Softball: Rankings shake-up, St. Lucy’s to No. 2 with Charter Oak earning the NO. 5 spot

Here’s this week’s softball rankings:
1. Glendora (19-4
) – It’s been a long wait, but finally the Tartans hook up with Ayala on the road today and at home Thursday for the Sierra League title. Both teams enter the final series of the season with 7-1 records in the Sierra.
2. St. Lucy’s (16-10) – The Regents’ late season charge leaves them one game back of Chino Hills for third in the Sierra with two games against Chino this week. Diamond Bar takes on Chino Hills for a pair. Plus they own a win over Ayala and Bonita, moving them to No. 2.
3. Bonita (20-4-1) – Followed a loss to Charter Oak with another loss to Los Altos. Not exactly what you want with the playoffs nearing. Add to that a loss to St. Lucy’s, and they’ve dropped three of four and fall to third in our standings.
4. Northview (18-5) – The Vikings are 12-1 in league but need another win over San Dimas today to clinch the VVL title outright.
5. Charter Oak (16-11) — All of a sudden the Chargers have won seven straight, including a win over Bonita to take firm control of second in the Miramonte.
6. West Covina (16-7) – The San Antonio League champs lost a nonleague game to Charter Oak and earlier in the season lost to Los Altos, showing the strength of the Miramonte compared to the San Antonio.
7. San Dimas (16-7) – When the Saints turn it on, they really turn it on, owners of three straight shutouts and six straight wins with the payoff possibly coming today against Northview, the last team to defeat them.
8. South Hills (17-7-1) — Earned a nice sweep over Walnut to keep sole possession of second in the San Antonio.
9. Azusa (15-4) – The Aztecs are 10-0 in league, but the title on the line with finale today against Duarte (9-1) for the outright title.
10. Arroyo (18-2) – Facts are facts, they have the best won-loss record in the Valley, but losses have come against Covina and Gabrielino. Without any eye-opening quality wins, it’s hard to rank them higher than this.

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  • softball dad

    What about Amat? Top ten for sure!!!

  • kh

    st lucys 10 loses.your losing it fred,
    oh i forgot,
    private school.
    superior race

  • Amat softball dad

    Amat girls have a 5 game winning streak and are tied for 1st in their league and can’t crack your top 10? Really? Didn’t we already blog this last week? I guess it is what it is, despite playing a harder schedule than most of these ranked teams Amat will go to CIF without the respect it’s earned after a rocky start.
    Fred, don’t jump on the bandwagon as the girls advance in the playoffs. I believe more than one has said it’s not how you start it’s how you finish…….Go Lady Lancers!

  • 643dp

    I heard thru the grapevine that Bonita is protesting their loss against Los Altos. I heard Los Altos did some illegal substitutions. Los Altos had the same courtesy runner for both the catcher and pitcher.There were other things that happened during the game but I can’t remember what the person told me. Has anybody else heard of this?

  • list not complete

    Amat would beat Azusa and Arroyo everyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • Funny…

    Here we go…it was just a matter of time before the Bonita fans started making excuses for lossing to LA! Get over it…you Lost!

  • mikey v

    freakin Amat lost to El Rancho !! how can you say they would beat Arroyo and Azusa

  • 643dp

    I am not a fan of Bonita by any means. I just wanted to know if someone has heard anything about this protest.

  • Bonita vs. Los altos

    Actually Los altos batted 10 batters in 1 inning so that’s probably why they are protesting

  • you are who you avoid playing

    Who has Arroyo and Azusa beaten, absolutely no quality wins, please name one. Amat has played many SoCal top ten teams.

  • kh

    i heard los altos
    had a batter bat out of turn.
    the uumpire stopped the game and just warned the l.a. coach.
    thats when bonita protested the game.
    so that the word from the little birdie in the tree.

  • Amat softball dad`

    hey mikey v,
    Are you kidding me? Did you read last weeks blog to see who Amat has played other than El Rancho?
    I looked at whom Arroyo and Azusa has played and was scratching my neck wondering….WHO?
    We not only play a much tougher schedule but have undergone some major changes which a pre-league schedule is supposed to show where your at and what needs to be changed…Amats coach has done exactly that! With freshman Anguiano in the circle and a few adjustments in the lineup were solid and tied for 1st. Since last weeks top 10 we have beat St. Josephs which we hadn’t done to lay claim to 1st and hammered Bishop Montgomery…So do your homework before you name 1 opponent that we lost to and remember that we play in a much tougher league and that’s what has made St. Lucys despite that they lost 10 the #2 that they are, they also play in a tough league.

  • mikey v

    yes , you do play a tougher schedule ! your supposed to ! your not supposed to be crying over Arroyo and Azusa ?? i don’t get you ?? not at all ! You have access to some of the best travel ball girls in
    So Cal ! Arroyo and schools like Azusa get one or two travel girls if they are Lucky ! That is why they play in a different league ! Quit crying and go out and win a title !!

  • Amat softball dad

    Hey mikey v, Did you read your own comment? your the crybaby that wrote “how can you say they would beat Arroyo and Azusa ” I just told you how. What I originally commented on was that Amat belongs in the top 10! so get over yourself and move on…If some of our girls play travel so what? There are a lot of girls playing both high school and travel ball in the San Gabriel Valley….I know, I see them on the travel ball circuit.

  • hey mikey

    You have proved Amat dad’s point, that they are better because of the travel players therefore they should be in the top ten.

  • mikey v

    my point is they play that schedule because they are Bishop Amat but they did not beat anybody from the pre- season tough schedule ! like i said they even lost to El Rancho ! isnt that a sin at Amat !!

  • Aztec Dad

    it is, what it is! It’s one man’s opinion so dont get a caught up in the hype, relax and enjoy the game.

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