is better than SH this season. Hey, KH, enjoy that CL tee shirt, while SH enjoys that CIF ring.

  • Ken if Bonita had a power hitting rt fielder….they could win cif. Looks like coach thinks same thing. Rt fielder is getting pulled more and more. There is hope for rings.

  • fly on the wall

    Hey Fred, a little while back you wrote that Charter Oak baseball couldn’t finish strong. Well, don’t look now but CO just rolled off 7 straight wins!!! And the best you can say is that it wasn’t that bad of a season but it wasn’t that good either! Everyone knows that a hot team is a dangerous team when it comes to playoffs. Give some love to team that year in and year out is in the picture and get off the nuts of a loser of a program like Glendora! They’ll choke again!!!

  • kh

    the horses must be out.
    the fly on the wall.
    c.o. is a good team.
    hey mr. no power rt. field remark.
    ask c.o. coach about bonita rt. fielder.
    killed there season with his cannon.
    dead at the plate from deep in the out field.
    see jerk off theres lots of ways to be a baseball player.not just swinging for the fence striking out 29% of the time.k.c. was tird for 4 in league in hr.
    lead the league with acouple other bearcats in sb.
    4 in the of in rbi in the league..
    those are just numbers nobody will ever remember,we want the ring like are friends at c.o. have.
    here mr stats.k.c. life time h.s.
    r. 22
    h. 31
    3b. 1
    hr 1
    rbi. 23
    sb. 11of 12
    w 11
    k.8 8 k in 83 ab 9.6%
    league titles back to back
    you can all those numbers in exchange for
    a cif ring.that will be the only thing these kids will ever remember about h.s. baseball

  • Statistically Challenged


    we all know you couldn’t spell or write a complete sentence, but now we find out your math is awful. I just checked Maxpreps out of curiosity. First off, how can he be 4th in the league in homeruns. He is 6th on his own team and his only HR looks like a cheapie at the pony field in glendora tournament. Granted that when you said “tird for 4 in league in hr”, you probably meant something other than homeruns….who really knows. I like your stat of 4th in RBIs in league for outfielders. Really, outfielders. I guess when a SS gets an RBI, it does not count. hahahahahahha. Wow, KH. Just for fun, I checked league leaders for only “outfielders” for RBI’s. He has 14 which is good for 8th place among all Miramonte oufielders and 3rd on your own team. He really came up big in league play with a whopping 5 RBIs. Now that is impressive. I will tell you a stat we will remember. It’s games benched due to being a selfish player. You really got me to laugh with the nonsense you posted. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

  • kh

    stat man.
    theres only one stat that counts?
    c.i.f. champs.
    we dont have one yet.
    cant a parent have fun with his son playing h.s. sports.
    we dont give a rats ass about you in l.v. town.
    and if your in l.v. then your the rats ass.
    cheesey magit.

  • maybea ken is kurrect

    ken plezse esplane wyh you thunk the stats
    yuo did
    seams lik thiungs ourer getink confoosed
    plezse xplain ken