We have learned that Bishop Amat’s Jay Anderson is not a lock to play football in the fall

This could break the heart of Bishop Amat football fans, but the word is, through several reliable sources, that junior running back Jay Anderson is not on the spring football roster, and might possibly not play football at all next season. Those speculating that he might transfer can forget it, a family member telling me he’s not going anywhere. (To continue, click thread)

From what I’ve gathered, football players are expected to attend mandatory weight sessions, even during the high school baseball season. Apparently, shortstop and potential quarterback Rio Ruiz has attended the weight sessions, but outfielder Anderson has not, opting to concentrate on baseball and his studies. This is something we will monitor in the weeks to come, but what a shame if Amat loses Anderson in football. My feeling is that during the season, coaches should have control over their players, especially when you consider that football and baseball compete at the highest levels, and those coaches deserve to have their players’ full attention while in season. When baseball is over, football should have full control over the summer until the end of the football season. When that’s over, baseball has control over the winter until the end of spring. That’s sharing and doing what is in the best interest of Bishop Amat and its athletes. It wasn’t long ago that we heard football coach Steve Hagerty talk about the importance of sharing athletes in multiple sports on CBS sports with Steve Hartman, a subject that came up because McClanahan, Ruiz and Anderson were studs in both sports, and play a major role on both teams.
“It’s good (playing multi-sports). We make it a point to make it happen at the school,” Hagerty told Hartman in November. “We realize the kids are the ones that benefit from it all. That why we’re here in the first place. If we can share these athletes all the programs at our school benefit from it.”
My feeling is that it will all get resolved, I can’t picture Amat hosting Garfield in Week 0 without Anderson.

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  • AmatDude

    Hagerty says publicly that he doesn’t mind sharing the athletes but in reality not a chance. He gave RIo all kids of grief for not wanting to come to weighlifting early mornings. Basically, told RIo and Jay if you don’t lift during the baseball season you are not playing football. They would be punished if also missed anything for baseball events,which will not Amat events, during the summer. Hagerty told Rio be better not plan on playing on the US team last year if he made because he would miss three practices. In the Fall. Nieto doens’t allow any of the football/baseball guys to play with the Amat Fall baseball team. He tells them to focus on football. They do play on scout teams though not related to Amat. They are getting thier scholarhsips in baseball not football and Hagerty should lighten up. Mater Dei, OLU, Servite, Alemany and other top program tell their baseball guys see you when baseball season if over.

  • Coaches point

    Fred, “over something as petty as missing weight sessions during the baseball season.” You obviously don’t know what it takes to compete in the Serra League and PAC-5 Div. You have got to lift year round to be the best.

  • who cares

    he have learned that no one outside of BA cares. Why don’t you tell us who is playing.

  • He is not playing

    Jay is not playing football. He wants to focus on baseball not only during the season, but I heard summer as well.

  • Not really

    Coaches point, you obviously don’t know that at Mater Dei, Orange Lutheran and other schools players are shared, but not tampered with during their season of sport. That’s a fact, Amat is old school on this one.

  • BigDog

    Amat football Players and Parents
    Diamond Ranch will take you with open arms for football.What a joke trying to use gestapo tactics on High Schools kids.Like they don’t have enough pressure already as it is.And why pay extra for an education when your parents are already paying taxes to send you to school. Diamond Ranch is a Nationally ranked and California recognized school.So what are you waiting for .There’s no pressure here and we bring in more college recruiters on campus than BA as well.

  • RVW


  • Phantom Alum

    Hey Jay come to Cathedral High School Great Academics,Great Facilities, D1 Colleges Recruiting all the time. Greatest Alumni association of any High school. A Great School on the rise. Go to (Phantom Football.com)

  • Get off the Pedestal

    It’s called COMMITMENT!!!!! Some have it. Some don’t. Those that have it, can HANDLE playing two sports. Those that don’t need to CHOSE.

  • Diamond Ranch 13, Bishop Amat 41


    The only problem, BigDog, is that Bishop Amat has put the smackdown on Diamond Ranch two years in a row. Why would anyone that balls at the Pac-5 level want to settle for DR?

    How predictable that scum like you would jump at the chance to BEG for athletic transfers. Have you no pride? You think Diamond Ranch supporters like seeing you grovel for players?

    No one has said anything about WHY Jay Anderson may not play football. It could be as simple as his family does not want to risk injury and risk his baseball career…

    But you scumbags automatically assume that it is because Hagarty won’t let him play two sports…LOL!

    I bet you, BigDog, and all you other haters out there cheered for MATER DEI when they invaded our SGV home…

  • Hola

    Phantom Alum= Clown Meat…when was the last time Cathedral High even mattered??????

  • zzzz?


    Bishop Amat averages about 5,000+ people per football game againts no-name preseason opponents. BA owned the SGV TRIBUNE’S top 5 most read football articles last season. BA HAS SEASON TICKETS AND AN IN N OUT TRUCK AT THEIR HOME GAMES MAN! LOL!

    Trust me when I tell you, Bishop Amat football is far from being a “zzzzZaZZzzz” topic!

    Have a great day!

  • Come Back Spartan

    Jay Anderson was a Damien freshmen and now look what happened.

  • still a LANCER

    thats what happens when you rely on one back,300plus carries “GIVE ME A BREAK” (37)

  • jcaz

    It just seems to me that maybe the truth gets tweaked in here just a little bit every now and then.

    Wasnt it just recently that everyone was chastising Nieto about the fact that he didnt want his players to play football during his off season ? And wasnt it just reported recently that Hagerty was more than willing to allow his players to play both sorts, so long as they were both able to share the players ?

    Well, heres how I see it….

    While baseball is a nice little sport that everyone enjoys watching during the FOOTBALL OFF SEASON, the fact is that this a sport that is just about a big a draw as is Amat hockey. YA, Ill bet you didnt know that Amat had a hockey team did you ? Well, they do, well sort of….

    Anyway, as you might have guessed by now, to me, baseball as big deal as watching somebody get a hair cut. Truth be told, thats why I havent chimed in to much during this “OFF SEASON.”

    Look people, just to make my point, the LA Times recently reported that in some high schools, football coaches make in excess of 100,00 per year.

    I will guarantee you that baseball coaches dont make anywhere near as much as that….And you know why ??

    Because Football is king !!!

    And, if there was ever going to be conflict between these two sports at Amat, then perhaps the powers that be, should be taking a much closer look at this ongoing and continuously conflicting relationship that seems to always exists between these two sports every year around this time.

    Personally speaking, if someones going to lose in here, then I think you pretty much can figure out whos corner Im sitting in right ?

    Amat could use a new football stadium and it would look very nice sitting over there where the baseball filed is at.

  • SGV Athlete

    While I do think that Jay will be playing football this year, it would not be the end of the world if he did not. AMAT has a few very talented backup RBs led by Junior to be Zachary Shay. Shay was their #2 RB last season and did extremely well, especially on 3rd down situations. And you need to remember that with recievers like Wallace Gonzales and possibly Rio Ruiz, the Lancers will still have a very potent offensive attack…

  • RVW


    You may need your Dr. to up your Ritalin dosage.

  • amat football

    During our parent meeting for football we were told if our kid is playing spring sports they need to finish with that before coming to football. Weightlifting is pretty much done all year anyways. It would be sad if hags is telling the parents one thing and the kids another. I don’t think that is the case though. Maybe Jay just wants to play baseball. It’s his life.

  • Frank

    From what I understand Jay, did not attend weight lifting during baseball season. Nor did he communicate with Hagerty for his reasons. THis is why he supposedly is not playing. Hagerty has not made players choose between sports but he does require them to lift weights in the offseason.

  • Aaron

    Chiming in here ok. I’m reading this stuff and I find it interesting so far away. Back at Bonita I remember quite clearly that when an athlete played two different sports or even three they were left to do their job. That kind of hurt with Terry’s progress because he would be playing baseball deep into spring because of playoffs but this also allowed the younger guys to get reps if he had gotten injured.

    I don’t care if Football is king, and you know I love football. If kids are talented enough to play two and three sports then they should be encouraged. Well rounded scholar athlete. Fact is kids like playing more than one sport because both can be stressful and when they play their second the stress is relieved from the other and so on.

    Jay, my advice, if it really was said that you lift or don’t play. Focus on baseball and when baseball is done and you want to play football you show up, because there is no way they’d shut you down and if they did. Well then Coach isn’t the guy you or a lot of people thought he was.

    That’s my take as an outsider.

  • Justrab

    This a bit off topic, but I found this interesting article in a LA Times article about the ending of the old Angelus league by Chris Foster from 1992.

    I wonder if the league really got together and thought about ending baseball as a sport as football was too big….it must have been fun back then.

    That little pregame ceremony that precedes every football game. Nothing to get stressed about.

    But, hey, this was the Angelus League.

    Greg Willig, St. Paul High School’s quarterback, had only one thought at that moment in 1987: heads or tails. He was being introduced to the Bishop Amat captains when . . . WHAM-O .

    “This little guy from Bishop Amat hit me,” said Willig, who will be a senior this fall at Rice. “There were no words, he just threw a punch. It wasn’t that big of deal, just one of those things that happens in the Angelus League.”

    And has been for 31 years.

    Now, it’s all over. Time to say goodby.

    Come next fall, the Angelus League will be no more. A casualty of the move to regionalize high school leagues.

    Gone is Mater Dei, to the South Coast League. Gone is Servite, to the Sunset League. Gone is Bishop Amat, to the Del Rey League. Long gone is St. Paul, which left for the Mission League after the 1989-90 school year. They were the core of the league and the hard-core.

    It was famous and infamous, and now it’s just a memory. Nothing will be the same, for better and worse.

    So, one last time, let’s get intense. Let’s look at some of those things that just seemed to happen in the Angelus League.

    Football was king. There was a rivalry every night. And, hey, if you couldn’t win the game, you tried to win the fight.

    “They say it’s a Catholic league,” Willig said. “But the way we played was anything but Catholic.”


    In Texas, the saying goes, there are two sports–football and spring football.

    Angelus League officials tried to take that a step further. They tried to make that official policy.

    In 1971, athletic directors from the six schools met to vote on whether to drop baseball as a league sport. Why? It got in the way of spring football.

    “The motion lost, but not by much,” Mater Dei baseball Coach Bob Ickes said.

    Football was the Angelus League from its inception in 1961.

    Mater Dei, led by Coach Dick Coury, ruled the early days. The Monarchs won a Southern Section title in 1965 and reached the semifinals in 1966.

    They had players such as John Huarte, who won the Heisman trophy in 1964 at Notre Dame, Bruce Rollinson and Eric Patton.

    Everyone wanted to beat Mater Dei, but none more than Servite and St. Paul. The rivalries between those schools made Angelus League football intense and volatile.

    Those games often brought out crowds in excess of 10,000 and violence was not uncommon.

  • Symptom

    Hags is an idiot. He says one thing out loud and another behind close doors. He told Jay point blank that if he wasnt committed to football year round then he would have to leave the program. Jay is not the best student so his studies and one sport at a time is what he can handle. It doesnt mean hes not committed. He didnt even play fall baseball. He is committed to whatever sport is in season. What is the IDIOT HAGS going to do when Rio gets invite dto play for Team USA or when Wallace gets invited to the Tournament of Stars. Doesnt he realize these guys futures are in baseball. Start the FIRE HAGS! blog.




    TOO FUNNY !!!




  • unfortunate for the kids

    nieto and hagerty have been in this piss fight ever since they both started to coach at amat. They both fight for the same high caliber athletes. It leaves the kids in the middle.
    Dont start the fire hags blog because you’ll just get Defiori again. Monsignor Carrol or hemingway has to step in and protect the kids.

  • Ro

    No where in the story does it state that hagerty is asking players to choose football over baseball. He is only asking them to attend weightlifting in the morning.anderson should not get any special priviliges and skip training,If Rio is able to attend ,so should Anderson.maybe anderson is just going to focus on baseball because he has a better shot with baseball than football and wants to finish next year season with his best season ever to impress the scouts.

  • justplainstudpid

    I saw Hagerty on CBS high school Fox report just before the Lakewood game stating how he supports two sport athletes, what the F*** Hagerty! What gives? Let the kids enjoy their season of sport.

  • Amat1232

    Hagerty is causing an unnecessary distraction during the baseball season. He is bent on destroying the baseball program. His way of my way or the highway is the wrong approach for a school that has always supported multi-sport athletes. The athletes enjoy there season of sport then move on to there next sport.

  • Lance R

    It is Jays senior year and he should have the right to choose the sport he believes will land him with a college offer. Football as a senior could blow out a tear especially as a tailback. Rio is a sophmore and trust me come his senior year his dad will make this same decision. It does not take long for stud athletes to get in shape for the next sport because they are so talented. So a ultimatum from Hags is not cool he knows what Jay and Rio can do. If Jay quits football good for him it is a smart choice all you Amat bloggers are in selfish mode to have the best out there but I as a Amat blogger see it differently, I look out for a kid and his parents decision as far as his future..Go for it Jay do what is best for you and your future…Rio will be the next to leave Amat football to concentrate on baseball but that will be when that senior season comes around for Rio where pro scouts will be offering millions…Amat just has to find the replacements for these players, their future is just too bright on the diamond not the gridiron.

  • Iagreew/lancerR

    Your right Lancer, Rio will probably be the next to leave and so will Wallace Gonzalez, both will miss more than Hagerty’s 3 miss policy due to the fact they will be representing the nation on the USA teams. I was at the parent meeting.
    I know that all three want to contribute to the football program, they are outstanding athletes that can make a difference in any game. In some cases flexibility with these athletes is apparent. They are in tip top shape, it is not like they are going to forget the offense of defense, it is so Amat basic football. If any thing Hagerty has let down a team, teammates, his coaches (who want the boys to play), a community and alumni he is trying to gain support from. Tragic.

  • Bluehurts

    Fred your right, hands off during the season of sport. The athletes need to focus on the task at hand. It is a disservice to coaches coaching during there season. I know for a fact that baseball is off limits during the fall at Amat. Imagine that baseball players not playing baseball during the fall through December, being allowed to focus on the football season and come several month later they are leading Amat which is the #1 team in the valley and state as well as #2 in the nation for baseball.

  • Dan

    Just going by what the article say’s I don’t see any ultimatum given by Hagarty, unless some of you from Amat have some inside info I see no reason to be upset at Hags. Could very well be that Jay just wants to focus on baseball, it’s tough on the football fans but I don’t blame Jay at all on his decision. Also if a talent like Jay decides that he wants to play both sports I think we all know that when it comes down to it the football coaches at Amat will let him play.

  • disappointedAlumn

    I played for Amat in the mid 90’s when the football coaches coached baseball. We worked so hard during football the baseball season was a much needed relief from football weights and spring practice. When baseball season was over, we went right into football. The baseball “football” coaches would never let us go near the weight room or touch a football during baseball and we won CIF in 96.

  • Communication is key

    Damien has had several players do the two and three sport thing and it’s a shame when things get out of hand. This is such an arbitrary rule and all coaches know that. Depends on the “depends”, who’s who, why who’s who and loads of other stuff that show that integrity has it’s roots in ego. Plain and simple.

    Mark Mendrun probably would be a D1 scholarship kid if he’d only played baseball, he didn’t and is on no one’s roster. Pertusati’s Dad told me his son would have gone higher if he’d only done baseball but to his credit, “He loved Morrison and couldn’t let him down”.

    Jake Veith was another player who should have only played basketball, as he himself told me, and it would have made him a better scorer. Something that he’s very good at but you wouldn’t have thought so during his years at Damien.

    Alex Arevalo is another Soph who has tremendous football skills and a real shot of being pretty special, instead he’s sitting on a Varsity Baseketball bench instead of learning the game that will be his ticket. Those six months of not lighting put him back, the six months he could have worked lifting, set him back.

    Coaches today are just so transparent it’s not funny. Not saying Hags is because I’m not there. Not saying Neito is because I’m not there. The issue isn’t multiple sports it’s honesty, integrity and communication.

    Every year about this time I see so many parents who thought I hated Dunn or Morrison come to me and say “I was lied to, mislead, or kidded himself”. Most of those players or parents are some of the very parents who snitched every time I wrote something. I tell them all the same thing, “See I guess I wasn’t wrong. You knew the score and now the game is over”.

    Every time I see Chris Admas I think, here’s a player who has a gift, an undeniable gift and yet he’s playing the waiting game when he was a sure fire D1 prospect going into his senior year. Why?” Lack of honesty, lack of communication and lack of integrity”…plain and simple.

    Best of luck to all parties. No need to bash anyone just sit down and map out the road that needs to be taken. Be upfront, honest and public anout the decisions that need to be made…and live with the consequences…good or bad.

    High school is tough enough with acne, first loves, college choices, grades and learning about life…why make it tougher?

  • ON BLUE!


    Thank you for sharing that article and a piece of Bishop Amat history. I remember the old Angelus League and how intense the rivalrys were. This was also back in the days of the old Citrus Belt with powers Fontana and Eisenhower. I can still remember Eric Bienemy in 1986 slashing through Mater Dei, Servite, Bishop Montgomery (or was it St. Bernard?), and St. Paul’s defenses in front of 10,000+ rabid fans!

    Thanks again for the memory trip, sir! Have a good night!

  • Answer this intelligently

    It’s still baseball season so who knows what the final verdict is. Everything is he said/she said


    To everyone including FRED who probably won’t reply:

    What about those kids who have lifted and played two and/or three sports AND lifted? They understood what the policy was and how the weight Training has benefitted their other sports. AND it will pay off in the long run. When they have to go to work in the morning and come home and be a dad and husband, they wont be asking “How can I do all this?”. They will just get the job done.Because that’s what they learned. Remember when you grow up, you can’t quit being a dad or husband or adult when the responsibilities grow. You just sack up and do it. I applaud the kids on the football team who just sacked up and did it.

    To not really,
    The Orange Lutherans, Servites, Mater Dei’s lift year a round. De La Salle has a mandatory morning weight lifting session for two sport athletes. MANDATORY!!! Amat needs to play and train at the level of their competition. The only thing that is old school is the baseball coaches archaic way of thinking when it comes to lifting.

    This is for Aaron
    This was the same policy they had the last two years and Jay attended those workouts in the morning last year. Why not this year? Also, what do you tell those kids who did lift and played two/three sports? I will wait for your response.

    To Amat alum in the 90s:
    There are coaches and plenty of former players from the 90s that are on the current staff and they played two sports. They are very supportive. Also, I remember Joey, Abel and Dennis lifting to name a few. I’m a Dawg. You must be a Pigeon!!!!

    If Nieto wouldn’t strong arm kids, there wouldn’t be a discussion. Hagerty was a baseball coach at Amat and loves the sport. Heck he coached one of the greatest two sport athletes at Amat(JR Philips). You people are looking at one side but get real. Hagerty and the other football coaches care about the school and not just about the football program. What about the other side? THINK before you write.

  • Ro

    Randy Tanner a 84 graduate was able to play all three sports at a high level,move on to usc and play both football and baseball.he could of probably played basketball also.

  • Aaron

    As I said I am an outsider. I’m just relating my experiences when it comes to multi-sport athletes.

    This is probably a bad way of saying it. Jay already earned his spot with his production on the field. That speaks for itself. We as fans don’t know what is going on inside the home or inside this young man’s brain. He may be finding classes a little harder and needing more time to focus on the academics. So what do I say to those other kids, keep working so you can compete when spring and summer ball comes.

    Knowing how much rest I got in high school and how much I get now(not enough) I could understand not attending weight training if I was Jay and having to either practice all afternoon or play a long game.

  • Mr. bishop

    Advice to Mr. Anderson; stay with the little general in baseball. When the football team is 0-5; hags will be crawling on his knees begging u 2 come back. Then u can play on ur terms; practice when u want, wear what u want, dictate the # of touches and free in & out burgers for ur family.

  • No Entitlement here

    And that is what makes it different at Amat. You cannot rest on what you did. You have to prove yourself, day in and day out. You can’t tell others to keep working hard and be ready to compete when you are also saying to one that you can do whatever you want.

    And he did the weight training last year, Aaron. So he knows what it takes. It’s definitely a commitment, but if it was easy, it probably isn’t worth it.

    It was a very bad way of saying it.

    Mr. bishop
    Love the sarcasm!!!

  • Who’s Edward R. Murrow?

    Let me get this straight, is this another rumor mill generated nonsense form the blog moderators? Any actual current quotes form any of the three vested parties, Hagerty, Nieto and Jay himself.

    Thought so.

    Another fine day of Journalism in America.

  • Perplexing to say the least !

    Here’s a question for the Amat “purists”.

    How about the players who do all the right things to compete against the best. Well what about a late transfer? How is he able to compete without the weight training that every other player has mastered. How is a transfer even allowed on the field? Isn’t that dangerous? Hw can anyone expect a young man to compete, much less survive?

    Follow me?

    Hey I could care less I’m just helping this thing along, lol.

  • transfer

    anderson to charter oak, that team will have to join the ncaa

    anderson to sh, guaranteed sit out

  • kh

    why to start the season rolling for you guys.
    coach must love you.

  • Lancer 2004

    I think Hagerty would be ok with Jay not lifting during the baseball season if at least Jay showed up once in awhile for a little lifting but not showing up at all says one or two things. One you are not intrested in playing football / done deal I am out or two I am the star and I will workout on my terms which is the task at hand Baseball then look me up when football rolls around and I will be there. It is no different then a NFL star not showing to training camp and prolonging his signing of a contract only to show up late to avoid all of the training camp, but two weeks later he is playing fulltime. Jay also could be trying to land himself in a college where he must get good grades as well, he may be struggling in the classroom no one knows. Time for football practice is near and baseball playoffs and the Amat baseball championship will conclude, when the dust settles and it is time for Jay to show up for football, you will know if you have a partner if he is there, when and if he does not show then you know you do not have a partner, this is when you write this article. Good luck Jay with or without you the Lancer football team will take the field.

  • call what i see

    The biggest real idiot here here is nieto as far as threats and belittling kids even to the point of running them out of school. The problem is that all the kiss azz dads won’t stand up to him for fear of their kid. Calling kids F— losers is not my way of decipline or getting a kid to respect you. When a coach has to be called in to the office and has to apologize,there’s something wrong here. If all you cowards would ever grow a pair, you would protect your kids and do something about it. The only thing Haggerty is asking is to participate in the weight lifting program. nothing else.

  • just sayin’

    Frank telling tales again.


    Nothing but lies and More lies.

    Frank Corona is a liar.

  • Journalism Dies Slowly

    Three Cheers for The Tribune Rumor Mill !!!

    They do what areas teams can’t …. tear you down.


    Hey THE TEH makes a come back!

    Just when you think all the roaches are gone you see one last one scurry into the dark. lol

    I know you’re harmless and like most I HATE THAT GUY! “guys” you don’t have the stones to do anything but what you do here.

    No offense to “others” who have tried but THE TEH is second rate. It’s like your mom told me when I saw her last, “He’s just like his father. Short on courage, dumb as a rock and short where it matters….why do you think you’re here Big Daddy!” Your mom, she’s such the word’s smith!

  • joemama

    Thank you The THE for telling the THE truth.
    It makes me feel good to know that i’m not the only one who gets tired of Frank’s constant BS, but what makes this so sad is when he shows just what a vindictive weasel he really is.

  • warewolf213

    To clarify, Jay never went to Damien as a freshman so stop that rumor right now.

    Secondly, Jay will not be transferring anywhere. He’s Staying at Amat.

    An Amat Student


    You’re the only scumbag here. You’re the one who uses quotes of kids that you “talked to” to carry on your 6+ year quest against Dunn and Morrison. Where are your stones? If you had any you would have confronted those men face to face. Yet you hide behind a keyboard, sac-less to the end.

    If you had any stones you would never have let little Frank Jr. sit on the bench this past JV basketball season with that ‘monster’ of a coack back on the scene. Yet you sat on your hands all season long. Why did you allow a second son of your’s be subjected to that torture? Not man enough to stand up to the “big bad bully”? Or did you finally realize the the older Frank Jr. really did have a fruity jumper?

    You have your opinions, they’re mostly asinine, but you’re entitled to them. I draw the line when you clearly and plainly lie. You never talked to any of the people you draw on to give your statement authority. A real man would stand up for himself, not try to steal credibility from honest people not involved in the matter at hand. No balls.

    Frank Corona is a coward and liar.

  • “here come the jesters..one , two , three”…..Bad Company

    joemama, I was going to write that you were going to make an “sudden, random and convenient, Clark Kent” appearance but King Stud, randy, Richard Face and the “gang” were over the house for the Celtics game. Besides why spoil the surprise for everyone else, lmao. Seems they were also given the task of putting me in my place but like the Christians on “their” Crusade they too found the error in their ways, or was it the tails? Can’t recall….just kidding randy. I’m trying to have fun with this.

    Great victory for the Celtics, btw. As a die hardest Laker fan I find it ironic that both my sons are Celtic fans and that every where I go there’s that nauseating green! Actually my sons are player fans who happen to have their favorite players on the Celtics, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Either way I enjoy my kids.

    “vindictive weasel”…brother you don’t know the half of it! Let’s all come together and have a Norm’s Breakfast on Azusa or The Pepper Tree cafe and work this out in a non-weasel manner…my treat! joemama you like bisquits and gravy, I do. How about THE TEH, you like T-Bone steak for breakfast, I do! See the non weasel thing to do would be to say “COUNT ME IN!!!” but that won’t ever happen, will it fellas.

    See like randy found out it’s easy running your mouth when you can’t see me but it’s another thing when you have to say things in person. I’ve always said I liked randy, and considered him a friend..still do…but like he said…’the blog makes him crazy”. I actually ahve a pretty good idea who at least one attacker is. He slipped once when I took his screen name for a little “joy ride”. Which reminds me, THE TEH, how’s your mother?

  • I love Norms

    Here’s a bit of history for you THE TEH.

    Seems we do know each other.

    At the beginning of the season Frank Jr. had a meeting with Coach Dunn at the end of JV tryouts. At that time Coach Dunn took my son aside and told him this.

    “I hate your Dad. I hate him so much I don’t want “you” on the team. In fact! Every time I see you in a Damien uniform I see your father’s face. What do you think about that? My son said nothing. Then we went on. “The JV coaches, (of which Coach Phillps was one of them) have told me you deserve a spot on the team. In fact all the coaches have told me you earned a spot on the team. But I hate your Dad. He’s a back stabber. He’s the worst man I’ve ever met in all my years of coaching.” gain Coach Dunn asked my son, “what do you think about that? My son said nothing. Coach went on with various combinations of comments to kill my sons spirit. Finally Dunn went for broke. You know that’s why you don’t play don’t you? Are you okay with not playing? My son said, “Coach I just want to play basketball”. Dunn went at it some more. My son said, “Shouldn’t you be talking to my Dad?’ Dunn said, “I would if I thought it would do any good but…(you get the picture). Finally my son said, “Can I go? Did I make the team?” Dunn said “Yes..now go.”

    When I told Coach Bubba this story he said, “As a Damein Alumni I’ sorry and want to apologize for what happened to your kid” Ask him if that conversation took place.

    You’re right he didn’t play much. He bit his tongue and went to work every day. Not a parent will tell you he’s not deserving of more time. Not a parent or player will tell you he didn’t get screwed. Most of the Bonita players and parents know him well as do several San Dimas kids he’s known thru league. He didn’t deserve that dressing down by Dunn.

    You do bring up an interesting point though, about allowing that kind of nonsense to transpire in plain sight. If I’m lying Coach Dunn can sue me for slander. If I’m not I’ll expect an apology. Either way lying to your boss is different than lying in a deposition, his choice as I’ll see him in court one way or the other.

    This year Dunn has gone at my son again, never allowing him to set foot on any formal or informal varsity functions. Any, ever! That’s his call.

    At the end of the season Coachch Mike, the JV HC, said of my son, to the team…”He’s a solid a fundamental player as I’ve ever had”. Ask Coach Mike if he said that. Like I said why lie?

    Damien is a great place with outstanding parents, players, students and teachers but I will tell you this. When I’m talking about my kids I’m not lying. Maybe this forum hurt my kids but that doesn’t excuse the “vindictive weaselness” of coaches that have hurt my kids to silence me. Wrong tactic.

    One day when Morrison’s team was quitting on him I ran into Ryne Morrison in the Senior Parking Lot after a game. HE was down, beaten up and just looked defeated. He probably thought, “Here’s that AHole who hates my Dad”. I motioned him over and he can to my car and we talked. This is what I told him.

    “Being a coach’s son is tough. Make sure you never give up. Make sure you hold your head high. Losing is tough but your Dad doesn’t have the help he needs. So he needs you now more than ever..understand?” He said yes and then I continued. ‘You have heart. Make sure you never lose that.”

    He shook my hand and then I told him, “The differences between me and your Dad are between me and your Dad. Just stay with it and make your Dad proud, he’ll hang is hat on that”.

    Ask him if that took place? If I’m lying let me know.

    Maybe this kills my son’s basketball career, who knows. Dunn has a clever mind in basketball but his youth betrays him, his pettiness betray him and his behavior with my son would get most coaches fired or suspended. Dressing down a kid like that? Come on.

    Like I told Dunn, yes we’ve talked, and anyone else who wants to know, “He picked on the wrong kid this time as Father Travers knows him well and respects him for the person he is. High moral character, great leadership skills and a personality that would charm your socks off. Basketball isn’t life. Life is life. Thought you knew.

    As far as coward and a liar. Well you can double check my “lies’ and you can prove the coward part as well, let’s do breakfast?

  • I know that dude

    Franks opinions are just to much for most people to absorb here on the blog. He comes across as a know-it-all, which 9 times out of 10 irks the hell out of people. He’s the Cliff Clavin of high school sports. He’s harmless. And persistent. Laugh it off people, theres way worse people in our little world.

  • joemama

    Celtic green, eating at Joes and Frank. What a combination.

    Frank….while you may find it surprising…..that while I dont like the crap….you put out there…..almost every time…. I nevertheless want you to know…..that I would never say anything…. about your pet poodle…..that green colored car of yours….or even, on a serious note…..your kids. Thats to low even for me……

    However, I can see why so many others would stoop to that, if only because you seem to want to bring them into these conversations all of the time.

    Give it a rest Frank

  • COChargerfan

    Am I the only one that finds it absoulutely amazing that some parents like the FC’s of the world can’t bite their lips for the sake of their kids? Here’s some advice, go to the coach and admit that you’ve been an ass and promise that you’ll never, ever, ever again open your mouth nor blog your complaints. Then maybe, just maybe, your kid will get his fair shot. FC, you’re obvioulsy the problem so quit blaming the coaches.

  • We shall see

    You’re consistent COCF. You’re the ass if that’s the best you can come up with. You’ve always been rather thick headed and stubborn but a flat out asshole rarely. Seems you think playful banter between us allows you to forgive the actions of an adult on an innocent child. Lets see what CIF says. As far as your new HC when your son comes home and tells you the coach called their effort qu### or their rebounding Ga% or their jump shots F43 let me know how you’ll handle it. I’ll make sure and write my letter to the Board so when it happens and someone wants to sue there will be a record that makes hiring him an at risk move. Like I said, “If I’m lying they have recourse if I’m not an apology is in order”. I mean would you sue someone if they slandered you? Let’s see what CIF says about all this. I know they have some rules about both these matters. Instead of being upfront and talking it out both did what they did, take it out on a great kid. Not this time.

  • Results

    Everybody loves Hagerty because he returned Amat to the playoffs. Although we all love to win, the job of a head coach is to prepare his players to play at the next level. Since Hagerty has came to Amat not one player has received an athletic scholarship to continue playing football at the next level. Nieto on the other hand has had many players receive money to play at the next level:
    Maverick Olivares
    Chris Eusebio
    Jordan Fox
    Tommy Reyes
    Brady Zuniga
    Paul Paez
    Jerry McClanahan
    Adrian Franco
    Jordan McCraney
    Rio Ruiz

    Next up are:
    Brandon McNitt
    Jay Anderson
    Bernardo Zavala.

    So which coach really is more valuable to Bishop Amat?

  • Pipe Dreams

    Results-How many of those guys are still”Playing” at those colleges? How many have transferred to JC’s? And I believe Hagerty has gotten some of his players to the next level. Bottom line on Anderson is that he needs to stop acting like a primadonna. I applaud Hagerty for not letting “anyone” make themselves bigger than the Team or Program. Nobody was asking JA to do anything that all the other players werent asked to do. Whats good for one, is good for all, its called a TEAM. And all members of the “FOOTBALL” team are treated the same and are bound under the same rules. Unlike other individual sports. Way to stand for something coach Hags. Hey Baseball! When you start bringing in a tenth of the revenue that the football team does then MAYBE someone will care what your opinion of our football coach is. Even then it will only matter for a tenth of a meaningful opinion. Stop trying to create divisions in the programs because even baseball players know the meaning of TEAM!

  • amatf

    What happened to maverick? I dont see him on the Irvine roster.

  • Keep it real

    Gonzalez, Rio and Anderson will miss as much as they want and Hags will take them back.

    end of story

  • These “THREE” deserve better

    Why is every one speculating?

    Speculation only does harm to the school, the players and the coaches reputations when they have done wonders for the school, all three!

    Hagerty has done miracles in such a short time you’d think he’d get the benefit of the doubt or at least enough respect to not have other’s speak on his bealf.

    Neito might not be everyone’s cup of tea but he delivers the goods and has Amat Baseball back o the National stage, for better or worst. Seems every year he’s getting kids to the next level so why not wait until he says something in definitively one way or the other , specific to these rumors. Remember Amat has a Championship to win and this can’t be helping the team or Jay at all.

    Finally whatever happens its a young man’s decision, respect that. If he was hurt in a Passing League game or the last play of the season doesn’t matter Jay has been a warrior. That has to garner him some level of solid standing among Lancers.

    Yu talk about the “big boy” league but remmeber it’s his body that tthose “big boys are taking shots at time after time. Only he knows how much he has to take or wants to. But that’s not really the point is it?

    The point is…I don’t see any positive coming from this, only negative energy. Never thought I’d see the day when Amat Lancers would eat each other up over an issue so publicly. Lancers, you’re better than that.

    No more negative speculating, great for the blog…not so good for Amat?

  • COChargerfan

    FC, my bad for not expressing what I meant more clearly. It was meant as advice and not an argument. Because as hard headed as I am, I still realize that this is a battle that you (or anyone else) cant win…and your kid will be the one that suffers the consequences. Dealing with a coach is no different than with your wife…it just doesn’t matter whether you are right because if SHE (or the coach) says you’re wrong then there is no amount of reasoning that will change it and fairness never comes into the picture. To settle an argument, how many times have you told your wife that you were an ass and you’re sorry even though she was 100% wrong? I, for one, can’t count the number, which is why Im still married after 27 years. So you willing to suck it up and do whatever it takes to get your kid a fair shot or stand on your principles? Thats my point. I sincerely hope that it works out for you so our kids get a chance to compete against each other next season.

  • Stick your advice

    COCF yes we are completely different men. I thought you knew.

    I don’t kiss ass to make sure my sons start, play or gets something they doesn’t deserve. Sorry that’s not a lesson I want to teach them. As far as my wife of 30 years I will say only this, “I’ve guaranteed her place in Heaven, that’s for sure”. I have been a good man and a wicked one and maybe a condemned one but I’ll leave that in God’s hands, today I’m just the best man I can be … today.

    I’ve got you beat by 3 years in the marriage department but no I don’t do the “yes dear” dance very well, never have. I expect her to see things her way and I’ll see things my way and both of us know neither one of us can be right or wrong all the time so standing on principle in my family means something. I will however be the first to say I’m sorry and make amends when the time comes to do so. Never hit my kids and all came out just fine. Never have my kids ever seen me with a beer in my hands, unless it was to hand one to a guest, or less than 100% clean, my oldest is 21. Pretty cool huh?

    I see you have a odd way of giving “advice” parent to parent or father to father regardless of the matter at hand, that makes you a childish fool in my book. I don’t think this is trivial or petty to say those things to a child and not fear discipline. Making light of the issues COCF illustrate the kind of man you aren’t.

    Tell your wife she married a spineless doormat. See … doesn’t feel good does it. Sadly though, based on your intentional stupid remarks, I think it hits home. Keep kissing ass to give your son a fair shot, see how far that carries them in real life. Knowing Phillips that should make your son his new “pet project” he has one every year. “Look and listen!’, don’t ask.

    Like I said before if I’m lying I’ll be sued or asked to leave the school.

    Today my son went to Tijuana to deliver food for people much less fortunate than you could ever imagine. Damien does that many times a year. My son was riding in a car with the best and the brightest in the school. Hand picked by the big man himself. So I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    One day a Damien Dad asked me , “Why don’t you ever go on the Tijuana Missions? It would be a great learning experience for you and your son”. I told him, “Did you know I was born there? Not too many stones throws from where you guys build houses actually. I was born in a house like the ones you guys find down there. Why do I want to go back?” He said, “You serious?”

    This year I will secure funds to build a Church in my Mother’s name not too far from where she gave me life and prayed for a better life for all her kids. I hope when the Damien Dads lay hammers to nails they’ll remember that the values you learn in Tijuana have purpose here at home. I figure why donate the money to Damien when Tijuana is where the money is really needed. I like what my son tell me when he comes back. I see he understands how far “we’ve” come.

    One more thing while I’m on my soap box lol.

    How is Doc Williams and Coach Gates NOT IN THE DAMIEN HALL OF FAME !!! Talk about an injustice!!! I heard the Damien “alumni” rule but that’s silly. Damien “mentors’ make Damien Men. I say that rule is silly and Doc & Gates deserve to be in.

    Is it any wonder it took 40 years to name a field for Coach Carroll? I think he wasn’t an Alumni either? Those Alumni guys are too much some times. Great guys but come on…

    Sorry, at Damien, as Father Tarvers knows… there is always “work” to do.

  • COChargerfan

    Wow, offer a man some sage advice and in return get more venom. FC, now I see why so many people and every coach that your kids have ever played for really despise you. Only a simple-minded, insecure person confuses an understanding of the merits of DIPLOMACY with a lack of intestinal fortitudeor a sufferer of little mans syndrome. So what ails you?

    As for my son, the irony is that my spineless doormat-loving wife thinks just like you, that is, blame the coaches for having favorites or a litany of other excuses for not playing her kid more. In no uncertain terms, I tell her that shes dead wrong because coachs are interested in winning and they will play the kids that give them the best chance for successso the onus is on our kid to work very hard to become good enough to be one of the coachs favorites.

    So keep blaming everyone else for your kids lack of playing time and trying to cover it up with tales about how great a man you really areI can see now why many bloggers take pot shots at you saying that no one cares about your blathering. In a few years from now your son is going to be mature enough to understand that his big-mouthed father ruined his high school sports careerdo you think thats going to make him respect or despise you? Congratulations because you are the fool.


    I have a great idea. Fred should set up a cage match between COCF and Sparta and donate all the proceeds to the winners favorite charity. Can you believe 2 grown men throwing insults at each other on a blog that is meant for sports on the local high schools. You both are a couple of fools to say the least . I must add for as much as you brag and carry on in regards to your college education and so forth, COCF you really are an azz.

  • Just tripping on this guy

    Way to go Frank. You won the award presented annually to the biggest jack ass of the year on this blog. And it’s only July. Wow! Impressive! You are a constant, thriving, pulsating mass of puss that boils under EVERYONES skin. How you never seem to skip a beat is beyond me. Stop already. Why are you like this? Seek help. Really!

  • joemama

    For gods sake Frank, give it a rest ! Just walk by the keyboard the next time you have that urge, and just shut up already.






    Frank C,
    Do you remember when you came out on the blog and announced you were going to retire from blogging . I seem to recall you even had somewhat of a countdown or something to the effect of these are my last days and after some event or something that was upcoming , that it was over for you . Whatever happened to that deal and the retirement . You always write how you are a man of your word and the many stories of learned values and passing your words of wisdom on to the many athletes of Damien such as Morrison’s son and other athletes of the SGV. Which Frank should we believe , the lier who said he was retiring and would not come back or the great story teller to the blog . Either one they are both top notch bull shiatters

  • At any cost

    Fred what is the point of putting out a rumors about players? First we had the Longoria transfer and all the negative comments that family had to endure, thru no fault of his and now this. Comments about the Andersen family, the lack of this and the lack of that, the stubborn ways of Hagerty and the ego of Neito. When it was all said and done it had nothing to do with anything but a family decision. People always defend the sanctity of the blog yet somehow forget they are attacking kids.

    Anderson is making a choice. Maybe every star player and their family would do well to have Fred’s number and speed dial or at least on Twitter to make sure Fred or Aram get the first interview.

    Geez Fred, isn’t Amat and Anderson in the middle of a baseball season. I’m sure this can’t do anything for moral. At the least it’s a distraction that’s unfair to everyone involved.

    Keep the blog hits up Fred, at any cost.

  • At any cost

    Fred what is the point of putting out a rumors about players? First we had the Longoria transfer and all the negative comments that family had to endure, thru no fault of his and now this. Comments about the Andersen family, the lack of this and the lack of that, the stubborn ways of Hagerty and the ego of Neito. When it was all said and done it had nothing to do with anything but a family decision. People always defend the sanctity of the blog yet somehow forget they are attacking kids.

    Anderson is making a choice. Maybe every star player and their family would do well to have Fred’s number and speed dial or at least on Twitter to make sure Fred or Aram get the first interview.

    Geez Fred, isn’t Amat and Anderson in the middle of a baseball season. I’m sure this can’t do anything for moral. At the least it’s a distraction that’s unfair to everyone involved.

    Keep the blog hits up Fred, at any cost.

  • 200 carries is 20 a game, 5 a quarter, in a 10 game season

    still a lancer

    andersen ran for 245 carries not over 300
    the year before gaise ran for 211
    during the verti years the main RB averaged 110
    the rest by committee
    how did that work out?
    Di Fiori with wagner had about 219
    are you sure you’re a lancer?
    check maxpreps
    hags knows what he’s doing
    what’s the (37) stand for anyway?
    200 carries is 20 a game in a 10 game season
    amat played 12 games
    20 carries a game
    5 per quarter
    is that too many?
    10-2 record
    i guess you know better

    i know you’re not a lancer




  • Any relation ?

    Medina, Duarte & Alvarez

  • randy

    No relation to Alvarez, whoever he is……who is he?