Breaking News: Say goodbye to Bishop Amat’s National Ranking, St. Paul 3, Bishop Amat 2

Why do I feel like I jinxed it with the previous thread, or broke up a no-hitter by talking about it. Folks, this just in, St. Paul beat Bishop Amat 3-2 in the Del Rey League finale today, ending Amat’s 47-game league winning streak, and ending Paul Paez’s undefeated season. Bishop Amat had just moved to No. 2 in Baseball America’s National Rankings, but this surely will drop them way down. Gabe Encinas got the win for St. Paul, who scored in the bottom of the sixth to break a 2-2 tie. Both pitchers went the distance. We will have more in tomorrow’s newspaper, but you can blame us, it’s the Tribs fault.

St. Paul 3, Bishop Amat 2: St. Paul High School’s baseball team ended its regular season on an impressive note Wednesday, defeating Del Rey League rival Bishop Amat, 3-2. Gabriel Encinas threw a complete game for the Swordsmen, who snapped Bishop Amat’s 37-game league unbeaten streak. Encinas (8-2), who signed to attend Loyola Marymount, scattered six hits and struck out five

Sierra Vista 12, La Puente 7: Sophomore Giovanni Rivera and senior Christian Huerta had three RBIs apiece and Sierra Vista won its second consecutive league championship with a 12-7 victory over the Warriors.

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  • Remember the Monarchs?

  • St. Paul Vs Bishop Amat…must have been a classic !

    Congratulations to St. Paul. Quite the honor taking down the # 2 team in the Nation. That’s what makes Catholic school rivalries legendary. I know it has to hurt for the Lancers but Encinas took a beating last year so maybe this is a great way to end his senior season, beating the Lancers finally.

    I guess this means Bonita’s HC is COY or would that be South Hills or Glendora’s.

    Either way it must have been a great game and intense comments going back and forth.

  • Joe Amat

    I tried to tell everyone a week ago… “St Paul can play with anybody…”

  • VVL Scout

    In other news, say goodbye to Northview’s 5 consecutive VVL crowns. Covina stunned the Vikings at Northview 4-3.

  • thank u thank u thank u SP

    maybe now we will be able to read something other than BA – hope they disappear off of that chart

  • LetEmPlay

    NV Vikings clinched the Valle Vista last week. Covina had a good game. They don’t suck. But to get back to St Paul I’ve seen the Northview games for 3 years now including all their winter ball games, tournaments, league games and CIF. I was more impressed with Encinas and Wilson for sheer talent than anyone else that comes to mind. They had control issues in the CIF game where they beat Northview on some really unfortunate errors but those two boys can really throw a baseball. I was just waiting for them to beat Amat this year. The playoffs will be fun!

  • Vikings are VVL Champions

    VVL Scout,
    Sorry to burst the bubble, but Northview clinched the VVL last week at San Dimas and you guys clinched 3rd Place when San Dimas beat you both times the week before. Hats off to Covina for a solid effort today, but the crown of 5 years still sits atop Viking Land! Remember, this would’ve been Pedroza’s turn on the hill…so enjoy the game you didn’t have to face him.

  • Gotta Love this Game

    The one game of the year I can’t make and my Swordsmen pull of the upset of the year.

    Heard the game was quite good with Encinas and Paez pitching great games. Amat and St. Paul may hate each other and it is games like this that make the rivalry legendary.

    Good luck to both teams in the playoffs. Would love to see both teams face each other in the finals. But we can’t look ahead. Like the saying goes….”take one game at a time”.

  • Wow.

    Come on St Paul beat for the first time in 4 yrs. They got lucky. Plain and simple Amat infield was horrible errors after errors. Pitching was great. Just what we expected. St. Paul just got the breaks. Bad defense and no run production after first. Well good luck to both teams. Amat will bounce back and win again. Just a little set back. For you haters instead of being proud that SGV is being rank you get jealous.I do not ever read or here any other schools being mention nationally. So do hate just take it in. One lost does not mean the season is over. St. Paul again one win in 4 years. As for Fred stop talking about Amat you are bad luck.

  • SH Dad

    Too bad, it”s great for the area to have any school do well. Congratulations on a great run in league, now Division IV LOOK OUT. TEAM ON A MISSION. Good luck to all teams heading into the play-offs next week.

  • Alicia Carrasco

    Congrats St. Paul! Good Luck in CIF! MHS Softball

  • SGV Tribune Jinx

    Its the SGV tribune jinx!! Just like sports illustrated jinx!

  • SI

    To VVL Scout;

    I’m sure NV was excited about last year’s VVL
    title while SD was being fitted for their CIF championship rings at Anaheim Stadium. ;0)

  • Rob

    SI, VVL Scout,
    Believe it or not, San Dimas winning last year made the Valle Vista League look good and made us look good because we were the 1st place team in the league and we had beaten them 2 of 3. We missed an opportunity to repeat (2008 champs was Northview if you don’t remember). Besides that, the “We’d rather win CIF than league” is a quote/excuse given everytime a second place coach is quoted following a loss in a league championship. We are proud of our league championships, as every league champion should be. We don’t disappear either after a loss. We’re here whether we win or lose for our boys and team. I’m not a big fan of Amat, but they do the same. Those are programs that still stand tall even after a loss because there has been too much success over the years to knock us down over 1 game.

  • Splintered

    What happened Fred? Couldn’t get the top of the page or even a front page caption for Amats loss? Seems like that was such big news. Oh well, you put a small article on the bottom of the third page. I almost missed it. Imagine that. It’s hard to be impartial isn’t it.


    Where’s the beef Fred! I am not an Amat hater at all and still believe they are one of the best teams in the state with Paez on the mound. Losing to Encinas is nothing to hang your head over. Those in the know know that he is one of the top senior pithers around and only behind Covey and Paez in this area so buck up little campers you will still win CIF. But Freddie where is the write up, fair is fair if your the big dog then write ups should be the same win or lose just ask Lebron! This is not hating it is asking the question – Why does one school get 100 times the press than all the other valley school combined and don’t say because the blogs are hugh. We all know it is five or six guys doing all that. By the way Joe Amat – Amat 73 cat got your tongue.

  • FredJ

    So let me get this straight, you’re not complaining that we don’t have an article on Amat, your complaint is where it ran? On the second page? C’mon

  • just sayin’

    AS YOU (DIDN’T) SEE IT – look below. Seems like Joe Amat beat y’all to the punch and commented last night

  • Colt Insider

    NV fans know they are very lucky to have won league because you all know that the 1st game vrs covina with Pedroza on the mound you should have lost that game. You take away the first inning after the strike out and bad throw to first with 2 outs the HR by Martinez never happens. The rest of the game you didn’t do enough to win the game. Covina would have won that game by 2 runs. Anyway, not bad for 7 soph in the starting line up keep it up guys let’s take the series from NV and give NV their 3rd loss in league. Covina could easily have only 2 losses in league which SD put a beating on our team 2X. The 3rd game you could say we could have won.

  • WeHateYou

    Thats baseball for you. On any given day. Amat will use this loss as a advantage and will breeze to another title. Nice job St. Paul/Slime. You owed us after the shalacking we gave you this past football season in the Pit.

  • If what?

    Colt Insider


  • AMAT 73

    AS I SEE IT ,
    We get the coverage we get because AMAT is well known and when something happens win or lose it is news as you can see by out loss to St. Paul . But I guess you feel that AMAT losing along with Splintered is a big enough story to warrant the front page of the sports section. Thanks for the compliment in a twisted sort of way . You should at least read the hits before you bring out something like your cat got your tongue post to Joe and I . But like you say you’ve got no hate for AMAT and you can keep trying to convince yourself of that also because you seem to add that to almost everyone of your posts. Now to the nitty gritty , congratulations to St. Paul ( note the caps ,Joe ) in beating the LANCERS yesterday . Fine outing by both pitchers and like Joe said St Paul can play with anybody.

  • NVFAN2

    I agree with Amat73, cats never had his or Joe’s tongue. St Paul has a way on raining on a lot of teams parade. This is not the playoffs so the season goes on.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Leave town for a day and look what happens. AMAT & Damien LOSE! It may actually be a good thing, as it takes a little pressure off come Next WEEK.

    Uh Oh! Wonder who thinks Bonita SHOULD move TO Fred’s # 1 ranking next week?

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL CIF participants next week.

  • AMAT 73

    How in the heck did we pick up 10 league wins in one day . On the thread from yesterday prior to the st paul game you had us at a 37 league game winning streak , now on today’s thread you write st paul stopped our 47 league game winning streak .With typos like that it’s no wonder the haters say what they say about you and your love for AMAT . 🙂

  • kh

    basaball nut.
    your dame right i think bonita # 1 .
    ill give you a little infor, bonita has won the last four games.
    55 runs bonita
    3 runs wilson 0 walnut 3
    go ahead say we didnt play anyone.
    s.h. got beat by walnut last week .
    two games we beat walnut 25 to 3
    i think the a.d. even got a.b.
    d.r. was a wake up call for us.d.r. has a good team.
    in amats league d.r. would be 10-2 or 9-3
    glad your on freds wagon ,great for you.
    55 to 3 last four games .
    thats some baseball brother.and coach knott will and should hands down win coy.
    we werent even picked in the top ten to start the season of the year should be a coach nobody thaught,and did with his troops going 19 and 4 and beat every team they face in front of them in the fred rated top ten.say no more.
    great job coach ,now lets finish the race.
    gggggggoooooooo bearcatssssss

  • Baseball NUT!


    Don’t Bonita and Walnut play thier second game tomorrow? But if you already know the score and results then can I have tomorrow’s MEGA numbers so I can be a millionaire?

    DR would be 10-2 or 9-3 in amat’s league huh? I suppose they would lose ALL thre to Amat and SWEEP everyone else? How good is DR with that 12-11 they spot against a down Charter Oak team, a YOUNG Los ALtos squad, and a Wilson team who has NO league “W’s”.

    I guess Max Preps, and CIF have it all wrong too, as Bonita is behind S/H over at Max, and CIF has your cats in at only # 6! Better hope for that ring dude OR that 19-4 record, and beating Wilson 13-0, 17-0, and Walnut 13-1 MEANS NOTHING! Lsst I checked AMAT, S/H, S/D and NV ALL have rings for baseball within the last THREE years. So UNTIL BONITA gets that banner, their just ANOTHER decent team that ends their season WITH A LOSS!!!!

    And who say’s I am on Fred’s bandwagon? I mean he is a BRUIN for peetes sake!

    Good luck next week lets hope BONITA gets a TOP 4 seed, Or you will be whining how they got screwed

  • NV FAN

    Colt Insider,
    1st Game, don’t you remember the 3 or 4 errors we had that allowed 5 of your runs to score? Jeez o peter, you remember your 1st inn. errors, but don’t remember ours? You guys are doing a good job, but don’t get carried away with yourselves and remember, a freshman threw against you yesterday and had you on the ropes. See you manana.

  • kh

    yes baseball nut
    we play on tues and thurs.
    smoke them again 13 to 2
    hey we have things in la verne the world dreams of,you ever heard of glenn davis.i cant do anything from the pasted but this is my boys second run at cif he will have one more change next season,if things amat out,i have my ring do you have yours?so you see it runs in the family.k.c. can end up with three rings after football then again in he has one from l.l. league hes a winner to hang in there ,ride the wave,
    walnut beat s.h. bonita 25 to 3 in 2 game bro.

  • Real Housewives of Hollenbeck

    Oh, no seor. Tuerca, it seems Mr. H is right. Looks like the gutty little bearcats did play today and yes maxpreps had the date wrong, looks like they have had them wrong all year. This is as we say muy malo and I think you owe him an I’m sorry.

    Oh and it looks like his addition was pretty good to.

    If you need a lottery number picked you can use this:

    I have it on good authority from a guy in Nigeria that it is top notch.

  • kh

    thanks miss house wife.
    we have too ladys on the blog i know of.
    you and s.d. mom.
    pretty cool.or is it kool.
    iam sure they will let me know.
    cant believe how after 7 and a half months lifes really starting to take off,weny to the football meeting last night,
    dame might even join up and donate some booter time,
    thanks lord for letting me see the light.
    baseball nut,if you have seen all the area teams play give us your top ten.
    i know that fred has not been to a bonita game.
    maybe at the glendora trny.but amat was playing down south so dont think so.
    bonita and glendora should get the top notch spot.
    with s.h. n.v. amat. damein all losing last week when they should be winning .
    lets go boys its play=off time

  • Baseball NUT!

    As for the city of La Verne, I know the city well. I bank in La Verne, at One West at Wheeler & Foothill. My business is in San Dimas, and MY nephew was ONLY the SECOND FRESHMAN player EVER to start at S.S at U.L.V. So yea I know La Verne well.

    You KEEP talking about how the past was just that, YET you KEEP talking on how you smoked Walnut. Ok your point is what? That Bonita beat em twice and S/H only once. Nobbody is saying the Cats are NOT a good team, ONLY I believe MOST don’t believe their # 1 either.

    As for you son having a chance to win three rings thats great, but what if he doesn’t, ARE YOU going to be dissapointed? And what does it matter how many rings MY son has? Does that make little Kenny better than my son? Maybe, but let me tell you about my son. HE DID WIN a ring in high school, and with THREE years on varsity NEVER hit UNDER .340 AND get this are you ready, drum roll please…. He play PRO BALL! He is in the FLORIDA MARLIN organization, and IF, and when the good lord tells him its time to get to the “show” he will. IF Not I won’t unhappy, and say ” Well son, IF only you had MORE rings, or that one you missed out on in LL sure cost you a chance to play in the bigs”. NOPE! I would say you did your best and its time to move forward. But it doesn’t mean MY son BETTER is better than yours? NOPE, just a little older, and a little more advanced!

    I am STILL seasrching for that game vs S/H you say you won 11-5. I saw that S/H has FIVE losses to Chino Hills, TWO in the Classic, AMAT, and Walnut. I also checked the 19 wins for the CATS, and NOT one was VS, the Huskies. So when was this game again?

  • Non Amat Fan

    You Bishop guys crack me up. You guys cheat big time. I know alot of kids in your school who have bad grades before transfering to Amat. Like another guysaid,without transfers Amat would be another bassett.


    This one sick group of haters . Now this fool comes up with I know a lot of kids with bad grades before they transfered to Amat. Talk about drawing at straws.Then goes on to say like another guy said without transfers Amat would be another Bassett. Well my friend since you are so in the know please list all these transfers you are writing about and what school did they come from with all these bad grades.Yea just what I thought , you will never post a reply and if you get the nads to do it please use you same post name so i know it’s you . Yes we cheat, lie ,and steal to get top athletes from all over . Better yet we payoff CIF with all the rich boosters we have so CIF will turn the other cheek where Amat is concerned . Now that you know the truth what are you going to do about it because we will keep doing it . So do yourself a favor and go to CIF with all your proof and blow the whistle on us and you will be a hero to the SGV and maybe that might bring some worth to your sad unproductive life .

  • FRank

    New Rankings
    1. Amat
    2 Glendora
    5 Bonita
    6 South ills
    7 Monrovia
    8 Arcadia
    9 Charter choke
    10 Maranatha

  • SI

    Not sure if your name refers to your school or your team? Oh well, at least I’ve got to give you credit, your honest about BA’s program and academics. ;o)


    I believe it says in the openning line ,’ THIS IS ONE SICK GROUP OF HATERS” now what part of that are you having trouble comprehending. Maybe you should have paid closer attention in class or are you one of those public school pass along whether they learn or not graduates.


    Not because of bad grades of anything else but is it true Jay Anderson and Jordan McGraney were both Freshmen at Damien at the same time?

    Let’s see Jordan verbal’d to USC and Jay Anderson was sensational for Amat in two sports and will also earn his scholarship. Add in a two year starter at DE in Dominic Alberico and you understand why Damien needed new coaching in “both” sports, lol.

    Imagine Damien with all three players, better yet don’t. They are just fine where they are at. Best of luck to all of them, as I know two of them personally, and they are outstanding young men with bright futures for sure.

    I knew about Dominic and Jordan but Jay?

    Wow! I hope the Damien to Amat Pipeline is now officially closed!

  • No to Amat

    Talking about grades how about that Kid that Transfered to Amat from Pasadena High school. He started this past year at linebacker for amat. he had 5 Fail’s at Pasadena. How could He start at Amat. That’s just one Kid how about other’s. Amat is like USC they let anybody in that’s why alot of dumb amat kids go to the University of Spoiled criminals. At. SC the students do home work for the Football Team. Do they do that at Amat.

  • SI

    Actually, it said “This one sick group of haters”,
    Sorry, I can’t draw a picture for you.
    Of course guessing where you and “Sick group of haters” went to school, I can see why you couldn’t read his, or her, opening line correctly, and he, or she, left out the “is”.
    By the way, during my “pass along” through public school, I was able to learn how to spell “opening”.
    OUCH !

  • Baseball NUT!

    Can we or will we ever put this to rest regarding Bishop Amat and transfers or cheating or whatever?
    Let me say its pretty hard to get a “transfer” when the school has NO boundries! You still must be admitted. Just becasue “daddy” wants you to go there, or you do, it still doesn’t mean you will attend so that closes out that theroy!

    Tell me ONE school in the entire CIF section that has NEVER had ONE kid come from outside the school boundries, and I show you a school that doesn’t exist.

    Show me one school that NEVER had a kid who was on the brink of failure, and I’ll show you a school that doesn’t exist.

    I had a son at S/H and saw first hand that a KID who just pulled a “D” had to sit out becasue of grades.

    When I was at AMAT, you HAD to carry a minimum of 2.5 GPA to play. MOST schools are 2.0. NOT sure what it is today. From experience, I know they disipline players. I missed Religion class twice in a ROW. In order to play and NOT miss a FULL game, because missing the first QTR, was a given we had to do detition. WORST part was YOU didn’t know which game you would miss. Coaches never told us and not knowing if its going to be this week or in three weeks. You practice and worry,and get nervuous, at least I did. I mean who wanted to sit against Mater Dei, St Paul, or Loyola? Punish me for a qtr. vs Bosco, but NOT any of our bigger rivals. Anyway I needed to come in on a Saturday at 7:00 AM, NOT to sit there and read like a regular detention, or maybe pick up trash on campus BUT to PAINT the whole damn bleachers, after we swept the aisles! SUCKED big time, and I NEVER missed class again! Chewing GUM in the hallways also cost me! So if your grades are NOT up to par it will get you noticed, AND not the way we want it to be.

    NOT sure what all the fuss is over all these years about AMAT. I mean everyone knows if you have a kid who excells in football, MOST want that kid to attend AMAT, OR now CHARTER OAK. Some can’t afford tuition so C.O it is, OR the parents figure its too far of a drive. MOST people know that for baseball, you try to attend AMAT or S/H. IF your kid wrestles then its Northview they try to get into. If its girls basketball its AMAT, or girls soccer, then its Walnut, or softball then its Glendora. IF you have a stud water polo player, he goes to Damien. Get the idea? Schools who HAVE tradition of WINNING naturally get the better kids, and 8 times out of 10 ITS THE PARENTS who attempt to get their kids at that respected school, NOT the stud athletes!
    Nobody says anything about the Mater Dei kid coming to play locally for D/B, or the LB Poly kid in at Charter Oak. BUT IF THOSE KIDS ENROLLED AT BISHOP AMAT, SUDDENLY they see a problem! Makes no sense, and it happens ALL OVER.

    I mean LB POLY has had “THE tradition” for years so kids attend there, and NOT LB Wilson, or Milliken. Girls attend Brea Olinda for a reason. TO PLAY HOOPS! This has been on going for years.

    I mean there are a few of us in here who are old enough to remember, HOW powerful Edison was in late 70’s. Not EVERY kid I bet was from Huntington Beach. Or what about Los ALtos who WON CIF like 6 out of 8 years in the largest football division. How about West Covina for track back then, they owned the meets for years. Or IKE, and Fontana. Back then they owned football from the IE to Blythe. OR who can forget it was EITHER CARSON OR BANNING WINNING in the city and NOBODY ELSE!

    So see its EVERY TOP school WITH TOP TRADITION who gets the BEST athletes, not just AMAT. Mater Dei’s BEST baseball player comes form Corona. You telling me ALL those TOP basketball players who played for Artesia actually lived there during those state championship years? IT is right or FAIR? Probably NOT, but ASK YANKEE fan if they care IF all the best players want to go to the BRONX of all places. Give me ONE NBA player who doesn’t wan to be a LAKER! ATHLETS WANT TO WIN at ANY LEVEL!
    So cut the whining and either send your kid to a TOP program, or talk to your congressman, cuz it will be awhile before we see any changes!

  • amnot

    AMAT 73 said:
    How in the heck did we pick up 10 league wins in one day . On the thread from yesterday prior to the st paul game you had us at a 37 league game winning streak , now on today’s thread you write st paul stopped our 47 league game winning streak .With typos like that it’s no wonder the haters say what they say about you and your love for AMAT . 🙂

    Aw, how cute amat73 sent fred a cute little smiley face.

  • AMAT 73

    amnot and never was,
    Feeling no love in your part of the world . Well here you are just to show you I have got no ill will towards one of my favorite haters.:-) and also one of these . 🙂 HAVE A NICE DAY.

  • For healing, protection, success and love