Breaking News: Bishop Amat’s Jay Anderson will not play football in the fall, opting to concentrate on baseball, his family said

Above: Anderson rushed for 1,121 yards and 22 touchdown in helping the Lancers capture the Serra League title and advance to the second-round of the Pac-5 Division playoffs.

Breaking News: Keith Anderson, the father of Bishop Amat junior running back/outfielder Jay Anderson, informed us this afternoon that Anderson will not play football for the Lancers in the fall, opting to concentrate on his studies and baseball his senior season.
“It was a difficult decision, but Jay’s not going to play football,” Keith Anderson said. “I called and spoke with (Bishop Amat coach) Steve Hagerty and informed him. It was a decision as a family, after his mother and I sat down and talked with Jay about it that we all felt as a family it was best for him to focus on baseball his senior year.”
Although Anderson had not been attending mandatory football weightlifting sessions so that he could concentrate on baseball and his studies, Keith Anderson believed that wouldn’t have prevented him from playing football, which was speculated.
“I think it all would have been worked out if Jay was going to play,” Keith Anderson said. “If Jay decided later he wanted to play, I’m sure Steve wouldn’t of said flat out that you couldn’t play football at Bishop Amat. He never told me that, and I don’t think he would have handled it that way.”
Keith Anderson said his son wants to focus on baseball in hopes of earning a scholarship and being the best baseball player he can by concentrating on the sport all year round.
“He’s (Jay) never had a chance to do this, to be in the type of showcase tournaments that he’s wanted to be in because of football,” Keith Andreson said. “He’s done a lot of great things in football that we’re all proud of, but he’s looking forward to the opportunity of devoting himself 100 percent to baseball.”

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  • SGV Reader

    Well at least the kid has his priorities straight with wanting to concentrate on school.

  • AMAT 73

    Thank you to Mr. Anderson for ending all the bs speculation on both Nieto and Hags. Best of luck to JA and I hope he gets everything he is looking for in baseball at AMAT and in the future. He is a very fine young man and a great LANCER. He will definitely be missed on the football field this coming season but I am sure we will find another LANCER to fill his shoes although it will be a very tough challenge.

  • Amat follower

    Good for Jay, although I hate to see Amat be without their star running back Jay did what was best for his future. Sometimes it’s hard to look out for yourself, because your good at another sport you may think your letting your school down. He’s gotten a lot of attention playing for the baseball team and who knows, he may of caught the eye of a couple of major league scouts.
    Hope this isn’t a trend, Amat does have a few 2 sport athletes( Rios, Rodriguez) who futures look solid for baseball. Should the football team start worrying? Your senior year should be about you and your future.

  • Lance R

    Lance R said:
    It is Jays senior year and he should have the right to choose the sport he believes will land him with a college offer. Football as a senior could blow out a tear especially as a tailback. Rio is a sophmore and trust me come his senior year his dad will make this same decision. It does not take long for stud athletes to get in shape for the next sport because they are so talented. So a ultimatum from Hags is not cool he knows what Jay and Rio can do. If Jay quits football good for him it is a smart choice all you Amat bloggers are in selfish mode to have the best out there but I as a Amat blogger see it differently, I look out for a kid and his parents decision as far as his future..Go for it Jay do what is best for you and your future…Rio will be the next to leave Amat football to concentrate on baseball but that will be when that senior season comes around for Rio where pro scouts will be offering millions…Amat just has to find the replacements for these players, their future is just too bright on the diamond not the gridiron.

    May 15, 2010 11:24 AM

    You go Jay. That decision is your families and yours. It was great to see you play football last year and you will be missed this year. Baseball is your calling and getting fine tuned year round with showcase tournaments being in the batting cage fultime is what will get you there. Put in that hard work and do not let anyone stand in the way of setting out to do what you do best and thats play Baseball. Good Choice young man. To the bloggers that are selfish to see Jay play football, save it, this is his decision and everyone should respect it. Rio take a page out of this young mans book and start thinking about baseball first, this is what you do best, as for football, it is all good but it is not the bread winner to yourself and your family baseball is.

  • Big Poppa

    I think Jay and his family are making a good decision and I applaud them because this was a tough one I’m sure. Jay will move forward and do great things. Further, the decision to concentrate on school and his future is right on. I wish more parents had the courage to actually guide their kids rather than letting things just happen to the. See you in the BIGS kid. Perhaps you dad will let me roll And-One>


    Dear Haters…

    You see what happens when you jump the gun? You were all so quick to blame Coach Hags. Now ya’ll just look absolutely foolish. This was an Anderson Family decision and the Amat Family supports it. Mr. Anderson said himself that Jay could have played 2 sports w/ no problems! LOL! Put that in ur pipe and inhale DEEPLY!

    The very bad news for you haters is that Bishop Amat is very deep at the running back position as always.

    So keep hating and talking your crap…While you do this Bishop Amat will continue to make high school football history…

  • BigDog

    What is it with kids now a days are they wimps thinking they have to play just one sport.This kid shouldn’t be focusing on one sport he should be doing all he can do in high school.if this kid puts all his eggs in one basket it may backfire on him.Why is his daddy making his decisions for him,sounds like his daddy thinks jay will be the goose that laid the golden egg.Ive seen a million kids like him and this may backfire on him.this kid can play football as well as baseball and will do just fine.One year isn’t going to make a difference in any sport.John Elway played football and baseball at Stanford and did just fine.Your only in high school once and the young man should make the most of it.

  • the SGV tribune has turned into the

    Bishop Amat, South Hills, and Northview tribune.

    its pretty sad.

    Anderson getting looks from MLB scouts?
    every kid in the country batting .341 in HS is getting looks at mlb scouts now? if it was .450+ with 20+ rbi and 5+ hr then we’ll be talking about mlb, but his stats are regular, and in the Del Rey League, they should be WAY higher.

  • Jackboy

    I wonder if any of you geniuses would have the same opinion if Jay decided to play Football and not play Baseball to concentrate on his studies his senior season? Probably not! Good for you Jay to have the guts to choose a sport that can take you somewhere. Finally a kid that didnt cave into that good old Amat peer pressure. Anyone remember Bo Jackson?

  • Bad move

    Bad move Booth. you just lost ur bailout ticket that woulda scored for ya. now you gotta run into the wolves of the pac 5, WELCOME 2 THE JUNGLE HOPE U ENJOY THE RIDE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAH

  • Neuter the Bigdog



    Sometimes I think your head isn’t screwed on completely. There is a HUGE, GIGANTIC, MASSIVE difference between the QB (ELWAY)and the RB (ANDERSON) position. The risk of injury goes up exponentially when you play RB!

    These are only 17 year old kids anyways…NOT HALL OF FAMERS!


    dude…give it are getting quite pathetic…

  • QB coach

    There is a lot of time between now and then and my bet is Jay will be in the starting line up game1.

    Along with being a good coach Hags is one best sales guys in socal and he playing it right for now. Support the decission and apply pressure over time.

  • Really

    I agree with funny, shoud be hitting way higher for average. He does not have a majar league arm who is a hitter with not to much pop. Ya he beats out alot of ground ball to first but when he moves up a level they will just be outs. Should have played football.

  • Alumni 96 Amat

    All you morons bashing this young man for his stats in HS. No one said Jay is aiming for MLB and to be drafted, if that comes great but the family and this young man are looking at college baseball and a chance to play for a University. Get over it, this guy made a decision respect it. Jay is not going to be playing major college football with his size and we all know it. A good HS football running back does not equate to a good College Running back if you do not have the size. Jay is not college RB material. With baseball he has more of a chance to continue playing sports in college and if he does turn out to be a great player we will see him in MLB. Thats all a wait and see, but college is what he is aiming for. From the way some of you come in here and talk trash I can see you have never seen a college classroom.

  • time to re-evaluate

    This whole thing has gotten really way out of hand. In fact, this should never have happened.

    Unfortunately for the Lancers, success in baseball has come at a price. If we look at all that has been happening over the last few weeks (or maybe even years), we can see that the baseball program has seemly created a very big dilemma for not only the football program, but also for coach Hags as well.

    Baseball is fun at Amat but it is not, nor should it ever be the primary sport at this school. So, im going to be the first blogger to come out and say this. If coach Nieto and the baseball program is starting to create this type of problem for the school, it is time to get rid of Nieto and reevaluate the importance of baseball at Amat.

    There can only be one alpha male in any pride, and just like in the real world, there can only be one Alpha sport. That Alpha sport is football, and the Alpha male is coach Hags.

    Also, I want to remind you all that when the Amat football team was struggling, the administration did all it could to find a good replacement football coach . They spent allot of time and effort.

    They did this because they recognized that football was important for bringing in new students. In fact, one of the biggest reasons for next years football schedule is that Amat is playing allot of those teams in order to showcase Amat to the outlining community

    Let Northview, San Diams, and Gladstone rule the baseball world. Who cares if they do anyway ?

    I dont.

    Baseball is about a big a draw, and as about as important to the school as is golf. But the facts are that now its time to put this entire issue where it really belongs.

    Get rid of Nieto and down scale this baseball program before this happens again.

  • re-evaluate what?


    You make no sense at all. Nieto would not let any of the football/baseball players play with the Fall team during the football season. They even would if they could go the answer was no. He told them see when football season is over. Can Hags do the same? Nieto didn’t create this problem. He is not the issue. If I do recall three of the top Amat football guys were baseball players. I comend Mr. Anderson for taking the high road on the issue. How do you down grade a program? I am sure is going to go along with that one. How ridiculous of a comment you are making.

  • grassy knoll and big JA fan

    This stinks to high heaven…Hags doesn’t care about kids, he only cares about himself and the program. Last year Anderson hurt his leg and was limping for several weeks, Hags told him if he couldn’t go hard in practice, then he wouldn’t play, he didn’t let him heal up. He swore to Mr. Anderson that he wouldn’t run Jay into the ground, but he used him like a sledge hammer, too many carries, too much punishment. The Anderson’s sacrificed much baseball opportunity for the football team and Hags shows his appreciation by giving him ultimatum’s and threats, he never once said thank you, just uses and uses kids to get his stock up, he is not the reason the kids play well, it’s the assistant coaches, they are the true teachers. The Andersons have learned that he is untrustworthy and have tried to divert the negative publicity this has created for the school, but most inside people know the truth, all the school brass and Athletic dept. know what hags has been doing in the locker room. Why in the world would a kid who has played football his whole life, an all league, all State running back who can play D1 football, NOT want to play his SENIOR year. Think long and hard, it doesn’t add up. Hag treats kids like equipment, his ego and ridiculous demands have gone too far. This is the first of many star athletes that will follow in the same pattern. The school is for the kids, their life, their memories, their happiness and they should leave with no regrets and certainly no coaches who chase away dreams…as a fan of Amat I am outraged that i don’t get to see Jay Anderson run the ball wearing the Blue colors again. Mr. Anderson I applaud you for saying what you said today, but your not fooling any one, you were forced out. You know it, Hag’s knows it and Hemingway know’s it. Jay you called his bluff and now he has to live his life with his first big mistake, as the other Serra league coaches are happy as hell. Jay your the man! good luck in all you do son. I’m so proud of you!

  • The Grassy knoll is full of manure

    Hags only cares about hinself and doesn’t care about the school? You are an idiot. All of his brothers and sisters as well as himself have went to Bishop Amat. He cares about the school and the students. Remember he is an educator first unlike some midgets at the school.

    If he told a player to go hard in pratice and fight through the pain,well good. When Coach Ladecuar(sp) at De La Salle had Maurice Jones Drew he went through something similar. Drew sprained his ankle bad right before their big game in Hawaii and Ladecour told Drew the same thing. Well, Drew fought throught the pain.

    I never heard a running back complain about getting too any carries only the opposite.

    The only thing that doesn’t add up is the actions of the baseball coach. For two years he bossed around everyone at the school because the football program was in a downward spiral. Now we have a head football coach who understands what Amat Lancers should be and the baseball coach’s ego is threatened.

    Grassy Knoll,
    You may be an Amat Fan but you are not an Amat Lancer. Hags is and Nieto isn’t.

  • Same Ole Amat

    I see things hasn’t change at Amat. Amat has the same old internal issues from the past. Amat alums like “Hags” believing their greater then the program. Every sports is an issue at Amat. Did you noticed the amount of students who obtained scholarships on signing day? Guess what folks, “ITS THE PARENTS WHO PUT IN THE WORK TO SECURE THE SCHOLARSHIPS NOT THE COACHES” Amat should have double the amount of students in every sports signing if some of these alum coaches would make a phone call for a student. You want proof? Example: Go back about five years and think of all the football players who got scholarships and ask their parents how much the coaches helped? Some of those players in college have relatives still at the school!!!

  • Dont believe the HYPE

    All you Old Fart Alumni and even you Young Buck recent Alumni need to speak from the proper perspective and stop professing a knowledge to something you know NOTHING about! Sure thats how it WAS when you were here BUT, YOU AREN”T HERE ANYMORE!!!!! You have no idea what is said to these kids when they talk to a coach on campus or in the weight room or in the dug out or on the field, so SHUT YOUR FACE! Every player who speaks to their coaches and often, most often if not ALWAYS, it’s when their parents are not around. Nobody knows what is truely said to a player regarding ANY issue. And to you parents who are in fantasy land and think that your kid is telling you everything that was said ad relating it to you exactly as it was said ARE UNREALISTIC FOOLS. I KNOW what has been required if my athlete because I am the one who trucks him around and let me just say that any coach worth his salt will do exactly what BOTH of these coaches are doing, requiring the players to be at everything that they can both football and baseball related. There ARE things that “would be in your best intrest” to attend and you must attend these events to the best of your ability. To TOTALLY DISREGARD these events will definately land you in some hot water but overall its nothing a little communication cant handle. I think communication with BOTH coaches is always the key. Good Luck to all involved.

  • AMAT 73

    Time to re-evaluate yourself,
    I don’t know how long you have been following AMAT sports . It’s evident you are an outsider looking in at something you know nothing about . As far as my affiliation with AMAT and I go back to late 60’s and first attended in 69 as a freshman we have been a baseball power . I can remeber the great teams of Coach Holligan and the huge crowds that would come to see the ball games and still do to this day . Baseball like football is steep in tradition at AMAT and always will be. Yes we are known for football but we are also known for baseball. Can you imagine the quality students who are athletes we would lose if there was no baseball program at AMAT. Maybe young men like Rio, J Mac,JA and others would have passed on AMAT because of no baseball . You write that the administration went out and found a quality coach for the football program in Hags , well they did the same in the hiring of Nieto . He may be a pain to a few but he is one hell of a coach and you can’t argue with the results. One of the top selling points of AMAT which Mnsgr has come to realize is that at AMAT whatever your chosen sports is you will be well coached and you have the chance to play against top level opponents to test your abilities and play next to very talented individuals. Now if you are basing this on JA wanting to focus on baseball you are truly missguided. This fine young man has decided to focus on what would give a better chance to get to the next level. Did you read where his father said he wanted to focus on HIS STUDIES as well as baseball to work towards getting a scholarship. Senior year at AMAT is not a cake walk of electives , it is usually a year of 4th year of math and science and maybe some AP classes and if in the IB program a very important year of studies . By the way that golf team you alluded to sarcasticly they just won a league championship for the second strait year. Who knows maybe we get the next Phil or Tiger . Remember at AMAT every sport is just as important as the other and all are a feather in our cap and we are very proud of all of them . Well I will get off the soapbox now and as I said before good luck to Jay and his future which I know he will do well because he will be very well prepaired for whatever he chooses.

  • Amat Alumin

    What is the differance with a coach getting out of his head coaching duties to quit and say “I want to spend more time with my family” only to resurface elsewhere. Well Jay says “I want to concentrate on Baseball fulltime and leave football”. You know Jay would love to play football but someone made it a issue and it sounds to me like there is a riff between Jay Anderson and family with the Football program. Jay does not need football if he has baseball, remember this is talented baseball player as well. If I do recall last years game vs Lakewood Jay Anderson did not start and of couse rumors swirled as to what happened? Yes he may have been hurt but all of a sudden he is back in there runniong the ball effectively. I think there is more that meets the eye here and as for Jay good Job young man you stand up to what you believe in.

  • Who set the fire?

    Take caution and have care.

    Consider what a great forest is set on fire by…a small spark!

    The tongue is a small part of the body but it sets many great fires! It is restless and full of poison. We praise our Lord and curse our friends with the same tongue. This should not be!

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

    Not many of you should presume to be teachers, because you know that teachers will be judged more strictly. We all stumble in many ways. Those who are never at fault in what they say are perfect.

    These thoughts come from the book of James chapter 3.

    If you love Amat, then support it! If you disagree with something, then get involved. Calling a coach an idiot or making fun of their height has no value whatsoever. No thing or no person in this world is perfect.

    Lastly, check what’s in your heart!

    “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” Matthew 12:34-35

    These are teens at a high school playing a game. Thats it! They need your support and care, so love them!

    God loves you!

  • Time to re-evaluate

    Does anyone in here remember why Shack left LA a few years ago ? It wasnt just about the money, as much as it was about who was going to be the alpha male for the Los Angels Lakers.

    Like I said before, there can only be one alpha male at Amat, and just like in the real world, there can only be one Alpha sport. That Alpha sport is football, and the Alpha male is coach Hags. Deal with it if you dont like it.

    Amat 73, if you want to hang baseball banners at the expense of PAC 5 trophies, then I think you need to reconsider where your priories are in all of this. Wasnt it just yesterday that Amat was show casing all of those baseball banners in the Carroll center while wallowing in last place in the Serra league in football ? Tell me, what has given you more pride today ? A baseball banner, or a win over Saint Bonaventure.

    BTW, wasnt it you, along with so many others, who supported a change in the coaching staff when the football program was running aground ? Wasnt it you who wanted to have a football team that you could be proud of, and talk about with great pride on a consistent bases in this blog ? Wasnt it you who got mad at Amnot, King Stud and all the rest when they took pot shots at the football team ?

    So what is it that you would rather have anyway ? A great baseball team, or a greater football team ? You cant have them both especially when you have such a good baseball coach.

    Nieto is a baseball coach who is committed to doing his job. Nothing wrong with that. But, Nieto has to protect his interests as well. Unfortunately, that means that he needs to have the best kids for his sport. However, you need to remember that his sport is not the Alpha sport at Amat. Football is. To have a champion baseball team is simple awesome, but to have that same outstanding coach change the dynamics of the football program is totally wrong.

    Thats whats happening here. He is putting baseball, which he should by the way, ahead of football, and that has to stop, and it has to stop right here and now !

    Amat 73, there is nothing wrong with having a great golf team or even having a kick azz choir, but when we speak of Amat and when we speak of sports in general, none of them hold candle to football. Get your priorities straight

  • AMAT 73

    First off let’s get something out in the open. What is your connection to AMAT ? Yes I was one of many who was calling for a coaching change . I felt that the players were being short changed on their effort by poor choices on the part of the head coach for the simple fact that he was just to young for our program and where we wanted it to be.You can’t honestly tell my that the team shouldn’t have gone much farther then they did . Did you witness some of the games under Verti . I don’t want to hash up all those old things but a lot more talent was lost due to that situation with the old coach .Some left and some didn’t bother to apply to attend because of it . Either way it set the program back a couple of years . Belive me when I tell you I am proud of every single banner that gets hung up in the gym . Do you know why , it’s because that all have one thing in common . They all say AMAT on them . Don’t just single out me being at amnot or Stud because of football I will defend AMAT on any subject and any sport. Ask anyone on the blog I do bleed Blue an Gold and not just for football . The one thing I will say about a winning football program is that it is a great revenue producer for AMAT but it is not this alpha such and such you are hung up on. We have seen one player leave the football team for what I consider a great reason and so do his parents .In closing I will ask again what is your affiliation with AMAT just so I know where you are coming from .

  • time to re-evaluate

    Why is it that when ever someone has a different opinion on any subject, that there is always this egotistical issue with respect to who has the bigger lance as a lancer, if youll pardon my pun.

    Amat 73, you are no more important, no are you any less important, any other blogger in here. The fact that you call yourself Amat 73 suggests the possibility that you attended Amat at some point in your life, and maybe that suggests that you even graduated from there in, lets me guess.1973 ?????

    So tell me this, if I were to say to you that I currently work at Amat as an instructor, or if I were to say to you that I too attended Amat at some point in my life, or even or I were to imply in some way, hint, hint, hint, that I was a football coach, would my opinion be any more important than yours ? Of course not.

    So do me a big favor and let go of your ego for just a minute and look at the big picture.
    Amat needs a successful football program, but they can do just fine without all the conflict that is starting to eke itself out with respect to this fiasco that we are having with coach Nieto.

    Having a good baseball program gives us Lancers a warm fuzzy feeling, but lets get real here. Football rules and football is and always will be king, and Ill say this again, if there is going to be a loser in all of this with respect to losing quality athletes, you can damn well bet it isnt going to be football.

    If I were coach Nieto right now, Id be watching my back right about now, because this man isnt going to be around to much longer if this sort of thing keep happening.

    BTW, I am not a football coach nor am I an instructor at Amat, but what I am is just a blogger.

  • Take Another Look

    Why are all of you trying to put the baseball team against the football team? or Hagerty against Nieto? The real problems were Di Fiori and Verti. They were the one who ruined the once storied Bishop Amat football team.

    Athletes have been shared at Amat for many years ex: Randy Tanner, JR Phillips, John Jackson, Joey Getherall, Abel Montanez. Why can’t that happen now? Amat fans should take pride in both programs.

  • Glory DAYZ r over

    Athletes will no longer be able to play double sports at Amat because of people like “Hags” and other Amat coaches who think nothing other than their personal resume. Hags has openly stated that it’s not his responsibility to help athletes get into College. Student athletes want to go to “College” by all means necessary to get a free education and it doesn’t matter what sport you play. Parents are aware of that fact, so there going to encourage their son/daughter to pick the best sport. Football or baseball, which ever road leads to “College”. And right now Nieto is helping athletes get to “COLLEGE”. Who cares about Amat football if it doesn’t lead to “COLLEGE”. Who cares if football should be No.#1. Why do you think Amat’s Boys Basketball program has been under water for years and Poor “Tyler” and family are hustling to get a well deserved scholarship with no help for their coach. Other SGV (Lav Luth& Dia Ranch)boys bball programs are booming with “COLLEGE” prospects. Half of those boys live in the area and their parents attended Amat but they wouldn’t come to Amat even if it was for free LOL. (Urtell?? & Wiard)LOL LOL. Even the great “Wiard” of Amat girls bball never helps the girls get into college. This guy is up for the Hall of Fame. All those great girls used travel ball to get into college. So Nieto, work your magic baby and keep getting those athletes in baseball to “College”. Wake up people it’s 2010. Its not just about AMAT FOOTBALL anymore!! You may not like this trend but student/athletes parents pay $$$$$ for Amat and they “NOW” want something in return. It’s about getting to college for “FREE, FREE, FREE, & FREE. Times are hard folks. Get luck Jay, your dad knows what’s up LOL

  • Football First

    Hagerty has no problem with his football players playing 2 sports. As a matter of fact, he encourages football players to wrestle during the off season. While Nieto encourages all year round baseball, thus, discourages his players from participating in football or any other sport.

    Other 2 sport athletes with baseball scholies who played a major role in Amat football: Adam Simon, Michael Lange, Dennis Wyrick, McClanahan, Randy Tanner to name a few.

  • AMAT 73

    Believe me there is no ego on my part at all. I am like you say just a contributor to the blog like anyother blogger . No more important than any other blogger. It’s not the fact that if you were to say your attended AMAT it would make your opinion anymore important than mine. Just trying to get a feel for where you are coming from . You write having a good baseball team gives us LANCERS a warm fuzzy feeling so I am guessing maybe you did graduate from AMAT. Did you graduate or just attend for few years . I never said AMAT does not need a successful football program . You and I both know AMAT needs to have it because yes that is what we are known for in the eyes of the general public and like I wrote earlier football does produce a great deal of revenue for the school . Those who follow AMAT know all about our total sports programs . Just look to MLB and yes there are AMAT alumni out there just like in the NFL. Hopefully we will have one in the WNBA . My main point is all this rhetoric going on here as to Nieto this and Hags that all because a young man decided to concentrate on baseball and his studies to further his chance of a scholarship in baseball .That is what his father said were the reasons and I have no reason not to believe that is the truth , do you. Hags has done a great job in the 2 years of being head coach and I do believe we will see that PAC-5 banner hanging in the gym soon with things continuing as they have in the past . We have always had 2 or 3 sport athletes and it will continue . No need to let other programs suffer at the hands of a winning football program because that is not how it is done at AMAT . Never has and never will .All of our sport programs are important to AMAT even the golf team. By the way good guess I did graduate in 1973 . Maybe me writing I was a freshman in 69 tipped you off also .

  • Get Real

    Glory Dayz, I think you’re the one living in the past. Almost all student athletes that are receving an athletic scholarship are being recruited via club or travel ball teams. Football and Track are the lone wolves here, there is no other venue to showcase football talent then during a high school game and/or participating in combine or camp.
    Each and every sport, besides football and track, have college showcases that are the primary venues for recruiters to view talent. If you think a student athlete gets an athletic scholarship based soley on his or her high school body of work you are wrong. Those days have come and gone.

    Saylor, France, Gonzalez and Ruiz were all being recruited prior to their Sophomore years in High School. Jay will play the summer circuit and get his due, I fully expect him to be playing in college after graduation (2011). I’ll even go out on a limb and say he gets offered (Baseball) over the summer and plays a little football for Amat next year.
    J. Moore has been looking good in practice.

  • Rose tint my world

    Nieto moves kids on to college? WHAT KID DID NIETO MOVE??? A previous poster hit the nail on the head when he said that Most Baseball players are found with their travel squads and at camps ALL of which have nothing to do with coach nieto or BA for that matter. The SGV Arsenal has had everything to do with the AMAT Baseball players “moving on to college”. I don’t care for the man one way or the other but to read these comments about Nieto “doing anything” for the baseball players is ludacris. Unless he is coaching for the Arsenal now a days he has no bearing on the “Money” these guys are getting. Just a little reality check for those supposedly “in the know”. Still good to see the Baseball Program Doing well BUT if they don’t win it all, then its all for naught! Good Luck Lancers expectations are HIGH.

  • Keep the band playing

    Amat bloggers you guys are being played. It’s obvious the sudden appearance of long winded comments are not Amat individual but bloggers making trouble. Some are recent converts to Amat for sure but that’s where it ends. You’re all being played. The over simplification of Football is god doesn’t wash with any Bishop Amat alumni’s view or values true Lancers have learned as students.

  • Get a life

    Unbelievable! People get a life, it’s a family decision…Jay is an outstanding kid with enviable opportunities. Let the kid enjoy his Senior year and his life. Do any of you Blow hards know what you do to a kids psyche ? Do you care? Regardless of what his future holds, it’s obvious people on this blog have High School regrets and live vicariously through HS Sports! This is HIGH SCHOOL PEOPLE! GROW UP!

  • Bishop Amat “10”

    Dos anybody have an opnion about the Lancers football program this spring

  • Bishop Amat “10”

    Dos anybody have an opnion about the Lancers football program this spring

  • Bishop Amat “10”

    Dos anybody have an opnion about the Lancers football program this spring