Spring Football: Damien’s $220,00 weight room is the pride of the Valley, 80 lifting stations spread over 3,400 square feet

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
Damien High School’s athletic upgrades took another big step this week with the unveiling of the school’s weight room located at Spartan Hall. Damien had already redone its baseball and football fields and built a new gym. Now students have what school staff are calling a state-of-the-art weight room to go along with it. (To continue click thread)

“We’re very excited,” Damien athletic director Tom Carroll said.

“I feel that these boys are very fortunate to have something like this. I hope and pray they appreciate the hard work it took to get something like this done.”

The new weight room is estimated to have cost in the neighborhood of $220,000 and features 80 lifting stations spread over 3,400 square feet.

“Nowadays it’s very important,” Damien coach Greg Gano said of the weight room.

“Twenty-five years ago, kids coming on your campus didn’t really care about the weight room. I think when a kid comes on our campus now and looks at our facilities, and sees that weight room, he’ll know it’s as good as any around. It’s a good selling point for the school.”

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  • Ghigh

    Anyone care to make a donation to the up and coming Ganesha High weight room?

  • azusa jay

    all that money wasted, there are schools out there doing it with half the money and none of the recruiting keep your eyes on Jason Bourne from Summit hs and donte deon from summit real players who will do real things this season


  • HuskyBro

    wow say what you want but this is the future of prep sports, getting kids into top programs with money is the trend. Gano + money + talent = the rise of Damien


    Doesn’t matter how much money they throw at the program they will never rise above being a mediocre middle of the road football team. Gano without the ins and outs of transfers and such will not win . He is at best a decent coach who can’t win using his own players. Besides Damien has always played second fiddle to Amat when it comes to choosing a private Catholic high school for the purpose of playing football and they also have a top notch weight room as well.

  • Spartan Supporter

    To never going to happen, it hasn’t been a year when I saw Damien almost upset Bishop Amat with a new coach and kids who may not have been 6’5 but played with hearts that size. Bishop Amat is on an egg timer of how soon Damien will come to rise again. And for the old Damien fans, we have seen them beat Bishop in the past. I remember a 5’8 kid (oh what’s his name….Oh that’s right Ian Johnson) full of heart dominate Bishop and the fans rushed the field. Before weight rooms, etc. And Bishop is the last school to talk about throwing money at the football program. (Look no further than the Booster assigned seating.

  • Gipper

    Just think what I consider the best football coach Damien every had, coach LARSON could have done with up grades or equipment enhancements for the kid to build strength and conditioning, more CIF championships. The equipment and field came 20 years to late. Go Spartans!
    The coaches Nephew

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