Baseball Predictions: Don’t be afraid to think it, Glendora, South Hills and Bishop Amat really can

Division 2
This is like trying to predict the Central Division football playoffs, where upsets aren’t really upsets, and anyone can be knocked off in any round. This is the toughest of all the divisions, but the fact is even if you’re a Glendora fan and want to pencil them through with your heart, it’s a the smart bet anyway because they have a great No. 1 in Adam Plutko with the staff support to go deep. It’s a challenge, but the Tartans have as good as shot as anyone. Damien could get No. 3 seed Redlands East Valley in the second round, but I’m not sure they have the pitching depth to win round-after-round like Glendora. Same goes for Diamond Bar, who have to win a wild-card game. So, here is how it will shake out.
Glendora vs. La Mirada
El Toro vs. Crespi
Glendora over Crespi

Division 3
Beckman and Alhambra are the top two seeds, but South Hills is still the best in the division and will prove it again. Huskies pitcher Andrew Morales showed me a lot in his 4-3 loss to Bishop Amat. He wasn’t afraid of the pressure or the crowd, nearly out-pitching Amat’s Paul Paez. He’s a gamer plus they have a guy named Dakota Behr who can pitch too. Bonita has been such a surprise, but too bad they would have to play the Huskies in the quarters. If they didn’t do it last year, not sure how they can this year. Walnut will be my sleeper, getting an unproven team like No. 4 Hemet in the second round that they can handle, so here is how it shakes out.

Beckman vs. Walnut
South Hills vs. Alhambra
South Hills over Beckman

Division 4
Look, if Bishop Amat doesn’t win it, it will be the biggest upset in any division by far. Hope that doesn’t add any pressure, it’s just the truth. They know it, you know it, we all know it. So who will be there with them? I absolutely loves Northview’s draw, especially if Eddie Pedroza is healthy. Oaks Christian could be dangerous if they meet in the quarters, but I like them to sneak though. St. Paul, Monrovia and Palm Desert are the best bets in the bottom half. Don’t sleep on St. Paul, they have a 1-2 punch on the mound better than anyone outside of Amat.

Bishop Amat vs. Northview
St. Paul vs. Palm Desert
Bishop Amat over St. Paul

Division 5
This is actually a difficult division. Maranatha has a major league first-round draft choice pitching, Woodcrest Christian and Tahquitz ae for real, making it a real chore for Sierra Vista or La Puente to advance past the second round. I love Sierra Vista’s chance when Christian Huerta’s pitching, but that might not be enough, especially if they reach the quarters and face No. 1 Woodcrest Christian.

Woodcrest Christian vs. Montclair Prep
Maranatha vs. Tahquitz
Maranatha over Woodcrest Christian

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  • Baseball NUT!


    You did pretty well dude!

    DIV IV is a lock for the TOP 4 to advance. MAYBE Monrovia can sneak in. I think St Paul has a excellent chance to face AMAT yet again. But I like Palm Desert, they were my pick to play Amat so I will stick with them.

    Glad to see you like El Toro in the DIV II final 4. I actually think El Toro has just as deep a rotation as Glendora, but their # 1 isn’t in Adam’s class. For that I see them beating Crespi though I didn’t pick em. I like the Tartans, and will cheer for them the next few weeks, but I haven’t been sold on them all season.
    Again Like Nieto says for AMAT, they are VERY well prepared for CIF with that NON league schedule. I truly believe that HELPS come this time of the year, and BOTH AMAT & S/H played on a BIG stage, against so called bigger boys in many games. I think the lack of a tough NON league may hurt Glendora, though no fault of their own.

    As for DIV III I agree about Bonita, but their bats have been consistant ALL season. IF, South Hills comes out of the bottom bracket then once again they will smoke Beckman! Actually probably four to five in bottom bracket could probably beat Beckman.

    ALL season I thought we COULD have THREE CIF CHAMPIONS, and it looks you feel the same way. I also think that South Hills & Amat, has a good shot to do it again in the Spring of 2011. They have that much talent! Bonita wil return alot, and watch out for Los Altos in 2011!
    Make the SGV proud guys and GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!!!!

  • SGV baseball Fan

    Beckman wont even make it past Hemet

  • kh

    do you know anything about h.s. baseball.
    walnut your sneaker,
    we just beat the 25 t0 2 in our last 2 games of the season.
    your killing me larry,
    hey its too bad we have to play the huskies,the reason the pitcher went so deep against amat is because amat tried to live on the three run homer in the first,that was all the little offense they could mucsel.
    the talking is over the games are here.

  • Say it, it ain’t so Coach

    was finally done said:

    Yes everyone know’s that Casey Morales was talking to the official before the game about a bat in BA ammunition. i believe it was the BLUE EASTON he was talking about. I’ve been watching BA and SP very closely this pst years. Always go to the game that seems better to watch that week. To me it seems no offence BA but that bat he cried about was a good call. Mondays game between SP and BA #6 i think his name is Zabala hit a bomb that was easily 520 plus feet. That was a blast. In my eyes that kid doesn’t have that kind of power. There is no way. Then i started putting two and two together. I watched the South Hills vs Amat game. Rio was using a Voodoo the whole game until amat needed something big to happen for them to win. All of a sudden he breaks out the BLUE EASTON and hits a jack to win the game. I don’t want to say it but if BA needs rolled bats to win. I’m going to lose all respect for them. Wed. game without that the BLUE BEAST in the BA players hands, they didn’t do anything. Hopefully the rumors aren’t true about the shaved bats because that would be an all time low for BA and people would lose all respect for them as well.

  • Is it TRUE?????

    Mr I Knew It said:
    All this time thinking they were a great team for the last 4 years, was all BS.I watched them play bisop and St paul rivalry. Thinking how could BA beat St Paul 4 years Straight,there is no way,especially when you have a pitcher like Encinas on the mound. Encinas who dominates at many show cases and area code games with better players up against him and to have these Ba players not even close to that talent step up and cheat is wrong.If BA needs A rolled bat To beat Encinas then it tells you what kind of program they are running. officials need to open up there eyes, lakewood and every team that have lost to Ba to investigate. When ever BA needed something big that blue bat came out of somebodys bag maybe is sad to see that in high school baseball just to win.If Bisop Amat loses in the playoffs,then you know why. no more blue bat. Good Luck Nieto Cheaters never win.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Say it aint so!,

    How can Ruiz use the VOODOO the WHOLE game THEN bring out the Easton, when Amat NEEDED something to Happen vs South Hills, WHEN his “Jack” was in the FIRST INNING, and gave them the 3-0 lead?
    I think if your case was true, AMAT would be leading the CIF in HR’s this season, and thats clearly NOT the case. Just another stretch from a person who hates success!

  • Come on now.

    Really… I mean bats rolled. St Paul just got beat. As for Encinas well if you where at all the games against Amat you know he just got beat. Yes I agree bats shaved and rolled should not be used. But I also agree not every player uses a “Blue bat”.. You still have to hit and if you check the stats well they will speak for themselves. As for Zavala or R…? Well he did not play last year if I am correct. One Guys does not change everything. The bomb Zavala hit was not against Encinas. It was against Wilson. So please stop the crying. It does take 9 players to win and pitching,defense and oh yeah offense. Paez has dominated for the last 3 years check the numbers and he does not use a “blue bat”. He uses his left arm and his defense. As for Slime you have to score and not make errors to win or am I wrong on that. As for the rest of the other teams again I say score runs, pitch and play defense. Amat hands down beat who they beat and lost when they lost. Check Mc Nitt stats on his wins and how runs he gave up. Check Paez stats on runs given up and hits allowed. Because you have to score to win the other teams did not. Stop the bashing on Amat baseball just be proud. As for the “Blue Bats” well we will never know. As for Casey “SLime” Morales. Amat owns you and your St Paul team.

  • Amused Reader

    Come on St. Paul. You got your one win in how many years over Amat. That’s already enough to give them motivation to steamroll in the playoffs. Do you really want to make it worse? They’re a better team and always have been. Deal with it.

  • Will See

    If Rio and Zabala use their blue bats on friday that will tell everybody they played fair this year… If not Guilty as charged..

  • Bohi

    Man Fred – I am with KH on this one. How can you possibly have Walnut going to final 4. Bohi just killed them last week. They were awful.

  • kh

    somebody tell dumb kh.
    the story behind the blue bat.
    is it ok by cif,if so whats the problem are there tennis balls inside the barrel.
    dose somebody know some inside on this bat.i was there at sh vs amat game saw the shot didnt think much more then a bomb by the theres more to it,
    let us know please,
    that would kill poor anti bearcat brother
    fred fred fred

  • Don

    Walnuts will get Gahr’s Jacob Faria: 6’3″, long and lean, nasty two seam and cutter.

    Gahr 8

    Walnut 2

  • d 4

    saint paul better hope amat’s paul paez and the blue bats go away before they face them again or it will be the biggest embarresment in school history when amat comes looking for revenge…

    northview will lose first round to a golden arm by the name of Aaron Sanchez..

    amat should blow through brackets with there cheater bats and two dominant pitchers…

    monrovia would be overmatched by sp but palm desert is a good matchup to face st paul in semis..

    overall amat should win, seeing that they are the best team in the sgv

  • kh

    how was the swim meet?
    which game are you covering,dont tell me your going to softball over real baseball?
    would of been nice to of had the starting line ups for s.h. bonita.charher oak.out for the games tomorrow,if i worked there thats the first thing i would of could of put the softball on the same page,never mind its alot of work.
    man i miss roger murray.he cover local talent like nobody else,he had a fill for the young player,having raised one hell of a athlete of his own.miss ya rog.ken h. redbirds we are having a say good bye to ed pannick the redbird long time mamager for 48 years june 1 st, at brookside park,will let people know what time thats birds management.

  • kh

    div 111.
    who will have the best over all talent,
    when it comes down too it.
    when dont we make the games in the spring break,
    a soft little best of two trny,against the 6 top division,
    put the areas top players from the division and play and match up to see who will be the winner at the end,could be the friday night game of the week.or they can carry at over four weeks ,every friday d-1 vs d-3 d-2 vs d5 d-6 vs d-4
    the college and local scouts could really see all the top notch kids..
    man what match up we would have ,d- cov from mar. vs.k-math =db
    or a=mac bon vs podz from nv
    rossi cv vs t-bone bon
    it would be the top jr. plus sr.
    the teams would be made of your leagues top kids combine with the div your in top would be better then any cif game ,it would be a cif div all-star games.
    its 524 in the morning doing k.c. game clothes,
    i never could sleep on the big game day.
    going for cup number 2 in the coffee boys.
    looks like am going to take a baseball job soon at one of are local college,
    so you all will get your whiches,i will should down the blogging if and when it happens.
    but if you send your son to where ill be coaching,he will get his a.a. on track,plus have a chance to compete for a job the good old fashion way,earn it thru hard work and playing the game the right way,to win.bwill be recuiting hard to win the championship right out of the blocks.were in the best college league and will be taking alot of the local talent from the area,thats right

  • Get a clue

    Come people…get a grip! Some posts about a illegal bats and you people fall for it. the guys even gets the story wrong and you still go with it. Say Rio was using the Voodoo the whole game and then switches to another bat for the HR. He hit is HR in his first AB. Here is some new stories that developed…KH will be the new head coach at Bonita next year, Northview has some transfers coming from the Domincan Republic who say they are 15 but look like they are thirty. The transfer’s 8 year kid say his daddy is only 15 and the biggest one of all is CIF is going the SGV into its own section. St. Pau worry about your own stuff, Encinas grades are so bad that college is not an option any more and playing in the playoffs should in jepordy but since the baseball coach is the AD he will figure something out. Just like he got a kid named all CIF when he didnt even make all league and passed the blame on someone else when it was brought up. Who in on teh CIF committee…St. Paul head coach.

  • kh

    get a clue.
    would never coach h.s. baseball,
    then i would have to deal with parents like myself,
    no thanks.
    i dont go backwards.
    ,i march forward my friend.
    they say getting sober will open many new doors,well here it is.
    lifes getting better every day i wake up claen and sober,
    8 straight months.
    can i get a whup whup?
    coaching college is fun ,it takes away the players from the boosters.
    and if you recuit right you will have a sgv allstar team thats my goal,take some stabs while you can boys.shutting it dwn soon.go bearcats
    15 to 0 bearcats