Spring Football: Aram takes a look at Bonita and Covina, who start spring practice on Monday

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
Bonita coach Eric Podley is still waiting to get all his players back from other sports, but when he does, the makings of one of the area’s top offenses should begin. It starts with returning quarterback Garrett Pendleton and continues with a receiving corps that’s got height and speed to burn. The Bearcats are six deep at running back, according to Podley. And sophomore-to-be Reggie Turner is somebody to keep an eye on. (To continue click thread)

“I think skill guys-wise, with our receivers, it can be one of our best groups,” Podley said. “Our line is the concern right now. We need to get our line together and stay healthy.” Injuries did in Bonita last season, with 27 different injured players missing at least a game. Bonita should be one of the most entertaining teams during the summer passing circuit, which is highlighted by the school’s marquee passing tournament on June 25 and 26. Thirty teams will compete at Bonita, including Southland powers Loyola, St. Bonaventure, Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks and Riverside Poly.

Covina ready to grow up
When Covina begins spring practice Monday, coach Darryl Thomas will be anxiously looking forward to see just how much last year’s youth-laden roster has improved.
The Colts started 13 sophomores last season, which gives Thomas a veteran, but still young group coming back.
“We’re still going to be young,” Thomas said. “They’ve been working hard in the weight room. A lot of guys have gotten bigger and taller. A 14-year-old body is different from a 15 or 16-year-old.”
The Colts might get younger still at a couple of key positions that could be filled by freshman Gevontray Ainsworth. Thomas said Ainsworth will battle for both a starting spot at running back and linebacker.
“He’s one of the freshmen we’re looking at,” Thomas said. “Coming from freshman to varsity is a big jump, but he’s definitely competing for a starting spot.

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  • kh

    s.d. mom.
    its here baby.
    this year we are all heathly.
    i cant wait.
    love baseball.
    but football holds all the cards when it comes to watching a sport from the stands.
    after the soft style of h.s. baseball.
    coach podley will let the two outfielders funnel of some of there speed and hitting skills.
    go bearcats

  • reality

    Finesse teams like Bonita may be fun to watch but they don”t win. You need to give punishment not just get it to win big games. If the coaches can instill the team with some strength and power then they could me more than a fun watch, if not it will be another season of being accused as a team with no heart and giving cheap shots when opponents are not looking.

  • Aaron

    I was going to say something but I read all of your comment. I will tell you, these kids are different, that defense is laden with studs. That offense, also laden with studs. I think the O-line will be solid for the first time in many years and we’ll see Bonita blossom. I want to see those Runningbacks though.

  • kh

    bonita cheap shots,
    that would mean we would have to be over agressive.
    that would be great.
    just watch last years s.h. bonita cif game.
    s.h. plays hard tell the ref blows the play dead.
    this is football,if your on that field you beter be ready too get stuck.

  • im telling you right now RB will not be a strength for bonita johnson will have a good year but besides him they are not set at RB griffin isnt ready 2 run yet at varsity and reggie isnt well liked because of his attitude which i guarantee you will be a problem for him but all in all this wont be a big problem because i see bonita going back to a pass first team and they are set on dfense except for there d-line who has some questions and there o-line is goin to be another question mark for them going into the season


    Why not put Casey Horine at RB and put him down for 2000 yards. Kid is strong, 100 M fast and loves to come up big. He’s a senior and this is his year. Plus he catches the ball well so he’s a threat there as well. Truth is there isn’t much this kid can’t do or won’t do. Big fan of the whole Horine Family, one of La Verne’s absolute best by far.

  • bonita has a big shot

    I have to disagree with putting Horrine at running back. He is too injury prone and way too valuable on defense. I would put him out wide and let our QB get him the ball a few yards down field then watch out. Johnson and the others or more than just capable. Also I here Pendelton is working extra hard and has looked good at some camps. What is needed is some line depth and a kicking game. go Bearcats

  • Basic how’s the legs?

    How about using “Basic” at RB?

    The man could finally help out Podley.

    Anyone know any news on Zach B. Fantastic kid for sure. The Basketball really needed his minutes this year and on court leadership and hustle. Will he be playing football this year? And how is Garrett Horine? Seems like a there’s something special with that kid.

    Maybe it’s time to take in a game.

  • I hope not…

    I hope coach Thomas is not thinking about the Fros kid to be a linebacker. He is way toooooo soft. All the parents heard about this kid who has size and was the son of a college player. People, there is a reason why Amat and other top local schools are not after him. slow of the start. I see this kid taking over for our soon to be missed #33 at nose guard.

    We are no longer the young team. We are experienced juniors in several positions with a bigger line on both sides. Not just at QB like the juniors MCd walked in with.

    Lets kick some butt no excuses. Leave it all on the field!

  • ha

    hows the o line for bonita

  • Aaron

    The offensive line should be pretty good this year, some very good and big kids coming back. Remember it is all about chemistry especially with the O-ine. I think they’ll do well and give Garrett the protection he needs because when you can’t it is embarrassing as an O-linemen

  • Basic


    I agree that chemistry is very important to the success of a team however, it is difficult for any player to develop that when it seems that 80% of practice is spent on offensive skill position players and not so much on the entire play itself, having said that, I do agree that our skill position players seem to be above average.

    Now for the deep end comments…Pod is a really nice guy and a good coach but reminds me more and more of Joe Pa, in that he has become to comfortable in his position. I think we need a coach that has the knowledge but also the fire which seems to be missing from Pod. Again, he is a pretty decent coach and a really nice guy but the fire is now ashes. I know I will get blasted for these comments but hey it’s what I think and this is a great way to put it out there. Go to a game and you can hear it, so many people know what play is coming by the formation or where we are that how can the other team not know??? and we never seem to exploit any advantages, like a 5’4″ Corner when we have multiple WR’s that 6’+.

    Anyhow, that’s my rant….Now, I do wish all the boys and coaching staff a successful year in the new league and hopefully a nice playoff run.

  • bhs

    wat bonita needs is to strip coach Rodriguez of his play calling he cant call plays to save his life

  • To Aaron

    Hey Aaron,

    Im excited about the team this year. Can you tell me who is coming back from last year. what are our needs and where do we shine. My friend said that the offense will be very good this year. is anybody being looked at by colleges? was told that we have speed at wideouts, but i hope they can catch this year. I think we have a really good quarterback and we should be able to score.- SB

  • bob

    who is the o line made up of?

  • guess

    Good Luck to Bonita this year.Why didn’t you mention Upland will be at the Passing League this year.After all they did win CIF this year.And they look stronger this year than last year.They are favored to win the Baseline League this year.

  • Aaron

    I think I had a response but it didn’t go through. This is just some food for thought with people that got plenty of time last season. There are others that aren’t off the top of my head. Remember JVs went 8-0-2, Freshmen went 10-5. So expect a some more sophs to contribute as well as juniors.
    Excited, but here’s a list of guys.

    Garrett Pendleton
    Casey Horine
    Garrett Horine
    Matt Migdat
    Giamani Johnson
    KC Huth
    Tarez Lemmons
    Daniel Harriman
    Cody McKenzie
    Matt Gelalich
    Eric Mikity
    Zach Brungard
    Robert Moss
    Brandon Odle

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